Manhattan, New York - Pastor James David Manning of Atlah World Ministry Church photographed at his church, Atlah World Ministry Church at 36 W 123rd St in the Harlem neighborhood of Manhattan. Monday, March 24, 2014.

CREDIT: Philip Montgomery for Vocativ

Meet the New York City Pastor Who Wants to Stone Gays

Move over, Fred Phelps: The East Coast has its own high-profile hatemonger in James David Manning

When Reverend Fred Phelps passed away in Kansas last week, we placed bets on which family member might succeed him as the head of the Westboro Baptist Church, one of the country’s most visible hate groups. However, while Phelps’ relatives were busy grieving the loss of their patriarch, someone from outside the church stepped forward to claim the title of the most bigoted religious leader in the United States. Enter Pastor James David Manning.

Proving that the Bible Belt doesn’t have a monopoly on homophobic zealots, the leader of ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York’s Harlem neighborhood hit the news after local blogger Marie Viljoen wrote a post about a billboard outside his church: “Jesus Would Stone Homos.”

But it’s not the first time Manning’s signs have drawn attention. The media baiter posted one in 2010 reading, “The Blood of Jesus Against Obama/History Made 4 Nov 2008/A Taliban Muslim Illegally Elected President USA: Hussein.” It was then tweeted by Ann Coulter and favorited by Sarah Palin. This time, though, community members have besieged the proud birther, saying they’re tired of seeing him get a free pass.

The sign that started it all.
(Marie Viljoen)

Local lesbian and all-round champion Jennifer Louise Lopez visited the church last week to report for her stoning, and an unidentified man removed the lettering from the sign and spray-painted the words “God Is Gay”—neither of which has dissuaded Manning. When asked if he actually advocates the stoning of gay women and men, or if it’s just rhetoric to illustrate his point, Manning responds calmly, stating that he believes gay people should come to physical harm.

“Should we demonstrate some constraint if a person is repentive [sic], if a person is willing to leave that lifestyle? Absolutely,” he tells Vocativ. “However, I do think that anyone who promotes that as a lifestyle and tries to make it a national and international event and create warfare upon everybody else, then the appropriate response would be to stone them back to the Stone Age, or stone them back to hell.”

Manning and his church's recently defaced sign.
(Vocativ/Philip Montgomery)

Born in North Carolina, the 67-year-old preacher moved to New York after high school and soon began making a living by breaking into Long Island homes. It’s estimated that he burgled 100 residences and eventually spent three-and-a-half years locked up in “New York and Florida for burglary, robbery, larceny and criminal possession of a weapon.” On the inside, though, is where he became a devout Christian. He began working for ATLAH in 1981, and in the following three decades, he became the public face of the church, gaining attention for his inflammatory proselytizing.

“It’s an unhealthy lifestyle choice—60% of those with AIDs are homosexual.”

Speaking of comparisons between himself and Fred Phelps, Manning adopts an air of professional respect. Like Westboro’s former leader, he believes in the more condemnatory aspects of religion—that there’s a hell, and a vengeful God will commit those he deems as sinners to an eternity of damnation. And, by golly, gays are on his radar. “The liberals and progressives, the gays and others are of the mind-set that everything is wonderful and lovely, and there’ll be no wrath of god,” he says. “I don’t necessarily consider myself a colleague of Fred Phelps…but I understand exactly what he says and what he’s doing. Or what he did, rather.”

The pastor hasn’t always been so obsessively focused on the lives of lesbians and gay men. His interest in the gay scourge that, according to Manning, is currently plaguing the U.S., can be traced back to President Obama, who unleashed “homo demons” during his “second illegal inaugural address” by suggesting that they be afforded equal rights under the law. “In my estimation, that was an official release of the demonic spirit,” he says. “Because homosexuality is a demonic spirit, such as cannibalism or other kinds—even pedophilia is a demonic spirit—and it’s these wicked manifestations that are in our universe that inhabit people and cause them to act in one way or the other. And he released them.”

