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“Oh My God, What’s Happening?” Up Close and Personal With a Terry Richardson Model

READER DISCRETION STRONGLY ADVISED: 19-year-old art student Charlotte Waters was thrilled by the prospect of working with the notorious provocateur—until he groped her and defiled her face. She goes public in an exclusive interview

UPDATE: After this story went live, yet another model came forward. Read her story here.

Last week, we published a timeline detailing the perviest antics of Terry Richardson, the fashion photographer known for his smutty aesthetic and, most recently, persuading Miley Cryus to straddle a wrecking ball in the buff. Fresh allegations regarding his predatory professional behavior had surfaced a few days before, reigniting a standing controversy that’s been following the 48-year-old and his uninhibited penis for years. In the past, numerous subjects have come forward to detail the lensman’s degrading requests, and the revelations keep on coming.

Charlotte Waters was a 19-year-old art student the first and last time she modeled for Richardson, an experience she’s spent the past five years trying to forget. Last week, she posted an anonymous confession about the experience on Reddit, and after seeing our story, Waters decided to come forward for the first time—both to the public and the police.

Waters in 2009

“It’s hard not to look back at this stuff and see that I was a rapist’s dream, completely naive and trusting, but passive and shy on top of that,” she says. Waters had experience nude modeling for well-known artists like Richard Kern and Ron English, but nothing prepared her for what went down at Richardson’s Soho studio in March of 2009. An hour after she arrived, Richardson had run his tongue up and down her bare ass, demanded she squeeze his balls, and even jacked off into her eye.



Waters is now 24 and working as a nurse’s assistant in L.A. Rehashing this episode has not been easy (“It’s disgusting and it makes me cringe,” she says), but for the sake of all the girls who may fall prey to Richardson in the future, she reached out to Vocativ to tell the whole story.

So why did you decide to come out about this now?

A few weeks ago, I started seeing a lot of articles about Richardson and his behavior that my friends were posting on Facebook. And I was like: “I know exactly what these people are talking about!” But the articles were all very vague and about rumors, so I wanted to say, “Hey, I’ve experienced this first hand. These aren’t just rumors.” But I wasn’t sure I wanted to come out about this very embarrassing thing I did, so I was just sitting on it for a while. And then I realized that what happened to me is something that has happened to other people and will likely continue to happen until his dick falls off, so I have to say something. I did it through Reddit because I could do it anonymously, and that seemed like a safe way to start.



How did you wind up nude modeling for Terry Richardson?

I was 19 and in art school when I decided that I wanted to start nude modeling on the side for money because I was in college and poor. I first started through Model Mayhem, and then I began working through various connections that I met through that. I was having a great time with it. I’ve always liked provocative art, so I think I was definitely an easy target in this situation because I went into it knowing that I was going to be nude. But I didn’t at all anticipate how far he was going to go.

I had seen some of his photographs online and in magazines and stuff, and I really liked his aesthetic. So one day I came across his website, and saw that you could submit a photo to model for him. I did and got an email back pretty quickly, which said, “Hey we would like to shoot you. Can you come in some time?” So we set up a time, and I went in, and that’s how I ended up there. 

What was your experience with these kinds of shoots prior to meeting Richardson?

There was one amateur photographer that I worked with pretty regularly, and it was always really fun. He never touched me, not even to reposition me or anything. It actually felt really empowering. I also did “Shot By Kern” with Richard Kern. It was part of this ViceTV series, and that was totally cool. I was nude, and Richard Kern is known for provocative photos, but he didn’t even say anything creepy to me. I mean he’d tell me to do stuff like wiggle your ass for the camera, but he was always across the room. The power was balanced. I didn’t feel like he had control over me. And then I also modeled for Ron English, the painter, and that was also totally cool and fun, and I felt good doing it. All of my experiences with other photographers were perfectly professional.

Richard Kern shooting Waters for ViceTV

Did you have any concerns going into the shoot?

No, I didn’t. I honestly expected it to be just like any of the other times I had modeled nude. I put him on the same level as Richard Kern because they both do what could be considered pornographic photography. I didn’t know Terry Richardson’s reputation for being so directly involved in the photos and crossing all these boundaries.



