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Until Fairly Recently, the YMCA Actually Required Swimmers to Be Nude

You could hang out with all the boys

Last week, I was eating lunch with a friend and her dad in Manhattan on 23rd Street, directly across from what used to be the McBurney YMCA, when my friend’s dad had a sudden recollection.

Apparently, in 1968, as part of a freshman requirement for the city college he attended, all male students took a swim class at the YMCA. For reasons somewhat unclear to him at the time (and, we joked, probably repressed until now) the Y had a particular rule: If you’re going to swim, you must swim nude.

Only birthday suits allowed.

(Screen grab YMCA video)

“Nude-nude?” I asked. “Totally nude,” he said.

He remembers the instructor telling them something about it being more sanitary that way. “But,” he conceded, “no one really questioned it.” After a moment, he paused.

“What the hell was that all about?”

I thought I’d investigate. Was my friend’s dad just recalling some adolescent nightmare? Was his swim teacher some pervy old dude? Or was this requirement legit? And if it was, why? How would not wearing a bathing suit be any less sanitary than skinny-dipping?

I called up Ryan Beam, who manages the official YMCA archives at the University of Minnesota, to ask him this question. He chuckled. “I get old guys calling up semi-regularly asking, ‘Whatever happened to nude swimming?’” Beam says. “It’s kind of a hidden mystery.”

Beam confirms my friend’s dad’s story, but notes that nude swimming classes weren’t just a YMCA thing. In fact, they were a national thing. The American Public Health Association mandated them from 1926 until 1962, and thousands of high schools around the country enforced the tradition.

In general, Americans might have been more buttoned-up at the time. But when it came to all-male activities–like swimming–there wasn’t much of a taboo around stripping down.

Aquatic directors did the "visual inspections" before a boy could enter the pool. 

The nude swimming tradition is even the basis for a couple of short YouTube documentaries, like this one, titled “Nude Swimming: Why Have We Forgotten About It?” that presents nude swimming through a sort of socio-cultural lens. “Our society has so sexualized nudity, particularly child nudity, that we can’t conceive of a time when kids went naked without any sexual implications,” offers the narrator.

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Beam explains that the first recreational indoor pool in America opened in the Brooklyn YMCA in New York in 1885. Because swimsuits back then were made of wool, and their fibers would clog the pool’s relatively unsophisticated filtration systems, nude swimming was enforced to make sure the pool didn’t break.

By the 1920s, there were other, more comfortable swimming alternatives that didn’t shed fibers. However, nude swimming continued. The rationale this time around was that nude swimming was more hygienic. I asked Beam how so.

“There was the visual inspection,” he says, noting that part of the aquatic director’s job duty was to inspect the men before they jumped into the pool. The inspectors weren’t just checking for venereal diseases. The idea was to look for any open wounds or other indications that the swimmer might have some infectious disease.

Beam’s narrative checks out. In the 1922 edition of “The Sanitation of Bath Houses” by William Paul Gerhard, nude swimming is encouraged alongside a pre-swim “physical examination.”

“Much can be done to keep the water in a swimming pool sanitary by an efficient supervision and management of the bathers,” Gerhard wrote nearly a century ago. “A physical examination of the bathers, while nude, to exclude the diseased, accomplishes much good, but it is difficult to enforce, except in YMCA buildings and in school or military baths.”

"Over in Europe there's nude beaches and no one thinks twice about it," says Ryan Beam. "And over here we're freaking out."

For over half a century, no one really seemed to question the nudity rules. After all, America had a surprisingly laissez-faire attitude toward nudity—at least for the boys. Girls, on the other hand, were always required to wear full suits. In 1941, Life magazine published a photo of young boys in a shower as part of a spread on the concept of democracy.

“Taking a camera into a boys’ locker room at school and photographing teenage boys completely naked while showering, then, printing that photo taking up an entire half page for the world to look at was considered perfectly appropriate,” writes a historian on the subject. “The published letters to the editor immediately subsequent to this edition never revealed any reader voicing concern about it.”

