“Cut their balls off!” Russian official allegedly encourages gay bashing as Parliament passes bill banning homosexual “propaganda”

A radical Orthodox believer throws an egg at gay rights activists during a protest  in central Moscow

The Russian Parliament today passed a law banning “propaganda” about gay people, hoping the measure will prevent the country’s children from becoming gay. But according to photos of violent clashes between pro- and anti-gay activists at Duma headquarters in Moscow this morning, many Russian tweens have already made up their mind about gay rights. They are against them.

The disconcerting images from photographer Ilya Varlamov above show young children kicking, beating and chasing some activists protesting the new bill. Local police seemed to encourage the violence, stepping on the throat of one person and wrestling others to the ground in an unfriendly manner.

During the melee, an unidentified Duma official from the Communist Party approached and shook hands with a policeman, and reportedly said: “So are you guys ramping up the pressure on these faggots? Beat them up well! Cut their balls off!” The anti-gay crowd also threw bottles and rotten eggs at the activists, who were surrounded by an antagonistic crowd of about 200 people.

More than 20 pro activists were detained, including journalist Masha Gessen, director of Radio Liberty.

The bill will likely be approved by the upper house of Parliament and President Vladimir Putin, the BBC calling it “a virtual formality.” The intentionally vague language of the law means that anyone seen as promoting homosexuality to Russians under 18 would face heavy fines.

Not amusingly, a separate bill also passed by the Duma today makes it a crime to “offend religious believers.” The penalty for doing so is up to three years in jail.


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  • Way to go russia! Other cointries needs to follow ur rule too..no gays allowed in the world! No gays allowed!!!!!!!!

  • So, all i can read i the comments is butthurt, butthurt, hate is wrong, “you facist pigs we hate you” kind of stuff.
    If you believe every culture is the same, you are sadly mistaken. And you will never understand them just as they wil never understand many things from “western” culture. Thank God for that. If we were all the same this world would be a boring place. Just so you know, the “western civilisation” wasnt very diferent just decades ago (homophobic, racist, genocidal).
    Im not pro or anti gay. What theese individuals do with their lives is none of my concern. Maby it is a little extreme to ban gay parades and stuff like that, but have in mind that they have no experience with this type of….changes and some of theese “freedoms” feel (are) like a direct atack on their system, culture and religion. And if the majority dont want to change themselves to be more like what you would like them to be, they dont need to, and they shure as hell dont need your approval on nothing.
    I must admit i never understood gay parades myself, or the need to throw the fact that they are gay in to my face. Im straight and i dont go around the streets waving a flag and blowing a whistle, screaming “Proud to be straight” or “I sleep with women”. Admit it, that would look retarded. I just love the irony that they used democracy to create this law. I heard that the vote was unanimous (talk about determination).
    To end this i will only say that you should not be shocked by this decision of the Russian government.
    You should not like it or hate it for that matter. Its none of your buisness. Im shure that where ever you are from, your country has enough problems and shame of it’s own.

  • My heart is crying to see these images.

  • Shame on you Russia!

  • This country is going backward. So sad to see this. Shame and bless the gay community having to endure the consequences.

  • SO what do you say if we start putting out the word and lading the lobby of the building with BALLS…lots and lots of Balls all sizes shapes and colours at Russia Consulate and Embassies around the world???

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  • I was thinking that those schoolboys doing to hateful kicking should be castrated.

  • Those political, law enforcement and anti-gay animals disgust me to the core… $#$@ Russia, if teh majority of the people support this vile treatment of their gay citizens, they can all go to hell!

  • The overwhelming ignorance and stupidity of the Russians through history continues in the modern day. They always were and unfortunately will remain a 3rd rate people. The Russian Jews, who are much more intelligent and ambitious, have mostly migrated to the US, Israel and other countries. I’ve been three times since 1992 and I remember my first impression was, “We were afraid of this?” It is sad that they continue to squander their natural resources and their people’s lives.

  • Russia should be ashamed! Their country looks so weak and primitive to the rest of the world because of the way they treat their own citizens. Disgusting. All the LGBTQ people in Russia, come over to Canada. We accept diversity and accept people for who they are.

  • Activists need to invade Moscow and fight to the max to change this. This is disgusting, and the Orthodox Church must take part of the blame for this hatred. Not Christian, not Christ-like, really evil. These homophobic teens need to be punished. Russia is a cesspool and so backward. Just an awful country.

  • The Russian revolution was about freedom of the people, beating Hitler was about freedom from Tyranny now they create their own tyranny amongst their own people.

  • What amazing hypocrisy, under soviet rule they would not allow religion, now they don’t want to “offend” them. Russia has always been a very backward country so what can we expect from them. They would have presumably “bashed” Tchaikovsky. low mentality knows no bounds in some places. What are they “afraid” of?
    What was the point of Stalingrad and millions of people dying if it is not for human freedom? It would seem that if their government is not imprisoning them they imprison each other with their ignorance.

    It is a very base mentality that says ” we want to “hurt” someone/ anyone, and this is OK because the government encourage it.
    Maybe the population would be better considering how most of them live in poverty whilst Oligarchs become billionaires instead of worrying about who other people love.

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    • “Always been backward”? Remember that following the revolution, the old Tsarist laws against homosexuality were repealed. It was only later under the dictator Stalin that they were reinstituted.

  • This is what happens when people refuse to accept that people don’t choose to be gay. Religion continues to make more and more enemies. Christopher Hitchens was right. Religion does poison everything.

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    • It’s got nothing even to do with choice.

      Whether who you love is a choice or not is moot. Hate is wrong and NEVER justified.

  • SHAME Russia SHAME!

  • I find this so disgusting just because someone is Gay, they get this treatment and they call this place a country?? more like hell, shame on this country, Gay people are way better than these animals, God will pay em back when they die

  • I find this so disgusting just because someone is Gay, they get this treatment and they call this place a country?? more like hell, shame on this country, Gay people are way better than these animals, God will pay em back when they die

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