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Blackface Is Big in Germany

Despite a growing backlash against it, blackface is still popular in Germany, where people insist they aren't racist

With Karneval ready to kick off later this month, many in Germany are picking out their festive getups and preparing to drink as much Hefeweizen as humanly possible. Unfortunately, some of the costume ads—like this one, eloquently titled “Gaylord Afro Wig, Wet Look for Men”—invite revelers to dress up in blackface.

"Gaylord Afro Wig, Wet Look for Men"

Despite a growing backlash against it, blackface remains common in Germany. It has a long history in this country of roughly 82 million, where Nazism is banned, but pockets of racial prejudice still hold strong. “It’s horrible that black people are being portrayed as clowns and funny-looking people,” says Tahir Della, spokesperson for the Initiative for Black People in Germany, an anti-racism group. “It’s degrading.”


Hougan Jean Claude is possessed by the Spirit Ogou. Ogou is the male warrior spirit who wields a machete during the ceremony. Ogou is known as a tough task master who regularly calls people out at ceremonies to demand that the become initiated into the Vodou religion.

Mockery, if not total degradation, is part of the history of Germany’s Karneval. Though the holiday itself goes back further, the tradition of wearing costumes developed during the 1800s in the western part the country. At the time, the Germans were under French rule, and they used Karneval as a chance to mock their foreign overlords.

In the modern era, the mockery has moved into other realms. It’s all supposed to be in good fun, but it often crosses the line. One advertisement for a costume on Amazon features a white actor in blackface with cartoonish red lips, a minstrel-like smile, a spear in one hand and a bone in the other (the company did not immediately respond to a request for comment). Another costume on Karneval-Megastore, a site run by the German company Kultfaktor, features a man in blackface wearing a grass skirt with a bone through his nose.


After I called Kultfaktor and asked about the costumes, the company apologized, saying it had returned them to the manufacturer, and expressing “regret and dismay” that anyone would think these outfits were racist.

“Karneval is all about having fun,” says the Kultfaktor spokesperson. “Of course we play with clichés, but this fact also applies at Karneval to all categories of people. We also have costumes that take light-skinned people for a ride, and this may be overlooked.”

For light-skinned people, however, that ride is different. The history of blackface dates back hundreds of years to American minstrel shows, which popularized some of the most harmful stereotypes about black people: That they’re lazy, stupid, brutish and subhuman. These bogus ideas—commonly used to justify slavery—soon became the images of blacks that spread across the Atlantic. (Sadly, some of them are still hanging around, both in the U.S. and abroad, albeit in different forms.)

In Germany today, many have tried to claim that minstrel shows were a uniquely American phenomenon with little or no history on the continent, but that’s simply not true. If anything, blackface is now widely shunned in the U.S., though there are some glaring exceptions.

Europe has been slower to change. In Germany, chocolate-covered marshmallows are still often called Negerkuss, or “Negro kiss,” and some German-made candy was pulled from the shelves in Sweden just a few weeks ago, following customer complaints that its ads were racist.

Germany’s blackface problems go far beyond costumes or candy. German Chancellor Angela Merkel posed with children dressed in blackface last year for an official event.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks with a carol singer dressed as one of the Three Wise Men at the Chancellery in Berlin.

Two years ago, a German theater chose to feature actors in blackface—a decision that sparked online backlash. At the time, some argued that there weren’t enough black actors in Germany. But Della says this was just an excuse used to justify the practice. Few, he says, were willing to take a real look at what dressing in blackface really means: That on some level, we’re giving credence to the ideas behind the shoe polish.

Actors at the Deutsches Theater

So why is it still acceptable in Germany? Part of the problem is that racism here means Nazism, according to T. Vicky Germain, a filmmaker and activist in Berlin. If you try and explain why something’s racist, people will often give you an annoyed look and say they aren’t Nazis. “That’s a serious problem,” says Germain.

Just two months ago, nearly 7 million people tuned in to ZDF, a major, publicly funded German TV station, when the program presenter on Wetten, Dass…? (Wanna Bet That…?) dared the audience to come dressed as two characters in a well-known children’s book. For one of the characters, the presenter suggested audience members use “coal or shoe polish” to blacken their faces.

The set of the TV show "Wetten, Dass…?"

The studio audience complied, and so did the mayor of Augsburg, a city of in southern Germany. After the incident, the network refused to apologize, and the local newspaper argued that the incident could not be called racist because audience members were dressing up like a “bold, adventurous and sympathetic hero.”

As one Reddit user, whose name has since been deleted, writes: “I bet that about 99 percent of Germans could not tell you what a minstrel show or blackface is. [The children's character] has a positive image here and this has nothing to do with a minstrel type black caricature at all.”

On social media, some were outraged, as the hashtag #blackface spread widely. But the practice is still so common—in costume ads and elsewhere—that it’s not likely to disappear anytime soon.

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  • So what!

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    • Lusty, you asked me a couple private questions so i will respond here. The so what matters because in many other situations it is not deemed appropriate to make fun of someone base on their sex or race or religion. If there was the blatant disrespect to Jews or someone of another ethnicity or religion it would matter just as much. There is this insensitivity to africans and african americans that people dont appear to care how we feel and that we are some sort of vaudeville joke to be mocked and that is why there is such a reaction. To answer your second question “how many white people do i know” I work at a job with nearly all white coworkers, my closest friends are white, my girlfriend is white, so this isnt coming from some jilted black man who has no experience or experience outside of my own culture. I am stating that i am concerned that there is no respect for people of african decent in Germany, it does not make me want to get on a plane and go there. So if you dont get the “so what” nothing that i say will make any sense or matter. 

