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Junk Food Fight: Students Tee Off on Michelle Obama

As school starts up, some kids aren't happy about the empty vending machines and lack of nacho cheese

Note to the first lady: The kids want their Funyuns back.

Some nutritionists and parents are huge backers of Michelle Obama for her three-year crusade against childhood obesity. She has pushed hard to get kids to cut back on sugars and trans fats and exercise more. But some of the kids who have had their Salisbury steaks replaced with asparagus have some less kind things to say about her.

President Obama and Mrs. Obama eat hamburgers and fries

08/20/14 18:01 UTC@Makaylajj23

S/O to my girl @MichelleObama I'm sure that burger tastes a lot better than my lunch

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As the school year got underway in parts of the country, some kids are sounding off on Twitter via a new hashtag: #BringBackOurSnacks. They are irked at the empty vending machines, the soda-less drink choices and the overall lack of junk food—and they’re threatening to skip lunch altogether if they’re going to be force-fed whole grains and fresh fruits.

Empty vending machines

Meanwhile, FLOTUS was out jogging on the streets of Martha’s Vineyard, practicing what she preached, but not that happy for the public to be privy to her early morning exercise regimen.

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Heading home for junk food instead

08/26/14 16:55 UTC@Ally_hillll

thank u @MichelleObama for our nasty lunch meal. I had to starve all day & wait until I got home #ucanttakemynuggets

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What is this? Real cheese?

08/25/14 16:35 UTC@lilly_groth

@MichelleObama LOOK WHAT YOU'RE PUTTING US THROUGH. GIVE US BACK OUR NACHO CHEESE #shreddedcheese? #thestruggleisreal

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Focus on the mystery meat

08/25/14 15:11 UTC@anniemari3

Michelle Obama is worried about all of us eating fruit cups at lunch when she should be worried about the fake meat we're consuming.

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Just sticking with the nuggets

08/19/14 16:50 UTC@samtheman12321

It's not the lunch ladies fault it's yours @MichelleObama

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Just sticking with the fries

08/13/14 22:23 UTC@11Knaub

Thanks to Michelle Obama this is all I got for lunch today. That's two orders of fries btw and it was $2.20.

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Ew factor

08/21/14 20:18 UTC@FLYNNfortheWIN_

Shoutout to Michelle Obama and and the lunch ladies

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This is healthy now?

08/21/14 17:01 UTC@baesical

flavored water so school food will be ""healthier"" tf Michelle Obama #vote5sos

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Additional reporting by Patrick Flanary 

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  • Yeah, let us give our kids REAL food – fast and sweet!  ALSO, lets put some cigarettes in those vending machines…….Kids have their rights!  

  • Please, there is nothing wrong with these kids lunches. If they don’t like it, they can always bring their lunch from home. I think it’s great there are no more vending machines full of junk. Too many kids are over weight or potential diabetics. I hate when everyone is quick to throw out the Liberal or Republican card. It’s about our children being healthy!  

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    • Tell that to a high school football player or any other athlete. Not enough calories to sustain them for their sport. That junk in the pics isn’t healthy and it’s draconian.

    • I have two reletives that work in the food service at schools and said  the kids are throwing out their lunches like never before.

  • Let’s make a deal, conservatives will stay out of liberal bedrooms, although we are forced to pay for your abortions, and in return, liberals quit telling our kids what to eat for lunch while on public school property.

  • The garbage the mooch wants our kids to eat should be served at one of her parties insead of ribs and wagu beef. We have  bunch of hypocrites in the WH and she is the biggest. Why is it that more and more school systems are turning down federal funds so they can serve their children real food.

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    • The school districts who are turning down subsidies make enough “Profit” off the junk food the kids love to gobble down from the vending machines and main meals.  I am a raging Republican and I can’t believe what the schools have been feeding my kids.  I say let the obese junk food junkies starve and teach the next generation how to eat properly.

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      • IF you don’t like what the shools are feed your kids, send lunches with them so that YOU will be feeding your kids.

    • I’d love to see the lunch menu for a week at Sidwell Friends School where the obama children attend.  I’d love to see what the obama children eat on a regular basis while at school.

  • Who, exactly, elected Michelle “Evita” Obama to anything?

  • Michelle Obama is what tyranny looks like.  There is no tyranny like one inflicted upon you “for your own good”.

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  • Our local schools dropped out of that fed lunch garbage months ago.  Kids eat good food of their choice now.  No more Chewbacca food.

  • It’s also the color the Musliims make you wear when they cut your head off.

  • She has no authority, so what are schools doing even showing consideration for what she says?She’s not much smarter than her stupid shackup.

  • This is a very teachable moment for the students to see first hand how they will need to work around the debilitating constraints of “progressive liberal” government. They should learn from this that they will need to bring their snacks and lunches of their choice to school and hope that it is not confiscated by Michelle’s food police. This illustrates the reality of overreaching government in a nutshell.   

  • The Obamas need to butt out of our lives and do what they were elected to do!  Protect and represent the US on the world stage.  Michelle has absolutely NO credentials to be advising on nutrition. She needs to mind her own family and their nutritional needs!

  • Did anyone vote her in???If I had kids in school I would tell her to F%$# off.

  • This is ‘t about kids health. Its about another backdoor attempt by psychopaths to gain more and more control over the average American.

  • OK, kids.  Now is your chance to do a little teaching.  Your parents who voted for Obama are to blame for your lousy meals at school.  Yell at them!  Tell them they made a terrible mistake and before they vote in the next election, they should make sure that the candidate they favor has a little more experience than being a community organizer.  They should also demand the candidates spell out their agendas.  Your parents let Obama slide because they thought he was the messiah who could do no wrong.  You must show them how wrong they were.

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    • Not sure what’s wrong with people who must put poison in their mouths.  Try reading the ingredients people.  There is nothing wrong with french fries; however, all the fake ingredients in processed snacks are toxic.  It won’t happen to you today, but it will happen.  –I am hugely dissappointed in her husband, but I give Michelle O a thumbs up!!  

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      • Not sure what’s wrong with people who think it is their business what other people eat. 

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      • It’s called Communism aka Democratic party.

      • +
      • I do not see one healthy item in those pictures. Every item is fried in grease except the hotdog which is mystery meat, fillers and nitrates.  French Fries are NOT healthy, just starch fried in oil. Is this liberals idea of healthy and nutritious?  Truly ignorant and dangerous to impressionable minds.

      • You would vote thumbs up for anybody with a “D” by their name, right?  Libs love libs no matter what the crime.