OK, so walk us through it. What happened when you first arrived?

Around 4 o’clock, I went to his studio. He had his assistant there who was this older woman, probably 40 or 45ish. She had dark hair and a little bit of work done on her face. I think she may have had fake boobs. At first we all sat down at the kitchen table, and she said they were ordering food and asked if I wanted any, and I said no. And then she offered to make me tea. So I was sitting there drinking tea and talking to his assistant, and he was on his computer. After the food came, she had me sign the model release forms, which looked just like any other model release forms. They didn’t say anything about what he was going to do. (Update: See our story on Terry’s assistant and partner in perv, Leslie Lessin.)

The first thing he did was take a photo of me with my ID to prove I was over 18. And then we started shooting, and he reached out and put his hand on my face.

Did that throw up any red flags?

In the moment I didn’t feel like he was crossing a line. I mean at this point I still had my clothes on. I thought it was a little odd, but I didn’t think it was that crazy. I mean I was an open-minded 19-year-old, so I just thought, OK, whatever. I also had some trust in his aesthetic, so I thought he was just doing his thing. I felt like I should just go with his creative direction.

Waters was the model for this Ron English painting

At what point did he cross the line?

Well, he put his thumb in my mouth, which I also thought was weird, but I just let it go. And then he backed off and asked me to start undressing. I went in knowing I was going to have to do that, so at this point I’m still totally comfortable. He was having me take stuff off in stages and taking photos all along the way. He and his assistant were both complimenting a lot, which was a little different from what I had experienced before. During the other shoots people would say nice things now and then, but looking back it was obviously Richardson’s effort to make this little 19-year-old girl feel like she is this amazing, special person. So eventually all my clothes were off, and he’s still taking pictures. Then he comes over and asks me to hold the top of his jeans while he takes pictures pointing down. At this moment, things were starting to go in a direction that wasn’t good, but for some reason, I still had a lot of trust in whatever he told me to do, so I just did it. But then he had me unbutton his pants, and he took his penis out, and it was all completely downhill from there.

Why didn’t you just leave?

I felt like I was already in it to the point that I couldn’t get out, which sounds kind of crazy, but I had the mentality of 19-year-old. Even just talking about it makes me start to feel the way I felt then, which was just completely paralyzed and freaked out.



And then things got worse…

Right. Well his penis is out, and he starts taking pictures of me holding it. And then we moved over to a couch, and he had me pose on it with my back to him, and I literally felt him come over and start licking my ass. In my head I was like, Oh my God, what’s happening? He was just licking away, and his assistant came over and started taking pictures with this little point-and-shoot camera. After that he got on the couch with me, and it was just a bunch of back and forth between him directing me to do things to him and him doing stuff to me. At one point he even told me to squeeze his balls as hard as I possibly could, and I was like, Oh my God. But I still did it! Why did I do it?!

Waters in 2009

What was his demeanor like throughout the shoot?

I don’t know how to describe his personality. He wasn’t super personal or trying to get to know me or anything. He was just very upbeat and kind of goofy.

Besides squeezing his balls, what other things did he ask you to do to him?

He told me to perform oral sex on him. He started aggressively kissing me. I don’t even really remember what specific things were happening at that point, but he was directing everything. Like, “OK squeeze my balls,” “OK, put my dick in your mouth,” “OK, now kiss me.” It wasn’t intimate. He also straddled me and started jerking off on my face.

He told me to keep my eyes open super wide. His assistant was standing right there too, and his cum got in my eyes. This was actually his favorite moment. He got so excited. He kept telling me to keep my eyes open, and he grabbed his camera, and his assistant had her little point-and-shoot, and they were just taking all these pictures of it. Then they finally backed off and one of them got me a towel and told me to wipe myself off.

What was going through your head at this point?

I was just sitting on the couch, and I was very quiet. I was in shock and utter disbelief.

What were they doing?

I think they could tell that I was in shock. It seemed like they had done this a million times. Terry Richardson was standing across from the couch, and he asked, “So do you have a boyfriend?” This was the first personal question he asked me. I told him yes because I did have a boyfriend at the time, and he was like, “Oh wow, I’m so sorry! I always mean to ask that first.” He was smiling while he was saying this, too, and he looked over to his assistant and said, “Oh damn, I always mean to ask that first.” And then she was like, “Oh, we should have asked that!” It was a complete slap in the face. That’s the only way I can describe how that felt.

