03 Dec 2013, New York City, New York State, USA --- New York,NY-December 3: Muhammad Gulab attend the 'Lone Survivor' New York premiere at Ziegfeld Theater in New York City on December 3, 2013. @Joe Stevens . --- Image by © Joe Stevens ./Retna Ltd./Corbis

Navy SEAL’s Savior Mohammad Gulab Marked for Death by Taliban

Afghan villager Mohammad Gulab saved the life of U.S. Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. Now Gulab is being hunted and is desperate for help

One of the proudest moments of Mohammad Gulab’s life occurred this past December on a trip to New York City, at a screening of the Hollywood blockbuster Lone Survivor. That’s where he met the actor Mark Wahlberg. The Afghan villager was no film buff. In fact, Lone Survivor was the first motion picture he had ever seen on the big screen.

But speaking with Wahlberg is what Gulab remembers most fondly. The movie’s screenplay was based on the saga of Marcus Luttrell, the retired U.S. Navy SEAL Gulab saved from a Taliban ambush in 2005. Wahlberg starred as Luttrell in the fictionalized version of the story, and he was visibly impressed to meet the SEAL’s real-life savior. “You were the true hero,” the actor said in English. When his interpreter explained what Wahlberg had said, nothing was lost on Gulab. He smiled.

A SEAL's savior: Mohammad Gulab attends the Lone Survivor premiere in New York City.

Getty Images/Jemal Countess

More than six months have passed since that day. Lone Survivor has taken in $125 million at the box office, and Wahlberg’s hero is back in Afghanistan. Only now he isn’t smiling; he’s afraid. Gulab’s just 40, but his beard is streaked with white. The Taliban are actively hunting for him and his family, he says, and he may spend the rest of his life paying for his decision to protect Luttrell.

Gulab has never second-guessed his choice. But in recent months, something seems to have been lost in translation between the two unlikely friends. While visiting the U.S. for a few months last year to help promote the film, Gulab says Luttrell promised to help him move to the United States. But in the end, the Afghan says he spent most of his final month in America alone in a bedroom in California, and was unable to meet with Luttrell before abruptly being sent back to Afghanistan. The retired Navy SEAL repeatedly declined to be interviewed for this story, but a family representative offered a different version of events that suggests a tragic misunderstanding. Nevertheless, Gulab feels betrayed by Luttrell, who he says hasn’t returned his calls in months. He still wants to move to America, but worries he’s running out of time. “My life,” he says, “is in worse danger than ever.”

The events that brought these two men together occurred nearly a decade ago. In June 2005, Gulab stumbled upon a stranger at a waterfall near his home in the mountains of Kunar province in northeastern Afghanistan. The man—Luttrell—was the only survivor of a four-man recon team that Taliban fighters had ambushed. He’d been shot twice and was bleeding profusely, his back was broken and he had shrapnel wounds in both of his legs.

Blockbuster: A scene from the movie Lone Survivor, which starred Wahlberg, left, as Luttrell and Ali Suliman, center, as Gulab.

Furia Films

Gulab immediately knew that the man was American—and that the Taliban were after him. Nevertheless, he took Luttrell into his home and protected him. He considered it his sacred duty under the tribal code of honor known as Pashtunwali, which mandates Pashtuns should protect anyone in need. When the insurgents came to demand that he hand over Luttrell, Gulab refused. The Taliban persisted, alternating between promises of money and threats to murder him and the rest of the village. None of it changed Gulab’s mind. He and his neighbors remained steadfast.

Without phones or radios, the villagers sent a man on foot across the mountains to carry a message to the nearest American base. Several days passed before the helicopters appeared. And as the Americans airlifted Luttrell out of the village, Gulab left, too. Fearing a Taliban reprisal, he and his family relocated to a house in Asadabad, the capital of Kunar province. To support his family, Gulab took a job doing odd tasks at the nearby U.S. military base.

And then, crazy as it sounds, the Americans detained the man who risked his life to save Luttrell. The reason: misplaced suspicions that he had collaborated with the enemy. U.S. officials soon realized their mistake and set him free. He was still barred from the base, but the paychecks continued. “There’s no use complaining,” Gulab says. “The Army mindset is the Army mindset.”

