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An Exclusive Interview With the Elf Who Dropped Acid and Jousted a Car

Konrad McKane takes live-action role-playing very seriously, which means he sometimes mistakes cars for the Dark Lord of Middle Earth and vanquishes them with his sword. We caught up to him after his most recent arrest in Portland, Oregon

It’s been a few days since Konrad McKane lost his epic battle with the Dark Lord of Middle Earth, and he’s taking it pretty hard.

Morgoth got the best of me,” he says from Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Beaverton, Oregon, where he is undergoing psychiatric evaluation after being arrested last week.

A self-described rogue assassin, the 30-year-old Portlander made headlines after he rushed into a busy intersection and began jousting with a woman’s car using a sword. Loaded up with armor and psychedelics, McKane told cops that he was a “high elf engaged in battle with the evil Morgoth.”

“That woman was totally bad-vibing me, and I guess I just took it to the next level,” McKane says in an exclusive interview with Vocativ. “I wasn’t in my right mind. I was still rocking my new pair of elf ears.”

Konrad McKane writes fantasy novels and hangs around Portland, Oregon, dressed as his favorite role-playing characters. Sometimes he drops acid and takes other mind-bending drugs. That's usually when he starts attacking cars in the middle of busy streets. 

Courtesy of Konrad McKane

For McKane, whose legal name is Konrad Bass, going toe-to-toe with Morgoth is par for the course. He spends most of his time in leather brandishing medieval weapons, a man-turned-dark-elf living out his live-action role-playing fantasies (LARPing, for short) in the peculiar world that is Portland, Oregon. In addition to fashioning bows and battle axes, he has published a fantasy novel and performs around town in a two-piece band called Empaths that plays songs based on his fiction. But most of the time, you can find him sword dancing in the street.

McKane says he experiences hypomania, which can allow him to fully embody his role-playing characters for hours and even days at a time. When he incorporates illicit drugs into the mix, it really sends him into other universes, he says.

“The last time I did drugs, I turned into a freakin’ dragon,” McKane says. This time, he says, he simply transformed into night elf rogue Jaypar Prakkari, the protagonist of his fantasy series Alkaya: The Legend of Empyro who battles mythical creatures and a dark plague in a parallel world.

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The saga began when McKane showed up for “Monday Funday” at Colonel Summers Park in southeast Portland. The weekly gathering attracts an assortment of oddballs and outcasts from the area who like to play dodgeball, get drunk, juggle, form drum circles, Hula-Hoop or do whatever else strikes their fancy.

McKane says that he and a group of like-minded friends had gathered near the park’s fountain to organize a fantasy battle filled with elaborate costumes and fake weaponry. He showed up wearing a sequined chain-mail vest, a leather kilt and a snowboarding helmet. He also came bearing an arsenal of weapons, including a hubcap shield, bamboo javelin, green lightsaber, machete, toy battle-ax and a master sword strapped to his back.

To enhance their live-action role-playing game, one of the participants broke out a stash of mind-altering substances.

“It’s not like I’m a drug addict or anything,” says McKane. “But whenever someone offers some to me, I’ll take them. I find that it’s pretty rude to refuse gifts.”

McKane, who experiences hypomania, is often ready for battle.

Courtesy of Konrad McKane

McKane gobbled up a potent cocktail of MDMA, Dimethyltryptamine and acid. “Moon Rocks, DMT and LSD—it was the trifecta!” he says. “Man, that shit’s pretty awesome. But don’t do it alone. Otherwise, you’ll end up wandering the streets on a weird spirit journey.”

Which is pretty much what happened. The drugs took hold and the game never quite got off the ground. McKane says the cops closed the park around 10 p.m. and he left to go dancing with friends. Later, he broke into a musician buddy’s practice space near the Hawthorne Bridge, where he spent the next several hours tripping balls and hanging out by himself.

