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Anti-Gay Campaign Crumbles for Cracker Moms

When "family values" group One Million Moms lashed out at Nabisco for portraying same-sex marriage in a positive light, Nabisco doubled down—and the moms' strategy backfired spectacularly. We asked head mom Monica Cole to explain her thought process

When the conservative group One Million Moms initiated an email campaign against Nabisco for releasing a Honey Maid ad featuring same-sex couples, the company sat up and listened. But Nabisco didn’t retract the ad or apologize; instead, it doubled down, hiring artists to transform the flood of hate tweets and emails into printed pieces of paper that spell out the word “love.”

“That’s how they decided to respond, and that’s fine. That’s their choice. Now we know where they stand,” says Monica Cole, director of One Million Moms. “Now we know not to support Honey Maid, and we won’t be buying their products. …We can vote with our wallets.”

Nabisco's Response to One Million Moms

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This is the modus operandi of One Million Moms, an offshoot of the American Family Association that attacks brands and television shows that members feel are bad for children by initiating email campaigns and boycotts. They focus on the use of profanity, sexuality and positive depictions of same-sex couples or families. Comprised of “Christians and/or conservative parents,” the group believes that marriage should be between a man and a woman, and that anything else is a departure from the biblical teachings they are trying to pass on to their children.

Though they have never released official numbers, the One Millions Moms moniker is a misnomer: Their Facebook page has only about 64,549 likes. Cole says this is because a large number of members use email and not Facebook, and the real number is closer to 500,000. Pressed for more specifics, she declined to offer any confirmation. “We’re not at a million yet—that’s our goal. And we are working towards that goal every day,” she says. “One million starts with one.”

“Love the sinner but hate the sin. It’s an unhealthy lifestyle choice—60% of those with AIDs are homosexual.”

The group typically goes after companies featuring prominent lesbian or gay spokespeople, famously criticizing JCPenney after they featured Ellen DeGeneres in a campaign (she promptly shot them down), but they also fight TV shows that feature gay families. If they can’t successfully get the show canceled or convince sponsors to pull advertising, they encourage their members to stop watching.

“Even if part of the show has a good base as far as the plot line, if there’s anything added in it that we would find not appropriate, it’s kind of like a batch of brownies,” says Cole. “You put a little poison in it, you’re still not going to eat them. A little bit of poison can ruin the whole batch.”

Monica Cole, director of One Million Moms, poses for a photo with James Dobson.
(Facebook/One Million Moms)

When asked what’s wrong with the depiction of gay couples in the media, Cole says it’s bowing to the pressure of a minority that offends the majority, and presents a bad example for the nation’s children. But she and One Million Moms don’t hate gay people, she says; they act out of love.

“Love the sinner but hate the sin. It’s an unhealthy lifestyle choice—60% of those with AIDs are homosexual,” she says. “I know it’s a concern when they’re talking about intolerance, but when we’re not able to, as Christians, stand up for what we believe in then they’re being intolerant to our beliefs. Tolerance goes both ways.”

It’s not just lesbian and gay adults that worry them. Cole and her cohorts believe that gay teens are also a threat to the fabric of society. An upcoming “Day of Silence” to be held on April 11, encouraging students across the country to support their LGBTQ peers, has her particularly concerned. Cole sees it as clear evidence of the “homosexual agenda” entering the public school system, and warns that it will cause Christian students to miss school.

“Many Christians will stay at home. They won’t go to school that day because they don’t want to participate in something that they feel like they’re being forced to participate in,” says Cole. “Because in scripture it does say that if you participate or agree with something, it’s the same as sinning yourself.”

“There does have to be someone who is the head of the household—and biblically speaking, it is the man. We’re to be our husbands.”

Cole and the One Million Moms definitely appear to walk the walk. She speaks sincerely about the objectification of their daughters at the hands of popular culture, but makes it clear that she doesn’t consider herself a feminist. In her eyes, the basic tenets of feminism are un-Christian.

“I think that women and men should be treated equally, but I am a Christian,” she explains. “Speaking biblically, once you become married you join as one, but there does have to be someone who is the head of the household—and biblically speaking, it is the man. And we’re to be submissive in the Lord to our husbands.

“It doesn’t mean to be submissive to alcoholism or physical or mental abuse or anything like that. It means to be submissive to the Lord. So as long as he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing and treating you like the Lord wants him to treat you, then you are to be submissive and support him in his decisions. If he loves you, then he won’t be doing those things that we would call wrong.”