The departed: From left, Navy SEALs Danny Dietz, Michael Murphy and Matthew Axelson all perished during the mission that brought Luttrell and Gulab together.

U.S. Navy

The paychecks eventually stopped, but the Taliban’s threats didn’t. Five years ago, an unidentified gunman shot Gulab just outside his house. He suffered only a flesh wound on his leg, but the shooting was a painful reminder that he was a marked man. “I put my life, my family’s life and the lives of my tribesmen at risk,” he says.

Years passed with little contact between Gulab and Luttrell, according to the Afghan. In 2007, with the help of the British thriller writer Patrick Robinson, the Navy Cross recipient ­­­­­­­­­­­­­penned a book about his ordeal, also called Lone Survivor, which became a New York Times bestseller. 

Gulab wasn’t involved in the project. But Luttrell helped the devout Muslim get a visa in 2010 to the U.S. and paid his fare so the two could have a reunion. Gulab spent almost three weeks at the Luttrell family’s ranch in Texas. Neither man had learned to speak the other’s language well, but they bonded by shooting guns on Luttrell’s range. “I love him,” Gulab later said in an interview with 60 Minutes. “He’s my brother.”

Luttrell concurred. “We’re family,” he told the news program. “We’re brothers in blood.”

Gulab returned to Afghanistan, but Universal’s publicity department brought him back to America in August of last year on a five-month visa to join the press run-up to the film’s December release. He was given an advance viewing in a screening room at the Universal Studios lot in Los Angeles with the movie’s writer and director, Peter Berg. The Afghan couldn’t understand the dialogue, of course, but got so caught up in the action that he began shouting “Allahu akbar!” meaning “God is the greatest.”

Gulab saw the film three more times and even visited Las Vegas. Other aspects of his U.S. visit, he says, were less pleasant. He says he spent most of his final month in the U.S. cooped up in the California home of Nawaz Rahimi, an Afghan-American interpreter and friend of Luttrell’s who consulted on the film. The two hit it off. Gulab says Rahimi was hired to look after him and the two shared a room in the Rahimi family’s four-bedroom house, where Rahimi’s parents cooked most of Gulab’s meals. “The food was good,” he says. “His parents showed me respect. Rahimi’s family is a very good family.”

“I wasn’t ready to go,” Gulab says, “but among my people, if someone tells you you’re no longer welcome, you leave.”

But over time, Gulab complained he had no way to travel on his own, and little to do during the day but sit alone in his room. He didn’t understand American television and eventually became lonely and depressed. He had run through most of the $3,000 he brought with him to the States. He missed his family back in Asadabad and didn’t have his own cellphone to talk to them. He felt so trapped at one point that he smashed a window in the house just to get some fresh air. “I felt like a prisoner,” Gulab says. “I don’t have a problem with Rahimi. He’s a good guy. But he’s a grown American man. He would leave the house for seven or eight hours, and I would be alone in the room. I was a stranger in this country, and [Rahimi] was like my eyes and mouth.”

Never quit: Luttrell poses for a portrait with his dog, Mr. Rigby.

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

On top of everything else, Gulab says he and Luttrell rarely spoke after the Afghan finished promoting the film in December, leaving Gulab with the impression that “Marcus [had] absolutely disconnected himself.” It’s unclear if Luttrell ever received word that Gulab was trying to reach him, but the family representative says the retired SEAL was extremely busy doing promotional work for the movie during that time.

As the film started to generate buzz, Gulab began to worry what would happen when he returned to Afghanistan. The movie, and his work promoting it, he feared, would only make his enemies more determined. While traveling to Washington, D.C., Gulab says Luttrell introduced him to Kay Granger, a Republican congresswoman from Texas.

Gulab was hoping to stay in America and acquire a green card; he says Granger and Luttrell tried to help him do so, and that the retired SEAL later advised him to seek asylum. But the Afghan decided against it. Gulab was under the impression that if U.S. officials granted his request, he could never return home. He remained hopeful that his friend, Luttrell, could come through. “I was 100 percent sure the U.S. government would give me a green card,” he says. “I sacrificed a lot.”

