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Want To Work For Us?

We’re always interested in meeting people who share our vision for great storytelling, data-driven news and new technology applied to news-gathering. Below are a list of our current openings. For more info or to apply, please ping us at: jobs@vocativ.com


Position Summary:
The Data Scientist will be a key resource, managing data projects from end to end, in order to tell beautiful data driven newsworthy stories at Vocativ.

•Creative - Come up with ideas for new data driven stories, research methods and tools.
•Lead - Lead data driven stories and reporting from inception to publishing, working with different staff members to product quality text and video reporting.
•Analytical - Analyze and identify patterns in big data sets, and evolving models for our ongoing investigations.
•Team Player - Work closely with our deep web analysts, perform investigations and build models for specific team requirements and needs.
•Geek - Develop scripts and tools for data gathering, structuring and analysis for our deep web analysts and journalists.
•Storyteller – Shape data into beautiful and informative stories with our developers and designers. Visualize and communicate your insights and methods to our audience in a compiling way.
•Innovative - Support the research and product team and help develop a big-data solution to mining insights from large unstructured datasets.

•BA/BS Degree in Applied Mathematics or Statistics, Computer Science or Engineering.
•MS degree a plus
•3-5 years experience in Business Intelligence and analysis
•Hands on experience in scripting is a must. Python or R is preferred.
•Knowledge of statistical methods in modeling and analytics.
•Ability to work hands on with large scale data sets and databases.
•Experience working with web APIs and open source libraries is an advantage.
•Great communication skills and team player

Vocativ is seeking a full-time dataviz/infographic designer to join our New York office. We’re looking for someone to own the creation of static infographics and data visualizations to complement our articles. The candidate will work hand-in-hand with our news team to teach best design practices, adopt current design trends, and make our dataviz as beautiful and shareable as possible. You will be willing to learn to use, adapt and improve tools like ChartBuilder, R, CartoDB to create interactive pieces, and be eager to developing coding ability in D3 to make custom interactive pieces. Your main goal is to improve and make consistent our visual style, increase the diversity of visualization methods in our static pieces, create and integrate more graphics, illustrations, and icons into our visualizations  Responsibilities:
  • Work independently and with reporters/editors to create and stylize both in-depth interactive data visualizations as well as quick-turn static infographics in response to breaking news events
  • Work on simple graphic explanations of stories and data for images to be shared on Twitter and Facebook along with the article
  • Surface interesting datasets and sources for data that can be turned into articles or dataviz
  • Our ideal candidate will have relevant experience of creating online data visualizations and information graphics for news with deep knowledge of the use (and abuse) of data visualization.
  • Make our design and dataviz design more cohesive and consistent, and help establish a visual style for our graphics consistent with Vocativ’s overall brand
  • Highly skilled in Illustrator & Photoshop
  • Highly numerate, demonstrated proficiency in Excel a huge plus
  • Knowledge of at least one coding language (D3, Javascript) also a plus
  • Able to work to tight deadlines
  • Interested in news, allergic to word clouds, you pronounce gif the correct way


QA Automation Engineer

Location: Tel Aviv

Position Summary
We’re looking for experienced automation engineer who is passionate about creating automation scripts, finding defects and recommending improvements to product and process

What you'll do:
• Be responsible for quality control and software testing activities
• Defining and develop automatic tests from scratch
• Write and design test plans and executing tests
• Engage in defining operational objectives, work plans and test methodologies
• Serve as a professional authority within the fields of your activity
• Work closely with development engineers and product managers within an Agile development environment

What we’re looking for:
• Minimum 3 years of experience in test automation and functional testing
• Experienced in web technologies - web and server testing: UI, functionality, communication, servers and DBs
• Proven experience with open source automation tools and scripting
• Proven experience with software testing methodologies, procedures and documentation
• Ability to deep dive into complex problems & find their root cause
• Good understanding of development life cycle in SCRUM (Agile)
• High level of communication skills (Hebrew & English)
• Proven experience with building automation infrastructure in R&D


Senior Client Side Developer

Location: Tel Aviv

Position Summary
We are looking for experienced client side developers.
If you’re interested in working with the latest technologies, have a desire to build software that your customers actually love to use and are passionate about software development – in an innovative, analytical and cutting edge client side software in the area of open source intelligence then we are the place for you.

What you'll do:
• Build high-performing, secure, globalized software using design patterns.
• Participate in code reviews.
• Write beautiful HTML5 based UI
• Follows and contributes to software development best practices.
• Offers proposed design changes/suggestions to processes and products.
• Contributes to organizational goals and objectives.
• Working in teams and according to Agile/SCRUM methodology.

What we’re looking for:
• Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or equivalent army experience
• At least 3 year experience with OOP in JavaScript
• JQuery experience – must
• Experience with single page applications in MVC
• Knockout.js/Angular.js/Backbone experience – advantage
• C# experience – advantage
• Fast coding capabilities and a quick learner

United States (NYC)

Position Summary:
We’re looking for top-notch editorial leaders with a passion for data and curation to lead teams who will use the latest curation tools and social news validation. Our senior producers will manage the site home page, section pages and the producers who create video powered stories across the site. Proven curation skills, data driven editorial success matched with a proven track record of social best practices are a must.