Did you just get up and leave at that point?

I just wanted to get out of there.  I don’t really remember much after the shoot, but his assistant wanted to leave with me. We went down and got a cab, and she said she had to go somewhere in the same direction I was going and that she would pay for it. When we got in, she started trying to comfort me. She kept telling me that I was a really strong girl, and that I’m really cool, and that it’s so good that I can handle that sort of thing. Looking back it was obviously her attempt to make me feel like what I did was a good thing and what happened wasn’t bad. I was just sitting there quietly letting her talk to me, and then she got out about halfway on my way to Brooklyn.

Waters in 2013

How did the experience affect you?

That night I went home and told my roommate about it. I was completely shaken by it, but I was definitely taking responsibility for what happened. I blamed myself. I kept thinking, Uh, why did I get myself into that situation? And I also had a stomach infection that had been going on for a few days, so I felt pretty sick and kind of weak. Later that night I started dry heaving, and then I really started falling apart. I started freaking out and called my mom and my older sister. At the time I just thought it was just because I had been sick, but looking back, I realized that I was having a full-blown panic attack. I was sitting on the bathroom floor feeling like I was losing control of my body. My arms went numb, and I felt like I couldn’t breathe. So then my roommate called an ambulance, and I ended up in the emergency room, and my mom drove down from upstate to take me back home.

Did you ever hear from Richardson after that?

A week or two afterward I got missed call and voicemail, and it was from the assistant. She said something like “Hey, I hope you’re well. Terry really wants you to grow out your pubic hair, and we wanted to know if you can come on a trip with us up to this cabin. Three other girls your age will be there, and it will be a fun. We’ll take lots of pictures.” I did not call back. And after that voicemail, I just tried to block everything out.

Did this experience with Richardson have a long-term impact on you?

Well, I stopped nude modeling and left New York. And then I ended up moving out to L.A. It’s actually crazy to realize, at this point, how much that experience affected the path that my life took from then forward. In some ways it was good. I am happy where I am now. But then I felt guilty. I felt like an idiot. I chalked it up to all of the stupid choices I had made, and I decided to leave that part of my life in the past.

Did you ever tell your boyfriend about what happened?

I told him the next day when I was back home in upstate New York. I was really upset because I was feeling kind of guilty. I had never cheated on him. It was weird because it was like I was telling him that I kind of cheated on him, but it wasn’t my doing. I told him pretty much everything. All the details. His response was, “I want to find that guy and kill him.” Fortunately, we didn’t break up or anything.

A fully clothed Richard Kern shoots Waters for ViceTV

Did you ever tell your parents?

I did. I called my mom a couple of days ago when I decided that I wanted to come out with the story publicly. I had told her that Richardson was really creepy, but I never confessed all the details, so this time I just divulged everything. She was disgusted like any mother would be. She called me the next day, and said, “I want to throw acid in his eyes so he can’t take pictures anymore!” And I was like, “Well, he’d still have his penis, so I’m sure he’d get plenty of action out of that.”

Did you ever think about reporting the incident or pressing charges?

No, but when I did start talking about this in the past two weeks, my current boyfriend’s mother told me that she thought I should report it. I was always very hesitant about that because I know nothing can really be done. I never resisted. I never said no. But she convinced me that it would be good for me, for my own sense of empowerment, just to get it out there. So two days ago I did. I called the NYPD, and they connected me with a detective, and I prefaced everything by saying that I was just calling because I wanted the information to be out there so that more people will come forward, and that I don’t want to press charges or anything. Then I told him the story, and all he said was that is wasn’t a crime situation because I never said no. So Richardson’s off the hook. It kind of sucks.

What were you initially hoping to get out of doing a shoot with him? Did he pay you?

I did not get paid, which makes me feel even more disgusted. I feel dumb and embarrassed about that, but my thought at the time was that he was such a well-known photographer and his photos have been in magazines and he’s shot famous people, so he’s got to be good, and that will only be good for me to say that I had been photographed by someone like him. And I liked his style. I liked provocative art going into it, but there’s such a fine line. I mean, I like John Waters movies, and those are raunchy and provocative, but you never hear stories about him raping his actors.

