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Kindle Führer: “Mein Kampf” Tops Amazon Charts

E-book versions of Hitler's opus are rising in the rankings on Amazon and iTunes. What gives?

You won’t see Adolf Hitler peering back at you from the featured display tables at Barnes & Noble any time soon. But browse the most popular e-book stores these days and Der Führer’s mug is seemingly unavoidable. For a year now, his magnum manifesto has loomed large over current best-sellers on iTunes, where at the time of this writing two different digital versions of Mein Kampf rank 12th and 15th on the Politics & Current Events chart alongside books by modern conservative powerhouses like Sarah Palin, Charles Krauthammer and Glenn Beck.

In fact, all seven of Beck’s books trail Herr Hitler’s nearly century-old tell-all, which consistently holds its own against new e-blockbusters like Game Change by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, This Town by Mark Leibovich, and Nate Silver’s The Signal and the Noise.


burning money 

Mein Kampf hasn’t made The New York Times nonfiction chart since its U.S. release in 1939, the same year Germany invaded Poland, and its print sales have fallen steadily ever since. But with a flood of new e-book editions, Hitler’s notorious memoir just clocked a banner digital year. One 2012 English-language version is currently the number one Propaganda & Political Psychology book on Amazon. Another digital selection is a player in the Globalization category.


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Or to put it another way: On Amazon, there are more than 100 versions of Mein Kampf for sale in every conceivable print and audio format, from antique hardbacks to brand-new paperbacks. Of those 100 iterations, just six are e-books—yet all six of them rank among the 10 best-selling versions overall. And those are just the ones people are paying for.

REICH 3.0: At press time, two separate versions of "Mein Kampf" ranked 12th and 15th in the Politics & Current Events chart on iTunes.

So what exactly is going on here? Are people reading Hitler on their smartphones and Kindles? Is this what happens when Mein Kampf becomes available in the privacy of our own iPads? Could it be a cultural curiosity much like what’s happened with sleazy romance novels, which surveys show are increasingly consumed in more clandestine e-form?


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The first Kindle edition of Mein Kampf surfaced in late 2008, selling for $1.60. Shortly after that, another version popped up for $1.58 and rocketed up Amazon’s Legal Thrillers chart, then suddenly vanished in March 2009, along with a slightly pricier rival version, after a blogger at CNET acknowledged its burgeoning success. At the time, Amazon did not respond to CNET, which found it “unclear who uploaded the Kindle Edition of Mein Kampf.” Nevertheless, the e-book behemoth removed the virtual versions while continuing to offer a range of cloth and paperback printings, the overwhelming majority of which sold poorly if at all.


Best Place TodGet Kidnapped Poster366199188

Houghton Mifflin, which holds the copyright of an English translation favored by scores of academics, hasn’t published a softcover of Mein Kampf since 1998, and U.S. sales declined in the mid-1990s, when retailers moved an estimated 15,000 annual print copies. But as tablets gained popularity in the late-2000s, the e-book’s presence grew and then soared. Besides the iTunes and Kindle-compatible versions, hundreds of txt and pdf files are available for download from thousands of online sources. More than a dozen free English-language versions of Mein Kampf have been downloaded in excess of 100,000 times from the nonprofit Internet Archive alone.

KINDLENACHT: One of several Amazon charts dominated by Hitler

Despite the vast availability of no-cost copies, paid editions of Mein Kampf have crept up on hot lists since companies like Barnes & Noble and most recently Apple launched aggressive e-reader campaigns. One of the purged electronic editions from 2008 has since returned to Kindle and regularly registers on the Communism & Socialism charts. Another pick, “The Official 1939 Version,” was listed by the U.K.-based Coda Books in September 2011 and is currently the 17th best-seller in Nationalism in any format. And an “unexpurgated” edition of Mein Kampf that showed up on Amazon two years ago continues to hold in the Philosophers rankings.


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Hitler’s big comeback, though, came in 2013, when a 99 cent Kindle version released in January started charting among World War II books and Historical Biographies & Memoirs. Its publisher, a California company called Elite Minds Inc., uses the dollar e-book to promote more expensive original translations of Mein Kampf they retail in print and audio packages. In an email to Vocativ, Elite Minds President Michael Ford says, “Sales are great,” but notes that he faces “a moral dilemma in promotion” in that he fears advocating “something that could be misused.” He says, “I have not heavily promoted the book and decided, for the most part, to let it spread among those who have a true historical and academic interest naturally.”


November 22, 1993 will mark the 30th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy, and Texas Governor John Connally ride through Dallas moments before Kennedy was assassinated, November 22, 1963 - RTXEYOL 

While the Amazon and iTunes algorithms are proprietary secrets—and the best-selling e-publishers of Hitler’s work declined to share figures with Vocativ—current rankings suggest Mein Kampf could be following a similar trend to that of smut and romance novels. People might not have wanted to buy Mein Kampf at Borders or have it delivered to their home or displayed on their living room bookshelf, let alone get spotted reading it on a subway, but judging by hundreds of customer comments online, readers like that digital copies can be quietly perused then dropped into a folder or deleted. “I think I waited 45 years to read Hitler’s words,” writes one reviewer. Another sums it up thusly: “Curiosity killed me to get this book.”


