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Sisters Set to Become the First Women Executed in India

Going against its unspoken ban on executing women, the country will hang the convicted child murderers

Sisters Renuka Kiran Shinde and Seema Mohan Gavit are set to become the first women to be legally executed in India after they were convicted in 2001 of kidnapping 13 children and murdering 9 of them. According to The Times of India, President Pranab Mukherjee rejected their official petitions for leniency last month.

Renuka Kiran Shinde and Seema Mohan Gavit have been sentenced to death in India. 

The case shocked the country when it was discovered that the two women, at the behest of their mother (who died during the trial), had snatched young children ranging from 1 to 5 years old from crowded public spaces. They would then force the kids to beg and pickpocket, or carry the younger ones in their arms as a decoy while they stole purses and valuables.

The murders occurred when the children became old enough to draw attention to themselves or had “stopped being productive,” and victims typically died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Shinde’s husband, who knew of and participated in the crimes, was acquitted in exchange for information.

Rejecting an initial appeal in 2006, Justices K. G. Balakrishnan and G. P. Mathur explained that the sisters’ gender should not be a deterrent to capital punishment. “Going into the details of the case, we find no mitigating circumstances against them apart from the fact they are women. Further, the nature of their crime and the systematic way in which each child was kidnapped and killed amply demonstrates the depravity of the mind,” reads the judgment. “We do not think that these appellants are likely to reform, and will remain a menace to society.”

President Pranab Mukherjee rejected the sisters' petition requesting leniency.

Shinde and Gavit are currently on death row at Pune’s Yerwada Jail—a facility with its own gallows—and it’s believed they will be hanged once an execution date has been set.

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  • How sad that women would do this.     It is an unusual case.     What grief they have caused to the childrens  parents.     i hope they will receive suitable punishment. 

  • Good! What they did was despicable.. they are nothing less than serial killlers. Make it where they do not DROP and snap their necks.. make it where they hang and choke to death. GRRR…


  • Women still pay the main price in India , that husband should be right in there with them. Hang them all.

  • Good thing the MAN was acquitted. I’m sure he had nothing to do with coming up with the idea in the first place.

  • Well, if death row in India is anything like the death row in Arizona, they still have 25-30 years of appeals left. Frank Jarvis Atwood is still alive and well. Perhaps they can earn a degree, write a few books, get married, and live a full and rich life while they wait for their sentences to be carried out–unlike their innocent victims.

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    • No appeal process, no insanity delays.  Roll out the gallows. Hope they rot in hell for making Krishna cry

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  • Will it be televised?  Maybe put on U-Tube?

  • I have no sympathy for child killers. I hope they rot in hell.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Do you have sympathy for other killers then? 

      2 Replies - Reply Now

      • Are you that stupid? READ MORE – POST LESS SUZZANNE MASON

    • Exactly.. ZERO. I hope they choke and it doesnt break their neck. They deserve 10X worse.

  • That’s India for you . The man was let go in exchange for information. Male dominated culture bs. I’m not excusing the crime whatsoever or giving the women an excuse because of their gender. I’m with opinions on this post that the scheme was most likely the mans idea in the first place . Total bs that the man was let go . He should hang too . 

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • I’m an Indian male living in the US, and I’m disgusted that the husband was aquitted. It is complete bulls&%t. I just hope you or anyone reading this won’t generalize an entire country based on a few horrific incidences that have been reported in the news over the months. I was taught to respect women and I have many cousins that live there who are very respectful towards their wives also. The monsters in this story are pure evil.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • I know that there are very decent people like yourself in this world.

    • So when drug houses are raided in the US and all of the females are released for cooperating, you got a problem with that too? Or are you just some man hating feminist? I THINK THE LATTER.

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      • @Eric Lockett,You hit the nail on the head! Amen to what you said!

    • +
    • I agree.  I also find it odd that they don’t mind raping the sh! T out of women, but won’t physically execute them.  Like their being gallant or something.   What do they think a rape IS? It’s mental/emotional execution.

  • The husband should have been given a life sentence (down from a death sentence) for his role in this horror. Letting him walk away free because he gave all the information about the crime is disgusting. 

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    • I am disappointed that the male was let go. he is part of this crime and should be trialed the same. all of them should be hung to death. I hope they rot in hell for killing those poor children and taking them away from their families. what a disgusting world we live in. people like this don’t deserve to live.

  • The Husband was acquitted? What? He was more than likely the driving force behind the whole scheme. Indians just hate women!

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    • The article says they will be the first women executed.  Leniency normally granted simply based on them being a woman.  How can you say he was ‘more than likely the driving force’.  You didnt attend the hearing, have no details of the case other than the article above.  You just sound like a man hater

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      • I remember reading that they did this at the request of their Mother, not her husband. However, I do agree that he should have had a reduced sentence and not let off completely.

    • And the US just hates men. Ironic you would feel that way isn’t it.

    • +
    • So you’re excusing the women saying that the husband obviously made them do it, solely because he’s a man and that these women are just his poor victims too? That’s blind misandrist feminist logic for you.

  • good on them ..  anyone that could kill so many children by blunt force to the head will never be reformed ..never be accepted by anyone there monsters and should be killed.. good job india making children safe  should be priority everywhere 

  • It’s India, no surprise the husband gets to walk

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    • Did you read the same article?  Men normally would be executed.  Women never. 

    • @Editboy McZero,LOL hey there Mr. Beta Male.

  • Lets hope they suffer!

  • Justice, try it here


  • Vile women getting what they deserve, perhaps its to leanient, considering what they did should be made to ROT IN HELL

  • At least women get some kind of equality in India. 

  • These women snatched up 13 innocent children from their families and used and abused then and subsequently killed them…I think that the punishment fits the crime!

  • They should have volunteered to be surrogate mothers on Mars.  Oh well.

  • hang em high.

  • I remember when all the feminists where ok that rapists would be executed. Didn’t think about the fact that the country is filled with sexists. Now women will be the first executed and the pattern will continue and increase.

  • Ha ha.. terrorists and politicians are letting go and these women are getting executed. Why cannt they rot them in the prison. President acts so fast on them but not on the known terrorists and killers.

    • They deserve a very very slow punishment. Make small woounds in A88 then put salt and pepper on wound. Then put honey all over body then let ants to enjoy. Then give to hungry Dogs. 
  • Wondering why their sentence is any more deserving of the death penelty than all of the men who rape and murder women in India? 

  • I wish they would exile them instead of killing them.

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    • so they an murder  different country’s children?

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      • Thanks a lot…………!

    • Height of inteligence,ghooooosh,treat and help him GOD……!

  • The sooner the better. Hang um high!

    2 Replies - Reply Now

    • No pity and place for such heavy burden beast on this planet….(But i wonder about the “INNOCENT MALE”,normally in  such very cases,men are normally the instigaters ,but here women….If i was a judge, i would have……………………………….! ( MANY SECRETS WILL BE BURIED WITH )


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