Is China in Al Qaeda’s Crosshairs?

What does a knife attack in western China have to do with the Malaysian Airlines disappearance?

Two weeks ago, 34 people were killed and 130 injured in a mass stabbing attack at the Kunming railway station in Yunnan, China. Reports said as many as 10 black-clad assailants wielding knives and machetes attacked people at random. The event caused shock in China and around the world, with many referring to it as the “Chinese 9/11.” Just days before, an Al Qaeda-affiliated group released a video threatening China. And this week, that video gained much greater significance, when Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing disappeared without a trace.

The Chinese government officially placed the blame for the attack on Xinjiang separatists. Xinjiang, China’s largest province, traded hands repeatedly over centuries before becoming part of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. The enormous region borders Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India and sits atop huge reserves of oil and gas, making it very important to China. The province is predominantly Muslim, and foremost among its many ethnic groups are the Uyghurs, 10 million of whom make up 46 percent of the population.

Separatist Uyghur groups claim that the region is not legally part of China and refer to the region as East Turkestan. The Turkestan Islamic Party (also known as the East Turkestan Independence Movement), a U.S-designated terrorist organization, is the primary group leading the separatist movement against Beijing and has been accused of perpetrating several terrorist attacks in China.

According to the Chinese State Press agency, flags of the “East Turkistan Forces” were found at the scene of the Kunming railway station attack. Five days prior, the Turkestan Islamic Party published a video titled “We Are Coming O Buddhists,” in which Abu Zar Azzam, the spiritual leader of an Al Qaeda offshoot based in Waziristan, threatened Chinese nationals and Buddhists.


Uploaded By: وائل البعداني

Azzam warns that the Chinese will be punished for their crimes against Muslims and Islam, and says that killing them and shedding their blood is “good.” Azzam has previously published videos in which he claims that after the U.S. war in Afghanistan, China will become the “number one enemy.”


Following the stabbing attack, Zhang Chunxian, the Xinjiang Communist party chief, blamed the act of terrorism on the spread of information through Internet videos.

Claims that the Uyghur Separatist group was behind the bloody attack has spurred a resurgence in anti-Uyghur sentiment in China. On Chinese social networks like Sina Weibo, several Uyghurs reported that they were experiencing discrimination.

In the above post, which was censored by the Chinese government, a user by the name Shi Shi Qiu Shi reports that a Uyghur Chinese student was refused accommodations in Shenyang and was almost forced to sleep outdoors and that Internet cafes were prohibiting him from using their computers.

Hong Qi, a renowned Uyghur folk singer and influential Sina Weibo user with more than 185,269 followers, posted that in Guangzhou he was “[playing] hide and seek with the motherland” because of his Uyghur nationality and that he had to take refuge in a hotel room. “I’m a legitimate citizen of this country,” he said. The post was also censored by Chinese authorities.

Chinese rights activists also reported similar instances of discrimination and anger directed at the Uyghur community since the train station terrorist attack.

This trend is coming under increased scrutiny because of the disappearance on Saturday of the Boeing 777 MH370 somewhere over the South China Sea en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, with more than 150 Chinese nationals on board. Chinese social media networks were immediately abuzz with speculation over the possibility that that Uyghur separatists are responsible. This time, however, the Chinese government is cautioning the public over drawing such conclusions.

The Uyghurs have been implicated in a previous hijacking attempt. In June 2012, the Chinese government claimed that six Uyghur men attempted to hijack a Chinese domestic flight. The World Uyghur Congress rejected the government’s account and claimed that the incident was in fact a dispute that broke out over seating arrangements.


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  • I doubt muslim terrorists will be as successful against China, as the chinese have no qualms about lining “suspected terrorists” up against a wall and shooting them as opposed to giving them taxpayer funded lawyers and cushy detainment facilities.