Male Rape 041dd143350877


Similar comments have been made about the erotic smash hit 50 Shades of Grey, which in June 2012 became the first book to move 1 million units on Kindle. According to the Romance Writers of America, “Romance buyers are buying e-books to a greater extent when compared with other major fiction subgenres,” with e-book sales in the genre doubling annually. An October 2013 Book Industry Study Group report titled “Consumer Attitudes Toward Book Reading” yielded comparable results, finding that “more than 50 percent [of subjects] surveyed say they prefer romance and erotic fiction in digital,” while “less than 10 percent preferred print.”

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There are other rational explanations for Hitler’s success in the digital realm, like the fact that tablets are much less cumbersome than, say, the hulking 694-page Houghton Mifflin hardcover. But Mein Kampf’s electronic popularity is more likely a result of the 50 Shades phenomenon coupled with latent curiosity that’s easily sated with a click. In a 2010 talk at Harvard, Rice University sociologist Elizabeth Long noted that stigmatized genres like “mystery, science fiction and especially pornography” have forever been “sentenced to back corners, stuffed away out of sight,” and predicted that taboo titles would migrate off physical bookshelves and into the cloud. Compared to Mein Kampf, books about chains and leather seem pretty soft core.

This first-edition copy of "Mein Kampf," signed by Adolf Hitler, fetched approximately $48,000 at auction in 2005. It was likely removed from one of Hitler's offices at the end of World War II.


Translating in English to “My Battle,” Mein Kampf initially debuted to lackluster public interest. Hoping book profits could help cover mounting legal fees, Hitler began writing his memoir in prison in 1923, shortly after his then fledgling Nazi battalion was captured while trying to seize power in Munich. Annual sales of the first volume, a 400-plus-page screed printed in 1925, failed to exceed 10,000 copies. A 1927 volume with a key addition outlining Hitler’s nascent extinction agenda sold 55,000 copies in 1930, and sales jumped exponentially after Hitler became chancellor in 1933. In a surefire marketing strategy, throughout the remainder of the decade the Third Reich bought and distributed 6 million copies of Mein Kampf to German citizens, including complimentary hardcovers for couples on their wedding day. By the time of his suicide in 1945, Hitler’s book had earned him the modern equivalent of $152 million.

EXPLAINER: The 'Mein Kampf' Copyright

A translation of Mein Kampf by Nazi sympathizer James Murphy was published in 1939 in the U.K., quickly becoming “the big sensation.” But it was soon swept up in a legal battle with two rival versions. Houghton Mifflin, which secured the U.S. copyright to Mein Kampf in 1939, published its own deluxe translation curated by 10 distinguished “editorial sponsors,” but the publishing giant wound up in court fighting yet another competing edition by Stackpole & Sons, a Pennsylvania imprint that claimed the work was in the public domain and not protected by copyright. The ensuing decision in the 1939 case, Houghton Mifflin Co. v. Stackpole Sons, Inc., set a precedent for Hitler and all other people of questionable statehood, whom the court ruled are “entitled to the benefits of American copyright laws.”

Even before Hitler offed himself in 1945, Houghton Mifflin was persuaded to direct profits from the book to Jewish refugees. From that point on, it became unofficial protocol to redistribute money made from Mein Kampf, and in 1979, the U.S. War Claims Fund paid out $139,000 in confiscated Hitler royalties to American ex-POWs. As noted, reparations and donations continued into the 2000s. After that, in addition to there being less confiscated Hitler royalties to go around, some charities began roundly rejecting proceeds from the book. Still, here and in various places abroad, booksellers—sometimes skirting the law and sometimes adhering to copyright (as with U.S. sellers of public domain versions like the 1939 Murphy edition, or their own proprietary translations)—have largely stayed under the radar. One possible exception is Amazon, which retails more than 100 versions and makes between 35 to 70 percent royalties on each copy.  

Several generations later, Mein Kampf remains a seismic and unnerving force. Nowhere has it caused more contention than in Germany, which banned new production of the book upon inheriting copyright ownership in 1945 and maintains national exclusivity until 2015. Lawmakers there had pledged to release an annotated version of Mein Kampf to coincide with the expiration of their rights. Last month, however, officials iced the plan out of concern that any acknowledgment of Hitler could project the wrong message, particularly at a time when German leaders are struggling to suppress an electorally active neo-Nazi faction from infecting the republic.

“At the very least, this episode illustrates the ongoing absurdity of the situation around the publication of Hitler’s book in Germany,” noted The Guardian’s Berlin correspondent. The government, he wrote, “can do nothing about the thousands of scans uploaded outside Germany that remain just a keystroke away for those within the country.”

The first edition with signed photograph. (CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images)
AFP/Getty Images

Trying to curb Hitler’s sales has proven a futile exercise worldwide. Since showing up in Asia 15 years ago, Mein Kampf has sold in excess of 100,000 copies in India. In 2005, the debut of the first-ever Turkish translation sold 100,000 copies in the first two months. And now, with the e-book revolution in full swing, readers are downloading Hitler everywhere. But who exactly is pocketing the profits?


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In the past, sales have understandably drawn scrutiny from Holocaust survivor advocates and Jewish groups. Random House, which holds the U.K. copyright on the most popular English translation, has donated in excess of $1 million to the Holocaust Survivors’ Memoirs Project. In 2000, members of the World Jewish Congress convinced Houghton Mifflin to share the wealth. Thirteen years later, the WJC has adjusted its strategy to the changing times. Rather than petitioning for philanthropic reparations, the international organization is now asking the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, to stop selling Mein Kampf and other hate books altogether.


IsTheWorst 042412dffd989967

“Amazon is a powerful and iconic company,” says WJC CEO Robert Singer, who emphasizes theirs is not a call to ban the book, but rather a “corporate responsibility campaign.”

