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Million Dollar Cruiser: Dubai Cops Add a Rare Aston Martin to Fleet

The Dubai police department is now channelling James Bond.

Global automotive enthusiasts were stirred — not shaken — Monday to learn that the emirate has added an Aston Martin, 007′s car of choice, to its superstar line-up of crime fighting vehicles.

And it’s not just any old Aston Martin. The department’s new One-77 is the top of the line — about $1.5 million, if you can find one. (Only 77 were ever made.)

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Aston Martin One-77 at Arabian Travel Market, Dubai

Local authorities seem to aspire to a police fleet that resembles the parking lot of a Monaco casino. In addition to the Aston Martin, the force is acquiring a Bentley and a Mercedes SLS and already owns a Ferrari FF and a Lamborghini Aventador.

On Twitter, Dubai’s police department  posted a gallery of shots of the new vehicles and explained that exotic patrol cars were necessary to “keep up with the evolution” of the well-heeled city-state.

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What’s next — platinum nightsticks? Golden guns?

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