What ever happened to the photos?

I’ve never seen them. And I don’t think he’s used them in anything. I’ve had a little bit of anxiety that they would come out because my boyfriend would definitely be upset, but I’m at a point now where I would just own it. I would tell people exactly what happened.

Does it make you angry when you see his work in magazines? He just shot that Lea Michelle cover for V and Kate Moss for the French magazine Lui.

It is frustrating to see that he gets away with what he does, and is still working and getting paid a ton of money. But if you haven’t experienced him first hand and all the negative things about him are just rumors from unknown, random people, then why wouldn’t you work with him? So I don’t put any blame on the celebrities that have been photographed by him because they have no way of knowing the truth. The one thing that does boggle my mind, though, is his shoot with Obama. I mean, he’s the president. I was a young naïve girl, so I think it’s pretty understandable that I didn’t do my research and know what I was getting into, but you’d think the president would have some sort of team that would tell him that Richardson is a photographer with a very bad reputation, and that it wouldn’t be a good idea. That really confuses me. But until people expose what’s he’s really like, how are his clients going to know?

Vocativ contacted Terry Richardson’s representatives to offer him an opportunity to comment. They did not respond to repeated emails and phone calls.

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  • lets put it down to what it probably is, blonde model wants to be a model so so bad, she does whatever she is asked and then complains too because it gains her more popularity, im pretty sure ive seen/read this story about a 1000 times

  • no sympathy at all “i just did it” well that means you wanted to, then regretted it and now need someone to blame. sorry but i found her replies hilarious

  • This “squeeze my balls as hard as you can” is new to me. The guy has fucking prosthetic balls or what? Just by not-so-light tapping one can need to have them removed! Perhaps squeezing rather than tapping prevents them from cracking more or less like an egg shell (“testicular capsule”).It makes me cringe just to think of it. It should perhaps be adviced on self-defense instructions, specially against rape, “HIT HARD, don’t SQUEEZE”.

  • While I do feel terrible for her, and I think he’s a scumbag if all that is really true, the way you put it makes me wonder about the odds of raping people accidentally, just because they interpret everything as a potential rape threat, and, fearing what may happen, they give consent, “lie” saying “yes”, pretend enjoyment, all because they fear what may come if they don’t keep going/give any sign of resistence. Hell, they may even initiate the sexual contact out of fear that I’m going out of them, beat them down in an alley, and rape them while unconscious. At the same time I think that many times there’s no such fear of what may happen, but just an akwardness and doing what one feels sort of “supposed to do” in a given situation. While I’ve never been raped, I’ve sort of semi-involuntarily made out/had sex with girls I wasn’t really into, and kept wondering if I sent the “wrong signals” or whatever, I just couldn’t quite find a way to interrupt things nicely and it all kept escalating. I also feared some sort of “revenge”, of being defamed as gay (which actually happened once). Somewhat similarly I’ve been almost “con-ed” into buying stuff I didn’t really want just because the salesperson was able to make it akward to not buy it, in a devilish manipulative step-by-step fashion. I’ve also known other people who fell for such tricks, one even said “then I just thought, what that hell, did I relly just bought this crap? I can’t believe it”. But just like in the latter example we’re not “robbed”, just “tricked”, in the first one I wasn’t “raped”, doesn’t matter how uncomfortable it was, how I didn’t really want to. Real rape involves either coercion or a real sense of threat, which Waters DIDN’T manifest in the interview. Stretching the meaning of rape only does a disservice to the victims of actual rapes, these days there are people even saying that catcalling is rape. It only cast doubt on real accusations of rape. What Richardson does, if he really does, is really depicable, immoral, disgusting, but can’t be called “rape” if there’s no coercion or actual threat. And it does not need to be called so, to be considered immoral and to be condemned as such. But if it’s a crime, it’s probably something more along the lines of “confidence tricks”, rather than properly rape.