“Amazon chooses not to sell many titles, such as pornography and books promoting incest, because some find that material offensive,” says Singer. “We’re just asking the company to stop profiting from the sale of other offensive materials.”


Underminer Gift Guide Poster 01230847791

The WJC hasn’t heard back from Amazon. A spokesperson for the company responded to initial inquiries from Vocativ, but ceased communicating after we specifically mentioned Mein Kampf. So too did Montecristo Publishing, an obscure Brazilian outfit that specializes in re-packaging public domain manuscripts, whose 99-cent version of the book currently ranks 15th in the iTunes Politics & Current Events category, where it’s gaining on Palin and has already edged out Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich. Like Amazon, Montecristo stopped emailing Vocativ after we asked how many copies they’ve sold and if they share profits with charities.


burning money 

Michael Ford, president of the other major e-publisher of Mein Kampf on iTunes, Elite Minds, explains that he prefers “to use the earnings to develop other products that help people” and has “an issue with giving profits to one group or another.”

“This is a historical book,” says Ford. “To claim that some particular group, museum or activist cause should be entitled to money from it just because of its place in history is illogical to me.”

Chris Faraone is the News and Features Editor of DigBoston. His most recent book,
I Killed Breitbart, has been getting spanked by Mein Kampf on Kindle and iTunes for the past three months.

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  • Why not just read the abridged version of Mein Kampf Vol I (the book is in two volumes) for free on Scribd:http://www.scribd.com/doc/49973688/Mein-Kampf-Vol-I-AbridgedVery interesting to read about the struggle after the Great War, with the communists fomenting riots, beating up shopkeepers and attacking every conservative party meeting. This is why the National Socialists added “socialist” to their name, to win over some of the workers who were desperate from poverty after Britain’s blockade, and who would otherwise join the Left. (As you can read in just the first ten pages of the abridged version, Hitler opposes the socialist parties on every point. Like he said, “our socialism is not the socialism of the left”, meaning it was just old-fashioned care for your fellow Germans, without the socialist ideology. But the brainwashed workers wouldn’t join a party without “socialist” in the name.) This is also why the SA was formed, because they needed protection from the socialist attacks on their party meetings. This was applauded by the conservatives parties too, who saw someone fight back for once. No wonder most of the Conservatives in parliament joined the NSDAP in 1933, after giving Hitler authority to rule by decree in order to stop the communist riots and killings. Otherwise Germany might have become a new Soviet Union. Roosevelt and the British media would have been extremely happy for that and would have funded them. Germany and the Soviet Union would have taken over not just Eastern but Western Europe too, with no British or American interference.

  • If the World Jewish Congress is going to ask Internet booksellers to stop selling books that promote hate, are they going to push to stop sales of the Bible? The Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, in particular, is overflowing with hate for Gentiles. For example, Numbers 31:17-18 has Moses ordering the Israelite army regarding a recently defeated people to “kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.” Leviticus 25:44-46 has the Hebrew/Jewish god teaching the Hebrews/Jews not to own fellow Jews as slaves, but they can own Gentile people and our children as slaves “for ever.” And we can’t forget Isaiah 60:12 which openly threatens any Gentile nation that will not serve Israel with utter destruction and being “wasted.” The American founder and Deist, Thomas Paine, summed it up well in The Age of Reason, The Complete Edition when he wrote, “The Jews made no converts; they butchered all.”Progress! Bob Johnsonwww.deism.com 

  • So, the name of hitler’s political party was the (N)ational (Z)osialist (A)rbeits/workers parte(I).He ran vehemently against the Conservative party in Germany, called the REPUBLICANS.The Republicans had thrown him in jail as a political radical, where he wrote the book.He was elected as a leftwing socialist to counter the communists which had by that time taken over 1/3 of the parliment and were taking over several other countries.Once in office he manipulated the political system to give the offfice of the presidency dictatorial powers.

  • “…two different digital versions of Mein Kampf rank 12th and 15th on the Politics & Current Events chart alongside books by modern conservative powerhouses like Sarah Palin, Charles Krauthammer and Glenn Beck.” Did the writer get a kickback from OFA for the obligatory “CONSERVATIVES ARE EVIL” message? I couldn’t even find a book by Palin in that list, and most of Glenn Beck’s books were down the charts mixed among plenty of other viewpoints–Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher, etc. Not that I’m a fan of any of them, on the right or the left. Krauthammer’s no. 1 because he doesn’t crank out a new book every six months. I could look at the same list and say “Obama, Saul Alinsky, and Hitler all appear in the top 100!”

  • Odd thing about these sales. Most went to White House staff members and Dumbocrat Congressmen and women.

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  • Indeed–I would think Mein Kampf, Das Kapital, Rules for Radicals and President Obma’s “Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance” would be of interest to anyone trying to figure out what is happening.

  • People need to read this to find out what Obozo next move is. He has a copy too.

  • ” And now, with the e-book revolution in full swing, readers are downloading Hitler everywhere. But who exactly is pocketing the profits? “Probably Jews, but everytime you buy a jar of peanut butter , a box of plastic wrap or toilet bowl cleaner you’re lining their pockets [ not even going into their other rackets]. So, don’t worry about money — they’ve already got your money — worry about your soul.

  • <slowly raising left hand> …ok, yes. count me in with the above, w/the exception of my downloaded choice was in audiobook version – …and im officially owning it.(*pun always intended)

  • Kampf means Struggle, not Battle.  The same as Jihad.

