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Boy Sentenced to Jail Because of Large Penis

A Russian court tried a 13-year-old as an adult based on the size of his genitals

A Russian court ruled that a Ukrainian boy who claims he’s 13 be tried as an adult based on the size of his penis, according to The Moscow Times. Tomas, whose last name was not released to protect his identity, was arrested on suspicion of stealing a cellphone in March—an accusation he denies.

The teen had moved to Moscow that same month to live with his aunt. His family claims he was 12 at the time of the arrest and has produced Ukrainian documentation that he used to cross the Russian border as proof. But authorities think he is older and ordered a medical examination to determine his real age. Based on the size of his penis and teeth, prison doctors told the court they believe he is actually 16 or 17.

It’s an important distinction. Individuals 16 and over can be tried as adults in Russia, and that age comes down to 14 in the case of more serious crimes like rape and murder. As a result, Tomas has since been sentenced as an adult and was sent to jail. His family has challenged the ruling, and the regional prison service has agreed to review his case.

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  • actually, they did the right thing, they had him evaluated by doctors to find out his real age. there sure as hell is no point merely asking his family for his real age, as they could lie for him, unless they provided a birth ceritficate, which apparently they did not. now, i just wonder if the doctor had to get his wee wee hard to find out its real size ;)

  • It sounds like such a Russian solution. Whoever thought that the Soviet system (of Russian Communism) was not a socioeconomic adaptation to the acquired learning by Russian culture? Now it continues – it is just under the guise of a different brand name.

  • By those terms my ex must be about 5yrs old, I’m going to h€ll aren’t I

  • Putin is furiuous because his Viagra doesn’t work anymore and he is discovering that most all teenagers have a bigger shlong than him…Lol

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    • You have a juvenile sense of humour!

    • You’ve just proven that the size of your “shlong” is small as you have a juvenile sense of humour!

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      • you have just proven you have no sense of humour

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      • You have proven nothing! WOW what an achievement! Is your IQ the size of your “shlong”?

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      • +
      • wow lighten up it was a joke

    • +
    • His is bigger than Obamas

  • then I must be a little kid.

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    • ouch haha, honesty and self cruelty, i like your style

  • I always thought the Russans were nuts now I KNOW they are.

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  • Fastinating criteria they use.  Does this mean all females are  by definition children because their pensis’ are not large enough.  What part of the Russian criminal statute contains this interpretation, or can we admit the facts.He’s being prosecuted for being Ukrainian and likely nothing else.

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    • no…its same  for females….Va-j-j’s small to large is young to old, respectivly….ehh?

  • Child or not, he is no getting some adult action in prison. That will make a man out of him for sure.

  • So just how bing is that shlong anyway? C’mon, we’re all adults here — Let’s take a look at that wad so we can make up our own minds.

  • photos please.

  • He should plead guily to man-sausage.

  • Russia: pedophiles

  • Hope it will be a hung jury

  • If he’s found guilty, he’ll be hung.

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    • He is already hung, that is the problem!

  • Russia is a sewer.

  • I didn’t know there were black kids in the Ukraine…

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    • Is it natural or self made?


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