  •  I commend you on the bravery you have shown by coming forward Charlotte. I know it can’t have been a super easy decision. HopeFully your strength will inspire others to come forward with their stories. Whether you says,  “No.” or not is irrelevant. He used his status to intimidate you,  and take advantage of you in a sickenly unprofessional manner, and his “assistant” is just as reprehensible! He’s a predator,  and its a matter of time before the entire world knows what a pathetic predator he truly is in every way that matters. I pray you find some healing in sharing your story,  and I hope you find a way to keep telling it to other aspiring models so that they may be armed with the knowledge they need to protect themselves. I wish you nothing but the best in all of your future endeavors. *hugs tight*

  • To all you people saying she wasn’t “raped”, have you ever looked at the definition of rape or taken a health class? Let me help you out:rape    rape1  [reyp]  Show IPAnoun1.the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.2.any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.3.statutory act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation: the rape of the countryside.5.Archaic. the act of seizing and carrying off by force.verb (used with object), raped, rap· force to have sexual plunder (a place); seize, take, or carry off by force.verb (used without object), raped, rap· commit rape.Origin: 1250–1300;  (v.) Middle English rapen  < Anglo-French raper  < Latin rapere  to seize, carry off by force,plunder; (noun) Middle English  < Anglo-French ra ( a ) p ( e ), derivative of raperRelated formsrap·a·ble, rape·a·ble, adjectiverap·ist, rap·er, nounun·raped, Unabridgedrape2  [reyp]  Show IPAnouna plant, Brassica napus,  of the mustard family, whose leaves are used for food for hogs, sheep, etc., andwhose seeds yield rape oil.Origin: 1350–1400; Middle English  (< Middle French ) < Latin rāpum  (neuter), rāpa  (feminine) turnip; cognatewith Greek rhápysNow in health class, rape is defined as any sexual act that one(or more) of the partners is not comfortable with or is not interested in. Many people “cosent” to sex so that worse things don’t happen. What if she said no and he forced himself on her? What if, by consenting to those other sexual acts, she avoided having vaginal intercourse with him? No one knows for certain what could have happened had she said no. So before you sit there and judge her for “consenting” go watch some sex education videos. Look up Lacy Green on youtube. She actually has a video discussing what rape is. You can educate yourself and stop saying it was this YOUNG woman’s fault. He had double her years of experience. Miss Waters was most definitely uncomfortable and did not want to do it. She just did not voice it and it may be the reason she wasn’t made to go all the way with Richardson.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • Yep… read the definitions. still not rape. He asked her to commit sexual acts and she willingly did it. Period. That is not fucking rape and you need to stop criminalizing consensual sex!  He’s a creep but it’s her fault. She’s trying to alleviate her responsibility because she now realizes it was a big mistake.

    • Were you born this stupid or did you have to work at it?

    • +
    • right so, doing it anyway then complaining, thats not consent… lol

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  • “But my thought at the time was that he was such a well-known photographer and his photos have been in magazines and he’s shot famous people, so he’s got to be good, and that will only be good for me to say that I had been photographed by someone like him”.This is why he gets away with it. Most of the girls that shoot for him are thinking exactly what Waters sais here, they want to be shot by him because they know he has power in the industry, but most of the time they are so naive they really don’t know how to handle the situation. The industry has given this man way too much power. I dont believe art should be moral in any way, he is free to do what he likes and be as sexual as he wants expresing himself, but I do think he should tell the models what they are going to get into before hand so that if they are uncomfortable with the idea then they can leave. Its a trap.We should also think about the agencies that are sending these young girls to Richardson, they know exactly who he is and what he does. It the whole industry that’s rotten not just one photographer.

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    • I’m not victim blaming here and I obviously think she was taken advantage of, but I’m 19 now and if some guy I didn’t really know was telling me to perform sexual acts, I’d tell him exactly where to go, regardless of his power over other aspects of my life. She didn’t even really want to be a model, she did it for extra money, it’s his fault and the industry’s fault, but also slightly her fault for just agreeing so she could be a model. It just comes down to how much girls are going let themselves be taken advantage of by f*cked up men with mental issues. If she was in fear of physical danger then fair enough, otherwise take control of the situation. It’s your body, you’re in charge. But I think he should be locked away. If she was 2 years younger he’d probably already be gone.

