Hamas Posts Video of Deadly Attack on Israeli Outpost via Tunnel

Militants emerge from the ground, open fire and kill several Israeli soldiers before escaping with weapons

A new video that circulated Tuesday night shows Hamas militants emerging from a tunnel in Israeli territory and creeping up to an Israeli outpost, where they open fire on the soldiers within. The attack took place near the Nahal Oz kibbutz, southeast of central Gaza City, on the Israeli side of the border.

In the video, the militants attempt to capture an Israeli soldier, who can be heard calling out as the attackers grapple with him. Gunshots ring out and the voice then goes silent. The footage, in which the attack has been edited to a three-minute length, shows the militants fleeing the scene, heading back down into the tunnel, and finally cuts to masked men brandishing assault rifles with Hebrew text and Israeli markings.

The Jewish Daily reports that five soldiers were killed in the assault, bringing the total number of Israeli soldiers killed in the conflict to 53 at that time. The military tower attacked in the video is located here on Google Maps, but largely obscured. A linked Panoramio photo shows the tower in much sharper relief and matches the one in the video exactly. A piece from the Israeli news outlet Mako cites a military source, saying the video has been edited, but “is reliable.”


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The Israeli Defense Forces commented on the attack, saying it was part of a larger underground assault by Hamas militants on the Nahal Oz community. In the graphic below, the Nahal Oz tunnel is shown as one of the shorter routes among a network of tunnels in the region. Destruction of the network of tunnels reaching from Gaza into Israel has been touted as one of the main reasons for the severity of the assault on Gaza in recent weeks.

07/29/14 06:25 UTC@IDFSpokesperson

Last night, terrorists infiltrated Israel through a tunnel in order to attack civilians in the community of Nahal Oz.

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At the time of posting, Gaza was reeling from an attack on a market in the Shuja’iya region, where people had gathered to shop amid what was understood to be a four-hour cease-fire. Reports say 17 were killed, with more than 200 injured in the strike.


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  • The Jews have been given 2 chances to reconcile with the right path There will not be a 3rd. 2022 is their destruction


  • Just drop a nuke on these animals. Innocent children?? Have you seen Palestinian tv show for children?? These animals teach their children to hate Jews. They aren’t people. Kill them all. 

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    • And have you seen what the jew TV shows do to both Palestinians and Christians? Go eat a bullet you filthy hasbaRat.

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      • no I have not seen it. where can i find jewish tv that shows what they do and teach about Palestinians and Christians.

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      • we are promised more! read what god promised us…we are to have it all…genesis 15:18

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      • Islamic jihad is the black plague upon society. Jews and Palestinians could live in peace if it wasn’t for the filthy jihadist pigs

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    • I agree Mike – enough is bloody enough!!!

    • Wonderful video of jew pigs getting what they deserve. The only thing better than killing IsraHeli soldiers is buthchering jew children. After all, the jews have no problem killing Palestinian children so, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”
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    • I believe you are very concerned what the muslims in Iraq Syria Sudan and Nigeria and many other places around the gloab are doing to woman and children 

    • Marry an Arab and live under Sharia law, you deserve nothing less.

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  • The Israeli soldiers really need to be trained better. Seriously weak.

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  • These Hamas guys are the moral equivalent to America’s founding fathers.God praise them.

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    • I really don’t see the parallel here. You do realize “taxation without representation” was main mantra right. How does this apply to Israel Palis. Isnt Native american/Colonials more appropriate?

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    • Sad it has to be that way, but it is time to kill every thing that sucks air in the Gaza Strip and/or until Hamas surrenders unconditionally.  You eithe win wars or lose them.  No truces!

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      • B I N G O

  • Hamas is as much to blame as Israel. In fact, if they didn’t exist, it would have been necessary for Israel to invent them. I mean, how else could Israel justify its atrocities against the Palestinians if it wasn’t for Hamas’ lousy, ineffectual missiles? I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole operation was concocted, with the help of the American military, so that Israel could test its Iron Dome anti-missile system under “real-life” conditions. Along with giving the Israelis another opportunity to kill, maim, and oppress innocent Palestinians, of course.

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    • Moronic and biased asessment.  If Hamas did not exist, maybe Israel could exist in peace.  How would you like to be bombed, have thousand of rockets rained down upon you and never know from one day to the next if you are going to be killed? Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah and all the other terrorist organizations are no different from Al Qaeda or ISIS – their hatred and primitive religion blinds them and keeps them in the 7th century rather than the 21st like Israel. 

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    • Soooo clever, “Karaool!” Israel invented the people attacking them so they could kill Palestinians. As for the Palestinians, they’re such a peace-loving bunch, aren’t they? Except their definition of “peace” includes killing all Jews. Their entire existence is based on killing Jews, not on improving their lives or the lives of the people they supposedly represent. They spend humanitarian aid on weapons, they steal humanitarian food on its way to hungry people, then present themselves as the source of the food. They’re disgusting, gutless cowards with no value whatsoever for children or women. Yet punks like you still hold them up as something good. They are not good. They are evil, and need to be held accountable for their evil acts, stopped from more of the same.

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    • Well, you tried.  Go pick something shiny out for yourself.

    • Israel uses weapons to protect their children, Hamas uses children to protect their weapons. That is the sad reality

    • Hamas and the Palestinians exist in the failure-based world of Islam. If Hamas truly wants peace all that must happen is this — stop lobbing rocketes into Israel. Further, the Palestinians have to drop their demand that Israel agree to the borders of 1967, and their demand for the Right of Return. Neither will happen, so that’s that. But Israel will give the Palestinians 98 percent of the land they’ve demanded. 98 percent. That’s good enough. And they’d get financial help too. But what the Palestinians really want is the destruction of Israel and the departure or death of all Jews in the area.

    • Fact is that muslims all around the world are showing no concern for another human. More Syrians have died in three years 200000 of them, then Arabs have been killed by Isreal since 1948 so to say that you guys care about the innocent is laughable

  • Death to Hamas.  God Bless Israel.

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    • Suppose Israel played the tunnel game and built tunnels under the Gazan population centers, filled them with explosives and set off all at once. They would not have to go as deep and they could say they blew themselves up as they have actually done often in the past.


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