  • Aside from tragic loss of life, this is just another big “distraction” in the Bush-Putin vs. everybody else crisis in Crimea, Russia and Ukraine.  Those two and their budddies in Intelligence and stupidity can create or twist any international situation to distract from another one.  And I find it no coincidence that the Harlem explosion was near the train tracks of metro north (where there were recent derailments etc.).  I can only think of some connection between 9-11,  recent train (and station) disasters, and air disasters.  maybe I am nuts but I think these international cabals know how to let terrorists loose and create distractions while they attempt backroom deals…  mainly, for now,  about what Russia can “successfully accomplish” in its “sphere of influence” — which they want to extend beyond Ukraine and Western China and elsewhere. 

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    • I also have a Bachelor of Science degree, and agree with you.

    • Doug,No question about it … disinformation or as little truth as will fit within the knowing lies  …Did you catch the FACT it took all U.S. Lying Stream Media nearly TWO hours to report there were TWO building destroyed in today’s East Harlem disaster?  Figure out what kind of idiocy THAT is – it was clear in the prio photos – and you’ll have a real handle on just how accurate they are about eerything else … from 9-11 to Sandy Hook to Boston to Flight 370 … ad infinitum.

  • Can’t be, Obama said al-Qaeda has been ‘decimated.’

    2 Replies - Reply Now

    • You could be on to something. Barack Hussein Obama did say he had them on the run prior to the last election, just after Benghazi burned and a diplomat was raped with a broom handle.

  • Confucius say, “Don’t get too close to man with towel on head and wearing vest.”


  • I want to see what a military without their hands tied will do to this rabble. America’s liberals don’t let them have a real army. They have a group of baby-sitters. The Chinese military will wipe out villages to kill one terrorist.

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    • You are correct in my opinion.I have made 13 trips to the PRC most during the 1990′s. Even then western China was rebellious and villages disappeared. I still remember “the thing that happened in ’89″, as even 10 years later nobody referred to Tiemeniman square directly. They are likely to be crushed

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  • IMPOSSIBLE!!!!Back in 2012, Barack Obama has said he had put Al Qaeda on the run!  Because of Obama’s magnificance, Al Qaeda is no more!!!!  Just ask him, he’ll tell you that he is magnificant!

  • I am not pro China at all but I hate muzzies.  I know China will not deal with these neanderthals the way we do.  They will kick their butts and I can’t wait to sit back and see it happen

  • al Qaeda is a loosely connected branch of the US State department. So they are pretty much everywhere economic hitmen wander.

  • Dear god, let the chinese catch the Muslim terrorists.  15 minutes from capture to trial to execution.  $40 bucks total cost.

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    • wouldn’t that be grand!

  • The province is predominantly Muslim, and foremost among its many ethnic groups are the Uyghurs, 10 million of whom make up 46 percent of the population.And therein lies the problem

  • Everwhere in the world (including their own spawning grounds) the control-obsessed, intolerant, and ineffably backward “Fruits of Islam” go they bring violence and misery. Islam, so easy even cavemen can do it!

  • Chineese 911?  What an insult!  Folks, the USA 911 claimed roughly 3,400 lives right?  We are talking about a mere 34 lives. Not to take anything away from the tragity and loss, but there really is no comparison!  Let China lose 3,400 lives in a terror attack, then it can be compared.

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    • Chinese 911? What an insult! Folks, the USA 911 claimed roughly 3,400 lives right? We are talking about a mere 34 lives. Not to take anything away from the tragedy and loss, but there really is no comparison! Let China lose 3,400 lives in a terror attack, and then it can be compared. Spell Checked

  • I would bet that China will not have any problems dealing appropriately with this swill.  Unlike the US, which loves to grovel before “<i>Religion of Peace</i>”…

  • watching the press respond to how the chinese will handle this is gonna be fun.

  • sum ting wond wit dis tew wo wist

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    • thank you pearl, that is hilarious.

  • Just nuke Mecca

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    • It would be quite interesting to see how thibgs would play out from there!

  • There is a big difference between the West and China.  If China gets pi$$ed off, they would have on compunction against killing these Muslim fanatics by the millions.  See what they did to Tibet and get ready for millions of Muslim martyrs.  I dare say that the false god Allah cannot create enough virgins in the afterlife for what the Chinese will do to these miscreants.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Sure, but these are not the followers of the Dali Lama, these are the guys who are willing get on a train and stab dozens of people to death. If militant groups in Centeral Asia begin aiding these guys (as the article insists) and they start recieving weapons and foriegn fighters China will be in serious trouble. The kind of crackdown you are suggesting would occur would serve only to invite sanctions from Western nations and the radicalization of more of the regions Muslims (as we have seen in Syria).

