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This Guy Sent Sierra Leone 4,000 Bottles of Holy Water to Cure Ebola

The Nigerian minister who claims his holy water can cure Ebola also claims he predicted the MH370 plane crash and Boston bombings. Seems legit

Sierra Leone just got a big gift from a strange man.

To help the West African country fight the escalating Ebola crisis, Nigerian Christian preacher Temitope Joshua says he has sent the Sierra Leone government 4,000 bottles of his patented holy anointed water and $50,000 in cash in a private jet, which also cost $50,000 to charter.

Sierra Leone will, one would assume, take every penny it can get to stem the Ebola outbreak, which has claimed more than 1,000 lives worldwide, with the majority of the victims in West African countries. Such odd largess does certainly beg the question, though: Who the hell is this guy?

08/14/14 18:49 UTC@Baba_Yara

Are they not giving the infected, T.B. Joshua's holy water?

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For starters, Joshua is a millionaire. Forbes reported that with an estimated net worth of $10 million to $15 million, Joshua is one of the richest pastors in Nigeria. He’s also one the most controversial. He’s the founder and head of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN), and has been dubbed a prophet by some. Joshua has claimed for years that he has healing powers that can tackle a myriad of incurable diseases such as cancer and HIV—and that he can peek into the future.

We're checking to see if the water is licensed by the FDA. Probably is. 


Now this massively influential preacher has made an international show of the claim that he has magic water that can cure Ebola. Which would be fine, if doctors and health workers weren’t already struggling to convince people in rural areas hit by the outbreak that science is a better way of dealing with Ebola than prayers and witchcraft.

Unsurprisingly, Joshua’s claims of healing powers have been met with much skepticism over the years, leading some people to question his moral caliber. In Lifeway, a Nigerian religious magazine, another pastor even went as far as accusing Joshua of stealing his wife.

08/12/14 08:23 UTC@jeremyweate

T.B.Joshua plays on fear, greed and the vulnerability of precarious circumstances. His "miracles" need to be debunked.

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08/12/14 06:45 UTC@loomnie

Surely, T.B. Joshua must be breaking a law claiming his holy water cures Ebola. This is too serious to just ignore.

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01/07/14 16:51 UTC@alex_mololo

... T.B. Joshua is a deceiver, and those who believe and follow him are as he. He is no man of God, and his ... http://t.co/IPzo7O6UGO

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Despite all this, Joshua has a dedicated following of true believers. In fact, with over 1.2 million likes as a public figure on Facebook and 107,000 followers on Twitter, labeling the pastor as “popular” is a drastic understatement. People have definitely bought into Joshua’s assertions that he has special powers. The Daily Post, an online Nigerian newspaper, even reported that he predicted the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, just one of his bizarre, vague prophecies that also include a prediction hinting at the MH370 plane disaster.

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Joshua has made bank off his believers over the years. In addition to maintaining a massive congregation and touting mystical healing powers—which have undoubtedly helped him make money and earn recognition—Joshua also owns the Christian television network Emmanuel TV. With the tagline “changing lives, changing nations and changing the world,” the network boasts a YouTube following of more than 87,600.


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  • We have radical right wing nuts in the U.S who are fundmentalist Christians who think that if they pray hard enough to a fairy tale Jesus or God, that their sick will be healed. It does not work.All religion is mythology.

  • He can’t “make” REAL holy water. He is not a Catholic Priest to give a blessing. Nevertheless, let’s pray for those suffering and help them in any tangible way we can.

  • This man was not in boston in april of 2012 he not a prophet. It is fact that Matthew Stephen and Stephen Bening were in Boston Commons given the true prophecy that boston would be struck Boston bombings. April 18,2012 the two witness company was there in Boston commons that april day speaking and given this prophecy. So take a ticket and stand in line.Prophetic watchman vine go to it to see true prophets.Matthew Stephen

  • Toss some rosaries, and scapulas, in there, too. It’s all ‘strong magic’, don’t ‘ya know.

  • So like, why don’t these faith healers go there to lay hands on the ebola victims? Wouldn’t a cure or 2 ratify them in the eyes of the world? Or is it maybe that there’s no cash to be made from these tv evangelists running over to Sierra Leone?

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  • Might as well get a local witch doctor and have him shake a rattle at the victims of Eboala as douse them with holy water.Both come from the same source,  fraud and deceit.

  • This man comes to a hurting nation offering hope and change, and you scoff at him.I think the author is some kind of racist!

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    • Offering false hope does not make the guy a saint it makes him a fraud attempting to make gains on the plight of the hopeless.More people need to invest more thought into the false prophets of our time.  They are nothing more than con men and women and not worthy of anyone’s admiration. 

  • You can call yourself “anything” you desire;  doesn’t make it so.  This man is no more “Christian” than Hitler!  

  • One of Holy Water and one shot of Vodka!

  • The crazier the claims you make, the more money the rubes will send you.

  • It will be interesting watching him try to shove that camel through that teeny, tiny little opening.

  • Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) is one with all Ministries, but not with all Nations.  The correct name shoulld by Synagogue Church of All Ministries (SCAM).

  • Funny how he avoided the laying of hands technique this time.

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    • There’s a great point!If this guy thinks his holy water will cure Ebola surely his healing touch would eliminate the plague overnight. Put him in proximity of anyone suspected of having the disease and he would run in the opposite direction faster than you can say “who was that holy man?” 

  • That just made me sick…No Holy Water please. Billioaire minister….no such thing. He should take a vow of poverty  to repent for this. If not, he has his reward.

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    • why do you keep saying “billionaire”, when the story clearly says he is only worth $10-15 million?

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      • Because when you do the currency conversion, your western cash turns from coins to billions instantly. 

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      • nonsense. Forbes’ estimation of his net worth is calculated in American dollars. you can also find his net worth through other sources. it’s millions, dude. drudge misspelled it and you didn’t read the story or do any other research. it’s cool. i’m not mad atcha.

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      • +
      • Jorge is being facetious.  Could you not tell?

    • why do you keep saying “billionaire”, when the story clearly says he is only worth $10-15 million?

  • The eye of the needle is way too small for a Billion dollar, so called Minister. Would you like to make a donation to him?  I bet he would take it off a hobo’s penney lofer.

  • Well it doesn’t appear his prophecy (embedded video) about an airplane did a whole lot of good…. let’s see, how many Asian airline flights are there a day, 365 days a year… I wonder if he has reached the point where he believes the deception he practiced to get wealth…most of these guys do cross that line at some point.

  • He reminds me of another guy who claims he’s doing GOD’s work. 

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    • I believe in Gods Holy Power, but I also believe the last place you will find it is with a Billion Dollar man, who claims to be Holy.

    • Dig the hairdo-s! So glad the 70s are through :-) I’m sure it’s a lovely album though.


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