  • I’m offended and I find this German. this article is at least misleading and playing with prejudices about Germans which on the other hand, makes it a little bit racist itself. so what do we have here: two pictures from a costume shops of costumes that will probably never be bought from anyone in Germany and will rot on the digital shelf into all of eternity. I have celebrated carnival for years and haven’t seen a single person dressing up as a black person just for the fun of it. then we have a swedish product that is playing solely with a captain visiting other countries by boat. I don’t know how the company came up with the idea (yes, it’s a weird idea), but I’m sure it was not about people sitting around a table discussing how to best make fun of other people and cultures. we have angela merkel with a kid that is celebrating a tradition that is deriving from a story from the BIBLE.and at last we have a picture from wetten dass where people dress up as characters from a children’s book. yes, characters from a well-known children’s book in which one character happens to be black so WHY THE HELL ON EARTH wouldn’t you depict that person as good as you possibly could? for anyone who doesn’t know carnival, that is what ís actually about: dressing up as someone else. this article is misleading and creating a problem where there is none. it was created for people who look for confirmation that Germans still believe Adolf was a good thing or that we all live on a farm and don’t know what burgerking or mcdonalds is. please, people of the world, go dress up as fat people drinking beer and make us feel bad. I’ll go cry in a corner of my German house built from racism and prejudices.

  • If something is racist and or culturally insensitive it should be addressed, There are africans and those of african descent all over the world. We are far from perfect in American and a lot of the racism is still a bit institutional and systematic as well in pockets around the nation. So to your point it should be offensive, not because americans think so but because its the perpetuation of racism and disrespect for a poplulation of people who have been marginalized for hundreds of years. It matters, it should matter, Just as Germans are “Sensitive” about nazism, the rest of the world is sensitive about racism 

  • As soon as black folk start RESPECTING THEMSELVES and stop with the nigga this and nigga that,bitch this and bitch that,maybe others will respect us also! Germans are only coping what those stupid young fools are putting out in the media!

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  • You all are disgusting ignoramus’s …why does the tradition only consist of degradation of blacks…seems to me like the same thing the Nazis started off doing with the Jews…and that is the tradition retarded Nazis…guess you have to look down to someone to make yourselves feel good about being Germans.

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    • Baloney 

  • Just because something is offensive in America it doesn’t mean it should be in Germany too. Take care of your stupid little country and leave others alone.There’s a reason everyone hates you.

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    • No.

    • So you’re saying black people shouldn’t be allowed to visit and live in Germany comfortable? Why such hate for such a diverse group of people?

  • Bet you wish you could fuck like us too, huh buddy?

  • Jeez, get over yourselves. you politically correct morons. This whole, “I’m offended”, thing is getting really old.

  • “Lazy, stupid, brutish and subhuman” Well, if the shoe fits….

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    • I rather be that instead of a mutated albino inbred. Funny thing is, one of us spoke facts. None of which are you.

    • how many black people do you personally know ?

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      • How many white people do you know?

  • I am aware of the fact and agree that racism often travels “undercover” – still, not EVERYTHING is “racism”. Like that “blackface” child, dressed up as one of the Three Wise Men. It’s a tradition throughout Germany and Austria, around 6th of January, that children, mostly of Catholic Youth organizations, will dress up as Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, go from house to house, sing and collect donations for local charity or some development aid project. Those children certainly don’t draw any connections between the darker Wise Man Caspar (standing for Africa since the Middle Ages) and any discriminating descriptions of people originating from that continent. There IS and should be made a difference between “funny” Karneval costumes of dark skinned primitives with bones through their noses and children following a centuries old tradition to represent one of the “Wise Men” as African to pay respect to that continent’s contribution to biblical “history”.

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    • Smearing shoe polish on your face is not “dressing up”

  • So says the person that looks like a wrinkle money nut sack.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I meant wrinkle monkey nut sack

    • Germany’s racial history is too lopsided to call this anything but bigotry out of control.  The humor is not something to just “get over.”  just because a country has the right to do so doesn’t give them the permission to do so.  The participants are all white and to this I say Bullshit it is a bigotry being sanctioned; then and again what’s new this is a common practice for whites regardless of what part of the world it happens in.  White privelge is real but it is also bullshit and very offensive and what prevents whites from realizing this is nobody is doing the same to them.

    • Telling whites to stop is like taking a shit –  all that is going to happen is the waste will get flushed.  What does it take for you takr for you to hear something and give a damn.  Its racial, abusive and offensive.  Please don’t continue to agree with stupidity after you have been blatantly told “No.”  A joke is only funny when those it is pulled on laughs.  Blacks aren’t laughing and no Blacks aren’t over it nor will we get over partially because “guess who” keeps going out of their way to remind everybody.  If we call it racist then have the common sense to know that it is racist, bigoted and not funny at all.  Why not dress up as fags and dikes, as Hitler, as Jews or as Chinese.  Do you priveleged folks get the damn message yet?

  • well said

  • I believe one of the Three Kings was African, so Merkel is not dishonoring blacks by greeting an actor portraying an African king. I have seen Othello in black face once with a real black, James Earl Jones, and once with a white British actor. As for minstrel shows in America, there probably hasn’t been one outside of fraternities ( and we know how puerile they are )in the last fifty years.


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    • white people who support this racism will burn in hell

  • I agree with Justice Clarence Thomas.  People are way too sensitive about race.  The sensitivity is a psychological operation used to divide and conquer.  A positive mind can not be controlled but get people to hate one another and develop a negative mind set and you can herd them like sheep.

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    • well said

  • When you can’t get the likes of a Jaimie Foxx, Will Smith, Eddie Murphy or Richard Pryor, sometimes, you just have to improvise.

  • I think we as Americans think the rest of the world is supposed to think and react like we do. In the US, blackface is offensive because of the blacks history with slavery and being demeaned in various ways over the years. Not so in Germany. We shouldn’t impose our idea of racism on them though.