    • The Government wants to control Every Aspect of Your Life. The Democrat Party was highjacked by the Socialist Democratic Party of America. Whereas the old Democrat Party was considered as The Party of the Working People, the Socialist Democratic Party wants to turn the country into a Socialist Worker’s Party and one where the Government Controls the People. Overweight People are a burden on the Collective’s Socialist Medicine Program a.k.a. The Affordable Healthcare Act, commonly called, Obamacare. Smart folks will Wake Up and look at the School Lunch Program as a true indicator of that which is still to come. Get ready to pay a very high tax for more than your “allocation” of electricity or gasoline, i.e. Your Carbon Footprint. Get ready to turn your thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer. Wake Up America!

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    • When you vote for liberals, you give away freedoms.

  • Well we have to give MO credit for giving the republicans a boost with up and coming voters. Hopefully they remember what the Democrats are good for when there voting age.

  • All of you need to watch the Ayn Rand movies “”ATLAS SHRUGED 1 & 2″” and #3 coming out 9-12-14.

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    • Ayn Rand wrote books. She didn’t make movies.

  • wow, we should be letting kids decide what they should and shouldn’t eat.  that’s what good parents do, right?

  • And she cares about children’s health while she murders babies through her support for abortion. What a hypocrite. 

  • Moochelle and her incompetent husband, Barry, are BOTH do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do people. Jan 20, 2017 can’t come soon enough for most people except the freeloaders who get food stamps, welfare, Obozo phones, section 8 and more and don’t do a lick of work for it.If it weren’t for them we would never have gotten the worst president in history.

  • I’m sure a reasonable “Progressive” accomodation can be reached…suppose the kids parents agree to pre-pay an annual junk food tax…

  • Who elected her to make policies like these?  Sasquatch! 

  • The kids actually want their childhood back, something Liberals don’t understand. Socialist only want what (they) want for everyone else.

  • HAHA, she does!!

  • A perfect example of do as I say and not as I do, The Queen of lunch has commanded!!!

  • a hot dog with beans on it? my god no wonder these kids flock to the 7-11 when schools are out. hey people who run chains of 7-11′s, race tracs put one near high schools and middle schools 10 months a year they will over flow. what has our public schools turned into? indoctrination camps or prisons where you are forced to eat what we want you to eat. pretty soon bag luches will be checked by the tsa you know the gropers at the airport. to all you great looking girls and now under obama guys. they will be giving extra attenion to you!

  • Come on. Hit them for the content of their character.   When you insult their color, no mattef how valid your critism is about them might be.  when you call them names you lose an intellectual argument and people will dismiss your ad being just another racist.  

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Maybe you didn’t notice the comments about Moochie came from students. Her victims.

  • She needs to keep her huge buttout. I wouldn’t comply to her even if she had a knife against my throat.

  • I have to ask. WTF is a presidents wife doing making ANY policies??!!no one voted her in. She should shut up, be quiet and been seen, and not heard.When did being the presidents wife give you any power?

  • I have to ask is their anything other than protecting us that government does well???? nothing.. cause everything is a agenda behind their goals…

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    • When she divorces POTUS will she lose SS protection, and will OBAMA lose his SS protection while in prison!!

  • When Mrs. Soetoro or whatever his name is decides to lose a few pounds, the kids might have better responses.   As it is, her influence only makes them angry.  Angry, hungry birds.

  • Michelle was never elected… Why does she get to dictate what people must eat? The only thing healthy to come of this is rebbelion! 

  • Michelle Marie Elena Antoinette Ceaucescu Obama. The bloody dictator’s wife. 

  • With any luck we’ll end up with a generation of kids who recognize and resent the freedom-sucking antics of big gvt.

  • The kids should quit listening to this horrid woman.

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    • Actually, the voters should stop listening to her husband.

  • Moochle’s kids ingest just at school 2100 calories…

  • Oh, and I meant to say: with all these phots of her and Barry slamming down junk food, they’re showing what hypocrites they are!

  • She never was a credible role model, nor does she have the right to DICTATE to our kids (and their parents) what and what not they can eat! It’s NONE of her business what we eat!

  • As I’ve said before libs say it’s a woman’s body they can have an abortion but don’t you drink that big sugar soda. If they cared about health they could make the 49 percent of Americans on food stamps only get healthy stuff have you seen them do that? They know those voters would run them out . So kids graduating from high schools don’t vote democrats you’ll be happier in the long run.

  • Come on, Gib. You’re better than that.

  • First they pushed the public to accept everyone as they are, fat people are beautiful too, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, yada yada. Now the libtards want to control what you eat so you aren’t fat. Hypocrites.

  • Just preparing our kids for life under Communism.  

  • We don’t need the government telling us what our children can eat, and especially not an unelected woman.

  • Lets see.  The next generations eat garbage every meal.  The next generations already are obese compared to previous.  They take no responsablity for their actions which will only have repercussions to the US government later.  There is absoultely no reason they cannot eat like past generatons did in school.  This idea they think they need pizza, chocolate milk, fries ect, ect and snack machines filled with soda and candy is absurd.

    4 Replies - Reply Now
    • Nothing says “liberal” like telling someone else how to live their life!

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • You said it, brother (or sister, as the case may be).  The people who claim to be so interested in “personal choice” don’t think YOU have the brains to make your own choices.

      • Yup!   Damn right. 

    • Who are you kidding – “eat like past generations did in school”??  We had chocolate cake turned upside down in a bowl with chocolate pudding poured over it.  We had (real) Mac & cheese.  We had spaghetti with meatballs.  We had three-cheese pizza.  You name it, we had it.What’s different now is that kids are too sedentary.  We didn’t sit for hours looking at Pinterest, answering tweets, posting on Facebook.  We probably watched too much TV, yeah, but we were playing sports and up off the couch a lot more than kids today.  FLOTUS should be encouraging kids to break out of this sedentary lifestyle and STOP dictating what kids eat.  That’s the PARENTS’ DOMAIN!!

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • and we weren’t emos

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • HA! HA! No one likes you! Not even kids.How lame can one get?

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      • Right on, Brian.  I’ve said this on many different posts, blogs and comments.  We ate 2,000 calories a day, but we also worked real, difficult jobs.  Try spending the Summer working construction in Vegas.  Not only did you lose 15 pounds of fat, but carrying wet mortar up 3 levels of scaffold put muscle on your legs real quick.

    • +
    • What’s next? Government controlled helthcare??!! Oh wait…

    • I graduated from high school in 1963 ans we had hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, french fries and chocolate milk then. The difference is that we played sports instead of video games.