  • Egomaniac fashion designer Marc Jacobs supports Terry. He got him many well-paying contracts, Jacobs was the originator behind many of Terry’s sick editorials, they are long-time pals. Jacobs is obsessed with a Hungarian girl.He’s been stalking her since she was 16. Read more at:

  • A lesson to be learned for everyone.  “If it feels wrong, it IS wrong, get out…”Thank you for being even braver and sharing your story.  Maybe it will allow another young one resist and escape.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Hell yes

  • adult making adult choices. grow up.

  • I think it’s pretty fucked up how all you commenters are blaming the girl. ESPECIALLY the women! You have NO idea what you would have done in her shoes! It’s easy to say what you think you would have done, but I can tell you from experience that rape is a power grab, and this girl was made to feel powerless. With attitudes like that, no wonder girls and women continue to keep their rapes secret. You’re only doing a disservice to every girl and woman in society, and one day, that could be your daughter. 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Hell yeah!

  • She makes women look like incapable little girls who need to have grownups hold their hands through life. Her actions disguss me as a woman. How many women fought for you to have a voice and control over your body? Then you don’t use it and blame that on others?!

  • I can’t believe some of these comments. Of course it’s hard to say no! He’s a celebrity photographer who was manipulating a girl (19 is still young) into feeling as if she has no choice. If he had planned to take it that far and still be ethical, it should have been discussed at the start. Saying nothing does not mean yes, it means fear. Enthusiastic consent is paramount.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Absolutely! Enthusiastic consent IS paramount! It’s about power and fear and shaming the young women into these situations. 

  • Another microcephalic mentality New York/ L. A. airhead bimbo hooker.  Nobody forced her to model nude, she even signed a model release giving her full approval.  She was 18 yo or older.  It appears by the photos she has got nose and forehead piercings.  People who feel the need to cut, pierce, mutilate themselves in this manner often suffer from deep inner turmoils and/or come from dysfunctional home settings.   These piercings can sometimes lead to super strep the flesh eating disease narcotizing fasciitis.  People have been deceased in only a couple days by getting stuck in the finger with a fish hook.  Very often no antibotics will touch it. Get some help lady there are people out there that care about you…………………          

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Wow, that comment took a turn! You’re really angry about piercings for some reason. Just an FYI, it’s rare to get nec fasc from a piercing or a tattoo. Maybe you should educate yourself. I can’t wait until all of you old, closed minded jerkoffs are dead. 

  • That is how she killed her own career. Neophyte fails at initiation. In savage societies (like mine? Know Joseph KONY from Uganda?) you don’t just put your feet in the water, you learn from the DEEP END then you come out have fun in the sun.

  • look, what he did was disgusting, I totally agree but we all have a voice. It’s not that difficult to say NO!

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    • WRONG. It’s impossible to say no when someone takes that power from you, which is what he did. Again, rape is a power grab. That’s what the assailant gets off on. You have obviously been fortunate enough to have not experienced this, so it’s pretty easy for you to “imagine” it’s “not that difficult to say no.” 

  • so she willingly blew him and let him unload on her face THEN decided maybe it wasn’t such a good idea, she had every opportunity to remove herself from the situation, now she’s just making herself look bad.

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    • You have it completely backward – Richardson was the aggressor here, and the way he acted was completely out of line. Waters isn’t new to nude modeling, and I trust her judgment and her account of events. Because photo shoots also require a level of trust, Richardson’s actions were especially harmful – it would have been doubly uncomfortable to break off the shoot, because there would have been no way to rebuild that trust. And undoubtedly Waters would have been blamed for the failure of the shoot, and experienced professional repercussions for doing so. The only way I could see that Waters could be blamed is if this were somehow common behaviour for nude photographers. But that is patently not the case.

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      • so what you’re saying is she put her career before her own self-worth? once again that was her decision at the time as she was compliant in everything, to cry foul play years later is silly, i don’t care how much ‘power’ someone has it’s just a photoshoot, she could have left at any time but chose not to.