By morning, McKane was channeling his Jaypar Prakkari character, fully immersed in a mission that could make sense only to a drug-addled LARPer. “I was here to save America,” he says. “In 10 days, Obama was going to be assassinated. Morgoth was chasing after me. I was chasing shadow dragons. It was crazy.”

At around 7 a.m., the weapon-wielding, hallucinating hero found himself at the intersection of Southeast Seventh Avenue and Morrison Street, where he decided to take on rush-hour traffic.

“I was walking down the yellow line in the middle of the road and jousting cars,” McKane says. “I was walking like I owned it, like I was a spaceship. People were honking horns and driving around me. Guys in trucks were being dicks. It was pretty fantastical. I was having great time.”

When he's not fighting Morgoth or dark plagues around Portland, McKane (wearing elf ears) busks in a street band called Empaths. Their songs are based on scenes and characters from his fantasy novel Alkaya: The Legend of Empyro.

Courtesy of Konrad McKane

The fun ended when McKane found himself face-to-face with a red BMW, which he admits he mistook for a shape-shifting demon. The driver, a northeast Portland woman, had stopped in the middle of the road and was blasting her horn. A fearless McKane sprung into action.

“I hopped on her hood and tried to pierce her tires with my master sword,” he says. “I was trying to prove a point. Don’t mess with a dark elf.”

The freaked out driver called 911, and a swarm of police quickly arrived on scene and brought McKane under control. He was cited for criminal trespass, but not arrested, and was taken to Providence Portland Medical Center.

“Honestly, the cops were pretty nice,” McKane says. “Even the one who pointed a Taser at me. But they broke my master sword. I was so pissed!”

Last week’s melee is not the first time that McKane’s extreme role-playing has landed him on the wrong side of the law, he says. Cops in downtown Portland arrested him last summer for scaling a lamp post near Powell’s Books. He was in costume and had a pair of ninja swords with him, he says.

In Seattle, McKane got in trouble for bombing down a big hill in an office chair and claiming to be Kommander Kinetica, another one of his fictional characters. He also says that cops in Orlando, Florida, where he used to live, zapped him with a Taser after they found him running around his apartment complex naked.

McKane is known among some as "The Elusive LARPer of Mount Tabor," a park in southeast Portland (pictured above). He spends most of his time outfitted for battle and playing the character of rogue assassin elf.  

Courtesy of Konrad McKane

Because of his manic episodes, which can be exacerbated by the occasional dose of psychedelics, McKane says he usually ends up spending a few days in the hospital and avoids any real time in the slammer. “That’s why I love being crazy,” he says. “It’s my get-out-of-jail-free card.”

After spending a couple of days at Providence last week, McKane says he was transferred to Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Beaverton, a Portland suburb, and will be there until Thursday. He says he’s spent the last few days developing a role-playing card game and doing tarot readings for other patients. “I call it my writer’s retreat,” he says. “It gives me a break from reality.”

McKane also says he’s using his downtime to plot his next live-action fantasy.

“The more you live and breathe in that world, the more you become it,” he says. “I can now fully cross over. It’s all about balancing the light and the shadow.”

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  • I like him. He lives in a world where cars do not exisit, instead they take form as demons(I can definitely recall mistaking a garbage truck for a tyrannosaurus rex) Where it’s great fun to ride down a hill on a wheeled object(I can attest to this great fun)… A place where you can run in the nude, and defend your city with a pair of ninja swords. Oh my

  • This guy votes.

  • I don’t think it’s really fair to call this “roleplaying” or “LARP”. This is just what this guy is calling it – what is in reality is extreme delusions and borderline psychopathic tendencies excerbated by doing pscyhotropic drugs.Just by the responses he gives it’s clear his hold on reality has long since left him. Either that or he’s just an epic douche.

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    • AgreeDI’ve never been into LARPing, but, I’ve had friends who like it, over the years. They’re like everyone else when they’re not playing, really. This guy could use time with a psychiatrist, away from society in an asylum for 6-12 months. 

