Pick a World Cup Winner and Get a Discount at Brazil’s “Love Motels”

If you can predict when you'll score, and when World Cup teams will score, you could get a discount in one of Brazil's by-the-hour "love motels"

“Make LOVE, not FIFA.”

That’s the slogan of some creative civil disobeyers down in Brazil, who were protesting the World Cup kicking off yesterday in their homeland because of “poor public services and police violence directed at residents of the slums.” While yesterday was game day one to the rest of the world, it was also Valentine’s Day in Brazil, and protesters took advantage of the holiday to urge anti-government activists to turn off the telly and have fun in bed instead. Protestus coitus.

Brazilians who go along with the idea (46,000 committed to “attending” the sex protest event on Facebook) have no shortage of places to meet up and hook up. Brazil’s “love motel” owners are rushing to attract customers before, during and after game hours by offering discounts for couples who successfully predict match outcomes.

For example, Motel Roma in São Paulo is giving a big discount for couples who correctly guess when the Argentinians will get booted. “Cheering for Brazil in the World Cup is pretty cool, but cheering against our Latin American arch-rival is even cooler,” reads the website (translated from Portuguese). Participants can win a steak dinner or the lowest-cost motel suite at Roma. Elsewhere, like at Motel Jaguar Belo Horizonte (real name), you win two free beers with every goooooal Brazil scores. At Manhattan Belo Horizonte, you can skip down payments on the room.

“Love motels” are extremely common in Brazil and much of South America. They offer rates by the hour or the half-day for a very specific use: sex. Vocativ traveled to Rio de Janeiro earlier this year to see these digs up close and personal, and found that the sex motel tradition was actually borne out of religion—young couples who live at home with their parents until marriage started escaping to these places in the 1970s for quickies–the tradition still stands today. Many of the longer-standing hotels even got a face-lift for the World Cup to attract international tourists flooding their cities to try the by-the-hour delights of the love motel.

Gabriella Feigenbaum contributed to this article.

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