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25 Dead Cats Found Hanging From a Tree Near NYC

In a scene straight out of "True Detective," authorities have discovered the work of a deranged serial cat killer in Yonkers

UPDATE: According to the SPCA of Westchester, necropsies performed last night on three of the feline victims reveal the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head, with no evidence of poison. All of the cats are believed to have suffered the same fate. Bats, shovels and other heavy instruments were also found near the corpses. New images below. 

Police made a gruesome discovery in Yonkers, New York, late this morning, with 25 dead cats found hanging from the gnarled branches of a tree in an abandoned lot. Their bodies had been stuffed in 30 plastic bags and either hung on the tree itself or scattered around its base, in what appears to be a ritualistic display.

The grisly scene was called in by employees from the Department of Public Works, who stumbled across the bags when they arrived to tidy up the lot. Onlookers have since described the sight as “horrific” and say it smells strongly of death.

The cat corpses were found hung from the branches of a large tree in 30 separate bags. 

“They were placed in small shopping bags, the plastic bags that you might get from an A&P or a ShopRite, and then they were hung from a tree,” says Ernie Lungaro, director of humane law enforcement at SPCA. “Some were severely decomposed. We got a couple that were still fresh, within the last few weeks maybe. But we’re transporting them and are going to have some necropsies done. We’ll know more then.”

The SPCA and local police are still collecting evidence and conducting interviews, and have yet to release a cause of death. But it appears that the cats were placed at the scene over the course of several months, which makes it difficult for authorities to even speculate as to how they were killed. “They didn’t appear to be maimed, but some of them were so decomposed we couldn’t tell,” says Lungaro, who declined to make any determination before the official report comes back.

Investigators are stumped as to how no one noticed the deceased cats. The scene is 10 minutes by foot from the Yonkers Amtrak Station and surrounded by homes on one side and shops and restaurants on the other. With the growing body count and foul stench, many are surprised it took this long for anyone to report them.

“It’s very strange. There’s a house next door and there are residences across the street. It’s a well-travelled little vacant lot,” says SPCA’s executive director, Shannon Laukhuf. “There’s a path that runs down to the businesses. Clearly, people have walked that path pretty often. It’s hard to believe that someone didn’t notice something. The smell of decomposition is overwhelming.”

A Google Street View of the abandoned lot where the cats were found.

It’s not the first time that multiple dead cats have been found in Yonkers. In March of last year, police were fielding calls from distressed residents on Bretton Road—an eight-minute drive from today’s find—who found more than a dozen poisoned cats in their front yards. In August, 10 more were found on the same road. A culprit was never found, but the investigation is ongoing. At this stage, authorities are not sure if the cases are related, but the latest discovery paints an increasingly sinister picture.

“It’s too early to draw any conclusions,” says Laukhuf. “We’ve never really seen anything like this. What’s so disturbing is the way the cats were hung in bags and arranged. This is obviously the work of someone very deranged.”

In a later statement released Friday afternoon, Laukhuf added:

“All of us at the SPCA of Westchester are deeply appalled by this depraved act of animal cruelty. I want to assure the public that we will use every resource available to us to bring those responsible to swift justice.”

You can donate to the SPCA of Westchester here.

Editor’s Note:  The body count originally reported has been changed to reflect the official report. There were a total of 25 cats in 30 bags. 

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  • A woman killed 5 stray kittens and the mother cat by deliberately starving them to death in her backyard. I gave her $20 of canned food and asked her to feed them because my landlord forbids pets.  She took the food and told me I didn’t have to come back. I assumed she was going to feed them, little did I know she never intended to. She thought she was hurting me, or spiting me because she knew how much I loved the kittens.  Please adopt a kitten, they don’t eat much, they just want some wuv, ty.

  • The police need to set up a cat sting by putting up a camera and put some trained cats on the lot. 

  • people in this world  DISGUST me! the person who did this should be tortured a die a long, slow and painful death. 

  • Can they check every Street and home camera for signs of people who may have done this? Maybe walking to scene camera by camera,to see if they were carrying anything used for the murders or found at the murder scene.these humans will be killing human beings in no time. They must be caught. Google “connection between animal abuse and human abuse”

  • Why couldn’t this happen to dogs, instead? (In response to trolls who think this article is funny, who are most likely dog people) 

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    • I think that’s rather immature to say…. no animals should be killed… let’s just agree on that!