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      • Azusanagasawa, you are absolutely ignorant of these types of situations! Educate yourself before you make these types of disrespectful comments. We live in a world that is sexist and objectifies girls. We live in a “rape” culture that allows men to get away with this type of behavior. When you sign up for nude modeling you don’t sign up to have someone put their sexuality onto you. It is about power and control. He was a 40 year old man who knew how to use his power to manipulate. Educate yourself about sexual violence! People often are in shock and feel paralized in those situations. You think you will fight and leave the situation, but it is shocking, humiliating and scary.

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      • listen the only reason he “got away with” this type of behavior is because she let him with zero objections, what if he had asked her to murder someone because it would be fun, would she draw the line there or still be in shock and paralyzed and go along with everything? that excuse holds little weight, she knew what she was doing, yes she may be brave for telling her story but she certainly wasn’t brave in the moment, which would have prevented it from ever happening.

      • Thank you for trying to explain things to someone who has obviously never been raped, and cannot understand “abuse of position of trust.” It was a good try. I’m sick of all the people on here blaming the girl. What a fucked up society.

      • I don’t buy it. If you sign up to prance around naked in front of strangers you acknowledge the risk. 

      • At the age of 19, she was pretty new to nude modelling, and apparently, extremely niave about it’s inherent risks.

    • You are so ignorant and sound as bad as Richardson the rapist. She is not making herself look bad, she is brave to be so open and honest. 

  • well. WHERE does one draw a line between “the fashion industry” and sex? I think Richardson ABUSES people by “contracting” models to pose for him. He gets away with that abuse by making it part of his “aesthetic”. Terrible work ethic. 

  • Thank you for sharing this article and opening people’s eyes! Terry’s long time pal designer Marc Jacobs is another pervert. More of his ad campaigns have been banned for sexualizing underage girls. Jacobs tortures a Hungarian girl. He’s been stalking her since she was 16. Jacobs controls Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and most of the top models. Read the truth at:

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    • You are straight up crazy. 

  • Thanks for posting this. I want people to understand, some times victims agree to things so that it would quickly be done with, and hope that they can make it home and forget all about it. I was in a situation where I knew if I cried and and scream I may not have been alive, and I was ten years younger than her. Thank you for having the power to come forward.

  • Everything discussed was consented to. It’s pure slander to call him a rapist.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • Not true, some times victims agreed to do things to prevent themselves from getting more in trouble, in this case such as actual intercourse and or get beaten. If she wanted this, she wouldn’t be traumatized from it.

      3 Replies - Reply Now
      • There was no threat of violence in this case. There were others in the room (women too). This is not a rape story. It’s a consent story.

        2 Replies - Reply Now
      • Not because someone isn’t saying no, it doesn’t mean they are giving consent. A huge part of a lot of rape situations is putting people in a position where they feel that they are unable to say no. That is not consensual. 

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • +
      • > “Not because someone isn’t saying no, it doesn’t mean they are giving consent.”  Doesn’t mean they aren’t, either. Now…did she get his consent to have sex? If not, SHE”s a rapist.

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Shlomo Shunn: She did what she was told. He was the one telling Miss Waters to touch him and take the eye shot. He is not justified in molesting this young woman. What could have made you so sick? If she didn’t get his consent. Ha! I will hope that some day you understand. Not that i hope you experience it. I hope that you will educate yourself at some point in your life. I made a point earlier in looking up Lacy Green on youtube. She has sex education videos. You could probably learn from it.

      • It is a consent story. A consent story where a man in power is using that power to intimidate young women who often don’t have a voice yet. She isn’t crying rape. At least not physically. But perhaps emotionally. When you are 19 and trying to make it in this world and prove yourself you often make poor choices, which is exactly what happened here. But he is capitalizing on young women and their poor choices. It is rather disgusting.

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • I absolutely agree!

      • You are ridiculous, getting in trouble from who? It was a photo shoot…there was no threat of violence or defamation of any kind, all she had to do was say no and leave, there was nothing holding her there.

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Don’t get me wrong, the guy is a creep. But everything he does is consentual, the models may regret what they did after the fact, and rightfully so, but the fact remains, they all said yes in hopes it would help their careers.

