Boy bullied

Special-Ed Student Who Recorded Bullies Accused of Felony Wiretapping

In Pennsylvania, a high school sophomore with developmental disabilities was convicted of a crime after recording classmates threatening to "pull down his pants"

UPDATE: We Spoke With the Bullied Teen Threatened With Wiretapping Charges

After being regularly shoved and tripped, and nearly burned with a cigarette lighter, a tormented special-needs student in Pennsylvania decided to take matters into his own hands. He secretly recorded the abuse on his school-issued iPad, and his mother eventually submitted the evidence to the school’s principal. But instead of punishing the teenage tyrants caught on tape, administrators decided to call the police, who threatened the 15-year-old boy with felony wiretapping, but later reduced the charge to disorderly conduct. He was found guilty on March 19.

This isn’t the first time that developmentally disabled kids have covertly recorded bullying on school grounds, but it’s the first case where the victim has been criminally convicted for doing so. At least nine such incidents occurred across the country between 2003 and 2013, often resulting in the firing of school employees, the expulsion of students and legal settlements worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. And while it shouldn’t make much of a difference, previous incidents have mostly involved parents slipping discreet spyware into their children’s pockets, rather than the child taking action.

In 2011, an Ohio couple received $300,000 after they secretly taped teachers verbally abusing their 14-year-old disabled daughter with remarks like “It’s no wonder you don’t have friends,” and in 2012, a New Jersey father posted an audio clip on YouTube of his 10-year-old autistic son getting called “a bastard” by a classroom aide. 

The Pennsylvania student, a sophomore who remained unnamed in a report on, was previously diagnosed with comprehension-delay disorder, anxiety disorder and ADHD. In his testimony, he claimed that he decided to record the incident in order to show his mother that he “wasn’t lying” about the ongoing abuse. “I was really having things like books slammed upside my head,” he said. “I wanted it to stop. I just felt like nothing was being done.”

The original recording was suspiciously deleted by school authorities, though as described on, the boy’s mother, Shea Love, recounted it during the hearing.

According to Love, as the teacher is heard attempting to help her son with a math problem, a student says, “You should pull his pants down!” Another student replies, “No, man. Imagine how bad that (c**t) smells! No one wants to smell that (t**t).” As the recording continues, the teacher instructs the classroom that they may only talk if it pertains to math. Shortly thereafter, a loud noise is heard on the recording, which her son explained was a book being slammed down next to him after a student pretended to hit him in the head with it. When the teacher yells, the student exclaims, “What? I was just trying to scare him!” A group of boys are heard laughing.

After listening to her son’s evidence, Love eventually reported it to the South Fayette High School principal who, instead of disciplining the bullies involved, called the police to interrogate her “visibly distraught” son. When Love arrived, the principal said the student was facing felony wiretapping charges because he had made a recording in a place where there is an expectation of privacy. The officer agreed but eventually reduced the charge to disorderly conduct on the basis that the student engaged in offensive actions “which served no legitimate purpose.”

Recording laws vary from state to state, but Pennsylvania is one of just 12 states that require the consent of all parties involved. In the remaining states, consent is not mandatory as long as the person recording is present during the conversation.

Despite his emotional testimony and his mother’s pleas, the Pennsylvania student was eventually found guilty, though he plans to appeal the ruling during his next court appearance on April 29. The bullies were never punished.

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  • And then you imbeciles wonder why shootings is a plague in your country. 

  • kdkdnknfd

  • It’s the American way; might makes right.

  • That’s the whole trouble with our system!  “The bullies were never punished.”  That’s wrong!  It’s like the school and state saying it’s OK to bully someone.  Now those bullies will bully someone else, and they will keep on doing it until someone gets physically hurt.  This whole system is wrong.  That poor boy who got bullied should never have charges against him.  What kind of world are we living in where we call “good evil and evil good”?  My heart and prayers go out to Ms. Love and her child.

  • Home school!

  • Don’t blame the school or police for arresting this bullied child,this is what inbreeding does to cops and school administrators.

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  • Funny how this kid is being treated, but the woman who taped Sterling in his own home is walking around free.

  • That is terrible, he was bullied. To think he will be charged with a crime, yet the ex-girlfriend of the Clippers onwer secretely recorded Sterling, and nothing is being done to her. While his comment were wrong and not approiate for an owner of a sports team, she had no right to record and distribute them.

  • Time to sue the school for allowing the bullying FIRST .!! Then sue the school for failing to protect this kid. Nice BIG fat lawsuit might get their attention!!

  • Glad I’m no longer a kid.  

    • Welcome to the new America. It’s time to take matters into our own hands.  Screw the idiots running it. Take care of the bullies. Ourselves.
  • How do the police figure that the classroom has a “reasonable expectation of privacy?” Complete and utter lunacy on the part of the officer, their supervisos, and the court!!There is no more expectation of privacy there than in a courtroom, and there’s already been a ruling on that.I hope this kid and his parents are successful in getting this reversed, then sue the pants off of the officer involved, their agency, the judge, the school board and the nutless (no pun intended) teacher who allowed this to continue both in the classroom and through the court system.

  • Sorry, this kid sounds like he’s a prick.h He said that he had to make the recording because his own mother didn’t sympathize with him. I’m sure the school’s faculty weren’t fans either. Being an article that is clearly intended to fire people up and rally around this mistreated, defenseless, mentally disabled (ADHD) boy, I’m sure the author, in sharing examples of how the kid was bullied, included all of the worst things that he’s ever (allegedly) been subjected to… “almost burnt by a lighter.” Wow. In the actual recording (as recounted by the boy’s mother) a couple of classmates made speculations about his body odor and “slammed a book down next to him.” My god, the horror. The fact is, even people with “special needs” (only quoted bc it’s a bit of a stretch to apply that label to this dickhead) can be assholes. The prosecutor never would have demanded a plea and the judge would have dismissed the case if this kid was anything other than a horribly annoying (and stinky) rim job. Just callin’ it like I sees’ it, folks.

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    • Wow! What a heartless person Soso you are. Just wondering were you a bully in school? Because you write like one. Even if this kid was not challenged you condone this kind of behavior towards him? How about the disruprtions the bullies were making in the classroom think it didn’t bother or disrupt the other kids trying to learn? Sounds to me u could use a little more education.

  • this is ridiculous. how horrible that these so called professionals failed and are comepletely inept to do their roles. there is no justice for the vulnerable because people discriminate and hide behind the so called rule of the law. perpetuating volicence, excussing accountabilty, and harming the innocent. how he was the focus and not their inaction, lack of compassion, and failure to protect and serve is tragic. seriously this is BS! 

  • save up your money and move to a better community… that school has most likely dealt with it by now… on our campuses the police would probably detain the bullies if they were called… that kid must not know how to use a phone yet… just sayin

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    • just stop talking… not sll schools are the same how do you know he did nothing before? clearly him doing something to protect himself was looked at as weak and the bullying was perpetuated from those who are there to protect and serve

    • Wow use a phone? What better evidence can you have than a video? Maybe you’ll be happy when he uses a gun and kills all those who stood by and and did nothing. Just sayin

  • 1. The ACLU will say they don’t take this type of case.2. How was this boy “convicted” if the evidence was destroyed/erased?3. What this Family needs is a plaintiffs’ lawyer who has read and understands The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008. If they do, they are in for a BIG payday.