  • Jews are destroying the white race in every white nation on Earth. when that happens, people are bound to wake up.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I really hope you’re kidding… But sadly I fear that you’re not, in which case I hope you realize that you’re being deceived.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • It’s not every single Jew (far from it) — it’s an element among wider Jewry.  Just as there are elements among other peoples who abuse and cause havoc. But as Jews have within them an innate radicalism added on to fierce ethnocentrism and a religious/tribal/cultural code that places all non-Jews as a lower form of human open to all matters of abuse — this element among them is a uniquely strong strain. That is what differenciates them , in this regard. And they regard the German(-ic) as the most competant rival (to put it extremely simplistic).

  • Maybe because our president Obama has decided to bring back a race war. seems as though Obama is against white people, though some white people don’t like him and decide to gain inspiration by reading Hitler’s similar struggles.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • That is precisely why.  People are trying to learn how fascist, rascists think.  Bammy is the Hitler of today.

  • Who are the buyers, tea party and right wing extremist? 

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • yea, that’s it, “stupid”.

    • How are you getting there from this story? Do you really think that folks on the right read more than folks on the left?

  • “Hitler will emerge from the hatred that surrounds him now as one of the most significant figures who ever lived…He had a mystery about him in the way that he lived and in the manner of his death that will live and grow after him. He had in him the stuff of which legends are made.”- John F. Kennedy

  • Anti-Semitism is making a come back? Fearlessly ask yourself WHY?? BTW, there are only a few Semites in the Jooish Cabal!! Raspectfully sabmitted,Filthy Goy, son of a Shiksa!!

  • Anti-Semitism is making a come back? Fearlessly ask yourself WHY?? BTW, there are only a few Semites in the Jewish Cabal!! Respectfully submitted,Filthy Goy, son of a Shiksa!!

  • I will never forget Hitler’s last words,When I return no more Mr.Nice guy. 

  • How does this make me feel? Very, very scared for America’s future.

  • scary

  • This is important news.  The only people that were surprised by Hitler were those that had not read Mein Kampf, or perhaps did not believe Hitler was serious.Those who don’t learn history are, indeed, damned to repeat it.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • And have you read it?

  • I would be willing to bet there has been a huge increase in purchases of Atlas Shrugged but that doesn’t get reported!  I, over the last 6 years, have purchased 4 copies at used book stores!  I disagree with those commenting that the books are being purchased by anti-semites.  The books are being purchases to sompare Obama’s actions with Hitler, to see if there is any resemblances!  Of course the liberals would love to make this out as a threat to the Jews!

  • I read it because so many people were saying Obamas ideology is much like Hitlers.  Yes, getting in in e-format is much easier to deal with.  I read in bed.  The full book would knock me out if I fell asleep with it.The book goes off the rails about a third of the way through, but that’s all you need.  Indeed, much of the stated idology seems shared.  Don’t know why anyone else is reading it, but we should be happy that people have an interest in history…finally…lets hope it’s not to late.

  • Hitler is a freaken god…if he was here now there would be no Jewish new world order nor a federal reserve no Jews ripping off gentiles via banking system and ways of money changing..no more Jewish control BS propaganda on TV anymore…Jews control 95% of Hollywood and 90% of all major media networks..Jews are a cancer to society,,,Hitler was right all along

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Jenny, you are sick and twisted. Don’t you realize that Jesus, creator of the Universe, chose to come into this world as a Jew?  You will stand in judgement some day.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Yeah, and she’ll be made one of the queens of the Universe! ;)

    •   Yes, we need to get rid of the bankers because modern banking is fraudulent.  Under the fractional reserve system, when you deposit $1 into the bank, the bank uses that as a base to loan out $10.  Where’d they get that money from?  They created it out of nothing by a bookkeeping entry!  Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve banks are privately owned banks.  They create federal reserve notes and then loan them to the U.S. govt at face value, plus interest.  If we’re to have paper money, why not have the U.S. govt create the money directly without paying interest to the banks for the “privilege” of allowing a private banking consortium to use the govt’s legal tender powers?  The answer is that we’re all being conned, and if Hitler saw that, then more power to him!  Ironically, the most intellectual critics of the modern banking system are economics who are part of the Austrian School, which in Hitler’s day was led by the Jew Ludwig von Mises, and later on his American Jewish prodigy Murray Rothbard.  Rothbard was the economic guru of Congressman Ron Paul.  My point?  Even some good Jews see the con and expose it.

  • I will tell you exactly why. When I was in High School I read voraciously. I read hundreds of books on political science. Shocking things. The Librarians however, scowled and obviously judged when I checked out Mein Kampf. Even more so when I renewed it to finish. They didn’t care when I read Das Kapital, The Communist Manifesto, or the entire shelf of Russian Revolution and bolshevism lit., or even books by other tyrants. And man, you should have seen the looks on their faces when I checked out a Koran. Most of this was for school anyway, not that I need justification. That is why print pronography is dying, and people are reading Mein Kampf online. Just remember you judgemental bookstore and library employees, to avoid repeating history, don’t I have to recognize it?

  • So does the Hitler family still get the royalties ? Just wondering who is making the bucks, would not surprise me if it turns out to be Jew, which would be highly ironic .

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • he has no surviving family.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Yes, he does. He has three great nephews that live in Long Island, NY.

  • Hitler was a hero trying to stop the banker NWO global takeover and people are beginning to understand that. The winners wrote history.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • I would not exactly call him a hero, but yes, he was onto the bankers. Henry Ford,Walt Disney, and many other Americans were on his side pertaining to those particular issues.