But the group’s central mission is about protecting children—just as long as they’re not the children of gay parents. When asked if the agenda of One Million Moms makes life harder for the increasing number of children born into same-sex households, Cole was circumspect. She says that while these kids didn’t choose it, accepting their families as valid would be normalizing sin and increase the potential that they, too, will enter the “homosexual lifestyle,” like a “chain reaction or domino effect.”

“Those particular children, I’m sure they do have it harder, but that is on the same-sex couples who choose to raise families or adopt children. They’re putting children in that situation knowingly, and that’s their decision,” she says. “Growing up is not easy. We’ve all been there, and kids can be cruel. …But raising them in a situation that may not benefit the child—not that they can’t love the child, I’m sure they would love a child—but it’s not in the best interest of the child.”

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  • The ads are beautiful. A perfect answer. “LOVE”. No real Christian will reject that answer. Only short minded, full of hate and very likely afraid of see who they are(closeted), people will find wrong in something so beautiful.

  • This woman and her organization with the misleading name are a shame on society.People who hate in the name of MY god are the worst type of people there is. They come accross as delightful people to those who do not know of their underlying hatred.I am so glad that there are companies like Nabisco out there who realize that people come in all types and are good people.It is beyond happy making to see some company put people befor the almighty dollar.BLESS Nabisco and others who stand for eqwuallity for all.

  • The irony is that graham crackers (the subject of the Honey Maid ad in question) were invented for the purpose of curbing sexual urges in general,  As Dr. Graham was convinced that sex shortened a person’s life span.  Weird the graham crackers aren’t even mentioned in the article. So eat up gays, its good for you!  

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    • Matt, you must think that everyone is aas ignorant as you are. “Dr.Grahm”There is no such person.I grew up in the era of the Grahm cracker ads. no such person. and no such thing as ANY cracker that curbs sexual desire.You spew very poor propaganda.Actually, it is not even propaganda It is a BOLD FACE LIE.AND you are a hater.

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  • This women needs to come to terms with herself. She is clearly a closeted lesbian and because she is uncomfortable with herself feels the need to put others down. Christians need to realize their religion is of the most evil origins. It was forced onto people, those who refused to follow it were slayed. The bible was written to be the book you had to live by. Not divine inspiration… It is control… I pray these nut jobs wake up and smell the coffee… On the “Christian” topic.. this is the most unchristian thing you can do. I hope all of her children turn out gay.. Maybe then she will see its not a choice.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • So when libs don’t like something and boycott it – that’s ok with you. As long as your punk ass agree’s with it. This world is filled with people you don’t agree with asshole – same with me. Be gay all you fucking want – just don’t shake your cock in the world’s face, quite frankly I could give a shit.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Anybody who wants to boycott anything for any reason is free to do us.  Any of us is free to join the boycott if we agree with it, or point and laugh at the epic fail if we disagree with it.

  • Cole is statistically plain wrong on at least two counts. acceptance of gay people is not, as she claimes, “bowing to the pressure of a minority that offends the majority”, but the other way around. Research shows that those still opposed to gay rights are a distinct minority – it’s the majority that she is against, standing up to the pressure from a minority of bigots trying to impose their sanctimonious views on the world at large. It’s also not true that “60% of people with AIDS are homosexual”. The region most affected by HIV / Aids is Africa – and by a long way, most of the people affected are heterosexual. 

  • The only reason the children of same sex couples would have it harder is because of close minded people like her MAKING it harder for them. And yes. As for a ‘domino effect’ Were that truly the case there wouldn’t BE any gays to begin with. As for being submissive, good thing I’m not Christian then. I am an equal in the eyes of my husband as I think it should be. Live how you want in your home as long as it’s not hurting others or you aren’t forcing your beliefs. As for if you’re offended by gays, then don’t be gay.

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  • Monica Cole is very, very many things.’Christian’ simply is not one of them.Cole, however, is a wonderful example for young people.Which is why they are abandoning the church, in partuclar ‘christianity,’ in droves.The damage this woman does to christianity is astounding.Good for her.  I say keep on keepin’ on, Ms. Cole.Keep showing our youth who they DON’T want to be.

  • Just… wow.  What year does it say it is on the calendar at this woman’s house? Lu… na… tic.

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    • Plain and simple, this woman is a lunatic.  If this woman spent as much time helping in shelters, reaching out to those in need and doing good for the community that she did sitting on her behind watching TV looking for things that she objects to and spewing her hatred and ignorance for everything she doesn’t agree with imagine how much better the world would be.  Get a grip Monica, YOU ARE the MINORITY.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Not for her… there is no money in volunteer work.

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Well one thing for sure….she aint getting none…..


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