In this video-grab, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (L) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gesture during a joint press conference after their cabinets held a meeting at the King David hotel in Jerusalem on February 25, 2014. Merkel arrived in Israel with her cabinet yesterday to discuss nuclear talks with Iran and to encourage Prime Minister Netanyahu to reach a two-state solution with the Palestinians. AFP PHOTO / YOAV LEMMER        (Photo credit should read YOAV LEMMER/AFP/Getty Images)

Israel Gives Germany an Accidental Hitler Stache

Even the flag placement is perfect

German Chancellor Angela Merkel met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, and the two accidentally produced an early contender for 2014′s Political Photo of the Year.

02/25/14 14:18 UTC@JeromeTaylor

JPost photographer snaps what must be the most inadvertantly hilarious political picture of the decade

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The leaders were holding a press conference in Jerusalem about the current state of affairs between Israelis and Palestinians. Merkel’s visit is aimed at negotiating an agreement, with the United States’ backing, by April. But any actual news coming out of the press conference was quickly overshadowed by journalists having a field day with puns on Twitter about the unintentionally hilarious photo (even the flag placement is perfect!).

02/25/14 15:14 UTC@michaelroston

Springtime For Merkel and Germany RT @themarkberman: uh

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02/25/14 13:49 UTC@_IainMartin

Photo of the year. Merkel and Netanyahu

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02/25/14 15:40 UTC@AlArabiya_Eng

Oh Heil no: #Netanyahu gives #Germany ’s Merkel a #Hitler moustache

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02/25/14 16:07 UTC@factwatch

This Merkel/Hitler pic that @TiloJung posted today looks SO photoshopped. But it's real:

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Though not everyone is taking the photo as an accidental, ironic joke.

02/25/14 14:32 UTC@tejucole

The Merkel pic is intentional. A photo doesn't just "happen"; someone selects it out of thousands (for what reason?) and publishes it.

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02/25/14 14:40 UTC@tejucole

An "unintentional" photo by Marc Israel Sellem published in the Jerusalem Post allows us to "innocently" compare Merkel to Hitler.

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There’s always a buzzkill somewhere in the crowd. We’re just gonna laugh at this one. But for their part, the Jerusalem Post is not running the photo caused by a lighting accident. One of their staffers tweeted the following:

02/25/14 14:46 UTC@LahavHarkov

Just want to clarify that none of the higher-ups at JPost are pushing that picture. It's not on our site and won't be in the newspaper.

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02/25/14 14:46 UTC@LahavHarkov

@cymruisrael It's a real picture, not photoshopped. Obviously this wasn't Netanyahu's intention.

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