    • Obvious troll. He didn’t toss out bankers. As a matter of fact, he did business with plenty of New York Bankers through fascist Spain. Besides, it kind of cancels out any good that there might have been when you torture and exterminate millions of people. The winners wrote history and funded both sides.

    • +
    • People just want to compare what Hitler was doing to his country to what Obama is doing now … and finding there’s not a lot of differences.

  • I read it, for about the first three chapters, at which point I ascertained it was the rantings of a narrow minded tool.  I really never did finish it.  I was trying to get inside his head.  I had the same reaction when I read the Audacity of Hope, which is equally twisted, but in a different direction.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • You have exactly.Obama is a sick and twisted man elected by a immature and low information electorate. A pop culture icon and hopefully we will move Obama into the dust bin of history along with other childish ideas

  • “alongside books by modern conservative powerhouses like Sarah Palin, Charles Krauthammer and Glenn Beck”Could your smear be any more transparent?

  • the bible says there will be one more holocost of the jews right before the return of Christ, so once again current events point to the truth of the bible and the soon return of The Lord Jesus Christ.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • What the Bible refers to is the Roman Destruction of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. That was the end of Judea, the current ones are converts hundreds of years later. They were to be “scattered among the nations of the Earth”, and they are.

  • The more they try to suppress it, the more people will want to read it. Everyone knows how bad the people running our countries are right now. By those very bad people trying to suppress this they are encouraging others who hate the people in power to read this volumn. The people in power are now zombies, simply eating away at the heart of our societies and our cultures.

  • Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Mein Kampf has never been readily available in any bookstore. Despite being able to be found in any bookstore since first published, The Communist Manifesto is certainly ranking right up there as well and is likely more popular than the Dear Leader’s Dreams of My Father.

  • I don’t think this is an indication of a rise in anti-semitism.  It’s more of a matter of people trying to educate themselves for defensive purposes.  Now that the United States is faced with dealing with a would be tyrannical dictator of its own, people are simply trying to educate themselves as to how Germany went off the rails in the 1930′s.I don’t think they’ll have much luck reading Mein Kampf, though.  I purchased the book several years ago, when Bathhouse Barry first appeared on the scene, in an attempt to gain some insight into how people like Hitler and Barry think.  The book, though, is, at best, a very tedious read and not something most people are going to be willing to suffer through.In my opinion, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” gives more insight into how Hitler rose to power and gained control of his country.  It’s 1,200 pages and also a tedious read, but the parallels between Hitler and Bathhouse Barry’s respective rises to power are unmistakable and frightening

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Disagree.  If that were true then people would be purchasing “the Communist Manifesto” and “Das Kapital” since many American politicians have communist and ultra left wing sympathies which is becoming very transparent.  Hitler and a black supremacist like Obama are a study in contrasts, not similarities.  Hilter at least distinguished himself on the battle field in WWI and rescued Germany from economic collapse whereas Obama is a two bit race hustler with dubious credentials and who is leading America to economic armageddon.      

  • They probably want to compare him to our own version of Mein Fuhrer here in the USA.

  • As US Progressives make great gains, it is only logical that the people would want to read the work of the father of progressive thought, der feurer himself.   You can get a hard bound copy of Mein Kampf and Hillary Clinton’s Memoirs as a package deal.

  • This is not good: anti-semistism on the rise again!

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Why must the world revolve around what’s good for the Jews?  Why is opposing organised Jewry considered the worst possible sin?  Why no concern for the MILLIONS of Americans, Englishmen, Germans (yes, even Germans), Russians, etc., who died in WWII?  Why do ONLY the Jews matter?  Why are the lives of non-Jews so much less important?

  • Hitler hit it right on the money with this quote from Mein Kampf.“The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.”Sound familiar people? Yep, that’s what your ‘representatives’ and Obama are doing every day.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • You are demonstrating the point…this started well before Obama.  Ten years ago, you probably would have said this is America, love it or leave it, if I told you the things you are blaming on Obama today.

  • This is NOT a good sign. Anti-semitism is on the rise again, how sad that is…Hitler was a hater’s hater!

    1. If you have ever read Mein Kampf, you would know that it is tedious. Everyone should read it as a part of their education. It certainly has more value than “Fifty Shades of Gray.”
  • But there are laws on the books in India making it illegal to hire white people there.

  • It does not suprise me.  The average of human IQ is 95.

  • One of two things, the communists are now totally out of the closet and need instruction OR people are getting to know the enemy within trying to take over America. My bet and hope is on the later……

  • How do those on the Left reconcile the popularity of Mein Kampf among Muslims in the Middle East with their (both the Left and Islam) love of all things anti-Israel? 

  • Hmm.  I wonder how “Masters Of Deceit” by J. Edgar Hoover is doing?  With the Communist takeover of America under Barack Whosinsane Obama, ever nearer it’s long intended goal, you’d think this book would be on real American’s list.

  • Obama regime buying them to hand out to their support base so they know what he wants except add Tea Party and Christians to the hit list!

  • Not surprising to see Hitler having the same success as the modern conservative “heavyweights” like Palin.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Yes, we Conservatives hate Communists like Obama, Reid, and Pelosi as much as Hitler did.  Ironic, isn’t it?

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • And the ends justify the means as well, huh?

        2 Replies - Reply Now
      • sounds like an alinsky strategy.

      • +
      • Matt Piney, the ends justify the means is a democratic idea, not conservative and communist are more aligned with the democrat party, get your facts straight before you get on your keyboard.