  • How could this possibly happen. The government can invade any person they want under the patriot act and that is acceptible. But a boy who is being bullied on a daily basis can’t protect himself without fear of going to jail! Shame on that teacher for not doing anything but telling the others no talking unless its about math?! She/He should’ve brought it to the principal immediately!

  • That principal should be hit in the head. If a child is being bullied, the principal and teachers should stand up instead of being bigger cowards than the bullies.

  • Is PA a part of the United States or is it too close to the home base of the RNC and religious right who seem to feel that bullying is acceptable be it a developmentally disabled or a woman who was raped and whose body did not “take care of the problem naturally”.

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    • You’re s Freaking Moron.  Tell us, which tastes better, licking obamas Boot or his butt?heres a hot tip ,jackwad, we republic slicing eoulx have beaten the snot out of your fellow democrat bullying scum wads, you included. 


  • You have got to be kidding me. This is disgusting. 

  • This family needs the ACLU to help them punish the court and the school system and the people that are bullying their son. come on ACLLU you are good at beating up the military because the Marines go into battle they said a prayer with the Chaplin, you could sue over that what about this case ?

  • What’s wrong with the world? I’m glad at least his mother stood by this poor kid! Keep your chin up son, high school sucks! But it’ll get better, I promise.

  • ridiculous!

  • And people wonder why these kids bring guns to school

  • And the school and police wonder why kids shoot places up. Not willing to help a bullied kid? Cops and school admin… pathetic!!!

  • Police should be glad he blew the whistle when he did. Kids aren’t allowed to fight back. So much pc bs. The “parents” or chromodonors of the mutant bastages better un fork these kids before they grow older and think bullying other adults is acceptable behavior…thats how you get wetted up! Be glad he didnt get Columbine on their 6 O’clocks. 

  • There is nothing more hilarious than this story.  Those kids are funny,man- admit it.

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    •  No what would be funny is me slapping you around a crowded public street and all the people watching and cheering me on

    • are you that heartless really

  •  This is terrible my son was ADHD . He went thru hell everyday at school. I went to the school and went too the Board of Education . Nothing was Never done about the bulling. One day my son had enough and threw a desk at 4 kids that were bulling him. I told him I do not want him to be angry and hurt others but, you do whatever you need to do. Those children never bullied him again. My son to this day (he is 40 now) . Carry this with him understands the pain and hurt of Bulling .Whatever happend to the Bully Laws! 

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    • Beautiful, my own son has ADHD as does a bunch of his familiy members. He is home schooled. The school could not handle him. He does better when he has attention.

  • Maybe bringing a gun to school is the answer. Someone needs to teach all of them a lesson

  • So i guess it would have been better for him to bring a gun to school and start shooting

  • This school is ridiculous. Next time kids, upload it to YouTube anonymously. What a completely broken educational system you’re running and should be ashamed of yourselves. Next time you call the police on this kind of thing ask yourself what is betterbetter, recording the incident and reporting it or the kid bringing a gun to school to get your attention. Guess who bullet number two would likely be for, you morons.

  • His parents need to sue the school because thats crazy we got children killing themselves for being bullied but yet they want ti charge the little boy. 

  • I have serious doubt about the verasity of this story.

  • We are in shock to hear of school shootings, yet when a child proves he is being bullied, they blame the child. Principles need to change this. What can kids do, who can they turn to? 

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    • They sometimes turn to borrowed or stolen guns and evoke hard justice for them selves.  Maybe the teachers don’t care if it happens. Just as long as it doesn’t happen to them.

  • I commend you on your video. I’m disgusted with the behavior of the teacher and staff. God will punish them justly. And they will burn in hell. Your son in beautiful and you are an awesome dad. Best wishes.

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    • Who’s the biggest bully but your fake god, cretin?

  • This just makes me ill. What is wrong with these people?Yhey should have to trade places with this disabled boy and then see their reaction.

  • As soon as she heard her son complain about the abuse, the mother should have asked around at the school to confirm it.Then she should have consulted a lawyer about how to proceed. I suspect there are ways to secretly record that are legal; for example, starting recording once a crime or civil rights violation begins? It seems like the expectation of privacy ends once legal wrongdoing begins.

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    • As an Education student, I can say that many bullying situations don’t get resolved, even if the student or that student’s parents get involved. Administration tends to turn the other cheek on these matters and it’s sickening. And teachers do it, too, whether they realize it or not. 

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      • A system of justice that supports shooting in “Stand Your Ground” Law, but makes it a Felony to simply record the person/s Caught in the Act Making it Necessary to shoot them, is Definitely in need of Change.

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      • I Zay, give him a ak, a couple of pistols wit extended clips, and 45 mins without interruption

  • Maybe the principle is a bully himself.. So .. He sees nothing wrong with bullying. .. Fire him please..

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    • Learn how to spell.

  • The bullies need to be punished. Not the victim.

  • This principle is a great example of what is goimg wrong in this country!

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    • Like your spelling.

  • If I had been the boys father me and that principle would have had a heart to heart talk away from school. See if he or she likes to be shoved around..lmao 

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    • My thoughts exactly. My Louisville slugger agrees.

    • Another hick who can’t spell.

  • This boy and his family need to file civil rights violations against all parties involved in this travesty. He was discriminated against and abused because of his youth and disability.  This shocking injustice must not stand!

  • The kid’s lawyer will get him off for this charge. The wiretapping laws have to do with places where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy. If this bullying incident was in public then there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. Anyone could have witnessed or overheard the bullying, therefore he can record himself and anyone who encounters him. If you are on the phone or in someone’s home you cannot record without permission from all parties. So, if you are on the street, you can pull out your iPhone and record anything you want. People know they are not in a private area.

  • CHildren are being raised to be evil…where do you think they get this language…our liberal country has caused this and this is predicted by Scripture…in the end days the children will be controlling things..certainly the adults are NOT!

  • What these so-called professionals did is abominable!What is wrong with the Educational System in the State of Pennsylvania ???  I never cared for Pennsylvania…  Now Iknow why !!!!!

  • Pennsylvania is, as Carville said, “Pittsburgh on the left, Philadelphia on the right and Alabama in the middle.

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    • I’m from central pennsylvannia, please do not insult my home like that. Their laws need reviewed and they know it, and are actually moving forward trying to. On the topic I hadn I am honestly surprised that went anywhere near a court when juvenile bullying was the cause of it…. bullying was Zero Tolerance in all the schools I went to in PA. 

  • this is just wrong… this is teaching the bullies in schools that nothing will happen to them… there needs to be action taken against those bullies… i guess common sense is no longer alive in this country

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    • This would have been fatal for them if they were to try this with a person with a temper as short as mine. If legal action isn’t taken against these bullies and teachers who do the same. The child will snap on them eventually…

  • So… we punish the one who chooses to no longer allow themselves to be the victim, and reward the bullies…. great….