  • This is going to end badly then everyone involved will disavow any awareness of this freak’s inclinations. It would have ended better if the Woman ran him down or one of the men took a baseball bat to him. 

  • LMAO Did anyone happen to notice the pink fingernails. On top of everything else this guy gets a F- for life. Come on seriously guy I’d have a lot of fun curb stomping this guy’s ass if screwed with my shit while he was dosed. Reguardless what you take you are responsible for EVERYTHING YOU DO.

  • far too cool

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  • I love how he takes no responsibility but blames “LSD” etc. LSD does not produce emersive Hallucinations.  Nor does MDMA, and certainly not DMT.  Basically he is lying to cover his ass.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Apparently you have never taken good acid.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • I’ve taken Psychedelics for 47 years.  Think again.

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Depends on your imagination I guess.

  • It’s all fun and games until some cop feels threatened by a guy with a sword and empties his revolver into him.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • You’re right. Or some 12 year old riding by on a bicycle turns into something he feels the need to slay. I’d cap his ass for scratching my truck and buy the cops donuts when they came to clean up.

  • Ok, this story is halarious, but this guy’s kind of an asshole. He knows he’s already coo-coo, but he takes crazy drugs anyway full on knowing that’s he’s probably going to go do some dangerous shit – he could have caused an accident and killed somebody. He gives the rest of our culture a bad rep.

  • I can’t tell if this really happened or if it’s a joke. Fuck this loser

  • This guy wins the internet! Is that a F&#$ing hub cap he is using as a shield? Oh this is GOLD!

  • He’s po-mo larping Cervantes! Tilting at the giant Bourgeoise Middleclass Worldview…yup. 

  • I do find it funny the needs to call ‘having mental issues’ LARP or Roleplaying. 99.999% of LARPers and Roleplayers out there don’t take things outside of their personal recreation of choice.Let us focus on the actual problem (Mental Illness) instead of implying it is somehow part of the gamer culture.

  • How much EXP do you get from a late model BMW? Do they drop any good loot?Too bad he doesn’t have a higher resistance to electric attacks. I wonder if the cop with the tazer would have shouted “LIGHTNING BOLT” before using it.

  • “It’s not like I’m a drug addict or anything, but whenever someone offers some to me, I’ll take them. I find that it’s pretty rude to refuse gifts.”I’ve been laughing all morning from that statement.

  • I’m so glad that this odd bird is OK- sometimes people, including police, get very frightened of folks behaving ferociously odd. Stay safe, dark elf!

  • wow, I guess I didn’t really need to buy that keep Portland weird bumper sticker on my last visit, it’s doing alright 

  • Seriously, he looks like Howard Wolowitz’ brother.

  • This iz one of those feel good stories ( would you rather a story on acts of racist violence ) for all we know this man may be keeping thoes bad vibes off all thoes tuned in to that frequency free of harmfull ripples in lifes fabric , or not .  .  . PEACE ,TODD

  • What a douche!!! This guy is the poster child for Portland’s weirdos! You’re 30 fucking years old, and I’m sure it’s a safe bet that you are still a virgin. I can’t see the ladies really going for the honda hubcap shield and Jesse James 6 shooter. 

  • If there would be a guild of attackers of motor vehicles he shall be it’s chairman. THUMBS UP!!! Awesome guy

  • Mad & proud,I tend toward the unicycling faerie when I get manic & do acid & MDMA don’t normally need the orange moth ally goo as well,cos your endogenous levels of DMT are raised during mania anyway

  • No, DMT lasts for 30 mins and takes effect immediately after being smoked. Acid and MDMA about 6-8 hours peaking at around 1 hour through to about the 4th. He’s claiming he was still tripping over 12 hours after taking the drug, thats Bullshit. he’s just lonley and desperate for attention.

    4 Replies - Reply Now
    • Every individual has a different reaction to Phycadelics.Every individual has their own reaction to hallucinogens. Especially if that person is “mentally ill”. Manic Depression Aspergers or schizophrenia can really change the effects of those drugs. Some people can’t even smoke pot without freaking out.

