Skype Exorcism Landscape

Skype Exorcisms Are Worthless, Say Full-Time Exorcists

The Internet exorcism probably won't heal you or cast off your demons

Evangelical Christian Reverend Bob Larson appeared on Anderson Cooper’s nighttime television show Friday to discuss one of the holiest—and least understood—religious rites: exorcisms.

“In simple terms,” Larson explained, “an exorcism is the process of expelling an evil spirit from an individual who has somehow become invaded or demonized or possessed by that demon.”

But Larson, a reverend at the Spiritual Freedom Church in Scottsdale, Arizona, and self-proclaimed “real exorcist,” according to his website, appeared on Cooper’s show not to shed light on the occult ritual, but to advertise a new way to avail of the practice—via Skype.

Skype exorcisms would be an exciting advance in an otherwise ancient world of rituals—if, of course, they weren’t an Internet scam.

“They just can’t be done that way,” says Reverend Isaac Kramer, director of the International Catholic Association of Exorcists, an organization that trains and ordains new exorcists. “If a person is fully possessed, the demon inside of them will not let them sit in front of the computer screen to be exorcised. Chances are, they’re going to throw the computer screen across the room and destroy everything.”

In a traditional exorcism, a religious leader recites in person a series of prayers intended to dispel demons. Christian exorcisms often make use of said prayers, as well as holy water, crucifixes and personal touch.

All this is why religious leaders like Kramer are slamming Larson’s hawking of Skype exorcisms on his website. It’s ”your chance to receive ministry…from the quiet and comfort of your own home,” reads Larson’s site. “Experience healing and delivery at YOUR CONVENIENCE.”

Larson isn’t the first to champion the Skype exorcism, which functions, as you might expect, with the help of hand movements, two webcams and virtual eye contact. In 2010, famous Israeli Kabaalist Rabbi HaRav David Batzri attempted to exorcise a Brazilian man possessed by a “dybbuk,” a demon, over Skype. The exorcism was not successful, and the man purportedly traveled soon afterward to meet Rabbi Batzri in the flesh.

Successful or not, the Internet-ization of exorcisms has made the ritual an unlikely sort of commodity, one that scam artists and self-identified (read: untrained) exorcists have used as a runway to fast cash. A number of websites, such as, offer online exorcisms to demon-ridden customers. Naturally, they charge a $50 “diagnostic fee,” as well as requiring many biographical details. Want to self-treat? They have a beginners’ training pack for $29.95 so you can teach yourself to exorcise in just four weeks.

It’s no surprise that scam artists might latch onto the Skype as a means for exorcism. The demand for exorcisms is on the rise, with a full 57 percent of Americans believing in the devil, but holy house calls remain time-consuming and costly. Earlier this month, the Daily Telegraph reported that the church was training more priests to perform exorcisms, the result of a resurgence of cases of demonic possession in Spain and Italy and a series of “dodgy” exorcisms unordained demon hunters performed in those countries.

Whether these faux exorcists could offer their services on other online platforms—FaceTime, Google Hangouts, maybe even Snapchat—remains to be seen. The veterans are not impressed. “An exorcism is a religious rite,” says Thomas Allen, author of Possessed, a book about a series of exorcisms that occurred in 1949, and an expert on the ritual. ”Neither Skype nor the Internet could possibly be used.”

Kramer, too, is skeptical of the online exorcism. ”It would be like trying to perform a baptism on someone through the telephone,” he says.

But the reverend argues that there isn’t much point to digitizing the exorcism, anyway. He asks rhetorically: “Why try to modernize something that’s already been perfected?”

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  • I disagree.

  • This is a spoof website, right?

  • What I will never understand is how no one sees the whole religious circus a scam

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    • You’re right.  Now armed with your knowledge you must go fourth and enlighten all of mankind. 

