The Golden Girls Lego Set Might Soon Be Reality

Dorothy, Blanche, Sophia and Rose could soon be immortalized in plastic

UPDATE: The Golden Girls Lego set just got the 10,000 votes it needed for Lego to consider it for production. Read our interview with creator Samuel Hatmaker, who talks about his process and the project’s sudden success.

Want to add Sophia, Blanche, Dorothy and Rose to your toy box?

A highly detailed The Golden Girls Lego set, which includes a recreation of the foursome’s regular late-night kitchen chats, has been accepted into the Lego Ideas program—and it’s only 10,000 votes away from production.

As a fan-made set, The Golden Girls Legos will become official merchandise if 10,000 fans show their support at the Lego Ideas site. Then, if the set passes tests for playability and safety, and fits into Lego’s brand, the creator will see The Golden Girls immortalized in tiny plastic—and get a cut of any royalties.

Already, people are hungry for The Golden Girls bricks to go official.

“How has this not been created before???” asks Duvald1295. “The Golden Girls is a beloved show by all!!! Young, old, men, women, everybody!”

“How do I get it now???” asks voter RossKline.

The creator, who uses the handle lostsleep, still has 344 days to get the numbers needed to make our collective dream come true, so vote early and often.

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