Father. Photographer. Child Pornographer?

Photographer Wyatt Neumann posted some vacation pics to Instagram, and then all hell broke loose. Watch this and find out why

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  • As a mother of two, I can totally relate with him wanting to have candid photos of his child, no matter how she looks at the time.  I have my fair share nekkid little behinds on my digital camera.  However, I would never post naked photos of ANYONE on the web.  There’s a lot of sick people out there, and it’s my responsibility to protect those I love from being exposed to those people.  I applaud Mr. Neumann’s artistic side, however, in my not-so-humble opinion, he’s exposed his child to those elements that he’s supposed to protect her from.

  • Be an artist but why does she need be naked as a father you wouldn’t want to see your daughter naked and would avoid where necessary.. He don’t take pics of his wife or himself naked and display them so y should he be allowed take them of his innocent vunrable daughter? 

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    • um,because the daughter liked being naked? We all have times we want to do that but all the creeps in the world make us ashamed of ourselves. How beautiful that he has images of his wonderful child. How do you know he hasn’t taken naked photos of his wife for his show? 

    • also, why would a father have to avoid seeing his two year old naked? Something very sad about you feeling that way.

  • whom* (typo) 

  • I’m the mama of a “free spirit”, shame on those who try to criminalize a behavior that can add to a child being okay with who they are and what they look like. I watched this video and thought what an awesome dad not OMG a naked child! Good for him!

  • I am so proud of how this man chose to fight back.Instead of feeding the trolls, he tore down their bridge.

  • You can tell most of the photos are posed or just spontaneous who are these people that can read something sick into this. I feel sorry for them

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    • They are control freak Liberals, that’s who. Make you do what they want you to do because they “know better”.

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      • Where do you get that it’s liberals? Sounds more like righteous, religious types.

    • I agree. Turning innocence into something ugly.


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