ISIS Deliver Sign Language Propaganda In New Video

Mar 08, 2015 at 1:18 PM ET

ISIS has released a new propaganda video featuring two deaf-mute militants delivering a sign language propaganda message. In the video, one of the deaf-mute fighters uses sign language to call Muslims in Europe to join the Islamic State, and threatens to slaughter ISIS’ enemies.

The message has Arabic and English subtitles, and begins by saying: “We, the deaf and mute, direct our message to the Islamic world.”

The second fighter describes their work as traffic policeman working for ISIS, and the video shows both of them actively directing traffic in Mosul.

“I am a deaf mute who works in the traffic police in the Islamic state with my brother Abu Abdhur-Rahman,” says the second fighter. “When I complete my duties, my brother Abu Abdhur-Rahman takes my place.”

The video is entitled “From Who Excused [sic] To Those Not Excused”, suggesting that for Muslims in the west, deafness or disability is no excuse for not waging jihad. The pair end the video by wiring and launching two rockets, which they claim are aimed at nearby Peshmerga fighters.