  • Test

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  • While the name “Al-Qaeda” has just recently appeared on the world stage, the driving force behind it has plagued humanity since the 7th century when a violently insane, pedophile goat herder made up a religion called islam to suit his perversions.So, do humanity a favour and stop pretending that Al-Qaeda and islam are two different beasts because they are one in the same.

  • China is practicing western style genocide against the Uyghurs.  This is by flooding their communities with millions of ethnic Chinese.  Muslims being forced from jobs and homes by Buddhists.  Ironically the genocide waged against Christians in Europe is through millions of Muslim immigrants.  In the USA it is millions of Spanish speaking mestizo illegal immigrants.  It should surprise no one that a people fight back against genocide.  The only surprise is that those facing genocide haven’t done more to fight back.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • What exactly is “western style” about the genocide?

    • A tool but not a sharp one.  No, all this is is divide and control tactics by the zionists and their agents.  Of course “al qaeda” always works for zionist benefit.  But the z’s will find that with China, they will meet their match, and no amount of stuttering, spitting, foaming at the mouth, etc., will go without Chinese laughter.

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • Zionist?   

      • Um… Al Quaeda are not Jewish. Take the tinfoil hat off.

    • +
    • I couldn’t agree more with your point. While many Islamophobic ignorant people here may blame everything on Uyghurs, it is the God-damn Chinese communism that is commiting genocide against Uyghurs, Tibetans and Mongols that is the problem here. THe probme here is not Islam, Buddhism or Christianity. The problem is PRC genocide. Simply because you engaged and traded with China doesn’t make the CCP a good and legitimate party in the world. China is not just commiting genocide against Uyghurs, it is increasing its military budget to specifically target America now. So wake up America! the long-suffering Uyghurs, Tibetans and Mongols are not your enemy. It is the God-damn Chinese commies, just like the Soviets. 

  • China wants to be major power house in world stag they have to deal with members of religion of peace.. it is satan’s little play ground… 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • China and Russia need to realize that the threat posed by Radical Islam faces the entire world.  It is the expressed desire of these terrorists to convert the entire world to Islam and impose Sharia upon all peoples.  All infidels will be eliminated in the name of Allah, because it is their sacred duty to do so.  It is time for the countries of the world, including this administration, to come to their senses about this danger and present a united front to eliminate the threat.  China and Russia may have territorial ambitions, but these need to be put by the wayside because the forces of Radical Islam seem to be on the march. 

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      • I agree, many do not realize the percentages involved. Russia is nearly 25% Muslum and PRC has it’s western rural very much Muslum. Guess where PRC has it’s predominate natural resources?

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      • P.S. Remember there are TWO China’s, the People’s Republic of China (the guys with the little red book) and Nationalist China (Taiwan) who have been our friends for years.jus thought I’d interject a bit of history.

  • Hey Rachael, What is the point of your piece highlighting the discrimination Uyghurs facing in China after Kunming attack? Trying to balance your story to be objective or show sympathy to such horrendous discrimination??? You have already linked Uyghurs with Al-Qaeda – the most notorious terrorist organization in the world. It is the writing of people like you justified the holocaust of 6 million Jews. Keep writing. When the Chinese finish killing the Uyghurs, then they will start with the Tibetans and Mongols. Then, you may portray Tibetans and Mongols as victims of communist Chinese repression. It will be too late to save them. Thanks to you.

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    • The Jews weren’t strapping on suicide vests and blowing up innocent people all over the world.  Comparing Jews with Muslims is like comparing sheep with Tasmanian Devils.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • I think a more apt comparison would be comparing law abiding citizens to a pack of salt water crocodiles.  Islamofascism is a fatal disease–not only to Muslims, but to any Dhimmi who lives near or comes in contact with them! 


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