Sentiments began to change around the early 1960s, however. Societal norms shifted and some boys—and their parents—began speaking up. In 1961, in the small town of Menasha, Wisconsin, high school boys and their parents petitioned the school board to allow boys to wear swim trunks to swim practice.

“The boys were affected morally, physically and psychologically by forcing them to swim in the nude,” one of the mothers noted at the meeting. But the petition was voted down. The all-male board claimed swim trunks would be prohibitively expensive. They also claimed that swimming nude would build a man’s character.

“Physical education considers that this experience is a good one for later life, for example the armed services, where the disregard for privacy is real and serious,” the director of the board noted.

In 1961, sentiments began shifting, and more boys were protesting the nude swimming rules. 

Within the YMCA, there was no national mandate, so each location decided for itself on its nude swimming policies. But Beam believes the tide began to shift in 1961 when Ervin Baugher, the general secretary of the Allentown, Pennsylvania, YMCA reported to an executive YMCA conference that, basically, the reasons for nude swimming—wool fibers and cleanliness—no longer made sense for modern pools, which were then equipped with chlorine and powerful filtration systems. In fact, Baugher said the only rational reason to continue the tradition of nude swimming was “encouraging a proper attitude toward the body.”

Nude swimming became less and less common in the mid-1970s, and boys were forever spared the nightmarish experience of strip-down inspections. But nude swimming is sort of an interesting exception to the general pattern of our culture becoming less Victorian as time goes on. Today, if some head of aquatics at the Y suggested naked swimming, let alone tried to actually implement it, they’d probably lose their job immediately.

Girls did not have the same requirement. They were forced to wear bathing suits from the beginning. 

“One of the things that’s fascinating about it as a story is that we tend to assume back then was more puritanical than we are now,” notes Beam. “That’s not necessarily the case. It’s a pretty interesting little narrative about American culture and body image and masculinity.”

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  • That would be mid-1980s, btw.

  • Well, I attended an all boys Jesuit  run HS in Brooklyn NY from 1964-1969 and guess what? we all swam naked – including the coach. Now what was that about?

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    • It was about being healthy, and sanitary. Contrary to modern psycho-babble, I don’t think any boy was “traumatized” by following sanitary regulations and engaging in healthy activity.

  • I was a college swimmer in 1962. We didn’t swim nude, but some of my teammates had. On one occasion, one swimmer showed up on deck naked, not realizing that it was a public meet. Things were very different then: there was no women’s team. My college didn’t even have a swimming pool–we had to rent pool time. I kid my family now saying that my team used to go down to the river and make frog noises. We had meets in which diving was done off a half-meter board, with a low ceiling. We swam against a college for the deaf: if anyone false-started the other team would clear the bench and jump in to stop their team-mates. A good time was had by all! Except the women, of course. :(

  • On the Jr High YMCA swim team, we called it swimming “in the bare.” When a meet allowed moms & sisters to watch, we got mad that suits would slow us down. I don’t remember ‘inspections’ just coach making sure we showered before getting in the pool. In fact, you got in big trouble if you walked into the pool area without a shower. That was what was humiliating, not being naked.An interesting observation is that we were wary of any man who covered with a towel. It meant he was probably a pervert. Today the younger generations of men are afraid to not be covered. Either they are all perverts or they are afraid of they don’t measure up. At a gym in 2002 was my first experience of being around GenX men in the lockerroom. Every young man had towels wrapped around them. They actually put on underwear under the towel! I went home that night and wondered to my wife if every young man in the gym was gay. I was confused particularly that some of them were married!Then the toilet stalls were always being used by GenX men getting dressed or undressed. So bad was it that the gym management had to tell them to stop or lose their membership.I’m just glad I grew up in a different era and I’m glad I had the wherewithall to raise our six sons to be glad being male and be bold as men. They have great marriages and great well-adjusted kids. These GenX men really have a perverted sense of what it means to be a man. You can criticize and mock, but I’m absolutely correct in my assessment. This country is going to hell in a handbasket because of weak men.

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    • Wowwwwww…..Talk about a homophobe! Yeah, the reason this country is going to hell in a handbasket, is because men don’t want to be seen naked around other men!!!