• Lead data and trends, execute editorial vision for the day, adapting to breaking news
• Passion for developing and experimenting with new methods of curation and aggregation.
• Build video driven story experiences, edit scripts/stories/headlines for maximum clarity, editorial and traffic impact
• Manage multiple sources of information
• Coach, mentor and manage team of producers and external contributors
• Manage homepage and section fronts for maximum appeal to visitors
• Thrive in a fast paced, start up environment with rapid fire decision making skills

• 5-8 years experience in a high volume setting with a mix of video, curation, aggregation and original content production
• Strong editorial skills {Story selection, SEO best practice headlines, copy editing, video review, editorial page management}
• Technology savvy in latest tools for news gathering and production for consumers and pros
• Demonstrated ability to build content for SEO and social traffic
• Demonstrated data driven decision making skills in laying out pages and selecting content to feature and cover
• Web video promotion best practice familiarity and experience
• Strong background with social media for news gathering and distribution (e.g., traffic trends) and addressing opportunities from it as well as solving problems learned from it
• Identify and develop the news stories, angles, segments, and formats that will drive audiences and achieve a return on programming investment
• Working knowledge of content creation for traditional and new media, including online, mobile, and social media platforms
• Proven leadership and managerial skills including previous direct managerial responsibilities of traditional journalists as well as non-traditional sources, such as bloggers, in the completion of news content for the end user
• In-depth knowledge of national and international news and be able to create compelling and visually exciting newscasts and story packages using multiple sources and media
• Able to handle breaking news situations
• Expertise in content “packaging” to attract audiences, including search-engine optimization strategies
• Expertise in managing video production and programming, especially on new media platforms
• Sophisticated understanding of the traditional and new media industries. Demonstrated ability to accurately assess emerging trends and innovations in media creation, distribution, and consumption
• Extensive news management experience with a cable and/or new media company

Senior Server Side Developer Location: Tel Aviv Position Summary We’re looking for super talented server-side software developers interested in building amazing innovative open source intelligence software that customers actually love to use and who are passionate about software development. What you'll do: • Building high-performance, secure software using design patterns • Following and contributing to software development best practice • Proposing design changes/suggestions to processes and products • Supporting organizational goals and objectives • Working in a team using agile scrum methodology • Develop awesome new features What we’re looking for: • Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or equivalent army experience • At least 4 years’ experience in Java or c# • Server side experience (design patterns, multithreading, data structures, etc.) • Knowledge in big data technologies • Experience with JavaScript / HTML5 – a plus • Experience with RESTful services development – a plus • Fast coding capabilities and a quick learner

Media / New Media
United States (NYC)

Position Summary:
Vocativ is hiring a full-time Social Media Editor to join its New York team. You’ll be responsible for helping run our social media channels and interacting with site users and followers. That means increasing our audience, retaining them, and engaging with them. You’ll know when emojis are stronger than words and when to ask more of our editors and journalists to give their content the extra legs it deserves.

• Writing great social media posts that users will interact with, which match the platform
• Deciding what’ll get our audience talking and sharing our articles and putting that plan into action
• Implementing social strategy for outreach, acquisition and engagement
• Experimenting with best practices unique to each social media platform
• Identify and targeting people/publications for content outreach
• Managing email newsletter campaigns
• Contributing to editorial brainstorming with story ideas bubbling up via social
• Occasionally, writing posts/articles

• Excellent, witty writing ability. You can sum up 1,000 words up in a pithy tweet.
• Proven track record building a social media following and using that following in innovative ways (on Facebook in particular).
• Your online footprint reflects your curiosity about the internet and the world at large.
• Deep knowledge of various publishing platforms, and just as important, the prowess to quickly master new ones.
• Good judgment. Ability to work autonomously (but not, you know, too autonomously).
• Experience with interpreting and constructing analytics reports and using analytics software
• Online journalism/reporting experience. It’s not a primary duty, but there’s plenty of opportunity to write and report for those who have the skills.
• You pronounce gif correctly


WordPress Developer - Vocativ
Location: Tel Aviv

Position Summary
• Are you a talented and innovative web developer?
• Do you live and breathe Javascript, HTML, CSS and all that is modern web development?
• Do you want to be a part of the team building the next generation of news organization?

We are seeking a talented front end developer with a passion for creating beautiful user experiences and developing innovative products. You will be developing major new features that will be used by millions of users across the globe, including innovative real time data visualizations.

What you'll do:
• Develop cutting edge, intuitive UI
• Keep Vocativ.com fast and lean
• Ensure great consistent user experience across the Vocativ site
• Meet project deadlines and product launches & releases
• Be responsible for product quality and timeliness of product delivery

Skills we’re looking for:
• Existing knowledge of WordPress and building WP plugins
• The ability to create an amazing user interface from scratch as well as building upon and improving existing code
• Highly motivated individual who can deliver high-quality code in a timely manner, whether working alone or in a small team
• Deep understanding in Javascript and other web technologies
• Efficient, well-structured use of HTML tags and CSS selectors/properties
• Experience in developing high performance/traffic websites
• Experience with map libraries such as leaflet.js is an advantage