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It’s Official: Senators Booker, Paul Are Working Together on New Drug Law

The two men don't share much politically, but they do agree on this: Mandatory minimum sentencing has to go

The poster boy liberal and the face of libertarianism—together at last.

The staffs for Sens. Rand Paul and Cory Booker officially confirmed to Vocativ on Friday that they are planning to work together on new legislation to reform drug laws. Murmurings of a partnership began on New Year’s Day, when the Star-Ledger reported on a cheery Twitter exchange between the two senators.

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24 May 2012, Frankfort, Kentucky, USA --- In this May 24, 2012, photo, John Ramsey, center, accompanied by Preston Bates left, and Doug Lusco, right, young Republicans involved in the Liberty For All political group, stand in front of the state Capitol in Frankfort, Ky. John Ramsey stands out in a new campaign finance world order filled with big names like Republican casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and Democratic Hollywood producer Jeffrey Katzenberg. The little-known senior at Stephen F. Austin the founder of a team of college-aged Republicans that liberals have dubbed the “Brat PAC,” which helped propel one congressional candidate to victory and intends to get involved in other House races. And he’s just the latest wealthy individual to try to influence federal elections in the wake of a series of federal court decisions that deregulated the campaign finance system and dramatically changed the country’s political landscape. (AP Photo/Roger Alford) --- Image by © Roger Alford/ /AP/Corbis 

12/23/13 14:45 UTC@SenRandPaul

@CoryBooker how about mandatory minimum sentencing reform instead?

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12/23/13 14:50 UTC@CoryBooker

Yes, If u throw in reforming Fed Hemp & Marijuana laws u've got a deal! RT @SenRandPaul: How about mandatory min sentencing reform instead?

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12/23/13 15:48 UTC@CoryBooker

I know. U told me last week. Here is to a 2014 where we take on the failed war on drugs RT @SenRandPaul: I'm the Senate author of Hemp bill!

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Sens. Paul and Booker are unlikely bedfellows. Paul, for example, has proposed blocking funding for food stamps, while Booker, a year ago, spent a week living on them to “reduce the stigma” for those enrolled in the program.

Tweet at us: Do drug laws need to be reformed?

It’s not the first time Paul has tackled drug laws. Last March, he and Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont introduced the Justice Safety Valve Act. It would allow judges to use their own discretion when sentencing certain federal crimes, like drug offenses, rather than complying with mandatory minimums, which tend to be disproportionately harsh and lead to overcrowding in prisons.

Booker and Paul share the view that the 1970s-era War on Drugs is a failed policy that has mainly functioned as a black hole for taxpayer money. What shape their new bill will take is unclear, but it could involve reducing criminal penalties for drug possession or, in the case of marijuana, eliminating jail time as a punishment.


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  • We as a society need to take a stand and say ‘ENOUGH is enough”..approx 60% of federal prisoners are nonviolent drug offenders. I think we should worry more about keeping pedophiles And sex offenders in prison.. THE WAR ON DRUGS cannot be won by any side and its another fleecing of tax payers moneys..we cant build new schools but steadily building new


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