Evan Feinberg, president of Generation Opportunity, a youth-focused nonprofit based in Arlington, VA, leads a brainstorming meeting on Wed. February 19, 2014, for their next ad campaign, tentatively called "The War on Youth." The group gained notoriety after their ads against the Affordable Care Act - which featured an Uncle Sam character in a doctor's office - went viral.

Are These Young Conservatives Just Another Front for the Koch Brothers?

Known for a viral video depicting Obamacare as Big Government gynecology, Generation Opportunity bills itself as independent and apolitical. That's not the whole story

Back in September, Generation Opportunity, a “liberty-loving,” “nonpartisan,” “youth advocacy group,” made a name for itself with two viral videos, each featuring a character named Creepy Uncle Sam.

The clips were a minute long, and offered the group’s take on what would happen after Obamacare—officially known as the Affordable Care Act—went into effect. In one scene, a woman in her 20s sits back on a gynecological exam table, her feet set in stirrups. The doctor leaves her alone in the room, and Creepy Uncle Sam rises from between her legs, causing her to shriek. In the other, a man of the same age is inexplicably told by his general practitioner to drop his pants, get on the table and bring his knees to his chest. Again the doctor leaves, only this time Creepy Uncle Sam rises from behind, as if he was about to check the patient’s prostate. Both videos end with the same warning: “Don’t let government play doctor.”

Creepy Uncle Sam

These ads, ironically a kind of reverse-communist agitprop, were part of the group’s “Opt Out” campaign, which suggested to uninsured young people that it would be better not to enroll in the new health care exchanges.

The videos’ dark, mixed metaphor and the campaign’s message caused an uproar. But in terms of publicity, both were a success. Collectively, they’ve been viewed more than 3 million times.

At one point, the noise reached such a fever pitch that President Obama felt compelled to comment. “Some of the wealthiest men in America,” he said, “are funding a cynical ad campaign trying to convince young people not to buy health care at all.”

Charles Koch
(Getty Images)

The men in question were Charles and David Koch, two conservative billionaire brothers who, since Obama’s election, have been supporting conservative libertarian causes—often covertly—through layers of benignly named nonprofits. One of these nonprofits is Freedom Partners, a trade group that provided more than $5 million to Generation Opportunity.

David Koch

The Kochs’ strategy, according to Wendell Potter, a former health insurance executive, is “not about health care,” but rather “to continue to try to make the Affordable Care Act unpopular and tied to Democrats,” who, historically, are less likely to support their overall business interests.

Comment From the Kochs

Vocativ reached out to representatives for the Koch Brothers and Freedom Partners. Neither commented in time for publication.

But this position may stand at odds with what is best for young Americans, and that is Generation Opportunity’s challenge: to reach a typically liberal demographic and convince them that Obama’s agenda is harmful.

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  • It pays to know who is funding political advertisments.

  • That ad most certainly does conjure up the image of rape for any woman who has been raped. It’s called a trigger, and I refuse to believe it was done by accident. Probably a stab at rape victims because republicans seem to think rape laws infringe on men’s rights.

  • So is DeBlasio a front for the fat Soros guy??

  • So what if this group is funded by the Koch brothers?  Have you ever heard of MediaMatters, Free Press, or Air America? These are all groups that also claim to be ‘non-partisan’ but are funded by Soros.   Too bad you can’t report on the issues rasied by this organiztion rather than just ad-hominen attcks against its members. 

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  • That actually looks like its gonna be really cool. Wow.www.Anon-Works.com

  • ridiculous how they dodge the questions about nanpartisanship with more generalized comments….as if that solves the predicament they’ve put themselves in. could you be any more obvious?


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