Watch An Old Lady School ISIS

Feb 12, 2015 at 12:53 PM ET

A video which is going viral in Arabic-speaking circles this week shows an elderly woman screaming at Islamic State militants in the street, schooling them on how their extreme violence doesn’t jive with Islam.

The original video was posted in Arabic without subtitles on Tuesday. It’s called “In Syria, an Old Lady Teaches Daesh a Lesson They Will Never Forget.” It amassed over 100,000 views in two days and was shared widely among Arabic-speaking social media circles. Here’s a version with English subtitles:

The woman recites poetry and verses from the Quran to the militants during an angry tirade. “Oh, you devils!” she screams. “Turn back to God. What you are doing is forbidden.” She says at the rate fighting is going, neither ISIS nor President Bashar al-Assad will win. She says now that ISIS has “money from America and weapons of America,” they want to murder each other.

“The believers are but brothers, so make settlement between your brothers,” she says, citing the Quran.

When the fighter rudely says he’s going to leave her, she warns, “God is watching what you are doing.”