  • Wow, that actually went to court. Does he still get bullied?  

  • This is terrible. 

  • It is just criinal. I could have sworn theur was a copy of the recording out there? In the wild?

  • Welcome to the new amerika!!! Scared yet?

  • The school staff is supposed to protect our children from bullies. If they cannt do that when there is proof of bullying then they should be fired.  If you think about it the principle is technically a bully too. Instead of sticking up for the kid he joins in the bullying by calling the police.  The reason for that is because most teachers and principles want to seem cool to the kids instead of a disaplinarian.  The special needs child is not popular the bullies probably are. So if he would have disciplined the popular kids all of there friends would not like him.  He is a coward that is afraid of kids and that is all there is to it.

  • If I get beat up, let someone know what is happening, but no help and then I take matters into my own hands and shoot the punks beating me and in response I get to go to jail for life or I record them and still I get punished for taking things into my own hands. There’s only one other way to deal with this… And you wonder why so many of our CHILDREN commit suicide!!  <shakes head in> very sad!

  • Well pilgrims, here in Florida…there is a tool called e-mail. My son told me of a bulling issue at his school. I reported it to the teacher via her e-mail. She and the school administrated addressed same immediately. Point being…when report as such the e-mails are logged in and become legal scrip for authorities to act on. The rule about photos, videos etc. are for your childs protection.  

  • The school should be faced with criminal charges for providing it’s students with wiretapping devices.

  • Get an attorney for sure. This is bull….

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    • yes, they should. This is going ot cost the school (taxpayers) a lot of money.

  • How is there an expectation of privacy in a PUBLIC school?

  • He should have claimed it was in the interest of national security and that he thought the bully was a terrorist. 

  • But I bet you have no reasonable expectation of privacy if school authorities are making the video.

  • This is what happens when school administators, who have no real world experience, are put in charge of our kids.  Pathetic

  • Unbelievable.We’ve been told time and time again to respond to bullying; stop it on the spot and support the kids invloved. So how can it be that this school is supporting the bullies and punishing the victim? This makes no sense. 

  • Wow… I am so angry right now… I’d best not say anything besides that!

  • This story makes me physically sick. I want to fix this. 

  • Pennsylvania government officials – we are watching. We never forget and we never forgive.

  • I love how almost all school have a zero tolerence policy but don’t follow it, all the admins of that school need to be fired and arrested on child endangerment charges.

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    • If this child has violated a law that hinges on knowledge of all parties to the act of being video, or audio taped, then the existence of security cameras in the state must be patently illegal as well. If not, then the state has no legal stance on which to base their accusation! This child is a victim, period! And if the authorities will not stand up for him, the residents of the state certainly are bound by moral standard to do so!!!

    • AGREED!

  • This is exactly what my son went through at his public Jr. High School. He also has some mild learning disabilities and emotional issues. He was getting beat up on an almost daily basis. The supposedly “zero-tolerancce” policy was a joke. My son had been in private Christian schools prior to our moving to a rural area, and he understood tht fighting is not the way to solve anything. I finally told him I expected him to whip someone’s a**, unless he planned to be a punching bag for the next several years. I also made sure that there would be criminal charges filed, and lawsuits, unless they intervened. I now have a little grandson, and if I have any say, he will not spend 1 day in the public school system. They will not expell or suspend students, because they get $$$ for every student, every day, fromm the Feds and State govt.  They do not care about educating your kids. I can teach better, and safer, than any public school. We need VOUCHERS, and quickly. The schools need to understand they work for US, not we for them.

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    • Okay, you have every right to be upset at your school administrators for what is clearly incompetence that is putting children in harms way. However, to accuse every school and every educator of support this sytem is a huge over-reach. Also, how is a voucher system going to magically stop this problem? The charter schools still get money based on attendance and other criteria. On top of that, charter schools have not been shown to perform any better or be any safer when they don’t get to hand select their students.

  • And of course this happened in the Pennsatucky part of the state.

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    • South Fayette is 10-15 miles west southwest of Pittsburgh, far from being a rural area. Before you decided show your pompous ignorance to everyone may I suggest you take two minutes to find out where South Fayette PA is and use the correct spelling for the word “Pennsyltucky” it is slang combining the state names Pennsylvania and Kentucky. It is used to characterize the rural part of the state of Pennsylvania outside the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia metropolitan areas, more specifically applied to the local people and culture of its mountainous central Appalachian region.  Your just polluting an otherwise productive discussion with your useless and ignorant opinion.

  • These teachers should havebeen fired ON THE SPOT!!!!!

  • Law suit. you got eveidence I would take to the courts.Its not right or fair for him to get in trouble..Bullies will continue tell the message gets out your on camera and getting sued

  • And we wonder why we have a society whee bullying continues – it is condoned! (At least in some states it appears.) Blame the victim – this is how we think all too often. Rape survivors are blamed the same as this young child – I wonder if he had called 911 and let them tape the abuse, if Pennsylvania would have allowed it?WHEN will we, as a united people, stand up for the victims and start blaming the perpetrators?

  • And we’ll see next semester, this kid will have shot up the school, killing those invovled, and people will say that he was mentally distraught and cry that they should have helped him when they had the chance.

  • It looks like the school district is more interested in the law than in helping the student, and the court agrees with the school. But I think if you sue them you will have a better chance of getting some thing done. Hitting there pocket book and make them look bad will do the trick. I think if you look around you will find a Lawyer who will jump at a chance to take on the school district.

  • They reduced the charge.  Under PA state law all parties being recorded must give their permission to be recorded. Since he did it in secret he did violate the law.  However, the video can still be used in a civil suit.

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    • I thought the Supreme Court had decided that students do not have a right to privacy at school.   That is why officials can open lockers and so forth. 

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      • and it was during a crime, the students where messing with him 

  • This message is for Shea Love. I also left a reply under one of her comments. I am a reporter for The Almanac Newspaper in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. My coverage area for the paper is South Fayette Township. I am trying to reach Ms. Love for an article since there has been no local media coverage and no other party involved will comment. If anyone reading this can help me reach Shea Love it would be much appreicated. Shea- please email me at either or Thank you 

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  • She I hope you sue the school for this. This kind of conducy is unacceptable.

  • Who can we contact to complain? My daughter was bullied on her school bus as a kindergartner. The next morning I was at the bus stop. I boarded the bus and informed the students that anyone bullying my daughter or anyone else could expect me to visit their parents and see if their parents like being bullied. I apologized to the driver for the inconvenience. She THANKED me! There were no issues from that point on, for any students on that bus. I say parents should step up, and don’t bother with the law.  

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  • “[Wall of text]” Oops, no paragraph breaks appear? Sorry.

  • This is how bullie are empowered.  Even when confronted with evidence of wrong-doing, officials do nothing to help the poor child. 

  • It gets more ridiculous all the time.

  • I am outraged… at the whole situation and especially the police for charging the victim and the judge for convicting the victim when it was all self-defense. SHAME ON THEM! We still have a bullying culture, and it is disgusting.