  • I think the thing we should be asking ourselves isn’t why people had to swim naked, but why girls and boys couldn’t swim at the same pool together? The nude swimming rule for boys was obviously only in a pool with no females. As enjoyable as it is to swim without a swimsuit, I really believe it’s good for people of both genders of all ages to be able to enjoy the good clean fun of swimming together. I find hanging out with nothing but guys to be a drag at the best of times.

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    • …I mean, obviously at the YMCA, it’s going to be all guys, but I’m talking about regular, city-run pools…

  • I find it fascinating that men have always been encouraged to accept their bodies through group showering and urinating, but not women, we have been encouraged to hide our bodies as if shameful. The world is a wacky place.

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    • Women are less obsessed with gayness than men are so women today are more likely to use group showers and be naked in the locker room. Ironic, I suppose.

    • Anna – it has to do with the Judeo-Christian culture that most people were raised in.  In this culture we equate nudity with sex, and sex with “sin” or some such nonsense.  Happily, many European nations are more realistic about nudity – most women go topless on the beaches, and in Scandinavian countries men and women use the saunas in the nude.  In Berlin they have parks where men and women sunbathe nude.  We should do that here – but the prudes would hen cackle.

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  • We use to swim naked all the time when I was in the military. The pools on most bases had a very casual policy towards naked swims for years. Now all of that has changed ever since the military has allowed gays to serve. We all must wear swimming suits now, no exceptions. Even all of the showers are being converted from the old gang shower type to the new individual shower stalls. I’m all for gay rights and marriage, but it is just not safe, or a good environment to be in when the gays are gawking at the others in the showers or the pool area. I’ve seen some the GI’s, especially the red necks, beat the crap out of the gays because of all the staring at the naked guys in the shower/pool area.On some bases the brass are starting to place all of the gays in their own separate housing so to help stop the fights from breaking out. Sad really, it was good to have that comrade’, but that’s what happens when you mix gay men in with their sexual desires. It’s the same as placing straight men in a woman’s shower. Their going to look and stare because their interested in what they have.

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    • Being stared at doesn’t hurt you unless you’re insecure about your sexuality.

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      • It does hurt when you are the object of some perverts desires and/or fantasy.

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      • So sexual attention hurts you? Men and women are are viewed sexually everyday, wherever they go, whether they’re clothed or not, by someone or other, and by both males and females. So I suggest you stay indoors, alone, at all times lest you be hurt by having someone look at you in a sexual light. And of course, never, ever have sex or masturbate.

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      • +
      • No, in fact your wrong again. We see each other every day in deed, but not naked in a confined space. Gays have their clubs, gyms, bathhouses and cursing spots…and that’s fine.My only objection is when gays start to move into the straight persons venue and start to make demands on those who are straight.We have given you your civil rights to be perverts AMONG YOURSELVES….stop pushing your desires onto others who have no interest and/or desire to be a part of your life style. We have even gone as far as to recognize your right to get married now. This is the right & fair thing to do, but stop thinking now, since you have been given these new rights, that this gives you Carte blanche to force your life style onto others. You must learn to accept the other person’s views & opinions also.I  have been attending a nude beach during the summer months for over 12 years now. We had no problems at this beach until some gays forced themselves onto the straight section of this beach. We tried talking to them very civil like and asked them to say over on their section. They refused and continued to come over and gawk at the straight guys over on the straight section.Now, I didn’t agree with the following, but it happened because the gays wouldn’t listen to reason. After the gays kept coming over to the straight section and gawking at these straight men, the straight guys got up, put their clothing on and went home. When the gay guys left for the day they all had to call for tow trucks because all four tires on their cars were cut.This beach has beautiful well maintained public bathrooms,  but the gays kept using them to have sex inside that building. This beautiful brick building was shuttered up and port-a-potties were placed in front of the building. Now we have to deal with non-flushable port-a-potties that stink to high heaven. (The gays still continued to have sex after this, but in the sand dunes this time). I have every right to use a clean, flushable toilet without the fear of some gay dudes coming in to cruise me for sex and/or tying up all the stalls so they can have sex inside of them. I have every right to walk to and from the beach, through those dunes, without seeing men engaged in some type of sex act.Stay over on your section of the beach and cruise to your heart’s content…just leave us straights alone. Almost every visit to this nude beach we have to file police complaints before we leave for the day. This is a damn shame that we have to resort to these measures (violence & police reports). All we want is to have an enjoyable day at the beach and go home peacefully.Just leave us all alone and we will leave you all alone.

