You Can Now Own Fragments of a Hamas Rocket

Jul 15, 2014 at 8:12 AM ET

There are collectors who specialize in Nazi memorabilia and even Civil War cannonball shrapnel. Now, in 2014, someone could be the proud (?) owner of a “slightly used” piece of Hamas rocket that landed in Tel Aviv over the weekend.

The listing popped up on HappySale, a “friendly marketplace to help you sell the things you love but no longer need.”

As the war between Israel and Hamas rages on, one Israeli has found a possible way to profit from the detritus falling on the streets. Seller Yochay Benarie describes his product, priced at $142, this way:

“This piece of Hamas rocket fell in the area of central Tel-Aviv on Saturday night. It was shot down by the amazing Iron Dome defense system. Right after the sirens went off a loud BOOM was heard, and several seconds later several pieces of debris fell from the sky. My dog was crazy scared, and my GF was screaming that I should not go outside cause I’ll be killed. This was totally worth it. If you want a souvenir from these days of sirens in Tel Aviv, send me a message.”

Benarie did not immediately respond to Vocativ’s request for comment, so while the listing has three likes, it’s unclear whether there have been any bids. If he’s successful, he may not be an isolated profiteer, as rockets continue to rain down on both sides. And if you’re a bemused tourist caught up unexpectedly in the conflict, what better souvenir of a bizarre sojourn than a shard of lethal hot metal that fell from the sky?

Most of what you can find on HappySale is of the more ordinary marketplace variety: used phones, guitars, computers, video games. A search for “Hamas” brings up only Benarie’s listing so far.

According to Mashable, HappySale founder and CEO Doron Nir said “that the company believes the ad is genuine and was uploaded from an area of central Tel Aviv where rocket parts landed on Saturday.”

“I wasn’t surprised because sometime people try to sell crazy shit. A few month ago we had a guy uploading a photo of loads of weed, which we took down,” Nir said. “In this case I have no reason to be suspicious so we leave it on.”