  • I wonder if these same bullies will end up in front of the same judge in 5 years, and how she will react then?

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    • That is a pretty likely scenario! It looks like these kids see no consequence in their actions and their school and the legal system has proven to them that they can do whatever the want, even hurt others, with no consequence. It’s sickening.

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      • Spot on……There are just no words to describe this situation.  School systems are just a joke and teachers and administrators act so offended when told you want to homeschool your child……

    • If the bullies are the same caliber as the ones that were in my high school, it’s likely that they will be lauded for being upstanding citizens (ie, rich) of the community.

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      • Seems to be the way it goes anymore……..frightening…..

  • This is so wrong

  • What can we do to help you? This is not right.

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    • Show up at the court of common pleas April 29th at 8:15 am, in support of my child-shea love

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      • please remind me who was prosecutor and judge on this case? 

      • I shared this in facebook. It is not feasible for everyone to attend the court but we can support in spreading the word and if you can stay strong, everyone will support you in bringing a change. video in self defence should be made legal. Bullying is horrible and those who bully are no less than criminals or potential criminals.

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      • +
      • Thank you!

      • Ms. Love – My name is Deana Carpenter and I am a reporter for The Almanac newspaper in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. I am trying to do an article for our paper regarding your son’s case since there has been no local coverage. I regularly cover South Fayette Township and the school district there as well. If you are willing to speak to me please email me at or Thank you.

  • Please do not forget Officer Bob Kurta, of the South Fayette police department.The school can call the police.The officer chooses to charge or not.The judge knows better, or should.These two have the power and they abused it!

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    • Shea,I live in Seattle so I’m too far away to come to court but if there is anything else I can do PLEASE let me know. Would it help to write a letter to the judge? My son has special needs and this is my biggest fear for him. What has happened is so wrong. The justice system has completely failed you both and I am outraged. I am in tears for you and your son.:’(

    • I’m sorry about the issue you are going through, but in the article it says that there was a video deleted from the phone.  I am a computer technician and if I was in your area I would recover that video for free.  You should check around with computer techs in your area, they can ‘undelete’ the file.  No one but whoever owns the device should be allowed to delete anything.  Anyone else should face the highest charges.

  • This is Disgusting and Dispicable of the School and the judical System of PA. This one of many reasons I moved out of PA. The LAW and JUDICAL SYSTEM in PA sucks and should be ashamed of themselves for punishing the the innocent disabled boy and not the bulliers!!!! To this poor boys parents maybe you can pull him from the school and try homeschool him is all possible for the sake of your Son!!!Your all in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

  • This is ridiculous to charge this poor kid.  There’s a anti-bullying campaign going on yet it’s ok for these ill-mannered kids to treat someone this way?  Bring them up on charges-not the poor kid who was bullied.  

  • I wonder what these people who convicted the boy would do if their kid had a textbook slammed against their head. This is absolutely sick, and I hope people will begin to see reason. Convicting the victim will only strengthen the bullies, and soon they’ll pick a new target. 

  • So, Schools are now protecting bullies? Not just students that bully, but teachers that bully also?

  • I had asked my son about this. His response was that he would have done the same had the staff not confiscated his nintento 3ds and android phone. The thing is, he was subjected to an abuse that escalated to an incident that resulted in head trauma on top of a neurological disability. So his response stands, no matter what the consequences, it would have been worth it. ~Jino Medina

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    • My daughter was constantly bullied in Jim Thorpe High School and if she responded she was punished not the bully’s or the teacher that kept calling her a sped. My daughter is now cyber schooled and a much happier child.

  • why is privacy expected in a room of 20-30 people?

  • This is truly sick, as are the wacko left-wingers who run America’s floundering and failing education system. Wake up, America. They are destroying your children.

  • So what does a bullying victim do. If he/she tries to prove that they’re being bullied, they get a criminal record. I guess the only thing left is to kill the bullies. Yeah, you’ll get criminal record, but it’ll be worth it!

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    • and that is how TJ Lane rose to fame.

  • I know it’s politically incorrect to say something like this, but I know it to be true.  A person who truly does have Jesus Christ in his heart is motivated by love for the student, not contempt for his disability and his vulnerability.  But to be a Christian these days is to be called bigot, mean, narrow, freakish, dumb, intolerant, you name it.  I asked Jesus to be my saviour and my “boss”.  I could never go back to the way I used to be–selfish, sneaky, lying.  Have Christ in your home!  I didn’t, while growing up. “Once I was blind, but now, I see!” 


  • C’mon…these bullies are the goobmit’s future Stasi.  Better begin kowtowing to them early.So-called authorities are useless, and indeed part of the problem.  Bullies at all levels need to be dealth with personally, and outside of the “law” which they have corrupted.

    • It figures.  Little Ms. Two-Names.  Part of the problem.

  • come on that’s pretty funny that he didn’t know jocks are immune from prosecution in America.

  • Messed up.

  • Disgusting conduct by these animals who would rather persecute the victim. This is a disturbingly sick and evil society I hope they appeal.

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    • We have an appeal date scheduled April 29th

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      • Ms.Love first please let me express my deepest sympathy for you and your child.I have been in a similar situation with several PA schools please let me know if we can help you both in any way I would gladly help you mobilize other families of special needs members we can write to the judge, the governor, the legislature and the school board on your son’s behalf or we can mobilize protests for him. PLEASE let him know that he is not alone in this. Please feel free to contact me on Facebook or leave me a message here I will check back often.  (((HUGS))) momma and stay strong you’re not alone either T

  • This is why you NEVER EVER talk to school admins about ANYTHING! The whole profession has become infested with bully lovers and gangbanger sympathizers. Why do you think the default solution to gangs and bullies is “if they wear school uniforms they’ll stop being gangbangers and bullies?”Just go to the news media or the police. Having a few police knock on a bully’s door and dragging his butt out in cuffs kicking and screaming in between taser shocks is more effective than a 3 day suspension.

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    • The police arrested the victim in this case. An honorable police officer could have just warned him not to do it again since the boy was also a victim of bullying.

  • I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Please take me with you! 

  • if you are being bullied, hit someone in the mouth. Don’t cry to mommy or teacher. 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • If you’ll pay my legal bill, Thomas, then I’ll take your advice.

  • see what happens to the white guy in Philly?  if they not be black holder won’t akt.

  • THis is so wrong…these children have special requirement and we should hold this into account for the other students who were bullies… but the teachers and “carers” that is monsterous… then the lack of remourse or care compounded by taking action against the victim!!!I feel sick.

  • Yet this kid would be wrong if he defended himself physically. I’m curious as to whether the teacher testified or gave any kind of statement. If not, I’d have that teacher present one at the appeal. His mother is better than me because I probably would have ended up just beating some kids a**.

  • This is insane! the judge that convicted that child is insane! THe school needs to be held accountable for not holding the bullies accountable! My son was bullied and he did not have special needs and the school was awful they traumatized him more!

  • Just think, if he had gone to school with a gun and shot the bullies, the legal system would have come to his defense and he would be getting all kinds of gubmit bennies.

  • I cannot believe this. This enrages me. Something must be done to end this bull$hit.