  • As a professional exorcist of over twelve years experience, with 100% perfect results, I have helped several of Bob Larson’s victims. Yes, I call them “victims” because of the scandalous stories that came from those that went to him for help, paid big money, and still had the same problem. As for Catholic exorcisms, they are a joke. Their so-called ‘holy water’, special prayers, big crosses  and other junk that they use, make the spirits laugh. During the exorcisms I have performed, some of the spirits have asked me why priests threw water at them and called them “dirty devils.” It angers some of the spirits, and they don’t have to leave the person because the priest has no authority to cast them out.If one understands sin and salvation are, then one must also understand that only through Christ can a person be “born again.” (see John 3:2,3). The Roman church does not accept this even though Jesus said that nobody will enter heaven unless they are born again. They don’t teach it, and their priests are not born again of the Spirit of God. This excludes them from the authority given to the born again believer by Christ. (see Mark 16:17). Only those who follow Christ have the authority to perform an exorcism, and the church of Rome does not follow Christ, despite their claim to do so. Read the bible and see how Jesus cast out demons. He simply spoke to them and told them to leave. I do exactly the same thing and it works very well. No screaming, no projectile vomiting, no ugly faces, no holy water, no crucifixes, no special prayers… just faith in Christ, knowing that I have his authority as is stated in Scripture. And I have accepted no money or gifts for what I do. The bible says: “Freely have you received, so freely give.” An exorcism is an act of God’s love, and God’s love is not for sale. Anyone who charges for this service is a fake!Oh, by the way, I don’t only handle the failed exorcisms from Bob Larson, I also handle those that were attempted by the “trained and ordained priests.”

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    • It always amazes me how Christians involved in deliverance ministry each have their way of expelling spirits which is better than the next exorcist.  Didn’t Jesus say in Mark 9:38-9:40, “He who is not against us is for us.”  I have met many effective deliverance ministers with different styles and have been effective and they all do their ministry “In the Name of Jesus!” I wouldn’t believe anyone that claims 100 percent “PERFECT” results.

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      • I agree . . . it seems that the man with “100%” perfect results” is seeking fame and recognition for himself and not seeking to Glorify God.  What’s most amusing is his concern that someone “angers some of the spirits”.  Whose side is he on?

    • Ted, I understand you do it for nothing. But you get a kick out of it right? It feels so good to “help” people. Fills your ego with so much energy… Ever heard of Messiah complex?

  • Religion is the WORLD LARGEST SCAM.. ignorants wanted.

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    • So let me know when you actually make something out of nothing…oh wait, you’re not God, and can’t create even a single atom?

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      • The fact that humans don’t understand how the first atom was created or explain the beginnings of life does not prove the existence of god. “We don’t have the answer, so it must have been god” argument is ridiculous and stupid. There are many things we haven’t yet discovered and there always will be unanswered questions. Deal with it. You don’t have to stick god’s name to everything you don’t know much about.

    • Ignorants are the only people who become religious unless someone is taught it from birth by ignorant parents.

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  • Pot, meet kettle.

  • This Reverend Kramer is a sham, too.  His organization calls itself Catholic but at least one member of his staff is a mason.  Masonry is most definitely not Catholic.

  • Bob is a born con artist.  When the Satanism/occult/UFO garbage stopped making the big bucks he just switched to ripping off THE EXORCIST.

  • Better yet, expell him. Espell doesn’t work as well.

  • If you can access satan through the internet why not espell him through the internet as well.

  • All this bad news can keep a guy down. If all this negativity has you down I got something for you. A melodic get away sure to uplift your hopes. | For the awakened!

  • All in your head.Now I have a bridge for sale!

  • Funny, I completely agree that skype exorcism is bunk. Considering all exorcism is bunk, this only makes perfect sense.

  • I know that when I am going to be exercised I want a “human touch”.

  • Why didn’t you interview an actual exorcist, rather than this clown, “Rev.” Isaac Kramer?  He’s not even a Catholic priest!  He’s a member of a loony American sect.

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    • Quite possibly because there is no actual exorcist and the entire genre is a bunch of bull?

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      • Wrong. You didn’t do your research. There ARE real, actual possessions. Just because you don’t BELIEVE IT doesn’t make you right. It just makes you ignorant. That being said, there are many people who have symptoms of possession who are not actually possessed.

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      • So how do YOU, as an expert, tell the difference between an actual possession vs. an only sympomatic possession?  IMHO, the only thing more ridiculous than an exorcism is an exorcism via Skyple.

      • +
      • Correct answer. Those that scoff are ignorant, and have no understanding of the enemy. Sadly, they also have no understanding of the real and all-powerful Holy Force that defeats him.

    • And what makes you think Catholicism isn’t a loony sect?

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      • Considering there are somewhere near 100M Aethiests vs. 2.1B Christians of those 1.2B are Catholic.  It would seem that as the ranking Religion/Belief System, your Athiesm would look more like a loony sect.

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      • Catholicism or No Catholicism… all sell the same BUYBULL stories.

      • +
      • I guess I didn’t know rationality was subject to a vote.


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