  • Hey kids, this is an excellent lesson in the evils of progressivism, liberalism and what it is to vote for a democrat.So, grow up, get into the world and vote TEA party or Republican.

  • Americans are angry primarily because so-called “progressive” individuals in our society are trying to impose their standards (And their will) on others.Of course people will resist impositions that are contrary to their freedom to choose.It’s time for the “nanny’s” to learn something from recovered alcoholics. That is, no amount of nagging, scolding and punishment will be effective at curbing an alcoholics drinking, if the nag and scold is not an alcoholic. But shared wisdom of fellow alcoholics is particularly effective at helping even the most hopeless alcoholic achieve sobriety. This same principle would work for children at school. If they would witness the school fat kid lose his/her weight by adopting a nutritious diet, many students would do the same.Every presidential administration I have observed in my 60+ years has attempted to promote exercise and good dietary practices. And all of their entreaties have been in vain. People, particularly young people, detest being preached at.

  • Personal responsibility has choked to death on the silver plated plastic spoon of the nanny state.

  • Don’t blame that wilderbeast looking thing that made these rules, blame the 51% of clueless American lemmings who voted in her ilk.

  • Michelle Obama’s policies have taken water out of the choice of drinks in a purchased hot lunch. Makes no sense at all. It is acceptable to have white, chocolate or strawberry milk, but now I have to pay an extra 50 cents for my child to have water (probably the healthiest part of the entire lunch). 

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    • Its fascism.  They are forcing you to purchase a good.  No doubt one of their buddies got the contract.When government and business interests blend to the point where neither can be distinguished from the other, you have fascism.

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      • That’s particularly true with Greek Yogurt. There’s a Greek Yogurt producer in upstate New York with major political connections.

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      • And what is even worse, Greeks have known for years not to give children too much Greek yogurt; it is bad for their still developing lower intestine.

  • The new school year wde will see a lot of this type of food fight that rejects the federal “standard”

  • If people don’t like the healthy meals then they can bring whatever they want to school for their children.  for crying out loud, grab a brown paper bag, a p & j sandwich, throw in  some chips and an apple. (maybe even a ding-dong! I loved those :}) How lazy are these parents?  Don’t buy a pack a of smokes and feed your own children.

    4 Replies - Reply Now
    • Joe McDonald:  I would agree with you wholeheartedly, but there is a problem with the brown bag situation.  Many school’s (and more are following this pattern) are inspecting brown bag lunches to supposedly make sure the student is getting the proper nutrition.  If the meal does not conform to Obama’s requirements, the lunches have been taken away and disposed of by the staff.  The child ends up with chicken nuggets and tater tots instead, which by-the-way does not conform to the standards either. The parents of the child ends up get a bill for the phony lunch.  In some cases, children have had lunches taken away, and not given anything to eat at lunchtime.  These tactics I see as unreasonable.

    • Some schools actually inspect lunch box lunches and actually take the food away if not up to mandated standards.

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    • No actually they can’t.  The lunches that are being brought in are also being brought in.

    • hey libtards, you voted for this anti America communist.  Now we all suffered

  • Barack’s on a One-Percenter golf course, Michelle’s having another $400 lobster lunch, fourth-generation communist princesses Sasha and Milia have top chefs preparing lunch at their $40K per-year-per-kid private school, and your kids are forbidden by federal mandate from eating a cupcake at school. Aren’t you happy you voted for the King and Queen?

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    • Just who in hell does she think she is ? Her worthless husband is president.She is a nobody and should keep her nose out of school lunches

  • Government has no business telling anybody what to eat.How about the right to liberty, pursuit of happiness and go to communist hell with your damn slave training.MICHELLE GO HOME!

  • Attn: Youth of America. Don’t like it? Wait until they tell you how much of your money you can keep. Oh, wait…

  • America…. the only country in the world where somone who is not elected is aloud to make policy. She wasn’t elected, why the hell is she making policy?????

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    • I agree.  She wasn’t elected to anything – why is she allowed to decide what our children eats during school? She should work on her own dietary needs before forcing her decisions on others – she needs it.

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      • Michelle is so worried about ” healthy ” food meanwhile her husband signs a bill protecting Monsanto and all their gmo fake meat cancer causing foods. Get real it’s all about control. Eat organic and support ur local farmers before they get rid of them all. 

  • This is what happens when you vote liberals into office.

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Agreed

    • I only wish this is so.  I can think of way too many laws by republicans starting with light bulbs and No Child Left Behind.

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      • No Child Left Behind was Ted Kennedy’s brainchild. The problem with this country is low-info people like you vote.

  • Progressive leaders will have you eating insects while they gorge upon steak and lobster.

  • The thought of choice is taken away. When that happens you are in a socialist/communist state.  It started a while ago but 2008 it became a war on the American People. I didn’t for him so who did? lol

  • Anyone else sick of Democrats running their lives?

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    • They don’t run my life yet but I am certainly sick of them.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • There is no excuse anymore.   We have access to the information and history.  What happenned to americans that knew the real worth of liberty?  Havent we seen enough of the democratic big govt leftist regime who wont stop until the lockdown under fascist socialism is complete>?

  • TASTES LIKE HEALTH “Oh, you children are just gonna drool: Today’s entrée’s a gray whole-grain gruel. It’s an extra-large glop Of the savorless slop. Don’t you love eating lunches at school?”BUTT OUT! We Americans surely are prone To big bodies with minimal tone: If Michelle wants to witness To physical fitness, She should shed a few pounds of her own!

  • LOL!  I bet all of your parents voted for these two clowns who want to rule your life, every bit of it down to what you’re going to eat for lunch!  They ain’t stopping there, they’ll be your three squares a day.  Get use to it.  Eat it or wear it, that’s the Obama’s motto.

  • Some smart kid should load up a backpack full of candy and chips and sell them at twice the price. 

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    • That would be evil capitalism.

  • The homeless in our nations shelters are getting fed much better than our kids in public schools are!

  • If you want to know what the Obama children get for lunch check out the Sidwell Friends Academy lunch menu when school is in session…it’s not for your average peasant. 

  • Pack your freaking lunch and eat what you want you lazy, unimaginative, little twerps.

    4 Replies - Reply Now
    • They are controlling what kids are allowed to bring in their lunches too.  Maybe you are too unimaginative and lazy to have found that out for yourself.

    • Not all schools will let you bring your own lunch.  You have to eat what they serve.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • There’s a Safeway store right across from the high school here.  Also in the same shopping center is a pizza parlor, a fast food Thai, and all the deli stuff they want to eat at Safeway.  Some of the kids walk down to the liquor store and buy all the snacks they want and the Mooch or no one can stop them.