  • That pig vomit of a magistrate needs to spend a week on the playground of one of these prisons they call public schools

  • Shea Love,First I would like to apologize to you and your family to have to go through this. Your son, was obviously only trying to show someone what was happening to him. But i have to tell you that you are wrong in directing your anger towards the judge. His job is to make rulings based on the law. Where you need to direct your attention is towards the prosecutor.. That is the person who chose to file the charges. That is the person who deserves the backlash. Also, I hope you have retained council in filiing a suit against the school officials who have chosen to delete any evidence of wrong doing. Also, I read somewhere recently, that a Father who was in a similiar situation filed for restraining orders against the bullies that were torturing his son. You may wish to look at that. It could send a clear message to the families of these children that their boys are not little angels. Good luck to you.

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    • Thank you!

  • Why anyone keeps their kid in a government school beats the heck out of me.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Exactly. Complaining about injustice, bad education, and time wasting in public schools is like complaining about the heat in Hell.

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      • The “judge”?WHERE IS THIS KIDS JURY TRIAL?

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      • This is handled my the local magistrate. An elected official with no formal training

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      • +
    • I am a single mother with limited funds. What would you have me do? Also he has special needs that need to be addressed

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • In Pennsylvannia, they advertise an online, free of charge home education program all the time on the radio. You might want to look into it!

  • This is sickening that the child being bullied is the one being punished. Stay strong young man cuz even though you were facing a felony charge, you did not give up your fight to defend yourself. Karma always comes back 3 fold and you are amazing no matter what anyone says!

  • Then they wonder why there school shootings, this could be an answer…

  • Recording laws vary from state to state, but Pennsylvania is one of just 12 states that require the consent of all parties involved.                   Does this include photos or videos of bank robberies or other felonies ?

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • or the NSA grabbing your handicapped wife on her privates

    • The Pennsylvania law refers only to recording audio.  It’s OK to videotape someone, if there is no audio.  The law bites….

  • Did this child have counsel? Courts have repeatedly held that students do not have an absolute right to privacy at school. And was the “no legitimate purpose” element attacked? Is self-defense not a legitimate purpose?

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    • Yes we have a lawyer.the judge still convicted.

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      • my heart goes out to you and your family! These types or rulings only increase the incidents of bullying as there is no punishment to those who need to be punished.

  • This is the judge that convicted my child in this case-shea love

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Shea Love, I am so disgusted by this story, your son did the right thing, I can’t believe this happened. My colleagues and I would love to help you and your son and get the story out. Please email me at

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      • Thank youI will email you. 

    • Shea Love, do not stop! Appeal Appeal Appeal!!! I am the mom of a special needs child who was bullied when he was in first grade by an adult aid and to this day regret not going further. I give you so much credit for continuing to fight for your son. It feels like such an up hill battle from the start of your child being diagnosed with needs but to then have this happen, I aso digusted that your son has had to deal with this kind of treatment! Penn. may have stupid laws protecting these abusers but the sepreme court would not defend them! Keep going, keep fighting, don’t stop until your son gets justice He should be so proud of himself for taking the actions he did to prove these offenders of bulying and I pray that he will eventually get the justice and apologies he most certainly deserves. Good Luck and just keep going! Sincerely,

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      • Thank you!

  • There is no way in Hell a jury will convict them. Just more fuel to the eventual civil lawsuit fire.

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    • Sadly, it looks like they did. :(

  • This is really sad!  When do we give a standing ovations to bullys?  Really, the adults in this case are not looking for this boy.  Seriously, what’s wrong with this society?  I agree the laws need to be changed, but also enforced.  I really believe more needs to done.  These adults need to wake up and stand up for these kids.  

  • Me read Drudge Report every day.  Me like when there is big red flashing letters.  Me click on all Drudge links every day and look for message boards every day.  Me attack Obama no matter what story is.  Me love Drudge.  Me hate Obama.  Me not so crazy about posting relevant comments.  Me so angry!  Me wonder what me will be angry about tomorrow!  Only Drudge can tell me!  As for this bullied kid, what do you expect after Benghazi and stolen ACORN election?  Grrrrrr!!!!!

    4 Replies - Reply Now
    • well done

    • blah, blah, blah

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      • IS this the same thing as being raped,and the cops saying she was begging for it.?

    • +
    • drudge-jacked!!

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      • Me no good at satire. Me hate those me label as haters. Me no understand me just like them.

    • Must have fallen off your high horse and landed on your head.

  • Democrats run the American school system and, unfortunately, the Democratic Party has become the official Party of tyranny…

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Republicans have been wrong about everything in the past decade, from trickle down economics, to gay marriage, to WMD, and the efficacy of torture. Don’t get me wrong, it’s obvious that BOTH parties are completely sold out to the banks, oil companies, and military industrial complex. But it’s interesting how the Democratic president’s approval rating is 44% but the GOP controlled congress is about 10%. Looks like they both suck but I’d say the GOP sucks a lot more. 

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • The Senate is controlled by the Democrats.  And the numbers were the same when the Democrats also controlled the House.”Trickle-down economics”?  I’d trade today’s economy of part-time jobs and unemployment for 1988 any day.  Obama’s “recovery” has benefited no one by the 1%.WMD?  Ever heard of “Syria”?  Funny how liberals get all upset about Syria’s WMD but never wonder where it came from.  Conservatives were saying “It was sent to Syria” before the invasion.  It couldn’t have simply vanished into thin air, duh.  Or do you deny that it existed in the first place?  All those Kurds just keeled over from natural causes?

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      • You’re getting way off topic, how about you focus on the issue at hand instead of dragging your pathetic political squabbling into every single issue that comes up?

    • When tyranny comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a bible.

  • Don’t expect the public school system these days to act sensibly if doing so is incongruent with the law. This is an unforunate consequence of state education. The only way to change the behavior of school administration is to change the law.  The sad state of public education simply reflects the sad state of our government.

  • The names of the school district and the school should be made public so that prospective citizens will know in advance what to expect for their children if they intend to relocate to that Pennsylvania town.

  • It is wrong what is happening to this young person.   Get the law revised to more rational wording and then go to the PA Board of Pardons and get the conviction overturned.   Demand a pardon from the governor if desired.  Officials should prove that the system works; or it will fail.  The procedure is laid out there; you betcha an attorney is required: up his record and teach him to trust; and then learn to trust him, but only when he earns it.

  • From the article, it’s obvious that the bullies are black. Black high schools are little more than minimum security prisons. Even then the blacks act like wild animals. I hope the bullied student is  not white.

    4 Replies - Reply Now
    • Race has little to do with the issue, or behavior. It has to do with the community, culture, and society around those areas. In many cases, whites are bullies too. In many cases, asians are bullies too. In many cases mixed races are bullies. The more correct and percise deduction would be the poor schools, in which a great number of the families and community live in poverty. Aggression, malice, bullying, and poverty are all color blind. 

