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What’s the Most Satanic City in America?

The summer solstice approacheth. And with the coming of this major holiday for Satan worshippers, Vocativ tracked down which American cities are potential hotbeds of Satanic activities. So, is your town in the belly of the beast?

5. Windsor, Connecticut

Besides being the hometown of famed pugilist John “Iceman” Scully, Windsor is also home to a tight knit community of Satanists. The “Darkside” group describes themselves as “a closed group which is formed to bring Satanists, occultists and practitioners of the Left Hand Path together for socializing, discussions and ritual practice.” While they’re not as loud and proud as some of their big-city counterparts, they have continued to meet regularly in their five-year history.

4. Spokane, Washington

For members of the Satanas meet-up group in Washington State, worshiping the dark lord is all about the booty—describing themselves as “a group for LeVayan followers who believe Satan to be representative of our carnal desires.” While not the largest group out there, with only 9 permanent members, they’re certainly active. Since their foundation six months ago the group has met weekly to get down and discuss the dark arts.

3. Chicago

The windy city’s “Beasts Unite” is a fledgling satanic circle with 39 regular members. They’ve met in some of Chi-town’s spookiest locales, including the Graceland graveyard and Panera Bread. Currently the group is planning a discussion on “Tourist [hunting] Season”, though this may fall through if the group’s leader can’t get a ride.

2. Los Angeles

Home to the second most active Satanic community in the United States, it would seem that LA is the City of Angels in name only. Membership in the Los Angeles Left Hand Path is open to “anyone interested satanism, tantra, chaos magick, blood magick, magical BDSM, etc.” The group has been running strong since 2004 and has even partnered with the LA Vampirism group for larger events. So what keeps so many occultists coming back for more? Two words: free pizza.

1. New York City

Because of course it is. New York is the home of LeVeyan Satanism, whose current high priest resides in—wait for it—Hell’s Kitchen. There are more than 1,000 Satanists regularly attending meetings and events each month.

Honorable Mention: Portland, Oregon

While there is yet to be an organized Satanic group in Portland, the city does have 57 Satanists in waiting according to data from All they need is someone to take charge.

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  • No mention of Skull and Bones anywhere?

  • Satanism was founded by Anton LaVey in San Francisco in 1966. The current High Priest, Peter Gilmore, lives in New York.

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    • You are very right that it was founded in San Francisco – its headquarters are in New York.


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