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • Who said he has a mental condition?He’s clearly not schizophrenic or he would have been sectioned, he was too rational with the cops when they picked him up to be having a psychotic episode. The breakdown of toxins within the body are relatively stable throughout the population, people react differently to drugs, sure, but the effect time is roughly the same for everyone due to the metabolization of the artificial substance. After 12 hours there is no way this guy was hallucinating strongly, sorry. He’s just a loney geek acting up.

        4 Replies - Reply Now
      • yeah you really got it! I’m not even sure if he was lonely, it seems to me like he has friends. Sounds like a publicity stunt, who doesn’t want to be famous for doing acid?!

      • +
      • It sounds more like he’s bipolar. My husband is studying for his masters of mental health counseling, and bipolar especially manifests in periods of extreme mania, followed by depressive episodes. And manic episodes can last for a week or more, easily (same with the depressive episodes). There are far more types of mental illness than people are aware of, and just by reading these comments I am absolutely mortified at the misinformation. He clearly has bipolar disorder, along with possible brain damage from drug use. And people with ANY mental illness can become out of control on drugs, even prescription mental health ones that are not used properly. His symptoms clearly indicate bipolar disorder. He needs to be inpatient and put on medication to help correct it, get rehab so he stops the illicit drug use, then his larping won’t be such a big issue. Mental health is NOT just someone seeking pointless attention- they are real illnesses, with neurotransmitter chemicals imbalanced in the brain, and he needs help. It does NOT justify his wrongdoings at ALL- he should be charged for illicit drug use, and placed in a state hospital for his sentence rather than jail, overseen by a medical practitioner until he’s stable, on medicine and taking it regularly, and no longer a threat to people while hallucinating. There’s treatment, but he’s committed a criminal action while under the influence of drugs, and he needs to suffer the consequences, rather than thinking his crime is merely child’s play and it gets him 3 hocks and a cot. He’s making a joke out of it, rather than seeking help for his illness, and he needs to be held accountable for the crimes he’s committed. Period- mental illness is NO EXCUSE for being beyond the law. Otherwise pedophiles should be immune to it, domestic abuse from a person who was abused as a child should get of scot free, etc. He’s mentally ill- fine. Instead of jail, lock him up for the same amount of time at a state mental health hospital. That’s what they’re there for.

      • Well,you coudlnt be more wrong. I used to get acid that lasted 16 hours and was peaking around the 8-12 hour mark.

      • You’ve obviously NEVER been manic and taken psychedelics. I’ve had trips that have lasted WELL over 12 hours.

      • Some people they’ve found after mapping the human genome a missing a cytocome P450 which doesnt leet your body filter out THC LSD and sny other drugs/meds you might take.. therefore it doesnt “wear off” perse these people are very sensitive and shou;dnt do any drugs at risk of ending up in a psych ward. There is a test you can take… e mail, it might be on the web page..

    • Yea my tolerance level for everything is really low and its takes tiny tiny amounts of anything to get me extremely high.

    • +
    • He is saying the drugs triggered a manic episode, which is actually incredible common and likely from those who suffer from bipolar disorder.

    • I’ve taken blotter acid many times and it would last 12-14 hours sometimes. It all depends on the potency (micrograms) and how much of it you take. 

  • Every person is a little crazy and he is not afraid of his crazy. It’s quite inspiring how someone can be so free and open minded and willing to act that way when other people are just so closed minded. 

  • He seems like the perfect candidate for public office. Enough of those Ivy League, psychopathic reptiles. He has my vote.

  • Hey let’s all gawk and laugh at a mentally ill person.As long as we mention drugs a lot its cool though right? Like vice.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I wasn’t laughing. I was appreciating the sides of him that are unique and creative and believe in playfulness full on. I think…I don’t know for certain, that he is kind of mocking our messed up system for “dealing” with mentally ill. And I kinda get his point.Yes he engages in dangerous behaviour. And I don’t wish that on anyone. But I also think he sounds like a fanatstically facinating individual. And I rather loved reading it. 