  • Interesting

  • Americans want to know the mindset of OUR domestic enemies. What better way to understand the initiatives of President Bush & Obama, whom are continuing the agenda of Grandpappy Prescott Bush. Hitter’s master plan was the GLOBALIZATION of the planet. Fast forward to 2014, and that plan is steam rolling ahead with President Obama. Ever wonder why an American president gave speeches in Germany? Once as a Presidential hopeful back in 2008. Second time as The President of The United States in 2013…See for yourselves Obama in Germanyhttp://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2344442/Obama-makes-historic-speech-Brandenburg-Gate-Berlin.html

  • I’m not a bit surprised about the rise in sales of “Mein Kampf” Would anyone like to venture a guess as to which generation is driving these sales? You get 3 guesses and the first 2 don’t count.

  • probably required reading in colleges as it was for me as well. 

  • People interested to compare Obama’s destruction of the US system of capitalism with Hitler’s philosophy.

  • You should be ashamed of yourselves equating conservative authors with Hitler! You have proven that your politics are extreme left wing and socialist which is far closer to Hitler’s democrat socialist party. STOP THE LIES! YOU PEOPLE ARE PATHETIC LIARS.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • I see you actually read the book.Yes, Hitler was a socialist, not a conservative.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • BS, Hitler was the definition of right wing.

    • People tend to equate all socialists the same. It would be like equating all capitalists with the robber-barrons of the Guilded Age. Eh, simple people need simple ways to understand the world I suppose.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • No, there are indeed different types of socialists, and while some of them don’t call for genocide, none of them are Libertarian.  What the various socialists share is notable, and counter to liberty.

  • Probably just fed up whites in America looking for tips on how to combat the negro “knockout” game antics. God knows Holder’s brown shirts at DOJ won’t do anything about it.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Spot on. Hitler’s economic policies might have been socialistic, however, his social polices are the dream of modern conservatives.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • oh yeah, government control over industry is a conservative thing. riiiiight.

  • I’m not surprised, since anti-semitism has become all the rage again. Who would have guessed 50 years ago that anti-Semitism would one day become the domain of the left? My how magnetic poles do shift! =P 

  • I woul’d rather have Hitler than what we have.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • any day

    • That is exactally why we have to slap the South into place every so often.

    • +
    • That is one of the most idiodic comments I’ve read on a forum in a long while. Did I just land on some kind of nutcase skinhead site or something? I don’t like Obama, but he’s no Hitler. He’s just an inept democrat. One more in a long line of inept democrats.


    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • No, if Obama read Mein Kampf he’d figure out how to be a more effective politician.  Don’t give him any ideas!

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • First someone’s going to have to teach him to read.

  •  Good Liberals know that all such books must be burned!

  • It is clear that the author of this article never read the book he is writing about.  It is equally clear that the majority of commentors have never read the book either.  Small-minded people trapped in the tiny Republican vs Democrat mindset.  Republicans claiming Nationalism Socialism is the same as Marxist Socialism, when they are completely different things.  Democrats claiming that Libertarian teapartyers are behind these sales, as if National Socialism has anything in common with Libertarianism.  Ridiculous claims made by partisans trying to score some cheap political points by using something they’ve never read and don’t understand.  I would imagine that the author is correct that a good portion of the e-book sales are merely due to curiosity, however I hope that at least some of the sales are from genuine people seeking to look past all the Allied war propaganda who will see that true Nationalism is the way out of our current political mess.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • I’ve read the book and I don’t know what the hell Allied war propaganda you’re talking about.  Hitler’s dreams were fiendish.  His solution was to wipe out opposition and reign supreme.  You agree with Hitler.  You agree with his hellish views and outcomes. 

    • You’re scary as hell.  Different types of socialism there are, and Hitler’s added in genocide.  I’ve read the book, and if you’re trying to rescue its image may you follow your Fuhrer to his end.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Go study communism.  That sick ideology killed tens of millions more than Hitler ever did.  What’s worse is that most of its victims were slaughtered simply because they were above average in intellect and ability thereby enabling them discern the lies and deceit which are the hallmarks of communism and to possibly lead an uprising against it.  

  • Americans are comparing Hitler’s  Mein Kamph  to Obamadinijad’s Dreams from my Father to undestand National socialism  influence on Obama’s Amerikan socialism.

  • I wonder if this interest is stirred by “The Book Thief.”

  • Hitler’s words, his thoughts and observations resound even more today. History is repeating itself, especially the Weimar period as ‘the chosen’ push their ‘welcome’ once again to the breaking point. I hope this time is the last time and all of mankind can live in peace. The talmudic ones have reigned for to long without consequence and must be defeated if man is to survive with liberty and justice intact.

    • if its banned why can i buy it on amazon??

  • It’s a dificult for a modern person to even read, there are so many social and historic references outside the readers experience. I doubt 5% finish the book or even fathom of nuances which are somewhat confused to begin with.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Indeed. Americans tend to have extremely little understanding of historical political theory or development. People have this notion that nothing worth considering came before America, nor will come after.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • While Americans have nothing to brag about, you apparently don’t know that Europeans are worse.  Few in Britain can separate the movie image of the medieval from the past that they should know. The result is the very type of romanticism off of which Hitler played in developing the party.

  • Simple..People want to get an early take on Obama’s plans.

  • Probably being bought up by DHS!

  • Maybe this will inspire the author to go on tour.