Unfortunately, Gulab was misinformed. Members of Congress “can only make fluffy letters,” says Michael Wildes, a prominent immigration lawyer who helped Kwame James—the man who subdued the shoe bomber—acquire citizenship. Wildes says Gulab could have ultimately gotten the green card he so badly wanted. Without relatives in the U.S., he wouldn’t have been immediately eligible, but because of his valiant act and the Taliban’s threats, Gulab and his family would likely have received asylum, and then after about a year, could have applied for a green card. Gulab, admits he didn’t understand the process, and if Luttrell tried to correctly explain it, something was lost between the two men. Regardless, what happened next remains muddled.

“The noise woke everyone in the house,” says Gulab’s eldest son, 17-year-old Gul Mohammad. “Then the men threw a small bomb at the house.”

In January, Gulab says Rahimi told him he could no longer stay at his family’s house in California. The Afghan still had about a month left on his visa, but the Rahimis were moving and said they would no longer have room for him, he says.

Gulab and Rahimi flew to Texas and stayed in a hotel in Houston. Gulab says he was hoping to speak to Luttrell. He wanted to find a job, rent an apartment and wait in the U.S. until he could acquire a green card, and then bring over his family. The next morning, however, Luttrell’s wife and father-in-law showed up and took Gulab shopping. Then they drove him to the airport. Gulab was shocked to be leaving. “I wasn’t ready to go,” he says, “but among my people, if someone tells you you’re no longer welcome, you leave.”

Rahimi did not respond to requests for comment about Gulab’s departure, but the Luttrell family representative says Gulab left voluntarily and Luttrell didn’t understand why. Either way, Luttrell couldn’t be at the airport because he was promoting the movie, the representative adds.

A hero's welcome: Luttrell, left, along with Wahlberg, right, at Spike TV's Guys' Choice Awards in Culver City, California, in June.

REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Gulab says he hadn’t seen his friend since the New York premiere, more than a month earlier. He says Luttrell called Rahimi’s phone before takeoff to wish him a pleasant flight. Indeed, in that final conversation, the family representative says Luttrell explained to Gulab that returning home early meant his current visa would automatically expire. Gulab says he felt betrayed: “I told him, ‘Listen…you said you would get me a green card. You made lots of promises that you didn’t keep.’” The Luttrell family representative did not respond to questions about Gulab’s recollection of the conversation, or whether the two have had any contact since.

Even before Gulab’s flight touched down in Kabul, a pirated copy of the movie had already reached the Taliban in Kunar province. And as soon as he was on the ground, the death threats began. Gulab says he has changed phones and SIM cards dozens of times. Somehow the callers always manage to discover his new number. “Soon we will blow you to hell,” they warned.

The callers, Gulab says, told him that the Taliban’s district commander, Mullah Nasrullah, is furious that his fighters have failed to kill him. Weeks ago, Nasrullah reportedly issued a harsh reprimand to his chief of operations in Asadabad, demanding to know why Luttrell’s savior was still alive. “Just send a suicide bomber and hit him,” Nasrullah ordered, the callers told Gulab.

The district commander even phoned once to berate him personally, Gulab says. “The man you protected was an American soldier, not a Muslim,” Nasrullah complained. “There was nothing honorable about what you did.” Gulab disagrees: “I told the commander the man I saved was a human being. The question of honor has nothing to do with his religion. It’s about humanity and self-respect.”

The Taliban's target: Gulab wants the U.S. to grant him asylum because his life is in danger.

Getty Images/Jemal Countess

These days, Gulab can spend only a few hours at a time with his family. When darkness falls, he leaves for a secret hideout nearby. If he’s not at home, he thinks, the Taliban’s soldiers are less likely to target his house. He wouldn’t dare own a car even if he could afford one. Taliban bombers could kill him with a remotely triggered improvised explosive device.

The attempts on his life continue despite his caution. On April 5, someone detonated an IED only a few steps away from the path where he was walking.

An even more harrowing incident came days later. At midnight on April 14, a group of men arrived at the house and banged on the front door. Gulab wasn’t there. “Open the door!” the strangers shouted. “We are your neighbors!” The family left it locked. “The noise woke everyone in the house,” says Gulab’s eldest son, 17-year-old Gul Mohammad. “Then the men threw a small bomb at the house.” Although the blast mildly injured one of Gulab’s daughters, the family was too frightened to go outside until daybreak, when they finally took her to the hospital.