      • Are you homosexual by any chance or just plain ignorant? Taking a shower with someone with unrequited sexual desires is Hell on Earth. Get real and learn to show respect for people’s private sensitivies. Imbecile.   

      • From the look of your photo, you have nothing to worry about.

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      • Shawn, from the looks of your photo you have a lot to worry about.

      • Bob, there have ALWAYS been gays in the military–now we just dont have to hide. And by the way, you need to GET OVER YOURSELF. A gay man might see an attractive man in the locker room, but he’ll be discreet about it. We’re not gonna point and holler and throw our hats in the air.

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      • Dan, you are wrong. You do deed to hide while in the military. Just look at the stats on gay bashing coming out of the military ever since DA/DT was eliminated. The next two elections are on our side to have this error of “serve openly” corrected. The 2017 appointment of new federal judges will correct everything else.

      • You started your post by making some points about feeling uncomfortable about gay guys seeing you naked. But you revealed your true purpose when you called all gays perverted. I hope people like you find a way to start accepting the differences in people. The gay guys were there all along. The only difference is now they have protection from people like you.

      • Well said Wolfeboro Bob – if gays are to join the military they should be billeted separately as female personnel are for what I would have thought were utterly obvious reasons…

      • What are you talking about you ignoramus?! Insecurity?! Are you being serious?! Who are you to tell us normal men how to deal with these leering perverts?! Why don’t you and I take a shower together and see how you damn well like it? Why do men and women have separate toilets and facilities or do you think men should take all the filth from these perverts and that women are a special case? You offensive woman…

    • I think that you’re miss-remembering things. I was in the USMC from 1969 to 1973…well before the current policy on gay service members came into effect…and there was no nude swimming at any base where I served. As others are reporting, this policy on nude swimming changed across America, beginning in the early 1960s. Come to think of it, wasn’t it at the same time that men’s basketball “shorts” began to get longer, and longer? Now, “shorts” reach all the way to the players’ knees! I don’t think that had anything to do with paranoia about whether gay men might be checking out the basketball team’s legs, do you?

  • I see the photos above and can’t imagine swimming naked at a large venue like that at a YMCA, or any other place.I don’t recall ever swimming naked at the YMCA, but I heard stories about forced nude swimming there from my uncles.I don’t think you can do that these days with everyone so fearfull of the perverts and gays who are so much in your face. They use to hide in the closet when I was a boy.I’m retired from the military and know that ever since gays have been allowed to serve open it has become a problem.When I first entered the service we only had gang showers available. There would always be at least 30 to 40 men taking their showers at any given morning clean up. We even walked the halls naked afterwards to get back to our rooms. Not any more.The military is in the process of converting all of the old fashioned gang showers into those private shower cubicles because of these gays now entering the services in larger numbers then ever before. The last thing that the brass want is for some fights breaking out (or worse)because some gay was caught checking out the other guys asses and cocks.Not to long ago, maybe 6 or 7 years back, a gay GI was beaten to death in his basic training bunk by a GI who made the claim that he caught the gay GI one time too many checking him out in the showers and lost control. He received 7 years and a DD. I’m very happy that I am out of there before all of this gay military stuff came down. Even though at several bases I was assigned to had the gays separte from the other men in special barracks and their own showers, I just have this funny feeling that this is still going to cause a lot of men from joining up. We even now have gay football players joining openly in the NFL and the NBA. ESPN is repoting that the showers after any game will be for heterosexuals to go first and the gay players to take theirs last….just to control any negitive reactions from reaching a boiling point. They claim that all the players are agreeable to this new rule. Well, we’ll see.I also understand what that young man had written above….. “Tetna”.   I see from time to time at my gym some of those gays checking out the younger guys while their naked.This is not a good thing to not feel comfortable while showering or changing your clothes. A lot of the guys at my gym are not changing or showering after thier work-outs. They just go home to do that now…..or they just don’t come back any more. That seems very sad to me for some reason.