    • +
    • Every time you make excuses for tyranny and do nothing a little more freedom is eroded.

    • Imagination:  They are controlling that too, watch what you draw, watch what you write…

  • Remember this, kiddos, when you turn 18 and can vote. Remember who wants to today control what you eat; tomorrow they want to control what you drive, where you live, where you work. Remember. REMEMBER. Think.

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    • These children growing up under tyranny, will respect and know the cost of freedom. They are freedom’s hope.  They will brake the cycle.  The will fight for and respect freedom, something my generation never knew, my parents took for granted, and my grandparents shelterred us from and never taught.

  • #letthemeatcake#not

  • This is how Facism starts…from “Do-Gooders” who know more about what’s good for you, than you do !!Michelle Obama is a perfect example…it’s ok for Me but not for Thee….I’m surprised she hasn’t said, “Let them eat Tofu-Cake”….Time for the Tar & Feathers…

  • We need to understand sympathize with Mrs. Obama’s problems better. She can’t be allowed to speak on whatever is on her mind. She hates American and white Americans. She demonstrated that early in her husband’s term of office. So they needeed to restrict her to some innocuous subject.Traditionally this would be the weather but her husband has politicized climate and weather too. So she was restricted to school lunches.   

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • @ Pat Boyle  –  Anyone who has ever heard her speak understands why she is “not allowed to”.

  • Here’s the deal!  Michelle isn’t doing this because she is concerned about childrens health, she is doing it from a position of power and control and the kids can sense the difference. 

  • Well, boys and girls, when you grow up you too can become ultra-liberal progressives and you can tell everyone how to vote, how to live, how to eat, how to act.  I bet you can’t wait for that day.

  • The Mistress of the plantation has decided what you will eat so shut-up slave and eat it! What do you think? That you are free to eat whatever you want?

  • Maybe if we all had a personal chef follow us around serving us Organic Kobe Beef at $250 per pound — we could live like Ms Obama.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I know exactly what you’re talking about there.  But few Americans know anything about what you wrote.  They know nothing about the gross hypocrisy of the both Obamas.

  • How did this hypocritical crazed woman even get any authority to change menus in schools?  She IS NOT an elected anything.  Does anyone know how this happened?

  • Prison food, to go with the prison training that public schools have been doing for decades.  Completes the picture doesn’t it?

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • American prison food maybe, but not Guantanamo food.

  • by the way, she looks GREAT on her power walk.  How many of you are walking and trying to become more healthy for your families?  It takes sacrifice and self care.  many people in this country are too codepenant to do anything for themselves.  She’s a great example of a healthy woman who cares about children, all politics and racial feelings that some of you may have, aside.  

    6 Replies - Reply Now
    • What kind of drug are you on??? Or perhaps brainwashed??  Wait no, you”re on all the handouts approved by Obamanation

    • She’s a great example of someon with nothing else to do

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Whoa!  No one who walks as much as you say she does is so broad in the _ss.  You need to come up with a more believable lie.

    • +
    • Wow! What sacrifice. What selfishness *ahem* I mean self care. How dare us mere mortals criticize the Powerwalker!

    • WVU? West Virginia? Sad!

    • No she is NOT..she is over weight    and eats what SHE wants  note the press photos of her chowing down…and growing children and HS athletes are hungry…..this is NOT her job  and she needs to butt out

    • Nice try trying to sound all “educated”.  Look up the word codependent, moron, and then at least spell it right.

  • Ms. Obama isn’t our mama!! She souldn’t be alowed to tell us what we should or shouldn’t eat!! She can go mess with what her kids food not the whole nations!

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Right on

    • Her two girls don’t have to eat what she “requires” for everybody in “public” schools! Have you seen the menus and pictures of the school lunches where her girls go to school? Unbelievable.

  • Guys,Gals, the answer is simple. Never vote democrat!

  • these selfish, spoiled, obese children need to be thankful that they have food in front of them.  As you can see sugar is addictive and learned behavior starts at home with the parents.  this is such a disgrace when there are children STARVING, not because they don’t like chicken nuggets or because they are missing their nacho cheese.  American’s clearly need to be reigned in, and since we haven’t done it outselves I’m GLAD we are taking over school lunches.  More salad, less meat!! 

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • Do the letters F O mean anything to you?

    • Using the word WE.  Loves to be part of the winning team… Bullying them into shape…  I bet you dont plan on having children… Easier to point and criticize from the sidelines…  Your finely pressed uniform looks good on you…

    • +
    • Are you on drug?

  • As long as the Dems control the Senate, nothing is going to happen.

  • Yet another example of fascists on the left and their thurst for central planning. 

  • Republicans ended slavery, but the decendants, of those freed, have now elected new plantation managers and are now complaining?History proves that Democrats have NEVER favored freeing others: only owning them.

    2 Replies - Reply Now

    • The NRA fought for black gun owners rights.   The democratic party is the party of the KKK.  Martin Luthor King was a republican, and so is his daughter.

  • I do not see one healthy meal in those photos. Is that what liberals consider healthy and nutritious?  Are they really mandating nitrates and grease? Good grief. 

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Hey Moochila, “Just say no”, remember how well that worked for Nancy? A real first lady!

  • It’s amazing who libtards always think they know how you should live your life better than you do, God help us should Hillbillery get elected the country as we know it will no longer exist

  • The whole program is dumber then how Michele Obama’s face looks. You cant change kids by just changing what they eat at school lunch. They will just go home and make up for it by eating what they want and probably more of it to make up for what they didnt get at school. Its the parents job to instill good eating habits in their kids. Not big sister Michele Obama.

  • Here is a thought, stopeating the government forced food and PACK YOUR OWN LUNCH! If you are on free and reduced, well thats yor problem and you don’t have a say in anything. As my grandfather always said “If your hungry you eat anything” so eat or pack you choose.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • They are going through the bag lunches kid bring from home and if it doesn’t meet their standards they take it away or send it back home with a note stating what they can bring.  You don’t have kids in school do you Virgina?

  • What a nice lady. ;)

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  • The school lunch programs used to offer daily choices of a hot meal (i.e. spaghetti) or a cold meal (i.e. ham salad) with a carton of milk. PERIOD.  No vending machines with snacks or soft drinks.  And there was phys. ed. or recess.  And when you finished homework in the afternoon, you went biking or roller skating.  The First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign is where it’s at.  There is just too much sitting!

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    • What country did you grow up in ?

  • I don’t know… Michelle looks like a lot of woman for Obama to handle.  I’d like to go to lunch with her!