    • Are you fucken kidding me!?!?!? It shouldn’t happen to Any Animal!!!!!!!! Ever!!!! You are just as disgusting as the person who did this to these poor cats!!!!!

    • +
    • Unless by ‘dog people,’ you mean lycanthropes/werewolves, you’ve got a weird POV.

  • There is nothing funny about this. Pretty much every serial killer ever starts out killing animals. Its just a matter of time before this one takes the next step. 

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  • Find him and cut off his hands.

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    • Well that is real mature. You are no better than the cat perps.

  • I place my bet on someone who works for SPCA….

  • Oh! Thanks for finding my cats! I forgot where I left them!

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    • I think its more you forgot where you left your brain moron!

  • What are we talking about here, some awful jazz musicians?

  • What a waste of string. I could have easily gotten the job done with one garbage bag and the exhaust pipe on my Datsun B210.

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    • Shut up moron!  You should be ashamed of yourself for revealing how cowardly you really are.

  • Liberals, communists, socialists, humanists and atheists are at the base of every single damn evil in the world.  EVERY SINGLE TIME.

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    • I don’t remember atheist burning people alive at the stake during the Crusades……  I think that would be Christains. 

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      • Um he never mentioned any “religions” just political movements.

      • Actually the crusades was started by the roman  catholic church which was a collution of government and religion controlled mainly by government… So please, your comparison to real Christianity it’s not even close or valid

      • +
      • Well, atheists were actually busy the last hundred years, slautering and enslaving many millions. Hitler, Stalin and Mao were atheist and created ideologies of murder, hate and slavery, which caused the world more misery and death, than all religions of the world have done in history combined.

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      • Btw, I see I misspelled slaughtering. I didn’t proofread. (just in case you’re a spelling cop)

  • Only a matter of time before this puke escalates to people.

  • This is how ny state treats cats.  I live here so I should know.  A brutal and backward state with abandoned cats everywhere.

  • Silly New Yorkers! Cats? That is not what you hang in a tree!      —– Son of the South

  • The only thing missing is the killer’s limp body hanging from the same tree.

  • This is what happens when you take morality out of the equation Liberals.  People do whatever they want.You progressive liberals built this.

  • So what are they going to do when this freak or these freaks start doing people in? God Help US!

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    • What smell ? Fits.

  • This country has been going downhill so fast.  Weirdos, perverts and immorals all over the place.  

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    • thats what happens when the progs run things.

  • Serial killers often first kill animals before they advance to killing people.I hope the police find this monster before ‘IT’ kills any other animals, or maybe even people next.Those cats suffered pain and fear. I am sorry that happened to those poor innocent felines.Karma will catch up with this excuse for a human even if the cops never do.

  • This country is a total cesspool. Time to leave.

  • This person will die a MUCH WORSE death if i catch them. Pity the fool. 

  • Hope he dies slowly and painfully.

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    • Really that’s a bit extreme isn’t it? I’m my book talk this this is on par with with people who kill cats and hang them in trees. Get some perspective fella.

  • Maybe should have installed a Poll-cam to catch the person or at least their image ?

  • I pray to God they catch this monster soon. This is so very sick.   :-(

  • And the update makes it all the more horrific. Blunt force trauma :(

  • It’s not too early for me to draw a conclusion.  The devil’s fun in the devil’s playground.  

  • No one would miss New York State if Al Qeada blew it up.

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    • Well said!

  • Liberal, lol

  • Who are we to judge other cultures brought in to vote for Democrats?

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    • Well said!

  • The culprit will become known asa he moves his practice to humans. 

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    • That’s what should have people most concerned – someone who who would do this is most likely on track to up the ante and start finding human subjects, if he has not already done so.Profile is easy, too:Male (most likely white), drives a police-type vehicle, has attempted to join the police force or fire department, liked playing with fire as a child and still does, etc., etc., etc.

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      • Watch much TV? 

  • “I just left them there while a pickup a few things at the store. I must have forgot………………..

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    • Feral Cats kill more wildlife than what’s hanging in those trees. No justification for this by any means but something must be done.

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      • Hell Yeah! All good feral cats should hit the local grocery store and max out their credit cards buying canned tuna? Just like nature intended. Do you seriously not understand the moral difference between a wild/feral animal hunting to feed itself and a deranged lunatic killing a defenseless animal for pleasure? Really??


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