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    • Dude, you must really think you have something special…or just can’t handle your own desires.Don’t know about your experiences but I’m willing to guess most of them only happened in your head.Thank goodness most of the young’uns have never assumed your phobias.BTW, I’m a gay Viet Nam vet who was often harrassed by the alledged str8 boys for blow jobs.  They thought as shallowly as you seem to about gay men.  I didn’t ‘help them out’ like they wanted.Sure hope you never had kids or grandkids to pass along your ignorance and fear.

    • Try to keep on topic, please.

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      • Walked the halls nude? Good grief, soldier, put a shirt on!

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    • Why is it that this country has a history of segregation? You said that now the Military is in the process of separating and building individual showers and probably barrack for gays and barracks for straights? Damn! Desegregation will never be put to rest in this country.., They just how it was for African Americans not long ago. The Blacks were exclided and separated from the Whites; Blacks had their own schools, their own color bathrooms, own color showers.. own color barracks likely.., and now it seems like a carbon copy for White and Black men who happens to be gay? Segregation is well and alive still!!

  • I see a lot of the younger guys at my gym who refuse to use the showers because of all of the gay old men hanging out there and staring at us younger guys. We who do shower there just do so wearing our shorts. The others just go home to shower and change clothes.A lot of us younger guys also change with a towel around our waist, because the gay old dudes follow us around and keep trying to get a look at our goods. Very creepy.Sometimes we wonder if they are taking our photos or a video of us naked for their perverted pleasure. Some people are complaining about seeing photos of people they know on the internet which were obviously taken at their gyms without their knowing about this.We talked to the manager about this and we have just received word that they will be re-doing the lockers and showers with private stalls by next year, as soon as the franchise approves the plans.The new locker/shower area will be individual cubical stalls.We will be able to change our clothes inside the cubical and then lock them up in a locker outside those cubicals on the other side of the wall. When we are finished with our work-out or swim, then we can go to the locker and retieve our clothing and towel and then go back to the shower stall, close the door, take a shower, towel off and then put our regular clothes on…all behind a closed solid door.The other problem areas for these perverts hanging around are the jacuzzi and the sauna areas. They go into the sauna and jacuzzi naked and always try to parade their junk in our face. The new rules will be no nudity in the jacuzzi or sauna at any time, and failure to comply will mean your membership taken away. There is no other way to discourage these old perverts but to take their “eye candy” away and perhaps they will go else where. I for one can’t wait.

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    • You are a dilusional and scared little boy. The simple act of being nude isn’t anything to even be concerned about especially in a locker room, shower, or sauna/steamroom. Man up, grow some balls, and stop worrying about who you THINK may be looking. Nobody wants you anyway!

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      • Yes, Chrisald, I know that you perverts would just love for the real men to be naked all the time in the lockers/showers so you can get your rocks off to satisfy your perverted fantasies. Otherwise why would you waste your time commenting as you have? Perhaps because of all of your eye candy is slowly disappearing for you to drool over  ????Keep your eyes to yourself and off of my bubble butt. I hear you gays commenting all the time about my “BBB” (beautiful bubble butt, your words, not mine)….well two of them won’t be back to my YMCA anymore, I took care of that already. The others will be dealt with in time.  You gays have ruined the good reputation of an outstanding organization like the YMCA, but your actions are now being taped for complaint verification, and your memberships will be cancelled. Those of us who are concerned enough to care have started our campaign with the national office, and some local YMCA’s, as well as the franchise gyms/health clubs, as to this problem of the gays masquerading as straights so you can continue your “candy store” shopping escapades. Our newest campaign is to alert the Korean bath houses, now that the word is out in the gay community that nudity is mandatory there. All of those mailings and phone calls will go out shortly.What I don’t understand is that you have your gay bathhouses to cruise to your hearts content. Why must you come to places such as the YMCA and private clubs to get your rocks off? Don’t you get it……we are not, nor will we ever be, interested in being with a gay man !!!We have nothing in common with you !!  Stick to yourselves !!  Go to your own gyms/clubs.As for you old gay dudes who keep parading your junk in the younger men’s faces, give it a rest !!Look in a mirror once in a while and see how ugly your bodies have become. No one is interested in seeing your wrinkles and sagging flesh. We will be at that old man stage soon enough. Give us a break. Stop with the walking over to us naked, with your one leg up on the bench where we are sitting, minding our own business. You place your junk inches from our faces and start talking to us…..don’t you get it ?  WE’RE NOT INTERESTED. PERIOD !!!!! 