Manning on stage at his pulpit.
(Vocativ/Philip Montgomery)

Since then, he has been vigilant about keeping an eye on the ghoulish gays he says are currently infiltrating society at all levels. He conflates them with pedophiles at several points throughout the interview. “In the Catholic Church, the homosexual spirit is imminent, it is powerful, but it is also degrading. It seeks out the innocence of young boys and preys upon them where it moves from homosexuality to pedophilia,” he says. “That same spirit runs around here in New York City. It’s on television. They’re in movies, they’re in sports—there’s Jason Collins and Michael Sam and a bunch of other people as well. They’re just not Catholic and they’re not priests, but it’s the same identical thing.”

“Homosexuals are the most intolerant of all people I've met. I've encountered Ku Klux Klan members who are more tolerant of people opposing their point of view."

The topic of New York’s downfall is dear to the pastor. Known for his opposition to gentrification in Harlem, he sees himself as one of the neighborhood’s fiercest advocates. And while he speaks eloquently about the social and economic disparity faced by black women and men throughout the U.S., he quickly undercuts himself by citing the ways that gay men have fueled inequality.

“The white homo who now lives in the community—and there are a lot of them that moved up here—they brought their restaurants, they brought some of their lifestyle, they brought their Starbucks coffee with them…and like anybody else, they prey on black men, they convert black men,” he says. “Not only those who live here, but in the office buildings all over New York City and places around America where homosexuals have supervisory positions.”

Manning continues: “Just like in the Jungle Fever movie by Spike Lee, about the black man and the white woman in the office leaving the black woman who’s up in the hood and the white woman takes her man. The white homos are going to take the black woman’s man.”

Manning sits on his throne.
(Vocativ/Philip Montgomery)

But it’s not just white guys who are to blame, according to Manning. Describing prisons as “incubators for homosexuality,” he argues that the increasing acceptance of same-sex relationships means that straight-identifying men of color who engaged in gay sex on the inside will no longer be ashamed of their actions upon their release. That’s when, presumably, they’ll become more susceptible to the siren song of the gay, white male and less likely to reintegrate back into their communities “as leaders, as fathers, as men.”

When it’s suggested that he might try preaching tolerance and inclusivity if he is genuinely interested in improving social cohesion in his community, Pastor Manning is utterly incredulous. “Homosexuals are the most intolerant of all people I’ve met. I’ve encountered Ku Klux Klan members who are more tolerant of people opposing their point of view,” he says, adding that he supports recent anti-gay legislation in Uganda and Russia. “You talk about inclusive—including what? Including evil? Why don’t I include Jeffrey Dahmer or John Wayne Gacy as a part of our elder board? Why don’t we let them preach sermons? No, nothing could be more ridiculous.”

In response to Pastor Manning, concerned community members have established Harlem Against Violence & Homophobia, a group who raises money for New York’s homeless and at-risk LGBT youth. You can donate here.

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  • Pardon my typos. Hart to type on a tiny touchscreen.  :D

  • Wow, this guy is a huge biggot, racist, anti-gay piece of trash I have ever seen. For me, I have never had a problem with the LGBT community. I fully support gay marriage, I fully support those who come out, and I believe that Gays & Lesbians deserve a chance to be happy. If this hate spewing, anti-gay, racist, criminal wants to preach, he needs to preach to people who care. I don’t care about this nasty individual. It’s time for this “Christian bible thumper of the East” to go back into his dark, depressing, cave. Or he needs to join the 21st century.

  • It’s really odd that a “pastor” would have absolutely zero comprehension of scripture. This guy is a heretic and should be arrested for hate speech. I’ve always said that the one good thing that comes from fools like this (and Fred Phelps) is that it gives Christians and atheists and the gay community a common enemy. 

  • WOW this guy should’ve taken a page out of being put down for being african amercian and have much more tolerance towards all races and sexual preference. DISGRACEFUL!

  • we know you’re really in the closet Dave come out and be proud !!!

  • Show More
  • Cannibalism & homosexuality put forth as “demonic,” with the seemingly extenuating follow-up “even pedophilia is demonic” – as if the first two are heinous, but the latter not so much? WTF?

  • sorry “Old” not “New”

  • You give him power when you print what he has said. The best thing is to not give him any attention until he starts infringing upon others rights as human begings then throw him back in jail where he obviously belongs.

