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Trend Alert: Vogue U.K. Says Boobs Are In

Big-busted ladies rejoice! The fashion bible has finally embraced your womanhood...for now

Forget floral prints and exposed midriffs. According to Vogue U.K., boobs—yes, boobs—are the next big thing this season.

“If boobs are not yet an out-and-out fashion trend, they are becoming a frequent exception to the rule,” writes Violet Henderson, author of Return of the Bosom. The “rule,” of course, is the tiny size and stick shape of designer samples. Thanks to “glamazons” like Kate Upton, Laura Stone and “the boobs from Brazil” Gisele Bündchen, those touchstones for the female figure are apparently evolving “to fit a special girl.”

But we’re not just talking about any old breasts. It’s the “the big, bouncy, bodacious sort” that really have the fashion world salivating. This is obviously great news for all of you who have been constricting your fleshy friends with duct tape or concealing them beneath caftans for the past few years. It’s also a welcome change for busty models like Upton, whose “substantial features” grace the latest cover of Vogue U.K., “hoisted into the limelight by a dainty Dolce & Gabbana bikini top.”

The fad is a 180 from last season, when Dior dropped model Jordan Dunn from a show because of the ampleness of her 32-inch chest—but then again, like drop-crotch pants and platform sneakers, these things tend to come and go quickly.

The Vogue article credits the “cultural phenomenon” that is Victoria’s Secret with bringing breasts back out into the open after so many seasons in the shadows, citing the brand’s 25 million Facebook likes and 4.5 million Instagram followers as circumstantial evidence that cleavage is indeed on trend. High school dress codes beware.

And in case you’re still not convinced, just check out the red carpet at Cannes below, where you can see what Vogue calls “the melon-like miracles that are Blake Lively’s bazookas” and more.

Blake Lively flaunts her miracle-makers.

REUTERS/Yves Herman

Alessandra Ambrosio is so on trend right now. 

AFP/Getty Images

Sharon Stone demonstrates how the boob fad is one for all ages. 

REUTERS/Benoit Tessier
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  • They’re always in as long as women can be exploited for money. -.-

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    • Yea, the woman pictured above are really suffering – maybe we shoudl take a fund raiser to free them from their opressors?

    • Yea, the woman pictured above are really suffering – maybe we shoudl take a fund raiser to free them from their prison-like conditions – looks like Monaco and West Hollywood?

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    • Yea, those “poor” women. They have no say in it at all do they. Don’t be naive please.

  • *Lara Stone & Jourdan Dunn


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