  • People are beginning to see the remarkable similarities between America since 2008, and pre-war Germany. Readers are dusting off Hitler’s book for an insight into the minds of our current leadership: Holder, Obama, Clinton, etc.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Sensable. 

  • Call it “hate” if you want, but its popular now because its the only way to understand the rhetorical pretzel-making of the jews that have monopolized our government, media, and universities. Give it a read before you criticize and tell me if he’s off the mark.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • You’re right. You ARE a knuckle-dragger. AND a democrat troll. You’re not fooling anybody.

  • My guess is that this is a rebellion against tyrannical Political Correctness more than love of Adolf Hitler.  People have had enough.

  • Adolf Hitler was not a “conservative” writer. In fact his socialist schemes for Germany espoused in “Mein Kampf” are akin to modern day progressive policies. Nice try.

  • You can package this purchase with “The Audacity of Hope” and “Dreams of my Father” at a special Amazon price.

  • I downloaded a copy from archive because I enjoy researching history.  I figure if I’m willing to read truck loads of anti-hitler writings, why not go to the horse’s mouth to see what he said for himself.  The “Big Lie” technique always claimed to be his modus operandi was actually mentioned by him as the technique of the allies against their enemies, for example.

  • Did anyone else notice this – the ‘World Jewish Congress’ wants to decide for you what you should or shouldn’t read.  They are don’t like it when people choose to read something they don’t approve of, and they are pressuring Amazon.com to stop offering the book for sale.  If that’s not fascist, what is? 

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Yep. So the WJC wants to keep you from reading about what Hitler says jews tend to do by doing exactly what Hitler says they would do…ironic? or obvious?

    • One would expect the opposite — that they would want more people to be informed on the subject.

  • Reading Mein Kampf can be educational, as can reading the bible, I don’t believe in either one.

  • Actually, it wasn’t Hitler’s obsession to eradicate the Jews. It was his allies,the Muslims. 

  • Karl Marx following that logic is responisble for 10 X the death, and murder than this book. Im not into banning books, but if you are going to ban a book, start with Karl Marx. 

  • Liberals will love the climatic ending of this book.

  • I’m pretty sure you people in the authoritarian and fascist left-wing radical Democratic Party are a better fit, especially considering your racist fascination with using black people and hispanics as political slaves.

  • National Socialism needs to be revisited in light of the current state of global affairs.

  • Wow, I didn’t know Republicans knew how to read, no less operate an electric book machine thingy.

    7 Replies - Reply Now
  • he and the racist arm of the republican teaparty have similar objectives dont they…..or at least they share a common bigotry

    5 Replies - Reply Now
    • Matthew as a distinguished member of the lunatic left, you are living proof that even a viable gene poll has a shallow end!

    • The Tea Party seeks to free everyone, of all races, from the liberal plantation. 

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Limited government, balanced budget, low taxes.  Thats all the Tea – Party stands for. Its not complicated.

    • +
    • You, sir are completely off track and have no idea what you are talking about.What exactly does the Tea Party have to do with National Socialism? Where does the equation of freedom and individual rights connect to Hitler?Obama, rather is a statist socialist. He rules rather than serves, he would like to confiscate America’s weapons, the Tea Party does not. Obama believe’s, similar to Hitler & Germany, that the government is what makes America great. The Tea Party believe’s its the people.

    • Tell how the tea party represents any racial views? Slander does not make a valid agruement.

    • Libtards fear the Tea Party and call them “racist” because they can’t think of ANY fault with them. Typical.

  • Hitler….The worlds most famous Tweaker.

  • People are just curious as to what Obama’s next move will be. 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I hope that is the truth, rather than to obvious alternative.

  • I bought it … I don’t know where the money goes and I’m not sure that’s my concern … I want to be knowledgeable about the Wartime and that includes reading things some may feel objectionable.  I don’t read it because I like Hitler.  Hitler was a vile human being.  I read it for the same reason people watch films portraying the life and times of Hitler.  For the knowledge.  To make sure I understand every aspect of the time.  I’m very interested in history of this nature.  Do I think it’ll make me like Hitler?  Of course not.  His reasoning and methods were horrific.  His whole outlook on life was warped heavily.  I’m interested as to WHY.  I’m interested as to what went through his mind to make these concious decisions.  I feel for every person who was hurt or killed through his and his followers evil actions.  But I believe to talk about the time, one should understand the history behind the time.  I hope that is why everyone bought this book, although I understand many will be followers and twisted enough to believe it’s a good book.

  • I don’t underatand why people are fascinated with Adolf Hitler when we have our very own hipster American version in the White House dying to take the gloves off on all of us Right here and right now. No matter how hard we try we always end ufollowing ourselves into thinking we aren’t repeating the same mistakes of the past…Round and rounds we go….


  • I’m afraid this article ignores the elephant in the room.  The key question to ask is why is this surge of popularity of Hitler’s insane, rambling “book” happening now.The author offers some mushy pseudo-psychological explanation of it, which is not satisfying at all.Sorry, just state the obvious truth – sales of this $#!+ are rising because the ideas it promotes still very much appeal to people.  The power of hate is very strong. And now that people can easily buy and read books electronically and privately without shame, true colors appear.