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      • I’m not gay, but I resent the “old men” part.

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      • He should try being a woman some time. He acts like he is being mortally wounded because someone found his body attractive.If every woman were as much of a crybaby as this kid is the human race would perish.

      • What a crybaby.

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      • Oh, and put a shirt on.Heaven forbid that someone might think your body is being put on display to be lusted after.

      • You sound like a very traumatic and angry young man.. so young and so angry..!!  chill out dude!

      • I could not have said it better myself!!! If we behaved like that towards women we would get our faces slapped so hard we would be practically unrecognizable afterwards…

    • I predict you are either really, really afraid of your own thoughts or it’s just a matter of time before you are a full blown gay basher bully.If any part of what you wrote is true, maybe you should just go somewhere else….or just grow the hell up and mind your own business.

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      • Research from the University of Georgia found that high levels of homophobia are correlated with suppressed gay desire. The homophobic men were aroused by images of attractive naked men and the non-homophobic group weren’t.I guess this kid is worried that someday he’ll be like those old guys he despises so much.

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      • Anna Roberts, I totally agree with you.., I have read similar reports and research in Psychology..

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      • +
      • …which are garbage propogated by individuals with their own agenda to promote.

      • Garbage. Some of us have had enough sexual interference from you lot so you are in no position to lecture anyone. Basically you are saying that normal, straight men have no right to complain and that you people have carte blanche to molest whoever you like…

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    • It sounds like a lot of work just to take a shower and refresh.. Just do your workout and go home!!

  • I think Mr. Simeon has long seen staring where none exists.But then, so do many younger people. Which explains why it’s no longer as true as it was that A Locker Room Is to Be Naked In. Even less so swimming pools.

  • I remember this era when all the boys/men swam completely naked at the YMCA. We were all naked when swimming back in the 1950′s. However, I hated it because of all the adult men staring at us boys in the pool area and also in the showers.Some of the men even went as far as to come into the showers and instruct us in the proper way to wash our bodies, always attemting to touch us in the private areas (buttocks & genitals).Even today I notice that a lot of the old men hanging out all day in the showers staring at all the young people showering there.I’m very happy that the kids today have caught on to these perverts and have stopped using the showers at the YMCA and private clubs, or just shower with their swim suits on. most just go home to shower.I see articles in the newspapers all the time where some old guy was arrested for taking photos of the naked kids & teens with their cell phones and/or hidden camera devices.I know of at least 8 different cases when the membership have filed complaints with the management about all of the old men perverts staring down all of the young boys and men. most of them hang out naked all day and parade themselves in your face, as if they really think we want to look at their old wrinkled, sagging bodies. I know because I’m one of them, and the last thing I want to show off is my old wrinkled body.These young people know that they are going to look like that some day and they do not want to be reminded of that fact.

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    • Completely opposite experience – in SW Michigan in the 50s and 60s nobody thought anything of it – we swam nude at scout camp and at scout winter swims at the high school pool, for high school team pracice (but not meets), at the Y every Saturday and at Michigan State for lessons and free swim, into the mid-70s when Title 9 and coed swimming arrived.  It was true that the old style filters clogged easily and the old wool and cotton swim suits were linty and dried poorly (so they got moldy).  That experience made me comfortable with body image in a way few young men have today.  In all my time with naked swims I never remember anything sketchy or questionable.