  • Where is the outrage of the so-called black leaders like Jackson and Sharpton? The reason why they are silent is simple; they can’t extort money from them like they can over here in the U.S.

  • hey, “african”-americans.. please go move there and “teach them the errors of thier ways. Please take jackson and sharpton also.I here the germans have a great welfare system too.

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    • You forgot Obaboon and MOOOOOOOOOOOOche!

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      • 60% of welfare recipients are white (talks about welfare) only 30% of black people are on welfare. For every one black person that receives welfare there are two white. What’s your point in pointing out of welfare. Maybe its the ignorance of your ways of assuming blacks use more welfare.

    • Another finding of the study is that the distribution of benefits no longer aligns with the demography of poverty. African-Americans, who make up 22 percent of the poor, receive 14 percent of government benefits, close to their 12 percent population share.White non-Hispanics, who make up 42 percent of the poor, receive 69 percent of government benefits – again, much closer to their 64 percent population share. (Your ignorance of the recipients of welfare) White people recieve more welfare than any other race, but you are ignorant to that fact. 

  • Gotta Love those Germans – they’re just like John Wayne – tough as He!! and don’t give a $h!t what others think. Putin’s the same way. Only our spinless socialist p_os for a prez and his parasites are offended !

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    • A country that has sneakily prepared and executed two world wars in this century; only to be annihilated both times. That is nothing to love or emulate. But I do agree with your Obama description.

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      • Keep drinkin’ that kool-aid.  I’m sure you were a good little public school passer.

      • You mean like your Commie friends?  Burn where you belong, chimpy!

  • I’m a black woman who seems to think that we as black men and women should take it as a compliment that they want to experience being black. I’m tired of hearing racist this and that we can’t change the way people act, but we can show that we’re above nonsense. 

  • In America guys dress as girls, girls dress as guys, guys have surgery to become women, women have surgery to become guys.  Gay NFL players are allowed to gawk in the locker room and gays now recieve the same benefits as heterosexuals.But we are not allowed to use Black face.

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    • It’s due to the fetishization and near worship of one particular sub-group which is socialistic in intent. While they only comprise about 12% of the (US) population, based on the all encompassing propaganda of the last several decades you’d think they were the wisest, noblest, hardest-working, honest and productive people EVER on the face of planet Earth.  And you would think nothing was complete, good, true, right or just without the participation of at least one of these holy ones.  Our socialist overlords and their bought and paid for media mouthpieces like the author of this article seek not equal rights but only equal outcomes. The proscribed narrative of their societal template is that race is irrelevant …. UNLESS it can be used to portray White people negatively and/or Blacks as highly accomplished at something or (the ‘go to’ default)as vistims.  I refuse to buy into ANY OF IT.  “Deevarsity be yo strinf, y’all”.  Indeed.

  • Number One, Nazis were not a genetic race, merely a political ideology. Number Two, there are very few real blacks in Germany. If there were, with their demands for more and more welfare, constant bleating and use of the race card blackface would be much less popular.

  • I’m wondering why the author chose to focus on just blackface. I’ve never been there, but I’m guessing that black face isn’t the only costume people wear to this thing.  Why not point out the other costumes available, such as Rednecks, and Jews.  an I’m pretty sure you could buy a Gypsy costume at that website too.Looking for a reason to be offended.

  • What a ridiculous “outrage.” There’s no shortage of humous movies and sitcoms featuring black people wearing “white face,” who the hell cares?

  • One way to stop this racist nonsense this is for black people in Germany to start wearing a “Jew” face; Pale yellow face-paint with big hook nose, thick lips, big out-sticking ears and starvation-looking dark-circled eyes, dark sunken cheeks and wearing a black-and-white striped concentration prison camp hat!!! If that is demanded to be stopped, and it WILL be, then they will have to also stop the “black face”!!! Even better, black people can start wearing a “Hitler” face!!! Its easier and even more insulting; white-painted face, a “Hitler” wig, “devil-eyes” make-up….AND THAT MUSTASHE!!! YEAH!!! Fight fire with fire!! They can dish it out, lets see if they can take it!!!!!

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    • The race-card people VS the antisemite-card people…To make the picture complete, the worst enemies of the antisemite-card people are muslims atm, who have their own card they pull out whenever they feel insulted….and they are opposed by the lbgt-card people…..who are opposed by the christian-card people….who are opposed by liberal atheist-card people….who are opposed by normal thinking people…etc etcShould be very interesting to watch…..just read the newspapers and you’ll know all about it.Humanity should get rid of “cards” and develop a thicker skin…..if words spoken by others hurt your feelings…well, deal with it and move on.

  • The “Melting Pot” agenda is for EVERY White country and ONLY White countries! It’s not for Japan It’s not for India It’s not for Kenya It’s not for Saudi Arabia It’s not for Mexico It’s for EVERY White country on earth. Whites countries need to be MELTED and if you disagree then you are a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews!  Any planned eradication of a race (aka “Melting Pot” for EVERY White country) IS geNOcide. Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White

  • Who cares what blacks find offensive, they’ll never stop complaining.

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    • Just like whites (hint: republican party)

  • of course there aren’t any reacist problems in Germany…they just eliminate them before they become a problem !!!!Less than seventy years ago, and still these types of things go on as if there wasn’t a thing to them.Pathetic….. and to have Merkel being associated with them.  And to think she’s pissed at the US for speaking harshly about the EU?????

  • THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT RACISTS ,,they’re coal miners

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    • Post of the day!

  • I’m going next year.  And if the did BrownFace, I won’t get offended.  Instead I’ll bust out some Carne Asada, drop my Sombrero, and perform The Mexican Hat Dance.  Viva Deutschland

  • They are sub human knuckle dragger savages

  • I LOVE IT.

