The Man in the Mirror: James O’Keefe as Michael Jackson

O'Keefe is a talented moonwalker and an ardent fan of the King of Pop

Jun 13, 2014 at 12:25 PM ET


Shortly after his 2009 ACORN sting, James O’Keefe unleashed one of his more visually compelling jokes: a mock music video titled “Landrieu Dance,” named for Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, the congresswoman whose office he tried to enter in January 2010 dressed as a telephone repairman. On its face, the seven-minute clip was a supercut of news reels highlighting O’Keefe’s previous stings—newscasters ragging on him and his pranks. In reality, however, the video was yet another tribute to the prankster’s flamboyant acting and, more importantly, his practiced moonwalking skills.

The Landrieu Dance wasn’t O’Keefe’s first toe-dip in the world of a Michael Jackson; the sting master is, in fact, a devoté of the King of Pop who taught himself to moonwalk at age 15 and floated across junior-prom dance floor as if the star of Jackson’s “Thriller” a few years later. It’s one of his (many) claims to fame, he says.

Below, a showcase of O’Keefe’s gliding through the years in GIF form, courtesy of Matthew Phelan: