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Ex-Cop and Jeb Bush Appointee Claims the Newtown Massacre Never Happened

Wolfgang Halbig has hundreds of followers who donate to the cause

The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting—the worst school shooting in national history—triggered an explosive debate around gun control in America. That debate continues today, perhaps most notably in Newtown itself.

Each month, gun advocates come to Newtown Board of Education meetings to argue that more guns, not fewer guns, could have prevented Adam Lanza from carrying out his shooting rampage. One of those advocates, seen in the video below, dresses in 1700s revolutionary garb.  

But there was a new face in the audience at a meeting earlier this month: Wolfgang Halbig, a former police officer and school safety consultant who lives in Florida. Halbig flew up from Florida to attend the meeting, but it’s not because he’s a pro-gun advocate. In fact, he doesn’t think that guns or gun laws could have prevented the killings.

Halbig has another belief entirely: He says Sandy Hook never actually happened, that it was a fake event staged by the government. No Adam Lanza, no victims. According to Halbig, 26 people did not die that day. It was all fiction. The distraught parents who gave interviews to the media were actually paid actors, he says.

“Nobody even requested trauma helicopters that day,” he told me over the phone this week. “Why no trauma helicopters? That’s a big one.”

(In fact, this conspiracy around helicopters that day has been mentioned by others–and easily debunked–before. Sandy Hook truthers have been around for a while.)

On his website, Halbig lists out 16 specific questions. The answers to them, he believes, will expose a massive conspiracy. For example, he asks, “Who ordered those Port-a-Potties from Southbury, Connecticut?” and “Who declared all 18 children and six school staff members legally dead within the first eight minutes?” 

Halbig Confronts the Newtown Board of Education

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In the realm of conspiracy theories, Halbig’s is pretty far out there, and yet, he has a sizable following. In March, he set up a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe to raise money for his cause. In the two months it has been online, Halbig has raised nearly $22,000 from over 400 people.

“The truth needs to be exposed, however long it takes,” writes Clyde Shaw, a man who donated $20 to the campaign.

“I am very proud of the commitment and integrity of Wolfgang thus far in investigating this lousy, horrible, criminal scandal in Connecticut with the so said ‘Sandy Hook shooting,’” writes Jimmy Saunders, a man who gave $25. “I have seen Wolfgang during interviews and on other news websites, and I encourage him to succeed in breaking down this hoax.”

Halbig isn’t some guy who’s been living in the woods for the last decade, either. He has a long and high-profile career in school safety, and has rubbed shoulders with some famous people. From 1999 to 2004, he was the executive director for the National Institute for School and Workplace Safety. In 2000, Jeb Bush appointed him to a Florida school safety commission.

Halbig also doesn’t have a clear explanation for why, exactly, the government or the media would want to expend so much energy creating such an elaborate mirage. But he insists he’s not pocketing the cash for himself. Part of the $20,000, he says, is going to fulfill Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests that will reveal what did—or did not—happen that day in December 2012.

Halbig says he has already paid A. Paul Spinella, a Connecticut-based personal injury lawyer, $10,000 to begin filing requests. Spinella, who does appear to be a licensed attorney in Connecticut, has not returned multiple calls to confirm the receipt of payment. Halbig also claims to have hired a documentary crew to film his efforts, but he refused to name them.

Last week, Halbig posted a video on YouTube that he says shows him being “assaulted” by a Newtown volunteer firefighter while he was visiting Connecticut. An officer with the Newtown Police Department, reached by phone earlier this week, confirms that he is aware of Halbig but declined to comment further.

Recently, Halbig even set up his own website, Sandy Hook Justice, urging people to donate to his campaign. “This site is currently under construction,” Halbig writes, “so check back often for updates, as we work together to uncover the Sandy Hook Truth!”

Ryan Walsh contributed deep web reporting to this article. 

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  • Thumbs up or thumbs down would be a lot more practical. I leave almost as fast as I get here. Too much of it is just drivel.

  • Mr. Halbig, shame on you. Do you have any idea of what your theatrics do to those who are mentally unbalanced? Do you not realize that you are enabling irational beliefs and behaviors by people who are succeptible to paranoia – and quite likely making things that much harder for their families who are trying to cope with their loved ones??The really shameful part is that you are doing it for money. Is the money worth the heartache you are putting innocent people through? What would you say to the mother who has been suffering through years of seeing her son slowly sink away from reality? Or the children who see their father now adopting yet another bizarre justification for borderline psychotic behavior?And what about the parents of those children? I’ll bet you don’t have the stones to “confront” one of them on video, do you? Of course not. Because then your little house of cards would come crashing down and the cash cow would go home.Your behavior is absolutely shameful.

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    • Saaayyy..WHAT THE HELL? Talk about mentally unbalanced Mr. Solano. You have to b bout mentally unbalanced to understand that ramble..or to believe any of it. 

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      • Don’t even!

  • Watch Sofia Smallstorm’s YouTube on Sandy Hook.  Lots of intriguing insights.  Why laughter instead of tears from the parents?  Why did most of the “families” move into the area not too long before the event?  Where were the dead children?  Why does no one in town know who cleaned up the blood? Simple – there wasn’t any.  The “family” pictures can be shown to have obvious photoshopping.We keep getting deceived and fooled all the time!  This was a social experiment by the hidden hand, and it succeeded.

  • Many people are appointed during an administration; not always by the person who is ultimately in charge.  Yes, he is liable but not always responsible for poor appointees.  This may be the case.  No one has proven Bush knowingly appointed this nut job. His undersecretary might have submitted his name for the school commission position.

  • Considering all the money people make cashing in on Kennedy and 911 conspiracy theories (like Jesse Ventura) this is not surprising.  Some are in it for the money some may be true believers.  How do you tell them apart?  Conspiracies, of course, can and do happen.  But they most often unravel very quickly — like Watergate.  When you look at some complex event where people acted in an unreasonable manner at some point, the reason behind it, in most cases, is incompetence — not conspiracy.  Also, very often when you examine the “facts,” one by one, as this fellow presents them, you find another side of the story.  To be sure the Sandy Hook victims have been terribly used by Obama and the left for their own political ends.  But Halbig is using the event himself.  Shame on all of them!

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  • Obama/Holder/Reid/Pelosi criminal cabal is capable of anything!

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    • Why waste a good opportunity, is the mindset of these evil Progressive Liberal Nitwits. If this guys Conspiracy theroy just brings that out to the publics attention, then more power to him. He’s just using The Liberals approach. Why waste a good opportunity.

  • The fact that this guy was a Jeb Bush appointee ought to tell you what kind of danger this country is in…especially since Brother Jeb is being slowly but surely spotlighted for the next Presidential race.

  • Of course all the Sandy Hook parents were hired actors…as were the supposed family members who were mourning their siblings.What I find revealing is that people are sending money to feed his frenzy.

  • Yes, Sandy Hook happened.  The lies where that he could only kill many peopple with an AR -15.  He had 14.5 minutes from  when he entered until the police entered. 


  • calling poeple nuts because they don’t want to beleave the horror that happen that day well not solve this issue, answering there questions would. the fact that people so distrust the Government in all dealing is a sign of our times. I am sorry that it has all come to this, but taking firearms , would not have stop that young man from killing all those children, we need to be talking about mental health instead. we need to talk about how much medication and the types of medications people are given now of days. we need to talk about how criminal and money driven the pharmaceutical companies have gotten. instead we are still talking about Guns, a genie out of the bottle, a issue that well result in civil  unrest, that you well not ever forget it.”it’s not guns”, it’s eduacation , its trust. it’s Mediacation, when these issues can be really discussed then we can also talk about Gun Control. but when you insist that only police have guns and then watch how violent and aggressive the police are shown to be in Video after video, oh let only let soldiers have guns , when letting soldier police us makes us a police state, when you want to kill gun owners with guns by only authority or authorized personal then you send alarms off, becuase then we are not talking gun control , we are talking ignorence and stupiedity, because police are and can be just as criminal as those who do not have authority! I do not trust your fellow Citizens with guns, only traind police officers? or trained soldiers? if you want to get all the guns and leave use a nation like Austrailia who now has a high crime rate then they had before the gave up thier gun rights? oh well how about Britain well they have the same problems now as Australia ! I find that as this nation comes apart the more you are going to wish you had … a sharp stick? good luck my fellow Americas your getting exactly what you Deserve one way or another. 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I have been saying what you just said for 8 years now. I have a high-functioning autisic child, and, while it is illigal for a teacher to tell you you should put you child on med’s that does not stop them from sugesting that you should talk to a doctor about putting your child on med’s. I have never. For one reason only. These med’s are “mood stablizers” is what they say. the problem is that they shut off emotions. YOU CAN NOT SHUT OFF EMOTIONS! It’s just not possible. What is going to happen? These kids are not learning to control their emotions. Hyper kids? autism? ADD,ADHD? Is this new? No these things have always been here. But, when we were kids we had to learn how to control. Now a day’s it’s oh this behavior is happening lets not teach these kids. Let’s put them on a magic drug that going to make it all just go away. But all these emotions are never going to go away! EVER! We are killing our own children, just so it’s easier.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • I have ADD and I can tell you right now you can’t just “control it”. If it was for some of the medications I take when it comes crunch time to study and other high focus intensive items I’m so glad I have it. Go ask someone with schizoprenia how well they can just “control it”. Pro tip, if they could just control it off a whim would they even need the diagnosis? Yes big pharm is out of control but to toally discount meds is a stupid mindset. I invite you to walk in my shoes for a few days during finals week and see how well you come out of it. Think before you spout shit. 

  • I had to read this twice before it occurred to me that this wingnut is serious (or claims to be).  Guess someone has to be at the bottom of the human barrel, huh Halbig?  Even if you are a money grubbing con artist you could not have chosen a more sensitive target.  You disgust me.

  • I do not believe this guy exists…he is a fiction engineered by the gov’t to make Tea Partiers look bad. And, as for the helicopters, twenty black ones are hovering above my house right now… ITS DUH TROOOOFF

  • I I

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    • I…I….finally got my post to work.

  • How horrible for the parents and survivors to have to endure this kind of barbaric onesided nonsense. .

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    • It looks like the conspiracy nuts are out in full force. If they are not satisfied with the truth, they’ll make up their own truth. 

  • oh and by the way, sandy hook elementary was in fact a school that has been closed down for the past 5 years. So, to all who have been dupped by the media and the government, do your research before making any conclusion.  Look at all the photos as there was not ANY live footage, really look at them. In one photo i found 35 things that did not fit the crisis that was  supposedly happening. Police standing around, some laughing, no ambulances or fire trucks, cars parked nice and neat yet theres a mad man supposedly shooting people inside the school. 

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • I’m unsure where you are getting your information but as a Connecticut resident who lives within 20 minutes from Sandy Hook I can assure you that the school was not closed for 5 years and this actually really DID occur. Not to mention the entire area was in complete chaos including the hospital where the patients were taken (which I saw for myself).

    • You are a kook. Get a life. Sick of you gun nuts.

    • +

  • I too agree that the shooting did NOT happen. There is no live footage, only still photos. And i DO believe the government staged this event to try and take our gun rights away. There is a website that is called “crisis actors” and it clearly states the actors are hired by the government to “act” as if they are in a real crisis situation. Its a disgusting thought to think our government would stoop to such deplorable acts and then on top of it all, they had a donation site set up for people to donate money to the victims families, yet there are no victims and there are no families. So my next question is what did the government do with all that donated money? Greed will destroy all humanity, and its the root of all problems, big or small. What a sad,sad world we live in.

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    • There is no live footage of YOU…therefore YOU don’t exist.Luckily for all.

    • You are proof that ignorance can destroy humanity just as well.  Please quit with the conspiracy nonsense.  Trust me 911 was not caused by Wayne Newton. 

    • +
    • I heard basically the SAME thing from my son, who is in the military, back several months ago. I just kinda shrugged it off…thought, how ABSURD! But, he’s  NOT the only one I’m hearing this from.  We don’t know the things that go on behind closed goverment doors. Were we a fly on the wall….we would be ASTOUNDED! at what we learned! I’ve come to the conclusion….especially w/this gaggle of politions n there…NOT, to put ANYTHING…past them!!

  • It’s nice to see he’s applying some of the 22k to Freedom of Information requests – considering they don’t cost anything to submit.I think this is just a money-making scam. The guy’s figured out there’s no shortage of ignorant people out there who’ll gladly part with their money to get their conspiratorial jollies. Heck of a job, Halbig.

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    • Actually the government can stonewall freedome of info requests and have on many occasions. WHen that happens you have to sue them, which does cost a signifcant amount of money. Do a quick google search and you’ll plenty of examples of stuff that should be given to the public but the government does all they can to keep said person from getting it. 

  • I went to one of these children’s funeral. Funny how they had a funeral for a child that didn’t die. What the government tells you had nothing to do with anything all you had to do was be there. No helicopters because they were all shot to pieces you sick, vile man. From Florida, home of the weird and crazy. Shut the F up.

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    • No you didn’t.

  • You sheep who believe everything that the government tells you, that villify anyone who questions the official story, of course you think you know everything about Columbine, right? Because the government and it’s media arm told you that there were two shooters so it must be true, right? Wrong, 101 witnesses stated that there were (depending on the time and their location) between 3 and 5 shooters!

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    • Why even bother dude? They”ll never get it. Like sheep for the slaughter. They are already dead. They will always bow down because they cant conceive their true potential. They need someone else to tell them what is possible.

    • Your meds are wearing off.

    • +
    • I still have the texts from a friend of a police officer who told him of the carnage they found in that school the day it happened, way before it hit the news.  The damage done to those little bodies by the ammo used was described in the terms as “pieces”  This is one guy I would like to meet in a dark alley, I guarantee that he would never make another meeting unless they have handicap access.

    • Yes, much worse than the “sheep” who ignore what is by far the most likely scenario and instead blindly follow amateur conspiracy theories

    • Spot on. One of the earliest government BS tests that proved sucessful was the lunar landing. Now we are on Mars robotically!  Stupid Americans.

  • What is this site?  Who would print this filth?  Shame on those who gave money to this mad man.

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    • You need help, man.

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      • And I directed that at SNIBBODMOT.  Scary.

    • I am not against every conspiracy theory proposed. I am very skeptical of governments. But this one….That was my husband’s Gradeschool.  His mother still lives very near the school. So some are saying These neighbors that lost their kids are supposed to be actors….some of these neighbors have been known by my husband and his family for decades. So these childen born were either raised by actors to b killed years later or whisked away to some secret location to remain invisible forever.  What a way to selfishly exploit a GENUINE tragedy.  To those that insist on believing this:  If you choise to keep your eyes squeezed shut, all of the evidence in the world can’t show you the truth.

  • I too wish it never happened.

  • all people that believe sandy hook really happened should watch this parent laughing out loud before he realizes that the camera’s are filming him. also adam lanza died dec. 13th which is the day before this shooting even happened. Fema’s website said on the day of this shooting they were in sandy hook doing a child gun safty drill at the school, please look it up and look up adam lanza’s death date on the social security index.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • No way they could get the date wrong by 1 day, huh??

  • This is so bogus.  This meeting is SO Fake perpetuated by a small group of conspiracy theory NUTS who got together and put this BS video together PRETENDING they are before the Newtown Board of Education.   If you NUTS ever showed up in a Newtown Board of ED meeting with your BOGUS claims that SH never happened and these families of victims are just crisis actors, the residents of Newtown would string your butts UP from the highest Tree.   

  • Seek help pal..Wow!

    • Most likely because the school followed protocol that was set for all schools in the state of CT. What could you sue for? 

  • Let’s see him tell that to the face of the parents of the kids who died.

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    • Nah, he’d have to have a spine for that. He’s just a sorry little worm raping morons of their money.

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      • how come the chief of police was on tv saying there were people who left and made it to the tree line before police arrived,and that they had secured lanzas from his car trunk

  • The next thing we hear about this guy, is that he has become a preacher, so that more fools will throw money at him. All in “Gods name” of course!

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    • You sound like an NSA paid mole/moron whose goal is to smear people who seek the truth. I notice you NEVER have a point and just consistently attack a man whose boots you aren’t fit to shine.

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      • Luke why would you defend someone who is collecting money to file papers under the freedom of information act when anyone could do it for free! The only one pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes is this nutjob con artist making money off the backs of other people’s tragedies.

  • Of course, such a conspiracy would not only have to involve the FBI and local law enforcement, but the doctors and nurses and all the support staff at the local hospital; the teaching and janitorial staff at Sandyhook, the parents of the murdered and surviving children; the neighbors of Sandyhook families; and of course CBS, NBC, ABC, The BBC and pro second amendment Fox News; the New York Times, Washington Post, L.A. Times, USA Today and every other newspaper and media outlet in America; also, not a single mainstream reporter in America is interested in winning the Pulitzer Prize for uncovering the biggest fraud of all time?

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Exactly!  Halbig, like all conspiracy con-artists, don’t tell you the whole story, they only tell you the bits that help justify their fake theory.  In reality, yes it would take an entire town of people (and more!) faking the story in order for this to happen, not simply 20 fake parents. There are so many facets involved exactly as Eric A3 listed, there is no way our government is capable of pulling off such an event.  It’s ludicrous to even think that is possible!  Please, hard working people of America, do not send money to lunatics! 

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      •  Both you & Eric are right on target.  I don’t trust the confrontational Mr. Halbig either. 

    • Wrong. Only one child was taken to the hospital, all others were pronounced dead on the scene without paramedics even able to enter the building. This is the “Building 7 moment 

  • Joseph Goebbels would be proud that such men as this learned the lesson of using propaganda as a tool to denigrate the truth.

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    • If yr referring to the hack that wrote this hit piece then yr correct.

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      • Well, it’s mighty strange that Halbig is collecting $$$ to investigate an event that should not affect him personally.  I think Florida has been spawning enough questionable events to keep him busy if he just likes to involve himself in the tragedies of others.  There’s the Trayvon Martin case, for starters. 

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      • And it doesn’t seem strange to you he has such a large following of people who support him? Your really willing to discount all these people without looking deeper into what he’s suggesting? He has direct experience in this exact scenario, he knows better then you how these events should be handled.

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      • +
      • 400 people is not a large following. I’m sure a lot of them ALSO think that the government faked the moon landing, and the WTC was brought down by controlled demolition. Morons. 

  • Bush actually appointed an inciteful, decent human being to a job. Must have been an accident. Looks like every knucklehead working in a Pentagon disinfo trailer has found the comment section for this article. No real Vocative reader is this stupid. Anyone, and I do mean anyone, who has heard Halbig, Smallstorm, Preston, Fetzer, or others break this down knows Sandy Hook was a planned exercise in which no human being was killed. This is the most-ham-fisted, obvious false-flag in American history.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • No tool and foolish is your real name.

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • Les, how much money are you going to lose? Whenn someone tells you they have a brdge to sell you, ask for help!

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      • When yr too stupid to actually give reasons why you believe in hoaxes, its probably because yr brainwashed and have ZERO ability to reason and defend yr position.

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      • +
      • If you make a claim that something is hoax, the burden of proof is on you to prove that all the eyewitness accounts and evidence that something happened is invalid.

      • Too bad that yr too stupid to give a SINGLE reason why tho.

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      • Do you know what an ad hominem attack is? That what you just did, and it’s not a valid logical argument.The idea is very simple: you’re the one making a claim, so you’re the one who has to prove it. I should think you’re smart enough to understand that.

      • I apologize, this is my first time on Vocativ and your earlier comment was listed after my later one, causing me to think it was a response to my comment. My other comment was in response to what I believed to be your comment directed to me.

    • Right, so this is how it works: 

      1. Evidence was provided that an event happened (eyewitness accounts, video footage, etc.)
      2. Claims were made that the evidence was false the the whole event was a hoax. 

      #2 has no credence over #1 unless proof is provided. So what’s the proof? Otherwise, it’s just speculation and conjecture at best.

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      • Ok, this is my first time using Vocativ, and it just swallowed the numbered list I created, so again:1. Evidence was provided that an event happened (eyewitness accounts, video footage, etc.)2. Claims were made that the evidence was false the the whole event was a hoax. 

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      • How ridiculous!  This is about as absurd as the statement that Tiananmen Square never happened. I too feel so bad for the families that had to bury their children only to have a fool like this bring up such a stupid statement, next thing he’ll come up with is that the Boston bombing didn’t happen,  but you goofy people keep sending him money 

      • +
      • Jimmy, you’re so much smarter than some of these tools.   Luke is laughing his head off but his IQ is obvious by his silly statements. A hoax,  I can’t believe anyone would think that. 

    • +

  • I can only imagine how I’d feel if I was the parent of one of those “mythical children”.  There must be a special place in hell for a man like this.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • You would feel wealthy and, perhaps, a bit guilty. Many of the players were gifted expensive homes. Others received millions in donations. These are crisis actors. Some really live in the area, some do not. Some of the victim pictures are of children who are the real children of some of the crisis actors, but the children are much older now.

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      • You are a disgrace to you simian relatives, you monkey.

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      • Why moron?  State EXACTLY why.

      • +
      • Les, save your money and get a face lift, your photo gives the lie to creationists!

        2 Replies - Reply Now
      • Hey rube, yr stupid name actually makes ABBA AND Jose Feliciano look bad at the same time. No easy feat.

      • So, just troll and hate on photos? What a special kind u are.

    • That Hell has suckers like you in it. People who are too stupid to see the hoax right in front of their moronic faces.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Rather than call people names, why don’t you provide the proof that it is a hoax then?

  • Why does the “news media” panda and provide a podium for Nut-job like this?

  • another crazy republican, no surprises.

  • this guy is a schizophrenic

  • What a wing nut.

  • Whack job! FYI, I am pro 2nd Amendment.

  • I support the right of all of these speakers to express their opinions. But then, they should all be punched in the face so hard, that they forget who they are. Extra-judicially, of course. 

  • After watching this video, I just find it sad we can’t just give anti rabies shots on-the-spot to all these crazies . Listen to these men……… really listen……now if you don’t hear rabid minds, then you are truly not listening. SCARY when you think that these people roam freely in our society.   

  • Look on the bright side!  The article says that only 400 wackos have contributed.  That’s far less than I would have expected from the far rightwing nutcase hysterical crowd.

  • Throatkooky, it’s not too late to consider the facts for yourself. Unless, of course, you are a plant, which it seems may be the case after seeing all the bs you spew.typical liberal approach, attacking the person, not the facts.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Yep, I’m attacking the person rather than the facts because it is the person who is spreading such malicious hateful lies.  You guys have no sympathy for the berieved family and so I have no sympathy for your mental condition. Take responsibility for your lies and quit attacking other people (liberals) for calling you out, GZO.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • I haven’t spread any lies or hate. I just called someone out who had nothing to contribute from a facts perspective. My mental condition? Ouch.

        2 Replies - Reply Now
      • The naeve want to remain that way. I pointed out a satellite to a family a few years ago.  It would get to a certain point in the sky then do an instant 90 degree turn.  They saw the satellite until it did the 90 degree turn then got so horrified by the implications of what they were seeing that they then claimed to have not seen it.  It followed the same route for at least that night, i watched it and it did the same pattern a least that night.  People are in their happy box and do not want to awake from that by truth.

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • +
      • Man, I don’t know what you are talking about. Satellite what? Might be understanding what these other people are saying now, about some of the tooney tunes out there. I’m interested in the truth, not some schizophrenic story about Satellites.

      • GZO, your posted photo says it all! [about you]!

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • I did not post a photo.blah blah blah, more personal attacks. I still love you, hater.

  • Why does the media give these morons 5 minutes of attention. Just another nut walking the streets

  • Well, if you take into account, this is the same government who secretly practiced Mass Sterilization, numerous false flags resulting in loss of innocent lives, phony drug wars, phony terrorist wars….actually, the  list of their dirty deeds are  very extensive,  dark, and secretive.You could even say, habitually Pathological….

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • If the misdeeds of our government are secretive, how do you know about them?

  • Hey all you wacko’s I think the govt. is coming to get us all. Send me $100 and I will tell you all how it is happening. I promise not to use the money for myself it will all go to the research. Trust me your all stupid, I mean under govt mind control so it will all be for the best

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Good stuff! I don’t really know of anyone to respond to these mentally deranged types that think everything revolves around them except to make fun of their “theories”.

    • You are obviously such a sincere fellow that I’m gonna send you $200 and a ticket to see John Lennon in concert!

  • My husband’s cousin was one of the children who was killed. We went to her funeral. Are you all insane? have you no decency? 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • The obvious answer, Margo, is that not only do they have no decency, but they have nothing better to do in their tiny brainless lives than to spread lies and misery.  

  • You would have to be stupid to believe it happened, after seeing only five minutes of the evidence they present. It did not happen. 

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Are you out of your mind?!

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • That’s a trick question, correct? Don’t feed the ignorant trolls.

    • Maintain your current position, Stealingsugar. A black helicopter will arrive shortly to deliver you to the nearest mental health facility.

  • Oh, and for all of those that want to say how cruel this is to the children, I say Saul Alinsky (Rules for Radicals) really knew his stuff. This is a perfect ploy to hide behind and bash people seeking the truth down. “oh my God, what about the children.” See how that seems heartless to ignore. Kind of reminds of when Americans were trying to vet our president and we got called racist. Same tactic! But sticks & stones will break my bones and the TRUTH WILL ALWAYS COME OUT!!!! Fast & Furious, IRS, NSA, VA, Benghazi…and round and round we go, when we’ve had enough nobody knows…

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • Rosanne, I think you may have hit the nail right on the head. A strategic plan by a group of liberal pundits to further promote the cause of gun control.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • And someone hit you on the head with a large hammer.

    • You need to buy one of those thingys marked with days of the week so you don’t forget to take your meds.

    • +
    • I thought they buried you with Frank!

  • Sandy HOAX

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Brainless Bjorklund. I can come up with an alliteration so “I’m smart and it proves the story was a fake.” Retard.

  • The reason the truthers are not going away, indeed are growing more numerous with each added fraud ‘crisis’ fearmongering people with propaganda — be afraid, be very afraid, don’t think, obey authority no matter what — is because the frauds are more obvious that the stuff the Government says just. didn’t. happen.And the pervasive internet shows the Government lies.All the cars in Europe got dash cams.  Why don’t American drivers have dash cams?  Because the cameras would record more Government lies.I do happen to have personal connections to Sandy Hook.  No, there are no kids reported missing in that town after the phony ‘massacre.’  And, nobody knows any kids who were going to school there at the time.Cass Sunstein (Government money) can hire all the paid trolls he likes to go around to sites like this to try to talk gruff and keep people scared that the phony ‘crises’ and ‘chaoses’ reallyReallyREALLY happened.And the evidence of Government LIARS and the number of people who don’t believe the Government keeps on growning …like somebody said, everyone knows Oswald did not kill JFK, the Government murdered JFK.  That’s kinda where it started.-

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • Thank you for that Wendi, the reason Mr. Halbig raised that much money from “truthers” (I really don’t care what name I’m called anymore) so quickly is because we innately know our gubmint is LYING TO US!!!!! This story has too many anomalies, too many inconsistencies, too many details that seem out of whack. I personally believe this false flag was for gun control. Within six months stringent gun laws were passed in the dead of night. Connecticut’s gubmint is fraught with corruption. Just ask all of the veterans that are moving out of the state because they are having their guns confiscated from them and put into psyche wards for “observation.” Liberals can scream in my face from now until next Tuesday, I know what I know…btw I know how to spell government, I just choose to show my disdain.sincerely,your fellow awake American

    • Do you sleep well at night when you know you’re lying and have no proof of the trash you are spewing? Riddle me this idiot. Why would there be a missing person report filed when the kids were all killed in the same place? 

    • +
    • Yeah, “everyone knows” is the first phrase uttered by people who spew the most ridiculous statements.  Here’s another one for you taht I actually believe:  everyone knows that all you cretins belong in mental hospitals.  

  • I have fought this dispacable lying fraud since the first day he stepped on the scene.  His questions have been answered in writing and on air face to face more than once.  He asks them only because he is a sound-bite flim flam man and his sheep fall over themseleves in a cult like fashion when he feeds them little morsels of his rank idiocy.  He is completely clueless about first response or the incident in Sandy Hook, lies about his past, uses dead people as references, and posts the photo of himself as a trooper ad nauseum, even though it was over 35 years ago and he was a cop for a couple of years.He will love he got the press of this article, I wish it called him out for the fraud he is. Google Wolfgang Halbig Fraud…RegardsCW Wade

  • These nuts only exist because we vote for people who have been in the house and senate for 4,5,6,7 terms. Voters who do that are happy with the government we got. there would be no room for wirdos if we really wanted a good government and veted out crazy to get it insted of lettim money from every crazy group buy these long term fools. in it for the cash not the Country. Were a very sad people.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Wrong. Thes “people” exist because of people like Alex Jones and Glenn Beck.Being mentally ill isn’t caused by your local incumbent congressman. If you’re crazy, you’re crazy. It’s that simple.Jones and Beck are crazy and put a voice to the other crazies with their tv and internet platforms.

  • This kind of public speaking is cruel at best, and mentally unbalenced on its face. To tell parents that lost their small children they are actors and their losses are fiction is without credibility.

  • So is the theory that these kids… never existed?  Wouldn’t the townsfolk of Newtown noticed that nobody knew anyone who died?  The conspiracy theory is nonsense.I personally know a man who lost his only grandson there.  Is he part of the conspiracy too?

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Not only is your “friend” part of the conspiracy, but since you are posting to a site denying the conspiracy, you must be part of the conspiracy yourself.  And I have to ask you, how does that feel?  To deceive your fellow citizens?  But let me ask you, are you aware of your deception?  Are you paid, or could it be that you are… under mind control?  And not just of the government, but of their United Nations black helicopter flying overlords?  Who are themselves directed by the makers of “The Simpons”?Since you’re part of the coverup it’s not fair to ask you, but do you happen to know who killed Kennedy?It’s hard to imagine anything more offensive than this Halbig character.

      3 Replies - Reply Now
      • You fucking people are wacked. You all need to go find a deserted island and go live by yourselves together, so no retarded stupid ass conspiracy can gt you. Just so you all know they have medication for your delussinal thoughts.

      • Crackpot

      • +
      • The hospital called. Your brain is back from the lab. The biopsy showed it to be benign. No trace of intelligence.

  • Halbig, an expert in school safety, knows that almost all the standard operating procedures wre ignored that day. Upon further research, it is apparent that the state of CT has gone to massive lengths to hide, what would normally be easilt accessible public inforamtion.This smacks of a huge coverup. In fact, PUBLIC RECORDS SHOW 20 of the “victims” families and three Newtown selectmen (the town with a population of 1,973 has no mayor) along with key witness, Gene Rosen, all had their homes paid off on 12-25-09Anyone wo doesn’t see a problem with this is brain dead.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • The problem is people like you repeating lies.They have a mboard of selectmen from both parties. It’s thier form of government. Look it up and stop lying. How do you sleep at night? Crazy makes you sleep at night? Perhaps had you paid attention in school you’d know not every city government is the same as where you live in Podunk.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Their darn it.

    • So because you read it on the internet, it must be true right? Lol…bless your small heart & your ignorant mind.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Common sense people, common sense. Follow the evidence. Truth will set you free.


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