    • If you never asked yourself the question “Am I a bigot?” and thought “no” then you are wrong sir. Jeesh man. Open your eyes a little

    • +
    • Momentarily ignoring your insanely racist remarks I should mention that I went to this high school, and it is a very white area.What I’m trying to say is maybe if you’re going to be a hateful bigot, get your facts straight.  Or better yet, don’t say anything at all.

    • Obviously, huh? LoL

    • They shut their website down…I still sent an email to”” <>; :

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • not only bully protectors but cowards to shut down the website… unless so many people being peeved off has flooded their website and shut it down.

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  • “Tenure is a senior academic’s contractual right not to have his or her position terminated without just cause.” “just cause” means a lot of things and not just because someone has been around a long time. As a teacher of high school students with behavioral and/or emotional problems this makes ME want to do some b**** slapping and Im a nice peaceful woman. Im now in a wheelchair but if I could Id be up prancing! I have worked with many, many students that had moments of frustration (what I call being upset and maybe tossing chairs around) and in no way and form would any of them be treated like those so-called teacher/aides did. Were they trained for special needs? Were any of them mothers? Were they young teachers instead of one that has more experience? Does it matter if any of that is true? NO! Tenure doesnt mean its ok to mistreat anyone! I think these people need to use their tenure by teaching each other how to clean bathrooms!

  • I love this culture of punishing the victim; it’s obviously working wonders. 

  • post the names of the school, the teacher, the police department and we will take ACTION

  • I am starting to think maybe just maybe some of what ye wrought you brought on yourselves. if this is standard operating procedures in these schools I understand how a person can explode and have a feild day at their expense. If it was my child someone would be picking up their butt from the floor from the principle to the police to the judge to the district attny and I wouldnt have stopped there either.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • People, and particularly parents, who believe that schools do anyting about bullying are dangerously naive, especially when it comes to the safety of their children at the hands of these “profesisonals.”.Educators are pretty much all left-wingers, and the left is known to never care about the victim, only the criminal. Even if this is a working mother, she needs to figure out a way to home school her child. Perhaps she can trade services with a homeschooler-parent in exchange for her child’s education. Perhaps a Charter school. She needs to do this before her son is seriously wounded, killed, or suicidal.Every time a bullied child commits suicide, I read the article carefully. The parents ignored it for a long time, and the school did nothing.And yes, I am betting the perps are black. A Florioda state investigation proved that Trayvon Martin’s school covered up all the evidence of his horrible behaviour at his school – three suspensions including fighting, drugs and theft. The school admitted they did that for all their black students, so they would look better.

  • Shameful….Here’s their email addresses

  • It should not come as much of a surprise that this school is just south of Pittsburgh and the knife attack school is just east of Pittsburgh.  Living just north of Pittsburgh, I am not surprised by any of this.  And we have very strong teacher unions in PA. Our schools and their rules are out of control

  • shame shame shame on you and you wonder why people shoots people.  This is the reason why.  If you don’t stop what are the people suppose to do.  Again Shame, shame on the bullies and the school. 

  • Another case of a school using Bullies to control students and punishing the victims.  We have taken away the ability of teachers to punish students so teachers and staff use bullies to control what they cannot or will not.  Homeschool or private school is the only answer.  Forget public schools.

  • Is this a great country, or what? Is our school system a great system, or what? Is our legal system a great system, or what? I vote “what.”

  • An enviable life is a universal aspiration that we all share whether we live with a disability or not. We all aspire to live with dignity and free from fear. We all need to have freedom and exercise choice in the small and large decisions of our daily lives. As human beings we need to be surrounded by loving people who keep us in their thoughts and in their hearts. We need to look forward with hope that we can accomplish the goals we set out to achieve! -Aaron Liebowitz

  • The bullies were in a public place and had no expectation of privacy. Thus wiretapping shouldn’t apply.

  • I guess we better outlaw surveillance cameras then. Because that would be a violation of privacy to the parties involved. Dur hur hur…

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    • Why can gov. collect our metadata?

  • Stupid administrator. Stupid cop. Stupid prosecutor. Stupid judge. Stupid jury. Lot of Stupid there.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • agreed! seems they were all eat up with it too!

  • So when this kid shows up armed to  the teeth and takes these b*stards out, we are all supposed to blame the gun. Isn’t that the logic ?

  • Our children have the right to thrive, not just survive!Thank you for supporting my child-shea love

    • Thank you, Al

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      • The judge is a lawyer, and lawyers make up the teachers union.  Convicting your son they are protecting themselves but it’s blowing up in their faces, make sure you get a good non-local lawyer.

  • Public schools. ’nuff said.

  • Did the school conduct a Manifestation of Disability review before referring it as a criminal matter?  This is definitely a case that requires one.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Nope. Only if the child is suspended for x amount of days is that required 

  • Wow! What a great country we live in!godblessanerika…

  • Disgusting mockery of justice

  • I’d still sue and give the money to his son.

  • The person who deleted it should be charged with felony tampering with evidence.

  • Hmmmmm…Now I really can’t blame a kid that goes in a shoots up his school.  The question is why do parents send their kids to a public reeducation program?  Don’t they love them enough to home school them or at least put them in a private school.  I mean move out to the country so that you can yank your kids away from the perils of the government and the low information voter.  Can’t afford it?  Drop the Starbucks and eatting out.  Start a farm.  My goodness, you have kids so grow some and take responsibility!  It’s not like the government cares about you.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • NO! YOu dont just AVOID public school, you CHANGE the public school to a sensible program!!! Any Liberal program is bound to be BAD for students and GOOD for Liberals. Michelle Obamabutts big school lunch program is like cardboard and paste… Its being rejected everywhere… This poor kid should NEVER have been subjected to being labeled the PERPETRATOR… What “disorderly conduct” did he cause? Oh wait I get it now… His very EXISTENCE promotes disorderly conduct so naturally he is charged… STUPID liberals… I cannot WAIT to take this country back from you jerks.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Our schools systems sucked under Bush, was he a “liberal”? School issues know no party. BOTH parties are to blame for the shambles our school systems have become. Why? Because they’re too damned busy spending 800 billion a year on the military so we can play big shot overseas.

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • The public education system is virtually controlled by the teachers’ unions, so don’t gimme that “knows no party” nonsense.

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      • +
      • Everyone’s to blame.  You want proof?  No Child Left Behind.  Look it up.

  • This is nothing new; the left has a long and perverse history of affinity toward criminals.  In Soviet Russia, murder would get one ten years of hard time, while cracking a joke about the maximum leader would get one twenty-five years of hard time.  Today, gun control is advocated for the same perverse reason:  Liberals blame crime on objects rather than criminals.  What needs to be banned isn’t guns, or bullies, but liberalism.  We need a return to common-sense American values.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Correction:  Since editing isn’t possible, I meant to say don’t ban recording devices, rather than not banning bullies.

  • Are you fricken kidding me?  WTF is wrong you people?  I am so glad I do not live in PA!!!!!!!!

  • Thank God I live in a one-party notification state.  Keeps the playing field fair.

  • Do we wonder why kids come to school with guns and knives?  

