Richard Liu, CEO and founder of China's e-commerce company, raises his hands after the opening bell at the NASDAQ Market Site building at Times Square in New York May 22, 2014. China's No.2 e-commerce company, Inc., awarded Liu a one-off share-based bonus of $591 million as the company prepared for its U.S. IPO, according to a securities filing.

China’s Amazon Just Raised $1.8 Billion—Check Out Its Wacky Twitter Feed

It's hilarious

Pretty much every major company has a Twitter account.

Airlines use them for customer service. Newspapers use them to promote new content. Denny’s uses one to make jokes about fanny packs. Point is, they all have a strategy.

And then there’s

Formerly known as 360Buy, is one of China’s largest e-commerce companies. It’s basically an Amazon for China’s burgeoning middle class—and it just went public yesterday, raising about $1.8 billion.

Normally, before a company goes public, its executives do their best to clean up the brand’s public image. After all, investors will be scrutinizing the company’s earnings, debts and all the other relevant financial info. Potential investors might even check out the company’s Twitter feed—as I did this morning.

What I found there was a gold mine of dozens of bizarre, but hilarious images. In recent months, the account has veered in a more professional direction, offering discounts and things like that, but back in the day, they tweeted some epic stuff.

Like taping children to the wall.

02/01/13 00:55 UTC@360BuyOfficial

Sure, everyone can capture their cute and adorable children's precious moments!

| |

Or a Yorkshire terrier in a bride’s gown.

The tweets sometimes offer helpful advice. Like how to be a mermaid at a beach.

07/11/12 06:57 UTC@360BuyOfficial

The easiest way to be a mermaid on the beach.

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Or clever ways to grill meat using a shopping cart.

Occasionally, their tweets simply exhibit sporadic moments of joie de vivre. Like this one for a refrigerator’s lust.

Though sometimes they don’t have the greatest taste.

08/17/12 06:29 UTC@360BuyOfficial

Algonquin Hotel's annual cat fashion show stars this very patient hairless beast wearing a sassy pink tutu on her head

| |

By the way, did you know sells eyeball bandages?

08/27/12 06:08 UTC@360BuyOfficial

Scare away the pain of minor cuts and scratches with Eyeball Bandages!

| |

And backpacks for your Chihuahua?

08/28/12 12:40 UTC@360BuyOfficial

A backpack serves a much greater purpose when walking your pets on a crowded street.

| |

And little booties for them, too?

10/31/12 10:02 UTC@360BuyOfficial

A pair of comfortable shoes protect your pets' feet from harm.

| |

Ultimately, the account—which has just 800 followers and does not appear to have ever been retweeted—serves an important function: It makes you laugh.

But just in case, it also tells you how to recycle your jeans into a terrifying stool.

03/13/13 03:10 UTC@360BuyOfficial

We love recycling. Old Jeans could be worn by your chair.

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