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  • You silly kids should look into what the Obama girls are eating at taxpayers expence.  Just look up Sidwell & Friends.

  • People Like Michell and her husband want you kids to eat healthy because if you don’t you will be too fat to work and pay taxes.  If you can’t pay taxes then they can’t eat like Kings and Queens. Now that we have the out of the way, how about another heaping helping of lama beans and cooked spinich with kale.

  • A LAME DISGUSTING ATTEMPT to be RELEVANT! Michele GO AWAY and take your HUSBAND WITH YOU because as far as the rest of the world is concerned he is a JOKE and not RELEVANT EITHER!

  • Some of your parents voted for this twice kids – suck it up.

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    • try to find someone that will admit they voted for Obama now…

  • With any luck these kids will learn that liberals think they are too dumb to make good food choices so they will make those choices for them.  In fact, even when they are older adults they will still be too dumb to make their own decisions and the liberals believe the government should make most life choices for them.  This might just turn some into Republicans….

  • Isn’t chicken now a dangerous food to be feeding kids? Afterall it’s being processed in China.

  • That’s what you get when you vote Democratic…..complete control of your lives by the Obama’s

  • That’s not nice and you are no conservative, troll!

  • I’ve been a parent longer than Michelle Obama. She has no training and no place to tell my children what to eat.  Why anyone listens to this hag is beyond me.

  • You peasants eat what Michelle tells you because she is smarter than you

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    • the most unamerican post yet…

  • Do the Obama’s own shares of stock in Monsanto?

  • Mom’s should pack lunches the old fashioned way my Mother always did. If you are in high school you can make your own and brown bag it.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Hi Marsapan10.  According to various interwebs reports, Ive read that home prepared lunches are monitored by public school officials and lunches with too much or too little of this or that is met with various warnings and if deficient according to the rules, is supplemented with say, a bun or soggy vegetables, a fine and letter of reprimand.  But im not sure if that is a federal or local policy.  I do wonder though if its just that simple as you say.

  • mo …………. GOLF FOXTROT YANKEE !!!!

  • The homeless would starve on these rations, Michele. These are growing kids in need of protien and carbohydrates. Let them eat what their parents decide not the queen of doom.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • That’s what I was wondering — these lunches have limited calories.  The students most affected by this are those that attended schools in poorer districts (wealthier school districts can opt out and not accept Federal money).  What if these students from poorer families aren’t getting dinner? What if they play sports after school?  These students should not have their lunch calories intake limited to a number.  Some kids need more calories.

  • Michelle is the typical liberal, believing that government can make better personal decisions than can the individual. If you cannot convince students that it benefits them to alter their diet, you do not have the right to force your opinions onto the school lunch program.

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    • And not everyone needs to be eating the same thing. When I was young I could eat anything without gaining weight.

  • now you know their all about the  ……….. LIBERAL HYPOCRISY …………… goes right along with their LIBERAL VITRIOL AND HATE toward America

  • You want your nuggets… You can keep your nuggets.

  • Cafeteria in Italy Somebody should always have the job/responsiblity to serve students great tasting, healthy food and they are failing at it.  Michelle Obama and her team just took something bad and changed it to something different but still bad.  I’ve heard Italy excels at serving their students healthy, really good, high quality food.  Just copy cat their system.  Problem solved. (And hey Michelle, you get an excuse to take a taxpayer funded trip to Italy to do the research!  Win-Win!)

  • American humans want to suck down their yummy chickentacobaconburgers and wash them down with a cornsyrup swill without concern.And then all taxpayers pick up the tab when joe and jane glutton’s intestines explode under their enormous weight and pressure.

  • It doesn’t matter.  They will eat what they want at home.  forcing them to eat this stuff for lunch will just cause them to go hungry until they hit the kitchen at home.  The healthy food should be an OPTION not a mandate people.  Why are we even discussing this?  This woman holds no office and was not elected to any position.  

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Very cogent point, D. Thomas. Seems to be the crux of their social media beef. Students want options and are clearly saying they (not Uncle Sam) can make decisions. And those can be healthy choices or sometimes drift from the not-so-healthy.

  • Why is this overweight person making dietary decisions for the rest of us?  Next thing you know we’ll have a lazy affirmative action jockey with no work experience and a coke problem in charge of the most powerful country in the world….oh wait…

  • Perhaps Michele could be more effective by pushing legislation that allows only nutritious foods to be purchased with food stamps.   You’ll never see her do that because she would consider it unfair and racist.

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    • exactly!

  • Simply amazing how she and he want to be involved in making decisions encroaching on our personal decisions.  Oh yeah, the transparency of it all.  And yet, we are only allowed to record what where who when they want.  They sicken me.  Where is jaws when you most need it, no not her prodigous jaw and overbite.

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    • what is incredible is that it was the public school systems that spawned the kind of thinking that let’s her and her husband to get away with crimes against the public. They should be in jail…

  • oh my–you poor babies! FORCED to eat a meal of only potatoes because *GASP* the mean school people took your snickers and soda away. I suppose you could have a salad too, but ‘salad’s gwoss’it’s just a human rights violation of the highest order. someone call the international tribunal!

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • Yep Michael it is called freedom, something many people fought and died to acheive.  If a parent allows it then it shall be so.  Michele is not the mother of my child.  Although I brought my child up to use his brain to make correct choices, he is now a health nut.  Taking away the choice doesn’t mean that the kids will ever learn how to make choices on their own.  Oh wait……the Obama’s aren’t about freedom to learn to make choices on your own.  The king and queen speaks and we all shall bow down…correct!

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      • I think you are driving home the whole bit about choice and listening to the kids demanding some say in what they eat and how they think. 

    • You forgot to mention the fact many of the children are paying for it themselves.  Let’s try this policy, if you are getting “taxpayer funded” meals, you get what Michelle dictates.  If you are paying for it yourself, you get to choose.  This has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with dietary health of young children.

    • +
    • since when is it michelle anoinette’s place to tell US how to feed out kids? (It hasn’t helped her FA)

  • Why is the right and conservatives so bent on forcing the government to feed kids junk food?Also, one of the biggest problems has to do with how schools and food vendors are skirting the regulations. For example, before the regulations students received a large honey bun for breakfast. When the new regs hit, all they did was make the honey bun smaller to meet the requirements. What they could have done was replace the honey bun with a large portion of a healthy breakfast, then kids wouldn’t be starving.

    9 Replies - Reply Now
    • Wrong! Conservatives believe it’s not the Government’s Job to tell us what to feed our Kids. Especially when the edict is coming from an overweight hypocrite like Michelle Obama. She consumes well over 3500 Calories a day. 