  • In Germany, Mein Kampf was a book that readers started but seldom finished.  Many felt the later chapters were nonsense as in meandering or without plausible solution. (much like books by Al Sharpton or Ann Coulter)  It was also a social mantle piece, like “Dreams of my Father”, to demonstrate allegance.To best appreciate Mein Kampf, follow it with “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich”.  Chapters 6 & 7 of the “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” closely mirror the activities of what I perceive as the “liberal progressive”, “Transformation of the United States”.  Specifically, it is the intimidation, intolerance, denigration, deception, …, to further their political agenda where absolute control that is paramount to its implementation.  DHS, NSA, TSA, and militarization of local law ENFORCEMENT, all are close parallels.It is not often we get to relive history with the scripts in our hands.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
  • Very clever!  You manage to link conservatism to Hitler. Why?From paragraph 1: “…two different digital versions of Mein Kampf rank 12th and 15th on the Politics & Current Events chart alongside books by modern conservative powerhouses like Sarah Palin, Charles Krauthammer and Glenn Beck.”

  • There is a black President, and white racists hate that, so they are lapping up all the hate literature they can find. Mein Kampf fits right in with Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and all the right wing hate pundits.

    9 Replies - Reply Now
    • The WH is occupied by a half white-half black person, who seems to have a hatred for all things America stands for.

    • You know it is possible to be white and just not like the policies of people. Regardless of color. The people you mention aren’t racist; they are just logical. Obama sucks.  Not because he is black, but because his views are anti-American.

    • +
    • Threw that race card out immediately?!?  You don’t play poker very well…  Regardless, can you cite any evidence to back your claim?

    • Tyrone, they don’t hate you or your race. Don’t let the leftists tell you these things. Most christians in america vote right and they aren’t racist. The left loves to create division.

    • Too bad Hitler was a leftist.  No one on the right cares what a National Socialist has to say.  

    • The biggest hate pundits are on the left, the democrats, black racists, and the current administration. Your post proves that better than anything I could say.

    • I’m a conservative who just happens to be Black and I see Obama as the worst occupier of the White House this nation ever had; period!

    • Does being an ignorant a-hole come natural for you or did you have to work at it? You must be in that lower 40% of America that still approves of the guy. You know who is racist? People like you who bait it every chance they get and stand blind in the light of truth. He’s statistically proven to be one of the worst Presidents in the history of America, but apparently race baiters like yourself don’t see past the color of things. “Policies? What policies?” you ask. Policies NEVER play a factor in why voters don’t like him, huh? Go dig a hole, throw yourself in it, and cover it up with dirt. Don’t forget to take Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson with you, too. You can all spoon together and butt rape each other 6ft under.

    • Why is he black and not white? What’s the difference, he’s half of both and 200% Marxist. The only “hate literature” I know of is when there are news reports of voter ID law complaints, stories about the Black Kittycats loitering at polling places with batons, made up “victim” stories that invoke marches(invasions) and hate speech and thereafter inciting race hatred, violence, and murder towards non-blacks from Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the NAACP, etc. The other hate stories are about “The Knockout Game”, “Polar Bear Hunting”, “Chase the Cracka”, “Cracka Day”, “Wilding”, flash mobs, “Trayvon could have been my son”, threats of having riots, again etc. I don’t have to actually read “Mein Kampf”. The Messiah president and his ignorant down-low information followers are already implementing it with his actions. I admit Rush Limburger is a big mouth blowhard, but so is Obammy. Ann Coulter is spot on the truth, which hurts the libtards’ feelings so they call it “hate”.

  • In America Mein Kampf is playing second fiddle to a book by Saul Alinsky – The Rules for Radicals. Dedicated to Lucifer, and professionally acknowledged and implemented by todays top democrat progressives.

  • Amazon should not be censoring anything.  As Salman Rushdie said: a book is a version of the world.  You can take it or leave it.  If you don’t agree with it, write a book of your own and offer it in response.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Amazon isn’t censoring anything. Just because one outlet doesn’t make something available does not mean that they are making it unavailable everywhere.

  • I wonder if the lesson is to never elect someone who writes a self serving book before actually doing anything. 

  • WEll people see the same type of people in our governmnet now that is why sales are going nuts for this book.

  • ‘Sure would be interesting to know who’s reading it.  I suspect I know, though.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I suspect you would be incorrect considering it is appearing to be a world wide trend.

  • You cannot know what’s in it or comment on it unless you read the book.

  • Funny how the writer puts this book in the same genre as books written by conservatives. Hitler was a socialist A.K.A. Liberal progressive

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • why didn’t they compare it to the books Obama had published?

    • T Y ! T Y !

  • People are reading it to keep our nation from doing the same.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Could be people qre reading it because they are seeing why Hitler did what he did.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • How minority group convinced a nation of 6 million to follow in his crazed delirium?

  • I’ll try again without using the blocked word “Na2i”.Anyway, instead of these books, I recommend reading the book Human Action. Here is one quote from Ludwig von Mises:”The doctrines of Na2ism are vicious, but they do not essentially disagree with the ideologies of socialism and nationalism as approved by other peoples’ public opinion. What characterized the Na2is was only the consistent application of these ideologies to the special conditions of Germany… There is no hope of eradication the aggression mentality if one does not explode entirely the ideological fallacies from which it stems.”

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Agreed

  • I think the books should be left available. People should remember and understand humanity’s biggest errors, not sweep them under the rug.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Mao….clear winner of the genocide sweepstakes at 33+ million doesn’t garner a glance…..and is still on Chinese currency. Stalin, following a close second, is more regarded as kitsch…much worse than Adolf….only they won and no cameras got in.

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • Yes, for example, Stalin caused the Holodomor which resulted in several million deaths and may be considered genocide aganist Ukrainians. 

      • Why are you ignoring jewish bolshevism which by the least estimates murdered 60 million Christians?


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