    • My dad use to go swimming naked at the YMCA back in the 1950′s & 1960′s in Jersey City, New Jersey and also in Knoxville, Tennessee. (my relatives came from Knoxville to New Jersey)He told us about one of his cousins who was molested at the Knoxville Y by one of the regulars who use to go swimming there daily. After his cousin told his dad, a new rule was passed that adults couldn’t swim at the same time as the young boys. This helped, but some other reports of kids being molested or propositioned with money or candy after that new rule, caused the Y management to stop the nude swimming option completely. (some older men still attemted to sneak into the showers though)My dad told us also that some men at the Jersey City YMCA were arrested when caught masturbating within view of the yunger boys. They were mostly older men in their 60′s or 70′s.He said that back then this type of behavior was hushed up and that nothing happened to those men, except that they were not allowed back into that Y.He also mentioned about the high school he went to and that some history teacher was always down in the school pool area and the showers. He was a history teacher & had nothing to do with the swimming program. At that time the boys all swam naked at that high school for lessons and practices. That history teacher was getting off seeing so many boys naked in the pool area, and the showers afterwards, but no one ever suspected anything wrong with his constant visits and hanging out down there. They just thought he was a swimming enthusiastWell, it turns out that this history teacher was also a Boy Scout leader from a troop out of a Catholic church in the city and he was charged with molesting some boys at their yearly summer Boy Scout camp. I forget how many boys were molested, but the weird thing is that the teacher was never prosecuted because back then the priest from the Catholic Church had the power and influence to get the charges dropped.I now believe that this type of molestation took place all over the country at all the YMCA’s, but it was all swept under the rug to try to save face of the YMCA organization, but ultimately the truth came out about those YMCA’s being nothing but homosexual hangouts. Today the decision has been made to hand the mangement over to woman and to go the route of “family centered” YMCA’s (moms & kids), in hopes that the homosexuals will go elsewhere.

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    • Where the hell do you hang out?  You need to bear in mind that if your statements are true, there are just as many variations of behavior among us gay folks as there are among you homophobes….Pitiful.

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      • I think “Tetna” and “Allen Simeon” above are correct.I have noticed the same crap going on at my gym/health club with the gays out of control.A bunch of us straight members have also started a writing campaign to get the nudity rules changed.So far we have over 8,000 signatures on our Petitions. ( I don’t know if they are the same gyms health clubs as theirs, but deffinately the YMCA one)Your comments above, SammySlipschit & chrisald, have been noted along with this blog as proof that change must come if they want to keep the straight members at their organizations. We already have one responce from a gym franchise that told us he couldn’t believe that this has been going on.Change will be coming. Besides, you gays already have the bath houses already, why do you want to contaminate our gyms and YMCA’s ??

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      • Bob, there are gays and there are gays. It’s the same as straights. Do you know that most of pedohiles are straight men, usually close relatives to the children (girls) being molested? Is that a reason for me to think that most of us straight men are pedophiles or perverts? No way. So because there’re pervert gay men doesn’t mean that you should ban all gays. That’s homophobia. My experience with gays has been totally different from yours. I’m straight, and grew up in a home with very open parents about sexuality and diversity, and I currently have a lot of gay friends. All of them have been very kind and respectful. I even been to nude beaches with my straight friends and them, and everything has been good. Of course there’s always gonna come one that’s not gonna respect boundaries, but I’m not going to judge the whole bunch for one bad apple. I’ve seen way more straight fellas staring at women at the nude beach than gays to straigh men.

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      • If you don’t want to be stared at then don’t go nude in the first place. The human body is designed to be sexually appealing. Either deal with that reality or hide, in unrevealing clothes, in a situation where you’re unlikely to have anyone looking at you with desire.The idea that good people don’t look at naked bodies with lust and “bad apples” do is ludicrous. There is nothing bad about having a healthy libido. Being looked at is not the same thing as being harassed.


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