  • Americans cannot blame Germans – a NEW state which was COLONISED by the USA (post war) – America, (a new collective Euro state, itself!) is the culprit as always. America exports its special brand of racism wholesale. Even Hellen Keller would tell you that! As a proper African, I’m impressed, actually! I wish I had such luxury to keep reinterpreting the valence of my oppression over folks! ;)

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    • As a proper American I must respond:Give it a rest Idi Amin, if it wasn’t us, you’d still be $hitting in your drinking water…

  • Didn’t Hiedi Klum and her black husband hold a party where everyone was suppose to dress like white trash? I believe Seal even wore a weird blond wig. Why wasn’t this racist? Oh…never mind….

  • Oh, here we go again…………… Never do anything that remotely does not diefy the sacred darling negro. Should anyone ever do anything that does beyond diefy the sacred darling negro that is automatically “racist”………………….

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    • The sacred darling negro… Ha!

    • How True!!

    • +
    • Please report to your local Obama Community Center tomorrow morning for reeducation training. Bring a change of clothes…

    • It never seem to amaze me how people respond to these stories. I mean people say things that can only be said over the internet. They says things they would not dare say to any person of color face. What I call these people are cowards, plain and simple cowards.

  • Thats like asking , Shall We Chain the Contributions and Memories of Al Jolson to the bottom of the Ocean?Why Blame only Germany ? The Carnival is in all of Europe and they will be Wearing all kinds of costumes , some even more politically incorrect .DId you Miss Holland with it’s December 5 celibrations of Sint Niklaas ?   Do you know about Zwarte Piet ?    I mean Ç’mon …Carnival is one day they start advertising for it at the beginning of February , But Sint Niklaas is Dec 5 and they start advertising for the in August and the First thing you see is a Zwarte Piet or a visage of a WHite person in Blackface.By the way , isn’t the PC crowd pretty much made up of Obama supporting Leftists ? ANd Don’t these Leftists want to transform America into something closer to Europe ? WHats the Big Complaint Lefties ?   Just think AL Jolson and get down on one knee and Sing “Mammy Obama How I Love Ya “!

  • TIL atheist Quakers > atheist Lutherans.

  • As long as it’s a cliché done with all categories of people, it’s not meant to be mean or racist.But what pisses me off more than anything in this article is that I’ve never heard of chocolate covered marshmallows my entire life, & they sound delicious & I’ve missed out for so long…

  • Wow,.. a friend of mine from the US sent this article to me this morning. Is this a joke, or a serious piece of news? Honestly, I can’t tell. Maybe Mercy is right and since I’m German, I’m just not smart enough to recognise racism. You wanna hear my definition of racism? Making exceptions for, and differentiating between specific groups of people. That’s racism. 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I take it this article is from America, written by an American, because it is telling another country what it should be doing, instead of looking at their own state of affairs,

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • This stuff isn’t coming from America per say. It’s coming from the American Left, who insists on controlling all forms of thought and behavior via media intimidation!

  • I for one as a White Male would like to feign as much outrage as my White Privilege buried inside my Invisible knapsack allows me at this insensitivity on behalf of people whom I don’t know and care not whether I live or die..

  • I despise hypersensitivity that leads to race-baiting. But “black face” has long been recognized as cruel and insensitive. People who are secure in their own selves have no need to make other people appear ridiculous. German people are quite intelligent and should be made aware that some things jut aren’t amusing, and black face is one of those things.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Obviously black face is amusing and not at all offensive to most Germans.  Furthermore, at this point in history, I fail to see how this causes anybody any harm.  It’s a gag, a spoof, satire from a bygone era. I’m not offended when every black comedian ever hikes their pants up and tells jokes about how “all white people talk like this and can’t dance…” I recognize it as weak, lowest common denominator comedy and change the channel. The politically correct derangement running rampant in the U.S. needs to be stopped as it has become diametrically opposed to our freedom of speech.  Grow the F up, babies.

    • ‘German people are quite intelligent’ What!! This is a country hell bent on genetic suicide as they have started two world wars thinking they were superman (and women). While being uttlerly destroyed in the process!

  • The comments make it clear there are NO RACE PROBLEMS IN GERMANY.  At least none that Germans are smart enough to recognize.

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    • You was able to infer all of that from one photo. Wow!!!

  • Why is it unacceptable?   People dress up all the time, Mimes put on “white face” in France.Isn’t it way past time we shed all of these restrictions on our rights to exress oursleves in any way we want as as individuals?   There is a tyranny in Political Correctness that must be fought tooth and nail, If the Left has thier way is Chairman  Mao, his little red book and the “cultural revolution” 

  • Oh no no.  You can’t do blackface but you can do white face.  You those lame movies where the two brothers dress up as two white girls.  That’s ok because you see, they’re white. 

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    • Apples and oranges! Whiteface does NOT equal blackface, the latter has racist origins.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • I hope you’re being sarcastic. If not you may be the dumbest person posting here.

  • And what else is new? Negroes whining about being Negroes?; White Liberals whining about not being able to do all our thinking for us because they have the DELUSION they know better for us than we know for ourselves?!PUPPYDOO! Grow up all ye of the Great Whine mentality …

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    • “Negroes”?

  • Today it’s”Black Face”is racist, tomorrow it will be “Christian Values”are racist. Keep on keeping on Germans. Enjoy your carnival! 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • You are part of the problem Bumbotays.

  • Those offended may have to come to grips with the fact that their limited perspective is not universal.  Spread your hyper-sensitive crotch sniffing elsewhere. 

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • well said

    • As you have to come to grips that your limited perspective is not shared by everyone. 

  • If I set aside PC and just look at the facts, I don’t see what the problem is with white Germans–or whites from anywhere else–wearing blackface.  It is almost certainly the case that some blacks won’t like it, but white Americans have to put up with a lot that we don’t like.  It is not against the law to offend us, nor should it be.  And it shouldn’t be against the law to do things blacks don’t like.I will add that there is no terroristic value in wearing blackface the way there is with cross-burning.This is the religion of PC being forced on those who have other beliefs.  The liberals need to mind their own business. 

