U.S. Government Claims to Know Nothing About Godzilla

We're reviewing our legal options

Last May, I requested any information the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration had on Godzilla, the enormous monster that surely lies beneath our surf, waiting to strike at our bustling urban centers.

On May 13, I received a letter acknowledging my request.

I heard nothing from the federal government for nearly a month. On June 12, despite tons of data on what is going on in our oceans, the NOAA responded that they were unable to turn up anything on an impending kaiju attack.┬áNor, worryingly, does the NOAA have any information about how our defense or emergency management agencies would respond to a Godzilla attack. There is also nothing, apparently, about Godzilla’s ability to do a lay-up.

It is possible to appeal the “no documents found” result of this FOIA request, and Vocativ is actively looking into its legal options. We are also looking into Godzilla data that may be held by government agencies besides the NOAA.

The full letter can be viewed below.

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