Junk Food Fight: Students Tee Off on Michelle Obama

As school starts up, some kids aren't happy about the empty vending machines and lack of nacho cheese

Note to the first lady: The kids want their Funyuns back.

Some nutritionists and parents are huge backers of Michelle Obama for her three-year crusade against childhood obesity. She has pushed hard to get kids to cut back on sugars and trans fats and exercise more. But some of the kids who have had their Salisbury steaks replaced with asparagus have some less kind things to say about her.

As the school year got underway in parts of the country, some kids are sounding off on Twitter via a new hashtag: #BringBackOurSnacks. They are irked at the empty vending machines, the soda-less drink choices and the overall lack of junk food—and they’re threatening to skip lunch altogether if they’re going to be force-fed whole grains and fresh fruits.

Meanwhile, FLOTUS was out jogging on the streets of Martha’s Vineyard, practicing what she preached, but not that happy for the public to be privy to her early morning exercise regimen.

Additional reporting by Patrick Flanary 


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