  • I have a friend who every time he hears a story like this says, “That’s why we need nuclear war”.He means that literally, not figuratively, as he thinks general nuclear war is the only way to drain the swamp and reboot the human race. I would say, pay attention to the Biblical prophets. The put their ideas in terms of what God would do the man and the nations, but what they may have been expressing rather was some basic geopolitical ideas and ideas about the cycles of cultures and nation, what the inevitable consequences of allowing certain conditions to fester are. Don’t dismiss the idea that there could be reckoning coming. What form it will take is unknown, but the likelihood is, its form will be something other than what the people and the powers that be have prepared for. Things just work out like that.

  • Hi Elizabeth, Can I ask where my comment disappeared to? I was honestly just trying to help so I’m not sure if I did something wrong? My apologies if that’s the case. :)

  • This is wrong on so many levels.  I am not an expert in PA law; but, like the Atty Gen. says, there is prosecutorial discretion in what charges are filed.  The bullying of a special needs student of whom they are taking advantage seems the worse offense.  

  • In my school, if students said those words, the teacher should have called in the gym teachers and they would have dragged them bodilgy outside and thrown them into the street telling them if they want to come back to school bring your parents.But now we have ‘…was previously diagnosed with comprehension-delay disorder, anxiety disorder and ADHD….’ which is sad – another parent BS’d into believing these disorders and probably consenting to all sorts of meds – God help that kid.  Hopefully when he turns 40 he’ll be able unshackle himself from what his parents did to him.And he should have been allowed to video tape anything you are a party too.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • This is not a problem with the parent – this is a problem with the school. A child should not be bullied. Period. Ever. while in a space with a reasonable expectation that they’re not going to be beaten, or worse. What does a medical diagnosis have to do with whether or not – in your tiny mind – the child should be bullied?….Some children are bullied because of looks, clothing, religion, or because they like the color blue – It shouldn’t matter “why”! You don’t know these people, so how about you unshackle your brain, dude? You’re making a flip judgement with not a single shred of evidence.


  • South Fayette is a public school. You can videotape whoever you want in a public setting. Source: Lawyer in PA. 

  • It will be a prouder day when Putin dusts off the whole mess, from sea to shining sea.

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    • спасибо

  • Liberal Logic

  • Disorderly conduct is walking out on the street at night, shouting and in general making a disturbance. What the kid did was not disorderly conduct. It indeed was wiretapping (by the definition “wiretapping” under the law). But given the situation, and the reason for his recording, the judge should have thrown out the case. And if the judge didn’t throw out the case, the jury should have found him not guilty. Just remember people those jurors are engaging in their civic duty to be on the jury, which means they are also old enough (18 or older) to vote. If this is the kind of STUPID DECISION MAKING that comes out of people of voting age, when they are on a jury, just THINK of the kind of stupid decisions they make when voting.The kid should have argued self defense (recording the incident to prove that people were bullying him, so as to curtail the potentially dangerous activities of the bullies). Arguing self defense as the reason for your actions, is often a legal defense used in court to defend ones actions when those actions are normally illegal (for example, shooting someone in self defense, if they are trying to kill you). It is a legal defense that often is recognized under the law, and does usually get you acquitted. Now if shooting someone can be justified by arguing “self defense”, then surely something much less violent, like wiretapping, can be legally justified by arguing “self defense”.

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    • Who cares if he “committed” a crime?  School officials should be FIRED for sticking up for the bullies….

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • No.  Parents should never send their kids to public school.  The state does not care for them.  The kids are just numbers.

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Ummm “THINK OF THE KIDS” your comments are unrealistic for the VAST MAJORITY and are therefore unhelpful at a minimum and insulting at their worst. Private school is so vastly more expensive that its nowhere near the reach of most families. But clearly you say this because YOU have a kid in private school and just want to crow about it perhaps. I say you arent helping. We are here discussing a serious issue of liberal stupidity and you are over there in the corner yelling “Look what I can do!!”

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      • +
      • agreed Marc. I homeschooled my son but that doesnt mean everyone can or should. Private school doesn’t automatically mean your child is protected from such attacks either. It just means it costs more and will likely be more subtle. as a former attendee of public schools in a time when teachers paddled miscreants and parents supported appropriate punishment for appropriate offenses, I know I didn’t see many people eager to be on the end of a paddle or if they were they didn’t continue to cause problems. Some of the bullies have issues at home that cause them to be the way they are other’s are just mean…period. Sorry digressed there. All that tangent to say… I agree with you. lol sorry. :)

  • If this kid shows up next week with a gun, it will be the NRA’s fault.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • He should show up with a gun.

    • At least that is how the left would see it.  Wonder what they would do if he grabbed a few kitchen knives.  Have a knife registration party and talk about how the poor bullies were…well…bullied?

    • +
    • Why does it always come back to this?  Why can’t you people just be supportive of the victim instead of using this story to further your agenda?

  • To the Love family,Good for you that your child took non-violent action to help himself! I am proud of his efforts to resolve this. To Teachers: Unresolved issues can lead to greater violence.. do your job, you are the adult in the situation.

  • this is why unions are a bad idea, especially teacher’s unions. liberals are so pathetic.

  • Next time, don’t video  them, just shoot them and claim self defense under “stand your ground”.

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    • Or simply deport liberals.

  • Look at how they pervert our laws? We say something to them about spying, then they start picking on handicapped kids.

  • They want to send the message of not filming in schools or law enforcement while on the job. Sieg Heil!!!!

  • Bureaucracy is worse than communism.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Bureaucracy should be a death penalty offence.

    • No….communism at least would have seen those bullies taken out back and shot like the dogs that they are……..

  • From the school’s website:The mission of the South Fayette School District, in partnership with the community, is to cultivate academic, artistic, and athletic excellence by instilling a spirit of collaboration and communication to develop confident, ethical and responsible leaders.So this is who the bullies are? For sure they are confident in their behavior. Disgusting. 

  • FWIW, I’m referring to the teachers and administrators, not the students.


    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Lack of common sense and family love..

    • Two words, Progressive Liberalism.

  • We are so doomed! There is no consideration of good bad, right wrong. We are all victims of LEGALITIES which have no influence for the common good nor, Morality.God can’t help us now. If he even exists he has turned His back on the USA with good reason. 

    • It’s not called the “criminal justice system” for nothing. Hopefully you learned a lesson…Justice and revenge is a dish best served cold. 

    • Thanks for the link. I had to give this suppossed judge a piece of my mind. I pray for your son and family. I hope you sue the district for not protecting your child. Good luck.

  • How can I send money to this bullied kid’s family?  They should start a croud source fund, raise a few million dollars and throw one law suit after anothere at the school system then bring a cival rights suit agenst PA in Federal court!

  • No kid should be subjected to such abuse. That parent should take her son out of the school right now and homeschool him. 

  • Here in Texas if ONE Party has knowledge of the recording then it is legal. So the kid would have been inside the law here if he recored bullies making threats.But I guess Penn. is still in the klutches of the mafia owned legislature who won’t allow any one to record their deeds. See by making it where both parties have to have knolage then the politicans, mafia, and police know you can’t get the goods on them since they control the police and judges.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Unfortunately that is not so in PA. It is, in my opinion, Pennsylvania’s worst law.