Lone survivor: During his ordeal in Afghanistan, Luttrell was shot twice and broke his back, among other injuries.

REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

The attacks and threats continue. Just last week, on June 16, a sniper’s bullet narrowly missed Gulab, instead wounding a cousin who was walking beside him.

The Afghan’s financial problems are as persistent as the Taliban’s threats. He’s drained what little savings he had and is now borrowing money from friends or accepting their charity. “We get lots of guests who think money just comes to me, as if I’m a cash machine at an American bank,” says Gulab. The Afghan says Luttrell’s co-author, Patrick Robinson, has worked with him on a book to tell his side of the story. But they have yet to conclude a deal with a publisher, and Robinson declined to comment.

Gulab says that last month, someone associated with the Luttrell family offered him $10,000 to stop speaking to Vocativ. Gulab demurred. (The associate did not respond to requests for comment about the alleged offer.) What Gulab wants most is to move to the U.S. and an end to the fear and anxiety that comes with being hunted by the Taliban. “The U.S. Embassy could give him safe haven and facilitate passage [to America],” says Wildes, the immigration lawyer. “[It’s] a delicate but possible endeavor.”

If not to the U.S., then Gulab wishes he could at least afford to move his family to Kabul, where it’s safer. Through Rahimi, he says he has reached out to the retired SEAL for help, but hasn’t heard back. The silence, he says, saddens him and makes him angry. But he still doesn’t regret saving Marcus Luttrell.


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  • To me the fact is mr. Gulab  is the hero bcuz mr. Luttrell would most likely have died I believe the united states owes this man and his family a safe haven

  • SEAL = Selfish, Exploitative, American, Leach

  • after we saw this movie my son google the whole story for days and follow every soldier that die, but when he found this sad part of reality with Mohammad Gulab he asked me a question saying how is posible that Marcus Luttrell is call a hero, when he couldnt save himself and MR Gulab save him puting his family in danger for him and now marcus luttrell is call hero, leaving Mr gulab with a deth sentence on him and his family.. i thougt heros stand for good people right.   i couldnt anser his question, it took me 2 day to answer the question.my answer was marcus luttrell is not what the movie call him HERO.  a Hero is some one how stand to the las minute or last breth at all cost specially the US navy…Marcus Luttrell you stood up in that hill with your brothers in arm, if they were here today what do you think they would think about this; stand up one more time like you did and speak up stop sending your wife or family talk for you.you got the money and the power to ask for one favor to this country that is in deed with you for fiting in adganistanhelp Mr gulab to live a little bit more and let him see his kid grow up, because he didnt thiked twice to give you the chance you got now in days…. your lifemake the movie 100% real, so i can watch this movie and tell my kids he stood up like a real hero does……….my son is 7 year old and he wants to be a high ram soldier  

    • The fact that he is being treated this way is proof to what will happen when you do good deeds. It is a shame that this is happening to this hero. Mr Luttrell should feel indebted to him if what he is saying is true and accurate. The US will let illegal immagrants in through its unprotected boarders, but wont grant this man a green card. No good deed goes unpunished. This man deserves far more respect than what he is recieving.
  • Dear all, tweet to #MarkWalberg asking him to help Gulab! #SaveGulab, #HelpGulab

  • Dear commenters.  Hear the plea of this man and lets get something together.  With Social Media, we can rally supporters to help Gulab.  We can start a tweet trend, maybe #HelpGulab or #SaveGulab.  We can contact our senators, contact Mark Walhberg, contact Obama.  Just make it heard!

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  •  why doesn’t this surpise me, (no good deed goes unpunished)

  • exactly American.. good luck surviving Gulab

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    • He will – but you can help . Believe – help. Or be exact and watch bro .

  • Such a shocking display on the Americans behalf. Cameron get in there and sort this out… Show the yanks how the UK rewards loyalty and bravery.

