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Ad of the Day: Fun With Blue-Collar Sexism

A new TV spot for Snickers features construction workers catcalling unsuspecting women on the street—but not in the way you expect

It’s not often that ads featuring male construction workers are designed to empower women. But a new promo clip for Snickers out of Australia does just that, playing off the traditional stereotypes of street-side misogyny.

“What happens when builders aren’t themselves?” asks the ad, released Tuesday, which spotlights Aussie construction workers who shout out compliments to women on the street beneath them. ”That color really works on you!” says one man, who continues, “Have a productive day!” Asks another builder: ”You wanna hear a filthy word? Gender bias!”

Uploaded By: Snickers Australia

Produced by Nikolas Aulich of the Sweet Shop, a creative production firm in Melbourne, Australia, the clip is a fresh and creative way to market a candy bar. It’s all part of Snickers’ global campaign centered around the idea that “you’re not you when you’re hungry.”

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