  • Sounds like Conspiracy to Commit a Hate Crime. He should be arrested and charged. 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Same goes for the protestors. 

  • Should I state the obvious? While in prison, he most likely had several unfortunate interactions with fellow prisoners in the shower when he dropped the soap.

  • has anyone else noticed how these “Christians” who quote the Bible about the wrath of God only pick and choose scripture from the Old Testement, and never quote Christ himself?  They need to come up with a new name for their religion, because it certainly isn’t Christianity.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Has anyone noticed that the zealots are outnumbered 100,000 to 1 in terms of those who live Christ-like lives, while the very people who accuse religious zealots the most are just as bad on the other end of the spectrum or nah?

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • I’ll make a wild guess: you dont count yourself into either zealots of “the other end” (people who accept homosexuals in society?), and so you are free to think that gays are not okay while thinking you are the most tolerant of all.

  • Can we just ignore these morons until they go extinct? There will always be zealots. There will always be bigots. Fred Phelps wouldn’t have become a household name without the media. We could silence this jerk here and now before the hate spreads.

  • i wonder if being an ex-convict has something to do with these “christian” pastors hatered towards gays.  scott lively was also “reborn” in prison and convinced a whole country, uganda, to slaughter gays.  there is no “christian love” with these people, only christian fear and hate.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • We can say the same about gay apologists.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • What? Are you equating misogynist rape apologists with people who advocate equal rights for all citizens under the law? I can’t compute that kind of cognitive dissonance.

  • What a stupid man…

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Or maybe you’re the stupid one?

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • no, theesquire, it is YOU that is the stupid one.  all you can do is reply to other’s posts with inane snipes?  you are worthless to your cause in any case.

  •  Mr. Manning says~“Homosexuals are the most intolerant of all people I’ve met…”     Apparently Mr. Manning is convinced he’s met all gay people? Hmm, au contraire! This is the first I’ve heard of the man! For those who believe this way:we will meet our maker and there will. be. reprimanding. Whatever our vice, we’ll all get “the talk”-including this guy, sitting on his pompous pulpit/throne. lol. He doesn’t seem to have a vested interest in improving the world around him. If he did, he might consider promoting unity among his community instead of division. But, who am I? ;) 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • i do not know who you are, but i know who he is: a worthless fat sack.

  • Mental illness and fanaticism so often go hand in hand. This sociopath is the worst kind of monster: preying on the weak-minded to make his own inner hierarchy of easy living.

  • Good thing his kind is near extinction.

  • Using religion as a justification for hate and discrimination? When is mankind going to grow up? 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Hopefully before we are extinct. Though I won’t hold my breath. 

  • I will find where is is buried and dump dog s**t on his grave…

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • 3/30/14, You must be a homosexual who porks each other in the *** using **** as lubricant.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • And you must be a cheap Sh*t who loves to spread hate. I hope God forgives you, when you reach the pearly gates, but I hope you get your just roasting judgement experience first.- Michelle, a homo-sexual loving  attention-deficit autism spectrum-dwelling Catholic bisexual Canadian.PS- F**k you.

        2 Replies - Reply Now
      • Couldnt have said it better myself Michelle….Preson who says porks? Really? I dont think they havent used that phrase since the 70′s you narrowminded dumb***. Get with the times you hateful f***er. You know you are only refering to your own interactions with your dear old daddy..

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • +
      • Btw preston I found your fb you look like a typical Loud mouth, old as hell, dirty looking, living in the ghetto n***r who needs to get with the times. You dont like what I have to say now how do you think your comment makes homosexuals feel mf’er. Does it make you feel good that I called you that? Now maybe you see where I am coming from..

      • Go Canada!  oops : )

  • The KKK things is actually kinda true. I’m inter-racially married with a biracial kid and The local KKK members (two so far) are nervous but not rude around me and sometimes share a laugh. Ive heard the “You cant get a white girl” insult but It’s not nearly as vile as what I’ve been told when I say I believe homosexual intercourse is unclean. People wish death no me, even though I say the same thing about heterosexual fornication. Do you treat muslims the same when they say they oppose alchohol and pork? The sweet kind Richard Simmons approach does more to advance your cause then hateful Maddow apprach. Oh and to clarify I oppose stoning as well. Jesus ate with and taught tax collecters and people of ill repute. He didn’t picket their funerals, he loved them as well.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • Homosexuality is not a choice like consuming alcohol, or pork. That’s why no one tolerates your bigotry and homophobia.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • This is exactly what he’s talking about, he has his beliefs and you have yours. Neither are wrong but neither are right, you just have to accept that people have other beliefs.

        3 Replies - Reply Now
      • Rusty: You are wrong. It is not about “beliefs” as you state. You don’t understand as well. This is about educating people. This is about human and civil rights. People are born gay. People are gay from birth. If your child was born gay, I’m sure you would want your child to be treated as an equal human being with the same rights as everyone else. A percentage of the population since time began have been born gay. An even larger percentage of humas are naturally bisexual. That is the normal range of human sexuality. Please don’t respond back with the same old BS “People are not born gay”….they are born gay. I should know I was born gay…like every other gay person. It is biological and innate….so no Rusty this isn’t like you have your beliefs and he has his beliefs. This is about EDUCATION…AND HUMAN RIGHTS.

      • +
      • I disagree in your statement that “neither are wrong.” Manning straight up says that he believes that homosexuals who do not repent from their ways should be stoned to death. This isn’t some personal choice as to what name you say when you pray or choosing to eat vegan food. The man is espousing the condemnation and physical harm of other human beings. This crosses the line into the land of “wrong.”

      • so .and I believe his beliefs are out of touch and stupid ..there dont I have a right to call out anyones elses beliefs as anyone could call out not insecure only those who are insecure and cant back them up cry persecution.

    • I don’t know where to start. Heterosexual and Homosexual sex is “unclean”? I don’t even understand what that is supposed to mean. You are suprised after saying a completely bigoted and ingnorant statement like this that people would be upset? What kind of message is that for gay kids. They need love, support, and above all to be proud of  who they are.People are born gay. They are gay from birth. It is normal, natural, and innate. The analogy of comparing it to “opposing alchohol and pork” is the height of ignorance. Many humans (far more than gay people) are naturally bisexual. Hateful Maddow? LOl where did that come from. She is fantastic and a wonderful, intelligent human being who is always polite, well spoken and always fighting for what is right. She is the opposite of hate. She educates………and the Jesus comment. You do realize that Christianity is a man created mythology correct? If stil don’t understand this, it’s time you studied your belief system.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • You can’t force beliefs down peoples throats. If he doesn’t believe homosexuality is right, then he doesn’t. You’re just as intolorent is he is branding Chritianity as a man made mythology. You have no proof it doesn’t exist just like we as Christians have no proof it does exist. It all comes down to belief. You believe it’s made-up, I believe it’s real. To each their own No, I support homosexuality. I’m fully educated on the matter and realize it’s not a choice, but I still think it’s wrong. If two gay men want to be together and get married, go for it, whatever makes them happy, I wont advocate for or against it. My beliefs are my beliefs and doesn’t make me or him any more wrong or right than you. However, openly spreading hate and intolerance of any kind is wrong, and so is forcing your beliefs down someones throat and telling someone their beliefs are wrong.

        2 Replies - Reply Now
      • don’t support*

      • +
      • Here are my two cents.   People like him are not going to change…ever.  I don’t care how many tv shows, movies, protests or bilboards you put up claiming that gays are born that way or being gay is normal.  They DO NOT see it that way.  They see the gay lifestyle as deviant.  Nothing the gay community does will change that.  So before you look closed minded and bigoted for tearing down peoople that believe this way stop and take a breath.  Look in the mirror and ask yourself.  Am I any different?

    • +
    • Then you have a short memeory of history these people used to KILL countless blacks and enact violence against Catholics Jews and Gays. They are only a pathetic shell of what they were before after cracdowns by federal law enforcement.

  • Well… someone was raped in prison.

  • The clergy doth protest too much, methinks…..

  • “When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” ~ John 8:7That’s what his god has to say on the matter. Just another false prophet looking for free press. 

  • Another storefront preacher trying to make a buck, feeding into others people’s ignorance, and false faith.  He stated that he’s met kkk members who are more tolerant of other’s viewpoints than any homosexual man or woman…but doesn’t realize that being gay is not a viewpoint or a special lifestyle.  Being gay is a part of being a human-being.  

  • He should look in a mirror or at other blacks for being intolerant people.  What a joke.  He would be outraged if someone wanted to stone a certain race.

  • Scary….One day soon, we’ll all look back and laugh at these tyoes. Our grand children will ask if these types of people really existed.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • This kind of hatred seems to never go away.  It’s existed for many generations before ours, and the same hateful sentiments linger and have festered.

  • no, you got it all wrong. Jesus would get stoned with homos!!!!

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • you are promoted to being hilarious

  • That’s right, send them all to Colorado!

  • “Homosexuals are the most intolerant of all people I’ve met. I’ve encountered Ku Klux Klan members who are more tolerant of people opposing their point of view.”Well, regardless of anyone’s feelings about this guy, or the article, the comments below certainly prove him right about this.And given the comments about “he wants to stone gays”, it would be interesting to find out exactly how much of the interview was actually read before the knees started jerking.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • My above comment was meant as a reply to you, it seems out of context up there so this should clear things up lol.

    • I am so sad to hear that, alot of the Homosexuals i know are the very caring, giving, wordly people who are very active in the communties that they live in. I have never encounter a KKK member nor should i ever compare the two. I personally have found the most intolerant of all people are racists and religious fanaticals. We should all remember  Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone. Seriously are any of us without sin?

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • i am, because ‘sin’ per se is a bogus concept – especially original sin, the dumbest of them all.

  • If he’s so sure God wants gays stoned, why isn’t he stoning them? Because he knows he’ll go to jail. He’s not only a jerk, he’s a coward…

  • His entire family should be incinerated with napalm.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Cause, you know, that’s so different from what he’s saying. Way to take the highroad Mr.Rifkin.He’s obviously reaching for attention, that’s pitiful enough, but I’d also bet he believes he himself was being controlled by an evil demon that made him do all those crimes… though the information in this article is a little suspect, based on what it says that would make sense. Don’t hate this man, pity him.

  • If Jesus didn’t allow people to stone a hooker, why would he stone gays? This man does NOT know his bible. Scary dude

  • If he knows what’s good for him, he’ll stay in New York, where people’s Second Amendment rights are currently suppressed by Bloomberg and his statist cronies. If he was dumb enough to attempt to stone a gay person in a place like New Hampshire or Florida, he’d be in a body bag by the end of the day because someone with a handgun who knew how to use it would send a couple of hot ones through him for attacking them.

  • So this African-American bigot is more tolerant of the KKK than gay people? Because he’s encountered members of the KKK? I’d love to know how he got away from those “encounters.” It’s mind-boggling. When the KKK comes to lynch him, I guess he’ll be gracious about it.

  • Mathew 7:12John 8:5This so called pastor needs to read a little of the New Testament.

  • Religion can make you and hater and lead to violence. This man is proof of that. 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I meant, Religion can make you a hater and lead to violence. This man is proof of that. 

  • “It’s estimated that he burgled 100 residences and eventually spent three-and-a-half years locked up in “New York and Florida for burglary, robbery, larceny and criminal possession of a weapon.”Looks like this thug hasn’t changed his stripes any. Maybe he needs to be put back inside for inciting violence.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • more likely had a pleasant experience, hence the hatred.

  • My guess is when he was in The Big House, he had an unpleasent homosexual experience and it has forever put him on this crusade. Just a guess though.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • I’m betting he liked it a little too much, and that scared him.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • I agree.  Manning needs to open that door and step out of the closet. 

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • While I disagree with his hate mongerening statements against homosexuals, I do have to concede that he does have a good point about our prison system being a breeding ground for homosexual activity in otherwhise straight men (and women).  From what this article states, one had to wonder given his prson record,he may have been potentailly raped or playd he role of the rapisit given that he spent three and a half years locked up.  Given his stance on the issue, I would hazard to guess he was raped in prison.  I also have to disagree with his comments that homosexuals are less tolerant than the KKK.  While I have had had no known interaction with the KKK, I know many homosexuals and have found them to be extremely tolerant of differing view points.  