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    • Americans have no friends nor do they try and make any. They are selfish and arrogant. Cameron help the Afghan? You’re joking. Remember he is a politician who would not even know of our comments

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      • A rally point will be organized . Hold fast , and exponentional awarness will twist over days . This will happen , you CAN help. Believe 

      • While I am inclined to agree with you paddy but as an american myself If someone selflessly saved my life Id do everything i could to to return the favor and bring him to my country bros before anything else why would marcus choose money and glory over friendship? This is what I dont understand about people

  • Little actions paint a bigger picture. Such is the state of humanity today.

  • Nice one Luttrell, sigh.. count the cash, enjoy the “fame” ehh and forget who saved your lousy a55.. such a nice guy you are! Really hope Karna is watching and sharpening its tallons!

  • This sickens me, to turn our backs to this man should be a crime. I have a house and 25 ares in rural Georgia where this man and his family can live, It sit’s empty as I write. But I can’t do this on my own, lets get together and let this man and his family live safely in the US. Anybody else wants to help? email me lets see what we americans can do to help this hero and his family. swrxx@yahoo.com

  • You stupid stupid man.You risked your self and your family for a life in America?Now you see that the Yanks cannot be trusted and you have ended up back in Afganistan, well you deserve what you get but not your family they deserve better  

  • This is one man, one family, that truly deserves a welcome from our nation. I hope that we do reach out to him and bring him “home” to America.

  • what the hell!!! why is no one helping gulab?! Come on obama, he saved one of our soldiers life he deserves to come live in America and not have to live in fear. Poor guy I seriously can’t believe no one is helping him

  • I someone, anyone, had half the honor of Gulab, they would take this up and follow through on his and his family’s behalf. What about royalties from the film from using his character in the movie? The studio should step in as well. You have all these people benefiting from the unselfish act of a single man who ultimately placed his own family and himself in danger to save a stranger, and now will pay for that for the rest of his life, and perhaps even with his life. Where is the justice in this?

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    • It’s disgusting isn’t it.. sigh.. 

    • they DONT CARE thats the thing about them…when a soldier has an amazing heroic story to tell they dont care about you they care about marketing the story and using you for profits other then that as long as they are living it up they dont care about anything else


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    • Learn to spell! Who are you going to hang? It appears to me that the only traitor here is you.

  • Please help poor gulab khan before his these talibs snatch his life from him or his family.please

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    • Disgusting betrayal by the yanks again 

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      • What doesn’t a Brit know about betrayal?

    • This is not right. Everyone should refuse to see the movie until the studio or others involved with it step up to make this situation right.

  • Shame on you Lutrell. In fact your soul died in Afganisthan

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    • First, let me say that Lutrell is a hero, like all of the soldiers that were involved in Operation Red Wings. You have no right to judge him unless you were up on that mountain next to him with a gun. Second, you must be very weak minded if you automatically believe ANY article written by the press. I can guarantee you that some, if not most of this story has mistakes in it. Lutrell fought so that you could keep your freedom to write stupid comments on the internet so have some damn respect.

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      • What if it’s true ?

      • A lucky find by this Aghan guy Gulab, he see,s the injured American as a Green card into America for him and his family.  If these guys get into America then God help America.   If the Taliban wanted to kill this guy Gulab they will do it in a second, not just putting a so called SMALL bomb outside his house, and all his and his family members wounds were all superficial, more likely self inflicted.  In short, this guy is not hunted by the Taliban, as if he was him and his family would be dead a long time ago.   Be carefull America immigration people, don,t let him in your country.

  • Mark Whalberg should put Lutrell and the US government to shame and bring the man and his family to safety himself.

    1. He should not rely on Obama for help.
  • ad

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    • reverted

    1. In modern america, people here dont give value to their word. 
  • Perhaps someone should consider having him enter the U.S.by crossing the border with Mexico. He could arrange to be caught, given a date to appear in court, and simply disappear. Why not? Sounds much simpler and more likly to succeed than trusting the wrong people. Seriously, if a promise was made, it should be honored! But what the hell – you would think that by now, people would know better than to trust America. ?

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    • Huaa

  • This American soldier should be ashamed of himself.  The Amrican government is an ass!  Somebody must help this man.Luttrell if your family has status and money you are morally obligated to bring Golab and family to the US and keep him like a king.  You would not be here if wasn’t forthis man.  He isn’t even asking for money – just the chanceto live in Americs.  Shame on all of you. This kind of garbage is what gives American’s such a bad name world wide. 

