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Who Is David Cawthorne Haines? ISIS Threatens to Kill a Third Man

At the end of the video of the beheading Steven Sotloff, the terror group identifies the U.K. man as the next target

Much like it did with James Foley two weeks ago, ISIS posted a video Tuesday that showed the execution of Steven Joel Sotloff, a freelance journalist from the U.S. The video ends with an ISIS militant standing over British citizen David Cawthorne Haines, who is dressed in an orange robe, his hands secured behind his back, as the next person the militant group will execute.

A LinkedIn profile for David Haines identifies him as the consultant director at the Italian-Croatian company Astraea, a manufacturing business. Previously, he worked for a peace force in the South Sudan and as a head of a mission in Libya for Handicap International, an aid organization for refugees.

The profile lists Croatia as Haines’ home base, and says he has spent in a range of countries, including the South Sudan, Yugoslavia, South East Europe and Libya. The profile also cites a decade-long stint in the military, in which Haines held “various positions covering security and threat assessment in a number of different countries.” It’s unclear from the profile which military.

According to LinkedIn, Haines attended the Perth Academy in Scotland. He married Dragana Prodanovic in 2010.


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  • The Saudi tyrant, one of the 9/11 plotters together with Bush and the Israeli Mossad of Ariel Sharon is warning everyone of another attack. What a subtle irony. It reminds of when George Bush asked everyone in the US to seal their windows with duct tape to protect from an imminent chemical attack. On the next evening there was no more duct tape for sale in the stores all over the US. The Zionists had fooled half of the World blaming Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden for 9/11 and now they are waking up old fears with their new creation: ISIS. One should ask how was it possible for ISIS to grow so rapidly, so organized and well-armed without having a State behind as sponsor. The chief of ISIS is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who spent time in a US detention camp before being released in 2009. It seems straight just from Hollywood the new strategy of filming horrific beheading. In a World without coincidence, the sponsor can only be one, or that same hidden hand responsible for 9/11. There is no doubt that the Zionists have all the means to pay for mercenaries and Islamic extremists without having to disclose their face.There is no more doubt they are great actors.

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    • hahahahahahahahahaha, even your mother does not believe this nonsense


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