Anti-Abortion Activist To Be Deported From Australia

Officials revoked Troy Newman's visa because of concerns that he might incite violence against abortion workers.

Oct 02, 2015 at 4:27 PM ET

A controversial anti-abortion advocate who traveled to Australia to promote a pro-life agenda is scheduled to be deported from the country, according to reports.

Troy Newman’s appeal to the High Court was rejected on Friday, after the American national was detained at Melbourne Airport with a canceled visa. Newman was traveling from the U.S. for a string of talks around Australia.

“Acting as he did means he does not come to this court with clean hands,” said Justice Geoffrey Nettle of Australia’s Immigration Department.

Newman, president of pro-life organization Operation Rescue, was invited to speak at events sponsored by Right To Life Australia. However, reports of his sustained history of threatening behavior towards abortion clinic workers began circulating and a petition was launched to try and keep him out of the country. Australia’s Immigration Department revoked his visa because of concerns that he might incite violence against abortion workers.

He learned that his visa had been revoked at connecting flight at the Denver Airport, and posted a video of his altercation with TSA workers.

Newman managed to talk his way onto another flight and arrived in Australia on Thursday. His wife was allowed to enter and, with the help of their lawyer, launched an appeal against the decision. Now that the appeal has been denied, the immigration department says they are looking to “expedite” his deportation and may fine the airline that allowed him to board without a visa.

“Any person who enters Australia without a valid visa and does not have a lawful basis to remain in Australia is expected to depart,” said Immigration Minister Peter Dutton. “His detention and removal is entirely related to his decision to openly flout Australian law and travel to Australia without a valid visa.”