  • Luttrell has shown himself not worth saving.  All involved with the making of the film made money except Gulab.  As soon as they got what they wanted from him they forgot his name and wanted him out of this country.  He is the one most responsible for the story.  All Luttrell did was not die.  Gulab took him to safety, protected him, and alerted the military that he was alive and protected him until the rescue arrived.  This is a story about Gulab’s bravery in saving someone he didn’t know at the risk of his and his families lifes. Like I said, all Luttrell did was not die.

  • Well at least we know now with complete certainty that Gulab is a good guy. If he were Taliban or a traitor Obama would have already brought this fellow and his family to the United States with full citizenship and money for life.

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    • 4 men started the mission.  Out of the 4, 3 died with valor and one lived only to tarnish the image of the other 3.

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      • Budgets need explanation ,( war ) and lobbyists need deportation  ( bribes) and loss wherein there is no kipling needs Explanation ( lies)

  • Its pretty clear that Mr. Luttrell’s current wife and his father-in-law either don’t listen to Mr Luttrell, operate on their own or did this with Mr Lutrell’s covert permission. Unless Mr Gulab or members of his immediate family are proven Taliban I think this again shows President Obama is weak, confused and not a good leader for this country BUT neither are the Republican’s. What kind of a message do you think this sends to our friends? What happened to a strong 3rd party for the people of this country??? RMR

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    • Ron Rosen; you are an idoit.  What the hell does Obama have to do with any of this.  If your daughter gets pregnant, I suppose Obama will be responsible for that to,  As for the message being sent to our friends, you needn’t worry, you don’t have any. 

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      • COWBOY2012,if you are 10years old I will understand, if not you are a moron.

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      • cowboy2014   The only thing I read from you was your comments about me.  There is little to gage you by.  I’m guessing that you are a republican and is upset that we have a black president.  If not you have used the full extent of your vocabulary and anything else that comes out of your mouth would be jiberish.

    • Diseregard – sign the pet . Its one single , and explicitly importanmt part you can contribute to. It will at the very leats ackmowlege his legitimacy and genuine kindness and act of everything that a ‘ hero’ means . Stood up , when everone else sat . 50 Gulabs in government , his moral and ethical code , would change the world .  . So can one signiture – ‘ Lest ‘ Respetfully

    • +
    • Yea it’s the black guys fault. Your thought pattern is pathetic.

  • And we wonder why people hate America.  We fuck people over by second nature and epxect them to thank us for it.  This story is pathetic, that man should be granted asylum immediately.

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    • Be one , and become millions – Sign the pet Please . You subnit , and recive an email . 5 minutes or less and your only single part is done . In full

  • Go get them Obama, you rat.

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    • I get so tired of these stupid remarks.  If your car fails to start in the morning;  thats Obama’s fault also. Alot of people failed this man.  Seems that everyone he helped let him down. Luttrell especially needs his ass kicked for the way he treated him.  He brought him here to use in promoting the movie and once that was done refused to talk to him.  What a jerk!  The producers of the movie used him until they were through and didn’t talk to him afterward.  And now because of helping them, he is in more trouble at home.  They led him to believe he would become an american citizen.  They didn’t even pay his expences while he was here.

  • Yes thats right media. Post this guys face all over the internet in HD closeups so it will make him easier to identify.  The media has no shame. He should be bought to America or wherever he wants to go and be celebrated

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  • I find it rather disgusting that Gulab and his family haven’t been brought to America. What is wrong with our government that we won’t allow a true hero to come to tyhe US and stay here. A person that has proved himself and is in imminent danger for helping a US Navy Seal.

  • That really sucks this guy should really get more credit.  Save american and get the stiff one.  This sucks, I watched the movie and first I feared was this.  How to stupid is this country, it sends a good message.  All the worthless welfare cases and moochers that live here and we can’t help this guy.  He’s more american than most americans.  Allot of muslims are good people, that guy is awesome.

  • What can be done: call State Department Afghanistan desk and give Mr. Gulab support and send a message that to be a friend of America is to be honored.