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • i agree with u

    • “that there is no terroristic value in wearing blackface “That is bc YOU do not understand the true history of whites in BF.

  • It is camouflage. The Knock Out Game is spreading across Europe.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • You are also part of the problem Horace.

  • Last Halloween I saw a man dressed as a pumpkin. I was appalled,outraged and highly offended. I mean,what’s next,a little girl dressed as Snow White? It’s outrageous.

  • Unfortunately contemporary behavior by a large segment of the black population is the thing that reinforces the stereotypes in question in this day and age. I suspect that if the truth be known, white liberals would be absolutely horrified to experience a flat or run out of gas in a black ghetto at nightime. that is the litmus test for the sincerity of their professed so called enlightened views

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Did YOU ever run out of gas in a “Black Ghetto”, or do you just watch too much TV?You love to perpetuate negative Black stereotypes, but a white person will probably get you b4 a Black person will, just watch.

  • “some were outraged”These days, some are always outraged. Get over it and do something productive with your time. Like eat a watermelon.

  • Who cares what black people are bother by! These people are professional whiners always looking for freebies or special treatment! They do look funny.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • You hate the “whinning” but you love to cause it. LOL!”They do look funny”Only to a professional white racist as yourself.

  • Oh no! To think I dressed up as a VIKING for Halloween!   Oh, and as a LEPRECHAUN!    I guess I must deliver groveling apologies to my Norwegian and Irish neighbors.   And then there was the time I dressed up in blackface as David Koresh!  (You’d have to Google him to see why that’s ghoulishly really funny.)   And for the time I dressed up as a nerd, I will send an apology to Bill Gates, along with a resume.   Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!  

  • ..

  • ‘BLACKFACE’ IS  the biggest form of Flattery..Unless they are trying to look like President OBama..Then it is Racist!! People in Germany ‘HAVE TO say That’…Because …He is listening to Everything THEY say and He can ‘BLACKMAIL’ THEM Later !!

  • That’s funny

  • the most harmful stereotypes about black people: That they’re lazy, stupid, brutish and subhuman. “It’s not “rayciss” if it’s true.Blacks in America are 13% of the population, but cause 86% of the crime, and are 64% of the prison population.Most are on food stamps and get free housing.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • noMono doubt

    • You watch too much TV!There are 40 million Blacks in America, 1 million are in prision and RIGHTFULLY SO, another million NEED TO BE IN PRISON, those are the ones causing the problems from the Black race in addition to the MANY whites, Latinos Arabs etc, causing their share of the crimes, but that leaves 38 million HARD WORKING, God fearing, law abiding BLACK citizens. Wanna be part of the solution? Turn of the TV, end white supremacy and replace it with justice.

    • +
    • Another finding of the study is that the distribution of benefits no longer aligns with the demography of poverty. African-Americans, who make up 22 percent of the poor, receive 14 percent of government benefits, close to their 12 percent population share. White non-Hispanics, who make up 42 percent of the poor, receive 69 percent of government benefits – again, much closer to their 64 percent population share.

  • Just what the f are ni99ers doing in Germany anyway?

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • After WW2 a lot of “coloured” children were born….The US always had- and still has a military presence in Germany after Ww2….among those soldiers a lot of black’s who mingle with the German girl’s and women.Besides that fact, germany, as every European nation, takes in a lot of immigrants every year…a lot of those come from Africa.And last but not least….I don’t like your choice of words to describe black’s…..but in the spirit of Voltaire I say “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”

    • They were imported to Germany in order to complain about racism.

    • +
    • They were asked to come over and make babies with white women, one may be on top of your racist mom right now.

  • One way to stop this is for black people to start wearing a “Jew” face: Pale yellow face paint with big hook nose, big out-sticking ears and starvation look dark-circled eyes, dark sunken cheeks and wearing a black-and-white striped concentration prison camp hat!!! If that is demanded to be stopped, and it WILL be, then they will have to also stop the “black face”!!!

  • Good for Germany ! There is nothing racist about blackface, it is simply another chip on the American negro’s shoulder, placed there by self hating white Americans.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • But that does not change the racist origins of whites in blackface.

  • to the germans- for your info polarbearing and knockout are still popular in the united states (look them up) and the left lopslided shameless media jewish and black doesn’t think that’s racist either until it happens to them again someday as history always gets around to them sooner or later- and then they all claim to wonder why it repeats—-  by the way if you ever want to see a real racist movie try Men In Black by Steven Spielberg and starring Will Smith and read between the lines-  it’s far more racist than using the Nword or blackface, and just subtle as can be.

  • Races of all types have made light of the “culture”, or lack thereof for a very long time. Political Correctness is Fascism with a smile, let people dress up how they want to. 

  • who cares

  • Who would in their right mind want to dress up like a pavement ape?

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • “Who would in their right mind want to dress up like a pavement ape?”White people obviously.

  • Oh noes, I spelled educate wrong , hey I am part German , so there!

  • If there were only someone who is well known for fighting for black individuals civil rights in this country , who we can send over to that country to edecute them them that this is unnaceptable, but who?

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Why is it unacceptable?   People dress up all the time, Mimes put on “white face” in France.Isn’t it way past time we shed all of these restrictions on our rights to exress oursleves in any way we want as as individuals?   There is a tyranny in Political Correctness that must be fought tooth and nail, If the Left has thier way is Chairman  Mao, his little red book and the “cultural revolution” 

  • I thought only American White males were racist?

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Why not just post, I’m a moron?  More to the point

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • OK.  You’re a moron.

  • I think that’s hysterical, the blacks are the blacks, what’s wrong with dressing up like the blacks?

