Marseille, France. 14th September 2013 -- Marion Marechal Le Pen, FN Deputy member of the Assemble Nationale and Master of Law, gave a speech during the round table regarding the "Historical Recession of Freedom" during the University of Summer 2013.

White People Are Getting a Bad Deal in France

A camera-friendly 23-year-old blonde with a famous last name is fast emerging as an icon of France's far right

Marion Marechal Le Pen, the youngest member of parliament in French history and granddaughter of the country’s most prominent right-wing politician, took to the streets of Paris on Wednesday with fellow members of the National Front party in a traditional May Day display of nationalistic pride.

In recent polls, the National Front has surged ahead of the ruling Socialists — a rise fueled, in no small part, by a fierce rhetorical campaign against Muslim immigration.

Philippe Farjon/Demotix/Corbis

In the wake of a 40 percent spike in hate crime towards Muslims last year, Vocativ flew to France to speak with Le Pen and with leaders in the immigrant community to get a better sense of where this volatile battle over France’s future is headed.

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