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      • The government isn’t telling you what to feed your kids. They are telling you that the government is no longer going to subsidies your kids junk food habit by providing junk food to your children. 

    • The “right and conservatives” don’t want to force feed kids anything.  What they want is for the pretentious left to stop forcing their ideals on others.  Parents and kids should have a CHOICE of what they eat, not some mandated gargbage that Moochelle thinks they should have.

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • They DO have a choice.  The Parents can pack the kids lunch and send them to school with any damned thing they want.

        2 Replies - Reply Now
      • Heard the stories about parent packed lunches being tossed?  It’s not a myth.  So this isn’t always a choice, either.

        2 Replies - Reply Now
      • +
      • Maybe, but they are isolated incidents of over reaching schools and has little to do with the regulations. 

      • I heard it. I don’t beleive it. And if it is true, that is not a federal policy.Also, the schools can refuse the federal money and set their own nutritional guidelines.  As the old saying goes, he who pays the fiddler, calls the tune.

      • Not true… the schools are throwing out the bagged lunches if they don’t meet the standards set by Mooch.

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      • A few schools have done this. Don’t be hyperbolic and claim that is a widespread practice in schools. 

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      • It should not happen ANYWHERE!

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Agreed, but a handful of incidents that have occurred in a few of the thousands of schools that exist shouldn’t be used as if it is widespread and part of the regs. They are anomalies that people are acting like are standard practice. 

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      • The problem with your argument is #1 we don’t know how widespread the problem is.  Google it and you will find several articles throughout the country. #2 it IS policy in several states.  #3 just because the enforcement appears “anomalous” to you, the fact of the matter is, it IS law.  I fail to understand why liberals dismiss legitimate arguments with buzzwords such as “anomalies” or “hyperbolic”.  

      • You have a choice. Don’t purchase the school meals. Problem solved.

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      • Again, the law allows the schools to monitor the bag lunch you bring and gives the school the authority throw it in the trash.  

    • +
    • Please consider the fact that schools have a limited budget for food.  Yes, a bigger, healthier breakfast would be great, but that would require more produce and longer hours for staff, which equals more money.  Not all schools have it to spare.

    • Did it ever dawn on you that perhaps feeding your child breakfast is YOUR responsibility and NOT the taxpayer?

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      • Did you ever consider the fact that there are plenty of parents who leave for work very early and can’t necessarily make a nutritious breakfast for their kids?  Or the fact that some rural children are picked up very early in order for the bus to make its rounds and be back to the school in time?  I was one of those children who had parents out the door at 4am and had to catch the bus by 6:30 (after 1/4 mile walk) when I was a teenager.  There were kids on the bus even before me.  It’s not as uncommon as you’d imagine.

      • I don’t have kids, but I am happily willing to have my tax dollars used to make sure kids are getting fed, but not if it junk food.

    • Well I ask how you whould know what the kids got for school breakfast.  I never knew because I made breakfast for my kids.  I don’t think schools should be giving kids breakfast.  That is the first item.Number two I doubt if the breakfast consists of only a honeybun.  Number three.  Kids won’t be starving if people act like a parent.  A box of ceral is about $3 (you don’t need to buy name brand!!!!!) and it will feed the kid all week.I see that there are many positing here that expect the government and others to do the job of parenting. 

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Guess again. Breakfast at the school  where I work is often just a honey bun and milk.Whether or not a kid has good parents should not be the deciding factor on whether they get to eat. Sometimes people have kids that shouldn’t, why should the kid suffer?

    • Either this the typical Liberal spin or you are stupid enough to belive that since we dont ageee with you we must want to force feed our children junk food. Which is it? I would love to know! It is not that we do not want kids to eat healthy it is that we feel we are capable enough to make our own decisions on what our kids should eat and not have the goverment telling us what to do.  

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      • Well, students forced to eat school lunches that are junk food is them being forced to eat junk food. Why would you not support schools providing healthy foods to kids?

    • There really needs to be a honey bun expose! Honey buns aside, if this is true then there certainly is room to explore whether portion rationing (which is part of the program’s nutrient requirements) works and if the updated menu offerings for breakfast and lunch is inspiring better eating habits. 

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      • It is true, seen it with my own two eyes many times. It’s not honey buns everyday, but usually it is of similar nutritional quality. 

    • You could not be more wrong if you tried.  The “right” wants the freedom to feed our children what we want.  We don’t need the government, or a FLOTUS who is 30 lbs. overweight, telling us what we can and can’t eat and what we can and can’t feed our children.

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      • You can feed your kids whatever you want. The government just isn’t going to be your kids junk food dealer. Besides a few over reaching schools, you can always provide a junk food laden lunch for your little ones.

    • Simple question, why are you so concerned what my child eats and what gives you the right to dictate what they eat?

  • Liberals KNOW what’s best for us. DO as they SAY NoT as they DO. ;-)

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    • Yes liberals know that the government being junk food dealers for kids isn’t good for them. Too bad conservatives can’t figure it out.

  • I’m a little surprised she didn’t just hire someone else to take her walk for her…at taxpayer expense, of course.

  • That work out video… Can you feel it?  Richter scale registers a hit with every step….

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    • i find it hilarious that many conservatives try to make believe as if michelle obama is anywhere near as fat as their wives or sisters

      4 Replies - Reply Now
      • You’re just trying to instigate a food fight you transparent little dork.

      • and you know this how ?  my wife weighs 110 and eats anything that wont eat her first

      • +
      • Looks like your just trying to piss people off, its evident your just a drone being pulled by the strings of the most corrupt admin. this country has ever seen. As a Viet. Marine Vet. we all as Americans have a stake in what they do, you just agitate the message so you can get hits or arguments that you know are undefensible, yet you try, makes you a follower and a moron.

      • Mooch is way more overweight than I am.  I’m 5’5″ and weigh 120 lbs.  How much do you think Chewie weighs?  She’s at least 30 lbs. overweight.

  • Michelle Obama -single handedly creating a new generation of young Republican voters!

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    • as her dictator husband brings on the mexican invasion

  • Sorry folks but the majority of the American morons voted in Marxist Socialists, live with it, but the lesson is, this is what you get when you vote Democrat.

  • Mrs. Obama was NOT ELECTED for anything!  She should not have any say whatsoever regarding school lunches.  She should not expect any special security nor treatment if she chooses to walk on public roads.  No, she DOES NOT deserve “private time” as one of the rude women stated as she blocked the video camera…she’s no better than anyone else.  And, finally, if she insists on going to Vail to ski three weeks after a long vacation in Hawaii…then SHE should pay for the expense of our taxpayers’ plane!!  

