Police detain a protester outside a courthouse in Moscow February 24, 2014. Russian police detained dozens of protesters on Monday outside a Moscow courthouse where a judge was expected to sentence eight defendants convicted of attacking police at a 2012 demonstration against President Vladimir Putin. REUTERS/Tatyana Makeyeva (RUSSIA - Tags: CIVIL UNREST CRIME LAW POLITICS) - RTX19E8D

The Olympics Are Over, It’s Time to Arrest More People in Russia

No more Mr. Nice Putin. More than 200 activists were arrested in Moscow this week

Well, that didn’t last long.

Russian President Vladimir Putin played nice with his own citizens in front of the world in the months leading up to the Olympics. In December, he freed famous political prisoners like Mikhail Khodorkovsky and members of Pussy Riot and Greenpeace.

The closing ceremony in Sochi was Sunday. The very next day, Moscow police detained more than 200 activists for protesting against Putin, including those same members of Pussy Riot and well-known opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

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nba gay russian

Police detain opposition leader Alexei Navalny outside a courthouse in Moscow on Feb. 24.
(Tatyana Makeyev/Reuters)

It gets even more meta: The Monday protesters were demonstrating against prison sentences handed down to other protesters. Known as the Bolotnaya Square case, eight protesters were found guilty of violence against police and rioting from a demonstration in the square in May 2012. It was one day before Putin re-assumed the Russian presidency.

Their sentences were announced Monday, which drew the activist crowds out in Moscow. Seven of the eight defendants were sentenced to a range of 2.5 to four years in prison. Human rights organization Amnesty International calls it “injustice at its most obvious.”

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Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, prominent member of protest group Pussy Riot, outside a courthouse in Moscow on Feb. 24.
(Maxim Shemetov/Reuters)

For this week’s protests, Navalny and others have been sentenced to one week in prison. Some investigators want that sentence lengthened and Navalny under house arrest.

The Russian government didn’t completely back off protesters during the Olympics: LGBT activists in Moscow were arrested in Moscow, for trying to unfurl a huge banner across a bridge, and Pussy Riot was arrested in Sochi. They were also horsewhipped by Cossacks, which was caught on video, but Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak says those Cossacks are being “held accountable.” He wouldn’t specify exactly what that means, though; it doesn’t appear to mean prison terms like the Bolotnaya protesters and Navalny have received.

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  • the difference between obama and Putin is that one is g@y and the other is straight

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    • which one is gay?

  • Israel, upon hearing this news, declared America must attack Iran!!!

  • Long live Putin. He wants to at least do things to help his country instead of distroy it, like Dear Leader and Messiah Obama.

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    • “PBTRUTH”. I agree 100% with you.

  • Russia is the USA in the 70′s. It’s good we have come so far.

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    • The USA now is Russia in the 50′s Its bad we have come so far….

  • get off the test pad ,America is ruled by a jack wagon ni**er Marxist imperial king president and Putin is a tyrant.Both of these subversives control a surveillance police state, with failed or failing economies no jobs and horrendous tax burdens growing every day.Putin doesn’t deny his dictatorship or his rule, Ovomit is a prop ,a clay puppet for the NWO and world banking cabal, with a communist past, no college transcrips and a doctored birth certificate!

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    • Totally agree, but could you be more explicit and tell us how you really feel?  :)

    • Rabble rabble rabble trolololol.  Go back to your failing occupy wall street movement you moron.Also who the hell is Ovomit??

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      • ovamit is your father luke

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    • Why don’t you go live in Russia. Seeing that you don’t like it here in the good old USA.

  • First things first.  America incarcerates far more people per capita.  Second, Putin better be worried, 0bama may give him a “red line” or something…

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    • You don’t know what you are talking about. Just in my town outside of Moscow, there are almost 1,000 police in a small town. Police with tanks and machine guns. They have arrested before already a hundred at one store for talking badly about the local government. You talk your mouth off here because you live in America. You need to go to Russia for a few months. You would come back much thinner and much smarter unless you talked too much. then you would get a first person view of Putin and his Russian government. In Russia we have some of the worst the very meanest prisions in the world.

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      • the russian authorities are now checking your ip address, they will be knocking on your door tonight

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      • I guess his IP is in the US..

      • +
      • I suspect America is not far behind you and I do empathize and appreciate your point.

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      • Have uh anyone of you been to China or Russia… There is no freedom… The US might have its problems but nothing like that… Please…..

      • Get off it, I noticed all the folks in Russian prisons don’t look bad after release……many,many people are killed however in US prisons, and beat! Some by former NFL players!

      • your ip shows that you live in New York city

      • Here in America they are more liable to shoot you. Jails are too full already. Run of the mill small town SWAT attack looks like the snipers on the streets of Keiv. It is called ATM (Anything That Moves) hunting.

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  • Obama is working hard to get to where Putin is right now, and it does no good to blame the conservatives because this is where the liberals are headed.

  • good its about time! get em Putin!

  • Would anyone really be surprised if this was the US and Obama was rounding-up protesters?www.TopTheNews.com 

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    • Obama has been setting the stage for 6 years.

  • Nothing new here. Move along folks.

  • hahahah make me laugh because last time i checked here in quebec we no longer have the right to protest where we want when we want or we get arrested like in Russia. We must warn , cooperate and plan the protest in advance and share the plan with authorities otherwise the protest is illegale like in russia. So keep claiming russia is the big bad ugly guy when in fact we have very similar policies in the west…

  • When you poke the bear don’t be surprised if the bear mauls you! 

  • Love the conservatives who wet their undies over Putin. “Let’s be more like Russia” said no true fiscal conservative EVER.

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    • Pull your head out of your backside, Devin… Russia has a lower unemployment rate and the lowest national debt of any developed country.  So yes, Russia is a far better at fiscal conservatism than Obama… by far.

    • Yea thats funny, because your Messiah wants to do the same thing here. lets put Monitors in Newsrooms!  Thats real ‘liberal; where was the ACLU at first. They had to be pryed off their seats ”After Fox and Drudge” reported it repetedly.  Look up timeframes yourself.  Putin made Obozo look just like a CLOWN that he is. Putin is a real Leader even if he is a socialist.  Obozo still is trying to Organize school lunch menues! Just ask MOOCHELL

    • +
    • Devin, when you get a job (good luck while obama is president, pay taxes, and purchase Obamacare, please re-post with an enlightened mind.

    • tel the truth you wet your panties when you think of obama, come on now you know you do f@ggito

  • Let us face the real truth, this potentially wonderful world with countless heritage sites is and has been for a  very long time been in the process of self distruction as a result of corrupt, greedy, immoral leaders across every continent and in every country. The solution to the ills of the world are elusive at best if not impossible. Eventually and with the present heading the solution will be a complete and universal break down of ALL governments and distruction of society as we know it. Perhaps with another chance to start over with honesty, integrity as the corner stones of any future. What a dream!!

  • We do the same thing here.  What is the big deal?

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    • True… Obama cracks down on his enemies using the IRS, the NSA and other government agencies.  No different than what we are seeing in Russia…At least the Russians crack down on sodomites… something I think all decent people would agree with.

  • owebowma would love to have a tenth of is respect.

  • One thing is certain …. Putin is feared and respected on the world stage.And, its not because of deep pockets!

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    • Russian unemployment is WAY DOWN (5.1%) and their national debt is practically nothing compared to the US (400B USD)

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Their GDP is also equivelent to California and most of their citizens live in poverty and with little to no real civil liberties.


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