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • It was done during a time when american blacks were subjugated in a system of slavery and then jim crow (legal segregation) while blacks were being killed in places like oklahoma where successful blacks were living and minding their own business while being productived – do a search of “black wall street”.  The problem is that the level of segregation is still taking place today (2014) as in many cities in the US (and in other countries) there is residential segregation.  There is also segregation in hiring practices and in social circles – thus, blackface still have this historical meaning of inequality with a promise of violence(physical, fiscal or social ostracism)  for violating and crossing the segregation line.  If we had equalitarian pluralism her in the US then putting on blackface would be comical because we would all be coming from a place of equality.

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • What the hell is “equalitarian?”Is that like when all teams in the NFL win the super bowl each year? 

      • First, the word is “egalitarian,” Sherlock. Secondly, all the “segregation” you speak of today is freely chosen, and you have no business complaining about it.As to this, by the way, there was just a story in the news about how BLACKS didn’t want a Trader Joe’s in their neighborhood because they said it would attract too many whites. So take your political correctness and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

    • Imitating a negro…only in Germany.

  • I thought imitation was the highest form of flattery?

  • nobody has a sense of humour. You can only make fun of republican white male christians.I would make fun of a one eyed polock in a wheel chair if there was a funny joke to be made.

  • If they don’t like it, the darkies can go back to where they came from.

  • While stationed in what was then called West Germany in 1971-72, I found the German people the friendliest most accepting people I have ever met.  They loved my effort at learning their language and customs.  Octoberfest was the most fun.The German people are not anywhere near “racist”.  Germans are the most loving and giving people in the world and I loved and appreciated them right back.  I almost hated coming back to the states after the experience over there.  The only racists I have encountered were right here in the good old USA.I am an American, Veteran Black man who is still proud to have served my country but, I just had to speak out on this one. SFC King (ret.)

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Good on you.  Thank you for your service.

    • the important part of your story was that you were stationed in “West” Germany…when the wall came crashing down…the friendly, accepting people stopped acting that way….i guess it’s all relative….

  • hahahaa   those crazy germans…just trying to have some fun!!

  • The “actors at Deutsches Theater” pic has a backstory making it even more problematic and somewhat ambiguous. The play this picture is taken out of is called “Unschuld” (“Innocence”) by German playwright Dea Loher. In the stage directions of this play, Loher *explicitly* asks the illegal immigrants be portrayed by white actors in Blackface. While this is – in itself – a racist practice, she is making an artistic point about how a country like Germany treats its immigrants, playing on the audience’s prejudices. In this specific case, “not enough diversity among actors” is not the problem, but the explicit decision to include blackface in a play is. The lack of diversity among actors is a whole different ballgame and a huge issue on german stages. Just not in this play specifically.

  • Wrong side won during WW2.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I will not say the wrongs guys one but I will strongly suggest the good guys did not win!

  • *Yawn* More drivel and fake outrage from the more-sensitive-on-silly-issues-than-thou crowd.How about saving the outrage for real harms, like murder, rape and government oppression?

  • I am tired of hearing about people that practice free speech. The very act of human rights is disturbing. If people have free speech they might say something bad. Come to think of it, only guilty people need a lawyer. Only terrorist need a gun and all silent people are GUILTY! The government NEVER, NEVER is bad! It sould be a death, murder, kill crime to mock anyone. All the good people trying to protect targets of mockery are the most perfect citizens that don’t need any sort of political protection.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I’m Barack Obama and I approve of your message.

  • Who gives a fat rats butt what the Jerry’s do in their own country? 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • They would be right at home in Texas, Missouri, Kansas and every other Red State. 

      3 Replies - Reply Now
      • never trust a weimeraner!!!!!!!   (it’s german)  is he back face too??

      • Any place there are democrats…..the party of racism.

      • +
      • Obviously you have never been to KCK.

  • lol…..Dumb Krauts, go drink a pint))

  • In the USA, we have found blackface to be very expensive.  Trillions of dollars – no shovel ready jobs.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • not funny Herr Barber

    • Truedat 

  • lol…dumb krauts 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • You use a racist name to make your point, i see ok.

  • So? Obama and his pet monkee prance around, trying to pretend they are white!

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Learn how to spell chimp.

  • It makes me feel great.  White folks tired of their white skin and want some colour – that’s the truth.  I bet those germgals what some coloured hairy polish too.

  • SO WHAT?

  • Blacks and non-Germans have no right to judge German culture.Well, isn’t that what leftists say when we in the West criticize barbaric tribal behavior in Africa?

  • I approve.

  • on st patrick’s day, everyone wants to be irish.on MLK day no one …… get my point

  • Our decadence has brought about teh west’s collapse! With China & Islam as the next domiante force I do not hold out hope for Humanity

  • thought liberal germany was for equality.the real racist are on the left

  • This is because it’s all about intent- and you can not know intent. It’s ridiculous that we tell people anywhere and everywhere when they choose another culture from their that they are racist. This appears more like thery are interested in everything from Africa- like being an Angelofile. The world is being over-run by stupid people…people looking for any opportunity to scream RACIST…and the Democrats have really permanently changed the meaning of that word to mean Anti-Democrat.

  • White devils can’t help but be devlish; it’s their nature.

  • In the States, blackface is not nearly as popular as mulatto face.

  • While skin lightening cream is a huge seller in Africa and India. Germany has $265 Bill trade SUrplus they must be doing a lot of things right.

  • Racism is a culturally perceived.  In Germany, blackface simply is not racist.  It’s just humor, the same with painting one’s face white for some silly reason.  Just because some may be hyper-sensative doesn’t make all wrong.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Exactly!

    • Blackface is extremely offensive to millions of people so it is not harmless. It is full of racist history so it is not just humor. To call victims of violent crimes and discrimination hyper-sensitive is cruel; Whites were not persecuted by blacks, blacks did not create an industry denegrating whites called whiteface so this is not the same as painting one’s face white.Intentions are irrelevant; what is relevant is pain we cause others.