  • Obviously, that school is open to a huge civil lawsuit by the bullied kid’s parents.  The school has something to hide.

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    • Maybe the US Dept of Justice will step in and help the disadvan……oh hell who am I kidding?Insanity at its worst..

  • charge the teacher who allowed this

  • there’s no wiretapping when a criminal act is being recorded

  • He wasn’t bullied.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • I will gladly do to you, what was done to him!! Just tell me where

    • You might be one of hte dumbest persons on the planet.

  • Welcome to Pennsylvania where we keep our Special-Ed students in their place! and Rape little boys in the locker rooms of Public Universities!

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Excellent post.  Most state have ‘mandatory reporters.’  You know, people in fiduciary positions that must report when they see abuse and rape occuring.  Seems like PA has the exact opposite of those laws.  Very happy I don’t live there!

  • Don’t expect anyone connected to the establishment to protect you or your rights. Then when you try to protect yourself, they use their power to abuse you more.  It’s a sick society taken over by evil authoritarian control freaks. They will do anything to keep the good people out of positions of power and do everything to protect their authoritarianism. This includes police killing innocent people, like the homeless man in NM. Big pharma also has a special vaccine court, to protect them from damages, that has paid out millions of our tax dollars to dead and damaged children. Oh and don’t forget the President insisted on having the power to drone-kill whomever he picks, like the 16 yr old American boy that was collateral damage. The supreme court just ruled that the grandfather has no case after his son and grandson was killed by an ordered drone attack.  America is gone, I just don’t know what to call this evil that has replaced it.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I just wish there was a country for me to move to.  Liberals are everywhere and they want to be in every facet of our lives.

  • This is my child. I appreciate your support. We are anxious for the appeal on April 29th and pray he will be found NOT GUILTY!Shea Love

    7 Replies - Reply Now
    • Good luck Ms. Love.  I hope you win this Thing!  This is one of the most absurd cases I have ever heard of.  What is wrong with this school?

    • Ms. Love:Good Luck and may God Bless you for standing up for your son. And we wonder why kids do violent things at school, because when they finally get brave enough to stand up to the bully, the victim becomes the accused. That is not right at all.

    • +
    • these “children” are stupid to act civilized!!!

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      • I have been diagnosed with Adult ADHD and have had anziety problems for years.  I know I would love your boy!  I will be praying for a good aoutcome for your son.  God speed!

    • I hope you seriously consider suing the school/district. The charges against your son are inappropriate enough but the injustice is compounded by the lack of action against the bullies. You might not be the litigious type but hitting them in the pocketbook is the only surefire way to force a change in a governmental bureaucracy.

    • Have you checked into charges against the teacher?

    • You should win.    If the kids Sandusky raped had recorded it, would they have been prosecuted?   Your son recorded to show evidence of a crime and the Lack of support by the school system to protect your son and the destroying of evidence(that a good recovery tech might get back) should allow a handsome lawsuit against the school and the police for not suspending andarresting the bullies. Good luck and I hope the administration gets fired, the bullies get suspended and your son gets his college paid for. Will

  • Meanwhile America is still trying to figure out why school shootings occur, Hmmmmm???

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Seriously!  I’m sure there is a multi-billion dollar government funded commission ‘working’ on the problem right now. 

  • The kid needed a good lawyer – he could have reaised the neccesity defense,

  • My son who was born three months premature and suffered two major brain bleeds eventually went on to public school where he was bullied continuously and each time it was the bully that was protected. Subsequently we removed him from public school, homeschooled him and the then engaged him in positive social interaction, ie Police Explorers and Special Olympics. It’s politically advantageous to advertise against bullies, but practically advantageous to poo poo them.

  • You must always rely on the government or YOU will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Stupid kid..why would you depend on the police? Those are the same bullies all grown up lol. Your better of coming back with some thing and shooting the place 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • You gave to perfect comment, it is a shame there are no favs on this site.The only thing to add is that he will probably do more Pennsylvania juvenile time than the one who stabbed 22 earlier this week. that is the way or justice and educational systems work today – punish the victim.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Stupid comment. As a police officer, as most I was protective of the weak – as a child I was bullied. It’s not law enforcement – it’s the legislators that create the laws to be enforced – Civics 101 knucklehead. 

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • +1 and thank you for your service.

  • Aren’t unions great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Please remember that consent is ONLY required in situations where “a reasonable expectation of privacy” is applicable. Recording people in PUBLIC is totally legal and that includes recording the police.

  • The “bullies” are always protected… in government and in society. Sad… we are becoming a totaliarian country run by thugs!

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Just look at the Bully we have in the White Hut…

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Go to the local newspapers, local radio talk shows and get an attorney. Then send an email to Fox and Friends and go national. My wife had a very similar situation with boarding a school bus here in PA. We did all of the above you have to expose these low life’s to the light. Just do it and give your attorney some face time. Your child is worth every bit of it.

  • Aren’t schools also a place with an expectation of protection?

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Nope. Unless you meant that the bullies should expect to be protected, as the precedent has already been set for that. 

    • Nope.  That’s why all parents should homeschool.  Public school is actually a new phenomenon.  Home school was the standard and gave most of the country an at least 11th grade reading level.  Ever since public school, reading levels have plummeted to 4th grade.  We can’t fix public school and it is really abuse if you send your kid to one.

  • Right, the victim becomes the criminal and the criminal is the victim.  What a sick society!

  • They want to intimidate, if not prosecute anyone that might expose the level of left@rded and flat-out totalitarian propaganization and indoctrination that is taking place in public schools under the guise of “education”..Carefully vetted private schools or homeschooling is the only way to ensure your kids receive a valid education anymore.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Homeschooling is to ensure cretins can brainwash their next generation sheep.

  • how many counts of felony wiretaping can be attributed to the nsa? were these people on the football team thus protected from anything?

  • If that was my child there would be the teachers and aides pictures, names, and addresses on the screen during the whole video.  of course they would already be in the hospital.

  • People are garbage sir.   I am sorry you had to find out this way.  Kids are garbage because they are raised by garbage. 

  • Most public schools have been so infiltrated by democrats that they are too dangerous for serious students.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • A very true fact.  Excellent post.

  • Lib educators gone wild again. Disgusting

  • The government hates you.  It has turned the law into an instrument of torture and oppression.  And the teachers syndicate is an adjunct of the state.Google Harvey Silverglate Three felonies a day

  • Criminalization of ethical behavior and confirmation of cruelty the forebearers of which are provocateur bigotry and the humanitarian straw man are ALL Tau politics. You are chasing your tail trying to figure this out. In reality, counter surreivallnce is legal only if you don’t divulge this information to others, but there is nothing prohibiting you from narrating via a written complaint which describes the bullying. Wiretap laws were engineered to prevent the public from using technology to capture political corruption, but it’s used overwhelmingly to control the public. 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Government exists to control the many for the benefit of the few.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Too bad how this turned out. They need to find a way to organize and protest the schools behavior, along with the students involved.There should be some attorney’s out there somewhere that would be willing to make a case from this?dwdraw2


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