Catarina Migliorni, virgin, arab millionaire.

Like a Virgin? So Did One Arab Millionaire

So he made her an offer she couldn't refuse, but he's still waiting for an answer

Brazilian Catarina Migliorni is a young, pretty virgin with a nose for business—the oldest business in the world. She came to public prominence when she decided to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder. She initially worked through a third party (read: madame) to get her virginity on the market and was offered the significant sum of $780,000 by a Japanese millionaire. Sadly, the deal never went through, and he turned out not to be the 53-year-old sugar daddy he said he was. Natsu, it turned out when they met in Australia, was actually 23. The deal was off, and Catarina’s virginity was back on the market.

Catarina Migliorni is just looking for love...from the highest bidder.

On Jan. 6, U.K. Arab Newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi reported that an anonymous Arab had proposed to Catarina. Was it a case of marriage or money?

How we know

Using various social media analysis and foreign language press monitoring tools, we were able to track this story as it developed from the moment the third auction went online to the moment Catarina announced she was considering a marriage proposal. The suite of tools we deployed to pinpoint this story includes both proprietary and open source technologies, like RSS analysis and creation tools.  

Despite the first unsuccessful auction of her chastity, Catarina had decided to push onward with her commercial deflowering, creating her own website through which to sell herself. The reserve price on to get Catarina into bed was $100,000, but Catarina was already a third of the way to her goal of $1.5 million, with a bid in at $440,000 by the time the amorous Arab came along.

The auction was due to end in December, but it has been extended while she considers the marriage proposal from the unnamed Arab, which comes with the full $1.5 million target sum (dowry, call it what you will) to give up the auction.

The reaction on social media ranges from Middle Eastern moral outrage to analytical, commercial criticism of the proposal.


“I doubt that anyone, Arab or non-Arab, would pay millions for a reckless girl who’s really more of a lady of the night,” said one commenter on Al Quds Al Arabi’s website.

“At a time when Arabs are dying from starvation in sanctions, a rich Arab buys the virginity of a Brazilian girl in an enormous auction. We are a nation who’s shame is laughed at by other nations,” tweeted Arab commenter (below).

01/05/14 17:53 UTC@MajdiSadi

في الوقت الذي يموت فيه العرب جوعآ تحت الحصار ثري عربي يشتري عذرية فتاة برازليه في مزاد ضخم ، نحن أمة ضحكت من عارها الامم #Jo

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And at least one social media user took this occasion as the opportunity to praise the chastity of Arab women: “It’s rare to find a Western or American virgin. …Thankfully, the blessings of Islam have given our Muslim women good souls.”

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  • dood spends fortune on common Brazlian hoobastankit still smells like hoobastankdood is out small fortunehoobastank boffs alll the following dirt-poor guys for free

  • It’s so Ridiculous! Who would want to have sex with a Virgin? A completely inexperienced partner. It’s not a fun experience. You have to be an absolute fool, so ignorant you cannot see the reality the likely outcome of your purchase!

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  • Smart girl! Virginity is over rated and honey, they’re all PIGS anyway. As Rizzo very well put it, you better get you’re kicks, while you’re still young enough to get ‘em… in your case, darling, all 1.5 mil of ‘em. Go get ‘em toots!

  • “It’s rare to find a Western or American virgin. …Thankfully, the blessings of Islam have given our Muslim women good souls.” Blessings = public stoning

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    • Yeah, ridiculous, the hypocrisy is killin’ me. Those Islamists are so sexually surpressed, it’s making them all nuts, blue balled morons… look at them, killing each other all over the middle east and for what? What do you think? To get to those 72 virgins, of course. Oh hypocrisy!!! Please make it stop.

  • Just take the money, if he is willing to pay,  if you decide to get married you lose what God has given all of us, a chance to find true love. Money can’t replce this

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    • There’s no such thing as “True Love” in the first place. Contentment and comfort-ability, are fundamentally what’s important. God never gave us more than the potential for that. Don’t misconstrue. She should take the money, and the proposal, however. If concern is a shallow one – his looks perhaps – then I”m sure they can amicably go about live video in order to see eachother before hand. If she’s satisfied with that, and accomodating living arrangements with him, well, then, accept the proposal. Maybe, get a lawyer, first. 

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      • Yeah and a damn good Prenup!

  • ..first of all she is not pretty and looks old much more if she turns 40? by the way there are also muslim women who are single but were already devirginized but werekept secret…just like gays in the muslimworld but were kept in their closet forever until they die (being a gay muslim is not permitted)…COMMON SENSE right?  

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    • Yeah and there are so many gay muslims, it’s almost sad. They should all just come out at once and put an end to this madness. 

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  • And at least one social media user took this occasion as the opportunity to praise the chastity of Arab women: “It’s rare to find a Western or American virgin. …Thankfully, the blessings of Islam have given our Muslim women good souls.”- UM SHE’S NOT AMERICAN (or even western really) SHE’S BRAZILIAN!

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    • Are you under the impression that Brazil isn’t part of the West? It was Lebanese who founded Brazil, not Portuguese?

    • Brazil is most definitely part of the West.

  • SILLY ARABS… virginity is not a thing.

  • Oh Islam.

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    • Mark Sloan, you are excellent, how can you attribute a pervert man’s action to a religion? then, I claim this girl is a christian, and oh christian, sells body for money!!!!!our both ideas are completely wrong!!!!!!

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      • I would pay her £1-00 Sterling.Then let here share my home and have my children.But she would have to wash my underwear.

  • I don’t like the generalization that western or American virgins are rare– this is not true.  Further, not being a virgin does not indicate a soul is not “good.”

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    • Couldn’t agree more!!

  • this story is old and this girl is not very photogenic. maybe i need to see her in video motion, but she doesn’t seem to be that pretty or beautiful. certainly not attractive enough to be paid for sex. the term “butterface” comes to mind…(everything is sexy, But-Her-Face.)

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    • Not attractive enough to be paid for sex? Have you ever seen the TV show COPS?

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      • Haha! Touche indeed.

  • I like how my comment about the detestful treatment of Arabic women was deleted. COWARD moderator.

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    • Marcia, the truth always hurts.

  • …the blessing of Islam has given Muslim girls good souls?!?! Yeah just so you can deflower that “good soul” for the right price?! Yeah, good morals ppl

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    • Good souls, could be but good men would be far better wouldn’t it ?

  • just go to a college campus in america and you can have your pick of the litter of virgins for far less. a million bucks? she’s a generic girl. nothing special.

  • She’s not even attractive.

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    • Exactly I won’t even pay a $1 for this pathetic excuse of a woman

    • He ain’t payin’ for her face.

  • Good souls and plastic surgeries of the hymen, congratulations. :)

  • love


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