  • Wow this is sad guy risks his life to saves a us soldier from taliban, and we cant give him a green card to save him from taliban. WTF is wrong with are country???

  • Its like he said our reputation is on the line. We should save him and his family before its to late.

  • Get this guy to US now! 

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    • S!! Thank you , The pet shouls have gone through in days – Im seriously more than ready – To martry myself over this if its true . Metaphor implied . Literally word like yours bringh my blood pressure down

  • Bring the man and his family to the USA asap.  This is not how Americans treat our soldier’s saver.  Show him and the world that we’re grateful for his heroic act. Americans will not and should not abandon our friends.

  • Luttrell, this is not ok to use this Afghan guy to promout your movie and put his life in danger. If something happens to him, it will be your fault. 

  • Unsurprising and utterly shameful

  • It’s all psyops and the target is the American taxpayer.Has anyone heard of “Bravo Two Zero: The One That Got Away” which is the British SAS version of this story.LOL!!!

  • The man now has dual citizenship with the US, thanks in large part to Marcus Luttrell. The state department is trying to get as many of his family members as possible but he travels to and from the US on a regular basis. This is all info Marcus has stated several times in interviews.

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    • Source, please?

    •  dual citizennship – right now ? Or if the case should arise he would be willing to help ? It would save 100’000 people signitures thanks to HOZAC HOLMES if he has dual citizennship . Please site source 

  • “high possibility they will be Killed”, that should have said.

    • Rockstar -Supernova ace bro 

  • Rather than everyone commenting decrying the SEAL involved, the actors involved, the government, and so on, why don’t we all put or “virtual” heads together and see what we (as a community) can do to help Gulab and his family? This debt everyone is talking about belongs to more than just one or half a dozen individuals. It belongs to the society that the SEAL belongs to. So, that being said, what CONSTRUCTIVE ideas/offers/contacts/etc. do we have to bring Gulab and his family to safety?

  • it is such a shame when politics gets in the way of doing what is right. Luttrell never should have promised to relocate him to the U.S as it was not in his power to do so. I would think the government have stated Luttrell can no longer speak to his friend due to security. A real mess which affects lives

  • Michael Wilde used the word free = $1.00 retainer . THEY NEED HIS INFORMATION ( GULABS) – I have his mobile . God forbid this is true 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • check6 

  • If they need money to help this true Afghan hero, look no further than a small portion of the profit from the movie.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Boom. Perfect idea.Hey Mark Wahlberg! Yeah, you, the multi-deca-millionaire who profited vastly from the story that would not have existed without Gulab’s heroism…Here’s your chance to be a real hero instead of an actor pretending to be a hero (of course Luttrell is not a hero after all if he has turned his back on Gulab)…How about donating $200k to make this happen, Mark? That money is nothing to you, but it could save this true hero’s life, and his family’s lives.The same goes for the author, the producer, the director, anyone who profited from this movie. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE. No ignoring this, if Gulab and his family die, their blood is on the hands of everyone who profited from this book and movie.Step up! 

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • Well said!

      • Very well said! If they do nothing, I find it deplorable and disturbing!

    • That’s RIGHT!!! Stepup and help his family move to America!!! Also Mr. President there’s got to be something his power at the Whitehouse can do!! This marked man safed our american hero!! Hey America stand up and let us help this man  who gave of his home and now his family might die over it!! We Americans need to take a lesson from this man!!!

  •   I have just had the distict pleasure of watching the movie “lone survivor”. I was rivited by this film and was amazed at the heroism of American soldiers, but now I can only hang my head. If this story has any truth to it, I find myself ashamed. We, as a country, and a people, cannot allow this to happen to a man who helped a soldier only because he was a human being. It would seem that the “savages” in Afghanistan have more honor than us enlighted Americans. I don’t want to believe that Luttrell has forgotten the man who has literally called down the wrath of the taliban to honor a tribal tradition that outdates the span of this country by hundreds of years. I do expect him to do whatever it takes, even if that means Luttrell getting air dropped into Afghanistan and spiriting Gulab and his family out of there..JUST DO IT! I think I heard that was one of the Seal’s battle cries. I hope it’s true.