    2 Replies - Reply Now
    • Michelle doesn’t have any say. The democrats and a handful of republicans voted for the The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (Pub.L. 111–296) is a federal statute signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 13, 2010. The bill is part of the reauthorization of funding for child nutrition (see the original Child Nutrition Act). The bill funds child nutrition programs and free lunch programs in schools for the next 5 years.[1] In addition, the bill sets new nutrition standards for schools, and allocates $4.5 billion for their implementation.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • This is accurate, Suel. The measures are merely being incorporated/instituted with greater speed today and timetables are forcing schools to be held accountable. Such as reducing sodium substantially by 2016. It happens that First Lady Michelle Obama is championing nutrition and made student lunches part of her repertoire. And that has good and possibly bad repercussions.

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Yep, let’s spend all this taxpayer money to lower salt intake.  Interestingly, the latest studies show that salt is not harmful to anyone.  Further, it is fairly common for teenage girls to have low blood pressure and not get enough salt.

    • Disagree. Ms Obama won re-election in 2012 after defeating Ann Romney in a landslide election. She’s raised 2 girls; so, I don’t see why people have the temerity to question her mandates!

  • Do you want the government to stop acting like mommy and daddy? Then STOP VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS! It really is just that simple 

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    • Do you want to force the government to give your kids junk food? Vote Republican. 

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • so if you want to force the govt to give us choices and freedoms, vote republican …………. YEP, YOU BE RIGHT

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • How is the government not being junk food dealers infringement on anyone’s rights.The don’t allow smoking at school, guess that’s infringement. They also don’t have crack vending machines. Better take up arms and force the schools to provide crack otherwise our kids aren’t free.

      • +
      • put a sock in it moron

  • I just read our schools new lunch policy today in our school newsletter.  My son, who has been (and might well be all of his life) severly underweight.  He eats right, but also needs the junk food and HIGHER CALORIE FOODS to put on weight!He just graduated last year.  Had he still been in school when these programs were implemented, he would have shriveled up and blew away…BTW, what CONGRESSIONAL LAW and SIGNED BY OBAMA mandates this?And kids… think about making a little black market money.  Go to McD’s the night before, and bring burgers and McNuggets… and sell for a little profit!

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • You don’t need junk food to get calories, that is just insane to even thunk that.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • * think 

    • methinks your sone does not ‘need junk food’ and perhaps you can get creative with your own way of feeding him to gain weight instead of, you know….RELYING ON CANDY AND TRASH

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • says the obama fascist

    • +
    • Calories can be consumed in more ways than junk food. But your concerns with with your son’s diet are valid. Not sure what to make of your suggestion for students to sell Happy Meals on the side.

  • If the kids do not eat enough for lunch or don’t eat their lunch because they don’t like it, then when they get out of school they are going to gobble the quickest and easiest thing they can find, which in most cases is going to be either fast food or something else that is not healthy but quick to get. Unintended consequences. But this lets Michelle and other liberal control freaks pretend that they are doing something useful.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • liberalism solutions for one isssue always causes 10 more issues to arise.  But, thank God, its only the thought that counts to liberals, not results. 

    • Unintended?  You ever hear the lib mantra, cause a crisis and never let it go to waste; you can do to the American people the things you’d never get away with without the govt caused crisis.  So, the intention is to cause biggger problems…i.e. obamacare. 

    • +
    • Kids also hate doing work to make money, I guess we should just give them welfare or they might start selling drugs. 

  • You voted for it.  You own it.  Embrace the suck.

  • why not TEACH the kids about how to eat healthy or make good food choices?  After that, if the student wants to eat junk food its NOBODY’S business but their own.  

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • Why should the government be supplying the junk food?

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • Actually, the student’s parents are paying via taxes.  How do you think the school gets money?

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Actually everyone is paying via taxes. I don’t have kids, but my tax dollars pay for a lot of school lunches. Obviously you don’t know how schools get money if you think only the parents pay.

      • +
      • cuz the govt supplies ALL your gimmedats ……… why shouldnt the kids have what they want …………… OR is choice ONLY for good little liberals like you ……….. LIBERAL HYPOCRITE

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Kids want to smoke weed too, but I don’t want teachers selling it to them.

    • personally, i don’t think a school is necessarily the place to be profiting off of pants lack of parental supervision and desire for sugary snacks. i personally knew many kids on the road to diabetes simply based on the fact that there wasn’t anyone there to stop them from spending on their lunch money on coca-cola, cookies, snickers, and pizza. they would crash on sugar by 7th period and be asleep at their desk.i don’t see the harm in removing these options from a school environment (and trust me, i’m not fan of the obama administration) after all, aren’t we supposed to be LEARNING in school?junk food and soda vending strikes me as somewhat too predatory and overly capitalistic to have in a school. of course kids want sugar; their kids. diabetes is astronomical in america. all i’m saying.

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • Believe it or not, I agree about the vending machines.  I have no problem with replacing obviously unhealthy products with healthier ones.  As far as parental supervision, I know parents who go to work early and come home late.  It’s hard to supervise when you aren’t there to do it because you’re trying to make a living.  Granted, not every parent is like this, but I have to say 98% of the ones I know are.

      • (and trust me, i’m not fan of the obama administration)  Oh balony. You’ve done nothing but defend the tyrants in the White House while insulting Conservatives.  Man up already and stand for something. What is that a super soaker you’re holding?

    • +
    • Few could argue that there aren’t better role models than parents to show kids how best to eat and treat their bodies.

  • New lesson kids, don’t vote for democrats

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Amen, brother!

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • YEP ………… no votes for the obamacancer killing America

  • Michelle Obama’s crusade on childhood obesity is forcing the schools to serve food that they know the kids won’t eat so they’ll skinny-up by missing meals… that’s not exactly a “healthy living” choice, now is it?!?! I have worked in the lunchroom of a couple schools and the kids are miserable and there is NOTHING we can do about it. there are strict regulations on proportion control and what can and can not be served to the kids. it’s disgusting! this is why I pack my kid’s lunch everyday!!

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Well why not ignore the regulations? That’s what Obama does, it’s time you people grew a pair and fight back – let THEM litigate against you for years instead of the other way around.

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • bozo has OUR money to sue US with ……….. and WE have no money left after HE has stolen it allglad to see Burger King making a break to freedom ………. ahh, if only America could be free again ……. to be rid of the obamamob of America haters

      • Because schools need to follow the regulations in order to get money from the Federal government.  Wealthier school districts can and do refuse the healthy lunch mandate because they can profit without using money from the government.  I know our school district makes pretty tasty lunches but they aren’t cheap.  The local school board made a rule that kids could only purchase one large cookie at lunch.  Guess what?  They had their friends buy the second cookie.