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • Toughen up, Roy. Your reach does not extend to Germany.

      • And I’m sure you got all A’s in your public education/indoctrination school they way you so perfectly parroted the socialist talking points.  Must be miserable living with all their imposed White guilt.  Me, I refuse to buy into it. 

  • Way too funny!!!

  • I believe Barack Obama and Michelle get the credit for bringing back “Black Face”.  They post “racist” on every comment the “loyal opposition” says.  Good for Germany, they don’t bow to the “politically correct” necessity in the U.S.

  • Germany:  If your culture offends the Amurkin Empire, you had better change it!  The whole world must follow the script dictated by the Amurkin Empire!

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • How you liken that Amurkin Facebook?? lmao

  • What about the movie “White Girls” in the US?  I guess white face is okay, but black face is just about the worst thing a human being can do.

  • I agree to this extent.  I would NEVER wear ‘black face.’   Because I am so thankful, THANKFUL to be White.

  • Looks like a bunch of people having fun and enjoying themselves.  We in America are not allowed to do that.     We are forbidden to do anything that might offend a miniority.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • So true and we consider ourselves a nation that prides itself on its freedoms. While I think we do enjoy a lot freedoms much of the world doesn’t (right to bear arms, freedom of religion, etc.), we are heavily suppressed in our free speech these days. A person will have their life completely sabotaged by the PC brigade if they dare do anything that isn’t approved by ALL minorities. Ridiculous. I admire countries like Germany for not giving in to these people.

    • If being PC means that you should not go around insulting people for the sake of insulting them and…if you do…you are likely to get booped on the head (didn’t use to be like that when minorities were afraid of the majority…but they no longer are) then I think you should seriously consider being PC!

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Bopped on the head? How about when I shoot them when they attack?Who do you really think will be afraid of whom?

  • We have a lot of people in black face here in the U.S. So many, in fact, if one of us whities tries a little brown make-up, the black faces here jump up and down and pee their pants.  Germany is lucky.  How many real black faces are in Germany?  About 3?  Hardly enough to cause a stink.  Black face away!

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • That is really silly and it makes no sense, Drake8


    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • The nosy-parker control freaks who run the Amurkin Empire do, of course!  They can never get enough of minding other people’s business.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • You have a really good point, Roger.

  • Hey all – This is a place for intelligent conversation. Racially charged comments may be removed. @RyanNewYork

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • “Political correctness kills free speech”.George Carlin.Nuff said

    • Instead if trying to be Big Brother, why don’t you see if you can refute people substantively? Or is that beyond your capacity?

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • You mean by parroting the same garbage that was being screamed by Jim Crow segregationists in the 1960s? Sure.There is a difference between posting thoughts and opinions in an adult manner and simply screaming close-minded nonsense. I hardly think Ryan is talking about people who have presented information in a responsible or well thought-out manner.If you can’t openly make the distinction between the two, perhaps you should reevaluate your idea of a substantial argument.

    • +
    • Intelligent conversation? Then try to engage in intelligent reporting. Ryan. That means writing an article sans the little snide comments. After all, that’s our job.

  • The funny thing about it is that the people in blackface are too stupid to realize that the joke is on them. Keep laughing.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • Please clarify for us the joke.

    • Oh, really?  That’s where you bigots make your mistake…you think you’re a whole lot smarter than you are.

    • +
    • Perhaps you’re too stupid to realize that Germany’s culture is completely different from ours in this regard. Since blacks weren’t historically in Germany and they had no involvement in the African slave trade, they conceive of these things totally differently.

  • …clean up your own house America before you stick your nose in someone else’s…

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Why are you addressing ALL of America? I’m American and I have NO problem with blackface. Did you read the article? The person complaining was a German.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • …good point LOLA…to all of those on the blog offended by blackface and sans humor…get a life…if a black person straightens their hair like a white person, do we call that “white hair”.  

  • The article; linked in the text of this article shows how perceptions are formed and makes a great statement: “even though… people don’t look like this… by seeing these images, people start to see them like this…”So I ask… Does the media obsession in video and TV commercials chronicly portraying “The Stupid White Guy” cause society to start seeing white guys as stupis oaffs?

  • Dear German Frends, We have plenty of Blacks in the USA.  Would you please take about 10% of them? That would be about 3,900,000.  I am sure we can work out the transportation.  If this agreeable when can we start?  soon I hope.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • So you are saying the USA has 39,000,000 inhabitants? You sir are not only racist but also stupid.

      4 Replies - Reply Now
      • Calling someone stupid….and not being able to read yourself…..amazing

      • No, if you carefully read his comment he is referring to the black population in the United States. You sir are not only a liberal but also a fuckwit.

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • +
      • You read it. He says 10% of the pop is black that would be 3,900,000 not 39,000,000 LOL

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • He talks about all the blacks in the USA…he asks if Germans would take 10% of them = 3.9M of a total of 39M blacks in the USA.TRY reading it again…again!!

      • Groot,too bad that the toughtest 5 years of your life was 1st grade.

      • Hey Groot He said, “10% OF THEM.” Blacks.  39 million blacks.  10% of that is the 3,900,000 he stated.  Sheesh.  But you couldn’t wait to to call someone racist and stupid and in the process put your own stupidity on full display.  Thanks.  It was very telling.

    • You’re free to leave. No one is stopping you.

  • For the liberals and the black husksters, everything is racist. Just being white is racist.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • When ever a Black person says that something is racist…..USUALLY it is.

  • Explain how this fits the definition of racism.