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • So you think every professor that gets a student to sleep with them for fear of getting a bad grade is okay? Richerdson was in a position of power over a young woman, who feared not getting work again. And just because she agreed to be naked doesn’t mean it was okay for the rest. She was unaware that those things would be done to her before. It would be different if those thigns were in the contract but they weren’t. There is something called a complient victimization. When someone makes you feel obligated to do what they want. Doesn’t make what the agressor did right, and makes it all the more confusing for the victim. Try actually understanding rape before bashing a victim.

      • > “in this case such as actual intercourse and or get beaten”Right! If she refused to diddle his dangler the Loch Ness Monster would have joined forces with Bigfoot to give her a spanking.Then again, she might have enjoyed that, too.

    • If it is “pure slander”, I’m sure Richardson will be compelled to take it to a legal level to clear his name, of course it might open up a huge can of worms and incriminate others in the process. But we should all support the truth coming out. 

    • +
    • I didn’t see anywhere in this article where she called him a rapist. She said something like “John waters doesn’t rape his actors” but I don’t know that she has called Terry Richardson a rapist. She specifically said she did not say no. She is brave to discuss this, and to be honest about that part of it despite her feeling like she was a victim. This is not slander.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • ““It’s hard not to look back at this stuff and see that I was a rapist’s dream, …”

  • I never saw Terry’s photography skillful nor artistic… Sure it’s commercial but that’s it. He is just a name with really good connections, I’m sure. I mean , the dude is no Ellen Von Unwreth” thank you for telling your story! He’s trash in my book.

  • These testimonies about Richardson are always the same. Everybody knows what kind of perv he is, taht’s how he started his career, yet he never used force or coercion: she, at 19, willingly did everything he asked.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • And…? That makes it cool for him to take advantage of his position of power?

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • As Kathryn Hepburn said, “What’s an advantage for?” “Kan haz bimbo lewinskin now?” There is no curing stupid. Bimbos will bim.

  • Thank you for speaking out about your experience. I would love it, however if you could also write a PG13 rated version for younger girls to read to expand your audience. I work with a lot of young models who need to know this stuff but I’m not in the position to share it with them with all the gory details but it needs to be heard. I know there are more “Terry’s” out there. 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Why should there be a PG13 version? They need to know the truth, not some censored version. That’s the problem, young girls don’t know the actual things. They know morethan we think and we don’t say hey, here’s what can be done. Plus this story is not that bad. I would show a young teen this. They need to understand what actually happens.

  • This definitely falls in line with the other disturbing stories about Terry Richardson.  Yet he still works consistentlY with all types of celebs.  But when he shot Barrack Obama….he wasn’t the president yet, those pictures were from 2007.

    • How is it “brave”to tell the world you were stupid? She got photographed by a famous dude, got to play with his junk, got some fame, glory, and an eye-shot.  What else was she going to be known for: joining MENSA?

  • Mad props to this girl for having the courage to speak out.  Richardson is a creep and magazines and celebrities need to stop working with him.

  • haha… grow up and accept the fact you gotta put out to get gigs if you are ugly.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • you are just an unfortunate person..

  •  This creeps habits have been widely known for a long time. If I, sitting here in Seattle, WA, know about this deviant, tell me how could it be that the stars who have worked with him do not? There are entire sites devoted to his antics and if you go to his tumblr and Instagram you figure it out rather quickly. Just scoot on over to Jezebel and read up on this perv and then follow the links…He hides in plain sight and no one does anything about it.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Jezebel isn’t exactly the best source. They’re a bit on the crazy feminist side. 


  • I hear about this police report all over. Where is it? 

    • Honestly, you need to get a life or be admitted in a psych ward. Your spamming is ridiculous. Contact the feds and move on with your life. Do you have a job, aspirations, personal goals… find something! 

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      •  This is the first I’ve heard of it. Maybe you spend a little too much time on the internet. Do you have a job?  Aspirations,other than being an internet junkie?  Personal goals?  Maybe you should find something else.

        2 Replies - Reply Now
      • Just like you found that flat brim? Has it helped you of late?

      • +
      • Anybody who follows and learn about photography or Hollywood will have heard of ‘Uncle Terry’. Just because you haven’t heard of it doesn’t mean you are better than them. Then again any other forklift/warehouse guy who uses a gun, a few bags of weed, some 20 dollar bills, and tattooed fingers as their facebook cover photo obviously has their life figured out. Winning!


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