  • If this story is true then someone tell me what I need to do to help. I will sponsor this man and his family in my house.  I don’t want to believe that Petty Officer Luttrell would willingly ignore the man who prevented his head from being detached from his body, but it doesn’t matter.  This man needs protection, and the, I say contextually, God damned State Department needs to rescue him.  The administration just traded 5 Taliban heavies for a deserter, yet they can’t give a green card to someone who stood up to a Taliban warlord to save a SEALs life?  Maybe Gulab should have hopped a bus to Browsville, Texas and then intermixed with all the other refugees given preferential treatment to stay in the US.  Signed CTO1 (SW/PJ) Jefferies

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • If Luttrell, or the American government, don’t step up, I hope you get the chance to do the right thing-well said.

  • Marcus Luttrell, do the right thing – it could change the course of history.  If this story is accurate, you have not upheld the code – No One is Left Behind. Dont leave the man behind who risked his life to save yours.-Robert in CTAE3, USN

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Luttrell, without Gulab unconditionally and selflessly helping you, there would be no book or movie made! As a matter of fact, he should profit from it’s revenue and at the very least be welcomed into this country with his family! 

  • Big tough american soldier turns out to be a coward. This is one of the most disgusting stories I’ve ever read.Marcus Luttrell, you are a coward. Getting shot doesn’t take courage, it takes bad luck. Surviving it was merely a question of not losing too much blood before an actual brave person rescued you.Standing up and opposing those far more powerful than you; persisting in the face of long-term REAL threats; putting your own life and your family’s life on the line for what’s right… That’s bravery. That’s heroism. That’s what Gulab did and continues to do.If Gulab or anyone in his family dies, Marcus, the blood is on your hands. Are you going to squander your moment in the shiny lights, pretending to be a celebrity? In short order you will be cast aside by our fickle pop culture, and you’ll lose the platform and influence you could be using to help Gulab.While Gulab crouches in a cave, worrying about whether bis family will be alive next time he goes to visit them, Marcus Luttrell doesn’t have time to help because he’s so “busy” waking up in 4 star hotels, jetting around, trying to figure out how to milk his little celebrity for all it’s worth.Pathetic. Marcus you have only one thing worth doing with your life now, and only one: Return the favor to Gulab. You don’t have to risk your life or your family’s life to do it. You just have to go to the trouble. Is that too much to ask? Or does that require more bravery than you can muster?

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Yep. Well said.  

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Wow, you sure do speak in a tough manner behind a kayboard. You’re the coward, and how dare you speak in such a manner (Not to mention how ignorant you are).

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Hear Hear. Let’s hear it for all the keyboard heroes out there.Losers

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • +
      • Sir – Kindly sign the petition – or all the everything is lost . Very respectfully , humbly – Neil

    • This is one source . Verifiable is critical . Ease back , one step at a time fast paced . If these guys know what they are doing , it’s run , walk crawl – a)quickly go over , b)taker closer consolidated look and c) piece the information togeter carefully no loose ends . much like a lawsuit or a crime scene  . Be cool – this is either BS or a blow your socks off scoop . Dont let anger take you , the pen bro – or pencil has way more lead , and is sharper and without question has always been the tool of choice . I could write an op-ed on the evolution of this , but its not my place . And I was never a SEALs – a mere flyer .

  • I’m not a rich, powerful, smart or connected man, but even I would be willing to do whatever I could to help this man.  He’s a hero in my book. 

  • We need to take care of any person that helps a US soldier in a war zone. Any person found to have helped a soldier should be given citizenship and a bonus. If we do this then people will help us more and our preople will feel safe. If this guy dies after helping us nobody will ever help us again.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • well said. how can some people be heartless like that? i think the u s govt should settle this guy once and for all. he saved an american working for the govt; thus indirectly saving the govt of america. this is not fair at all. the guy wants to settle here. how difficult should it be for a whole govt to honor such a good samaritan? in the end, his godly act is even creating jobs for actors, film makers, just mention some? doesn’t this poor guy from afghanistan deserve better? i will surely help if i had the means. can somebody in high places cause the govt to bring this guy and his family here, please? i feel his situation not only as a betrayal but returning evil for good. hopefully somebody with the right connections is listening.


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