  • Don’t care.  Liberal losers who like to complain that America is the most racist country in the world will ignore this as well.  For completely different reasons…

  • As long they don’t start singing in unison, ” tomorrow belongs to me”..I guess it’s okay

  • Piss and moan piss and moan..its their custom, everyone else needs to shut the f up.

  • Dear Getmany, I’m sorry for this. We’re all sick as fuck of American liberal cultural police here too. They’re like the religious police in Iran. Bugging the shit out of everyone constantly.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Lol. So true. It’s terrible that many people in other countries think most of America is into this PC BS when we’re not. It’s only because the liberal media is our mouthpiece that it gives the impression that we all think this way. On the other hand, I’ll go to other international sites and people will call us the biggest racists in the world. So, we can’t win for losing. All Americans are apparently ugly, stupid, loud, obnoxious, “gun-nuts” (a very insulting term), meddlers, and war-mongerers. The truth of the matter, at least for me, is that I couldn’t care less what another country does and I wouldn’t presume to judge an entire nation by the actions of some. Apparently, we won’t ever be shown that same courtesy.

  • I think it’s time we all just forget about what’s racist or not. Just get over it and live one’s life knowing that this world is not “fair” and deep inside we are all basically good and above all, Human. Stop with the “race” thing already.Let’s leave it behind and ignore those that play innocen.Genuine or not.

  • OMG we need to get Al Sharpton and the NAACP involved. 

  • “It’s horrible that black people are being portrayed as clowns and funny-looking people,” Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louie Fharrakan? Clowns INDEED!

  • Only American blacks, militant and parasitic on the white taxpayers, complain about it.

  • Wel,l Michael Jackson lived in White Face and no one complained, Except small kids.

  • If a man dresses as a female, is that sexist?  Or a woman as a male?   A kid as an adult, is that agist?  Or someone putting on a fat suit, is that discrimination against fat people?  How about someone puttin on some extra muscles?  How about a kid wearing a holloween costume mask?  Is it ok if it looks exactly like someone, and not ok if it is more general?  Did the Wayans get into trouble for the movie ‘White chicks’?The answer is that blackface is not racist, and blackface and a bad character is not racist.  And it has nothing to do with Nazism.Racism is discrimination or prejudice (depending on definition) based on race.Just like naming a baseball team ‘Indians’ is not racist, nothing here was actually racist.  Although an interesting test would have been for non-caucasion to dressup in white face and go to the event and see if he is attacked.

  • If a man dresses as a female, is that sexist?  Or a woman as a male?   A kid as an adult, is that agist?  Or someone putting on a fat suit, is that discrimination against fat people?  How about someone puttin on some extra muscles?  How about a kid wearing a holloween costume mask?  Is it ok if it looks exactly like someone, and not ok if it is more general?  Did the Wayans get into trouble for the movie ‘White chicks’?Of course the answer is that blackface is not racist, and blackface and a bad character is not racist.  And it has nothing to do with Nazism.Racism is discrimination or prejudice (depending on definition) based on race.Just like naming a baseball team ‘Indians’ is not racist, nothing here was actually racist.  Although an interesting test would have been for non-caucasion to dressup in white face and go to the event and see if he is attacked.

  • Every year in my hometown of Indianapolis, I dress up like Santa’s sidekick, Black Peter and try to hang out with all the sidewalk Santas and sometimes the department store Santas.Many of them just don’t get it. Last year I nearly got arrested.

  • Schwartze Peter ist ein gudten man. Ya mit de umalaute.

  • awesome! it makes me feel awesome.

  • As a person of colour, I’m okay with this. It’s all in good fun.

  • Does it come complete with the knockout game and all the ook-and eek’s?  Wurrrld Stahhhh

  • yeah!!  heh hehah heh heh, heh heh hehyea, heh black face, heh hehheh, heh heh heh give’em all of em, heh heh, heh heh heh heh,yeah, no more left, heh heh, yeah,heh, heh,…

  • Well….the “white costumes” make white people look funny, too.Also…one has to assign a meaning.  For years, black-face (which is also used on St. Nick Day with Black Peter…who is black-faced by chimney soot) was just a fun thing.  As soon as someone says, “Wait, that is a nasty thing to do”…well…then it becomes a nasty thing to do.  There is also money to be made with issues advocacy…so…well…that’s where we are today.  Guess it’s time for green face paint until….we’re invaded by Martians.

  • we go again….Are you really looking worldwide for so-called racism? Your extremist view on political correctness is appauling.Do you really see racism and discrimination in everything?As the great George Carlin once said, “political correctness kills free speech”.Think about that one…And for carnaval this year I will wear a blackface….just to annoy people like you….so will my black girlfriend!!Go home and stay there yank…..and start writing about your potus who kills children with his toys in Pakistan and Yemen…..THAT…. is a real issue.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • “Go home and stay there yank…” I may be wrong, but I got the impression that the person who complained is German. Read the article. It said NOTHING about America judging you guys. I’m an American and my family came over here from Germany. I do not judge Germans and I have NO problem with blackface. Oh yeah, I also can’t stand our terrible excuse for a president. We’re not all clones. ;)

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Dear lola,Lol….you are right and I do apologize…I stand corrected.The thing is that lately anything related to racism and/or discrimination in Europe is ending up in the US media…..although media is a big word…the media I talk about are the usual suspects in bringing this kind of news.Totally out of context and/or any understanding of the national culture of  the European country where the alleged racism took place.Most europeans are getting sick and tired of people from the US seeing racism everywhere in Europe.The pot calling the kettle black….or is that racist too? lol

  • If the want more black faces, maybe we could spare a few

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Well said!

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Of course, the Germans would then soon want to vote to limit immigration just as the Swiss recently did.  Can you imagine the hissy fit that Barroso and the EU would have then???

    • Yeah, let ‘em have all blacks!

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Maybe we should send them some rope as well, so that they will have an appropriate response to the first “polar bear hunting” expedition???


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