Meet The Children of the NRA

As part of our collaboration with MSNBC, Vocativ went to the 2014 NRA Convention in Indianapolis. But in a sea of about 75,000 NRA members, it wasn’t their guns that stood out—it was their kids.

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  • I thought it was great to see these kids introduced to shooting in a positive way.  Thank you NRA for the training you give. 

  • Myth: 13 children are killed each day by gunsFact: Adults included – This “statistic” includes “children” up to age 19 or 24, depending on the source. 1 Most violent crime is committed by males ages 16-24, these numbers end up including adult gang members dying during criminal activity.  The proper definition of ‘child’ is a person between birth and puberty (typically 13-14 years old).Fact: Criminals are included – According to the CDC, over half of all homicides of victims aged 15-19 are gang-related. The same study found that gang-related homicides are more likely to involve firearms than those that are not (95% versus 69%). 3Fact: Suicides are included – 27% of child firearm deaths are suicides. – These numbers include suicides. 45Fact: The federal government lists the total firearm related deaths for children at 301, or less than one per day, in 2010.  81 were suicides. 6 Fact: Four children die every day in automobiles. 7 Fact: Four children die each day in the U.S. from parental neglect and abuse. 8 Fact: For contrast: 1,917 children die each day from malaria 9 around the world and 15 men, women, and children per day are murdered by a convicted felon in government supervised parole/probation programs in the U.S. 10SOURCE:

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    • Somehow Vocativ doesn’t include those statistics.  Yellow journalism is pathetic and shameful.  It’s a waste of time when the informed see right past their jaded views. 

  • I found this sickening. I could not watch to the end. We not teach violence. We are naturally violent. We need to learn how to be peacemakers.

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    • I didn’t see anyone teahcing violence there.  Just safe handling.

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      • Most anti-gunners never see the positive side.  We teach good citizenship along with gun-safety.  That ensures level-headedness in conflicts.  The last thing you want to do is use deadly force.  We teach leaving the scene of conflict instead of escalating it.  These guys never see it that way. 

    • The most effective way to keep peace is to make sure every individual knows how to defend themself. If you know someone can defend themself, you’re not going to mess with them. It’s a peacemaker to educate, ignorance is the only danger here.

  • Notice that the kids that were filmed understood gun safety.  The tag at the end of the film state how many kids are killed in accidental shootings.  Not any of these kids. 

  • Oh Yeah!  Latch yourself onto a loser like MSNBC, because you are lower than them?


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