  • Why is it her business what YOUR kids eat at school?

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • Its not.  But since no one voluntarily accepts liberalism, liberals must force them to abide through govt enforcement. Plenty of examples….

    • because shes a libtard and they all think they are smarter than everyone else and will try to control your every move

    • +
    • Too many parents fail to raise the children they have properly.

  • Eat your gruel!

  • Michelle, you want to fight childhood obesity?  Start with eliminating any processed food purchases from the food stamp program.  No sodas, cookies, cakes, etc.  Try it in a few test markets and the results in obesity reduction will be evident.  Plus, you have a captive market.

    4 Replies - Reply Now
    • I excluded “processed sugar food purchases”

    • AGREED.  I have been saying this over and over.

    • +
    • But then they lose their voter base.

    • That would be great, that doesn’t mean the government should be providing junk food at school.

  • Queen of Hypocrite. Even with a White House Chef and nutritionist crafting their menu the Obama’s eat junk food.I don’t eat any junk food or would serve that to my dogs.Kids need to have better choices besides fried chicken and french fries and whatever the heck the obscene long sausage and lose pellets of mystery grains that is.

  • It is not Michele O., per se. Look to your local school district and state. When they grow some balls and tell the Feds to shove it, then you all can enjoy your lunches and snacks without interference. But in the meantime, your local school district and state choose to be inslaved and intoxicated by the money of big daddy, liberal, behemoth, government in Washington, DC. Which we happen to be borrowing from China.

  • I want to know what school it is that orders-in Subway on the Federal School Lunch Program (See banner photo).  BTW have you checked the lunch menu at Sidwell Friends School?  Much better menu than what I see on the plate here on the Navajo Reservation.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • Fry Bread and mutton stew?

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Now you’re talking Navajo soul food, dude!

  • Michelle eats lobster. She forces public schools to servee garbage. Obviously, she hates you.

  • “Some nutritionists and parents are huge backers of Michelle Obama for her three-year crusade against childhood obesity.”Hey Voccativ… FIND ONE AND INTERVIEW THAT PERSON.

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • I’m for it – kids eat way too much junk food provided by lazy, uncaring parents.

      2 Replies - Reply Now
      • so what.   Its none of your business.

      • What about the parents who don’t feed their kids junk food?  They are still forced to eat this.  Pack a lunch?  Fine, until the food monitor at the school decides the peanut butter sandwich, vegetable soup, fresh cheese and crackers, and apple juice is unhealthy.  Then into the trash it goes, and the kid has to eat the school meal of 5 chicken nuggets and half a pear…with the family forced to pay for the privelege. 

  • Look at the picture…. where is the white kids?

    4 Replies - Reply Now
    • They stuck one whitee in there to make it ok. When the blacks stop being racist then the world will follow.

    • Neil, this isn’t a black/white thing, it’s a totalitarian “do as I say, not as I do” Marxist regime problem.  NOT VERY AMERICAN!

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • It’s actually a rich/poor thing.  Follow the money.  The poorer school districts are bribed with Federal tax dollars to implement the healthy lunch program.  Wealthier school districts with few kids on the school lunch program opt out.

        1 Reply - Reply Now
      • Wealthier school districts generally have healthier food to begin with. You don’t see cellophane wrapped gas station burgers at too many affluent schools, but they are a staple of poor schools.

    • +
    • private school actually learning

    • the owebowels are racist america haters

  • I’m not fan of Michelle Obama but these spoiled brats need to understand that this is being done for their benefit, that they might learn to eat well and not join a world of unhealthy fatties with chronic health problems and premature deaths. When they’re hungry enough, they’ll eat the healthier foods provided for them. Until then, let them go hungry.

    11 Replies - Reply Now
    • Judging from your photo, you don’t practice what you preach. And, I might add, who’s business is it of yours!

    • Ted, did you see ANY heathy food in those photos?  Get smarter pal.

      1 Reply - Reply Now
      • No, because schools have partnered with junk food vendors to provide school lunches. All they did was reduce the amount of food to skirt the guidelines rather than providing an actual healthy meal. This isn’t what the regs intended, but it keeps the vendors profits high.

    • +
    • But it’s “being done for their own benefit”!  Somehow that makes it okay then?  It’s the same excuse government hands out everytime it oversteps its bounds and strips away a few more personal liberties.   

    • Hey Ted……which one of these delicious entrees you would eat?  Your just another Obama lover in denial.

    • what a dolt—SIEG HEIL!

    • OBTW  food is not “HEALTHIER”,  have you ever seen “sicker” food?

    • Because the Gubmint always knows best!

    • LMFAO – They dictate our lives for our own good yet they do not follow their own rules. SMH

    • YOU need to learn not to agree with people who want to run other people’s lives.The food they eat is the PARENTS’ and SCHOOLS’ responsibility.NOT some unelected elitst who is REGULARLY photographed eating food she won’t allow others

    • Ted you are wrong. The schools should be serving foods that fill our kids stomach until they have dinner later that night. I want my kid to have a choice of what he wants to eat just like I did in the 80′s. When you have a full stomach you study better and get better grades. The FLOTUS has no business forcing this down school districts throats.  It should be up to every school district to decide what to serve. It is absolutely ridiculous that the Feds will withhold govt dollars if you do not follow what they feel is “nutritional food”.

    • liberals know what’s best for the people?  History shows the opposite.  Inspite of the people disagreements, liberalism does not teach, it must force people through the removal of freedoms, like kids free to eat what they want.

  • By the way how awkward that must have been for the pooor little kiddies in the background eating lunch with big Secret Service men and women acting all intense looking around.  weird.  thats really thinking about the kids sticking them at a table with a bunch of SS gorillas

  • I’ll be glad when she’s out of office.

    1 Reply - Reply Now

  • These are the voters of the future!  So you Liberal/Socialist food police will get none of their support!  Leave the kids’ lunch alone!

  • Too late the queen has spoken.  Eat it and shut up or the SS will come after you.  Heil M.Obama

  • You dumb sh-ts force your “kiddies” to go to public school… you get what you deserve.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • perfect!

    • public school=gubment school of indoctrination …molding young minds into libtard mush

    • +
    • While I don’t like public schools as a rule, I do understand that some parents don’t have a choice.  A few of us are lucky, but there are a whole lot who aren’t.  Frankly, I like the “money follows the child” model, so parents get to choose where their child will be educated, even if it’s at home.


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