  • Dude’s, seriously? It’s Mental Health Month and this is what you’re running? Protip: Bipolar is not a zany fun romp of psychadelic adventure. This kind of story, this kind of presentation of Bipolar, is the reason folks suffering from Bipolar are dismissed, harassed, stigmatized, and discriminated against.You know what this article says?”This guy has bipolar disorder and because of that he is a dangerous yet whimsical maniac”. So… Fuck you, I guess. Thank you for making my life, my friend’s lives, probably Mr. McKane’s that much harder for perpetuating the worst kinds of stereotypes without a hint of self awareness or analysis. 

  • MDMA, DMT and LSD all at once? You fucking moron.

  • He just seems dilusional and irresposible to me.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • You just seem like a cunt. I’m 30. Lived on my own since I was 18. Don’t have a “job” like everyone. I role play, attend SDCC, Dragon Con and Wasteland Weekend. You should’ve lead with “maybe he should find a group of people to do acid with responsibly” Oh, and I do drugs too.

  • He’s 30.  Maybe he should stop doing drugs, get responsible, and get a job like other ppl.  Nobody says he can’t be quirky but shoot, grow up.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • You can’t outgrow Bipolar Disorder. 

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • His problem isn’t bipolar disorder, his problem is that he would rather not control it because he thinks it’s fun to be manic. Tons of incredibly mature adults have bipolar disorder. They don’t take drugs to induce mania WHILE ARMED and then laugh about it afterwards.

    • Or, maybe, you are a bit boring?

    • +
    • WTF do you do that’s so goddamn interesting that you’re up on a high pedestal from which to pass judgement onto him?  You sound to me like a typical fearful sheeple.

  • This isn’t special, it’s pikcing on the mental kid. I don’t thin he’s coo, I just fee sorry for him.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I say more power to him; I’d like to meet him someday.

  • A true modern day shaman. My heart goes out to his crazy self!

  • I’ve never been more proud to be from Portland.  Er…I think.

  • How do you eat DMT? It’s not active when taken orally unless combined with an MAOI.    

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Basically, he’s telling porkies.

  • That’s some piss-poor cosplay. A hubcap for a buckler? Really? That’s the best you could do?

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I did makeup at a fashion show in which he was a model recently. He’s like 7 feet tall with freaking elf ears attached to his head. He was decently nice, but a little intimidating… I did smell the pungent fumes of weed down in our makeup room and now I think I know where it came from. 

  • Please stop calling this LARPing. This isn’t a Live Action Role Playing Game, there isn’t an organized story, created characters, or rules. There is a large difference between what this guy and his friends were doing dressed up in a park and an actual LARP.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • Just because it doesn’t follow your traditional LARP rules, doesn’t mean it doesn’t fall into being Live Action ROle Playing.  Believe it or not, there are guerilla larpers who don’t enjoy being organised in a fantasy world and shuffled about by rules and regs.  Not all boffers lapr, but it doesn’t mean they are all in amptgard either.  Some folks just enjoy getting dressed up, becomming their character, sword weilding, a thing called IMAGINATION and adventure.  Call “it” what you want, for some of us it’s just enjoying our time on this dimension.   Live.. Action.  Role.. Play.  If anyone was legit… just saying…  

    • My Sita, I’m having trouble reading your comment over the overwhelmingly potent floral stench of douche it is emitting. 

    • +
    • Thank you Sita, I was thinking the same thing… thanks for making all us normal larper’s look like crazy people. Asshats like this make all of us look bad. 

  • this guy is having way more fun than most people. At least he’s got that.

  • LARPing seems cool and all but this is too far. You shouldn’t do drugs before you start LARPing. It’s a dumb idea because you’re going to end up doing dumb stuff. It’s pretty predictable that bad stuff is going to happen when you see LARPers passing out drugs.


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