        2 Replies - Reply Now
      • +
      • I believe the reason he thinks that homosexuals are intolerant to different views is because he can’t convince them to let him stone them for being homosexual.

      • So, you think getting raped in prison, or raping another man in prison, “turns” you gay? As in, you “learn” to be gay? Interesting. Do you have a citation for this, or is it just your opinion?

    • guess you could say he had a stink-eye opening experience..

  • I’m beginning to think homophobia is most prevalent amongst the black and ugly. So many recent examples.

  • So, he breaks a Commmandment and steals. Repeadly. But god love shim ebcause hes’ sowwy. Gays, however, who hurt nobody, are unsavable. Some god he worships. Maybe he should leave Bizzaro World’s god behind.

  • Guess he skipped the part about he who is without sin.  Guess the bible is pick and choose to obey.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Especially since the verses he had on the billboard are taken out of context as far as I can see. The Matthew is Jesus saying that His coming doesn’t negat the commandments. In John they brought a women known to have commited adultery and trying to trick Jesus, said the rule said she was to be stoned, He pointed out that they all had some sin or blemish in them and could possibly justly be stoned themselves, when they left realizing they didn’t have the right to stone the woman Jesus told her to “go and sin no more.” Leviticus does call man laying with man an abomination, but it also says that eating “whatsoever hath no fins nor scales in the waters…” is an abomination. There are many other “abominations” in the Bible that people today would be accused of regularly. The verses in Deut. are out of context, if you read the verses before you see that they are talking about if you find people who are worshipping other gods living among you, and if you start doing that in NY! It’s just rediculous that people pick and choose, when all it takes is a few minutes to look up and find that the verses being quoted are being misrepresented.

  • 67 years old?  Good, hurry up and die you sick hate mongering mf’er! 

  • Headcase. (I wonder if Mr. Manning also believes in the Bible’s primitive teachings about slavery.)

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Would you want himt ouchign your food? Washing your clothes? I sure wouldn’t. Might catch his hate and stupidity.

  • He says homosexuals are intolerant for not appreciating his views about them. He himself is not intolerant, of course, he just wants to stone people to death! This is the weird semantics of tolerance with these people.

  • Sounds like someone definitely went gay in his 3.5 years on the inside.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • You hit the nail on the head

  • >does not tolerate homosexuals>calls them out on being the most intolerant people*sigh*

  • Oh MAN!  I better quit hanging around my gay and lesbian friends…I might get converted.  My wife would probably be upset.  SMH

  • Yes!  And we should stone all non-virgin women who try to get married!  – Deuteronomy 22:20-21

  • Wow. In the last paragraph, he couches a slippery slope in the middle of a tu quoque? Nice critical thinking there. All you can do when you see a man talk about “white homo demons” who are coming to take black men away is shake your head, roll your eyes and walk away. This is precisely what the anti-example of Fred Phelps should be teaching us about the Mannings and the Fischers of the world. Do not engage men who are not capable of basic logic.

  • The last sentence says all you need to know about this guy. “Nothing could be more ridiculous.”

  • If you’re goint to go there, maybe straight people should stop making gay babies. Stone the straights!

  • Why are the ones who want to stone gays always hideous?

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I’m not sure, but sir, are certainly not.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • *you sir

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • If you guys start dating, this will be a really great ‘How did you two meet?’ story.

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • +
      • HA!  Please invite us all if there’s ever a wedding (don’t forget to register) or even a branding! lol  Nice one Luke.

  • This guy is NOT a man of the lord.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Black preachers in the city that used to be detroit have failed at all of their efforts to help, so they just hinder now.  And again fail.

  • Someone doth protest too much. Guess who spent quality time with males in prison and now is over compensating?

  • Oh how ironic. The gays want to stone fat pastors who want to stone gays.

  • Ann Coulter’s theology – especially on social issues and the deeper matters of life – is extremely confused, as explained in the book, The Gospel According to Ann Coulter, which is available as a free download at


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