Television personality Pat Sajak smiles before the Los Angeles Dodgers play the Philadelphia Phillies  in Game 5 of Major League Baseball's NLCS playoff series in Los Angeles, October 15, 2008.     REUTERS/Danny Moloshok (UNITED STATES) - RTX9LQP

Pat Sajak’s Twitter Feed Spins Far to the Right

In real life, the seemingly vanilla game-show host is a rabid, liberal-baiting provocateur

For game-show hosts to be successful, they must appeal to a generally polite mass-audience. Above a wholesome sense of humor, a bronze tan and a mess-proof helmet of hair, they must also remain apolitical, lest they wish to alienate viewers.

But not Pat Sajak.

On Monday, the 67-year-old Wheel of Fortune host fired off a tweet the size of a digital atom bomb, taking aim at those who believe in climate change:

05/20/14 02:38 UTC@patsajak

I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.

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It remains unclear how, exactly, global warming is connected to racism, or why siding with 97 percent of climatologists makes you anti-American, unless Sajak is celebrating ignorance as a form of national pride, which would not be a first in this country. (Perhaps he’s worried there’s a conspiracy against ultraviolet rays, which he relies on to keep his skin the color of lacquered wood.)

Sajak’s comment caused quite a stir and got picked up by news outlets as varied as Fox and the Washington Post. But what has gone unnoted is Sajak’s secret history as a smug, incendiary, liberal-baiting provocateur; his Twitter feed reads like a long screed against progressive causes. Yes, beneath the electric smile and vanilla persona, Pat Sajak has the soul of Ted Nugent.

Please, see for yourself:

05/15/14 19:44 UTC@patsajak

Walking along beach in HI & found presidential birth certificate that had washed up. Had no idea Bush was born here.

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05/12/14 19:26 UTC@patsajak

The world would be such a wonderful place without human beings. Just animals breathing clean air & eating each other.

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05/11/14 01:05 UTC@patsajak

Very hot weather: "We're all going to die!" Very cold weather: "There's a difference between climate & weather, moron!"

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05/09/14 20:01 UTC@patsajak

Skeet shooting in Hillsdale, MI. (Don't worry...they were free range skeet.)

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05/07/14 21:18 UTC@patsajak

My interest in Al Gore's pronouncements could fit into a gnat's navel & still leave room for a Liberal's sense of humor.

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05/05/14 04:14 UTC@patsajak

I suggest grabbing bunches of those plastic produce bags and taking them to checkout stand. #CivilDisobedience

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04/30/14 13:42 UTC@patsajak

Prediction: Next big "cause du jour" will be Plants Rights. No joke! (Can see posters now: Ficus have feelings, too!)

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04/29/14 16:49 UTC@patsajak

Just joined PETA (I think it stands for People Entertaining with Trained Animals). Sounds like a fun group!

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04/22/14 11:13 UTC@patsajak

It's Earth Day. Watch for class action lawsuit on behalf of other planets.

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04/08/14 20:00 UTC@patsajak

Don’t know how he got number, but TSA guy who did airport pat-down last night keeps calling. He wants to have dinner.

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04/06/14 15:28 UTC@patsajak

Good News! Beginning today, all my tweets will be gluten free!

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03/24/14 14:20 UTC@patsajak

Saw preview of new "Noah" film. Director has his own agenda. I don't think Noah actually drove a Prius.

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03/23/14 01:50 UTC@patsajak

Comforting thought: the 60s hippies who became professors & screwed up higher education will be retired or dead soon.

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01/01/14 15:24 UTC@patsajak

Snow coming soon. At least it will cover up my carbon footprint.

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12/07/13 17:23 UTC@patsajak

Just curious: If someone dies while having intimate relations, does Obamacare cover pre-existing positions?

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  • See his tweet right below the shooting pic? The one which indirectly asserts that liberals have no sense of humor? You’re proving his point. Yes, Sajak is trolling liberals. He’s taking the same memes used by liberals against their favorite targets and inverting them. The only difference is that he is goring your sacred cows, rather than the left raining invective upon pro-lifers, gun control opponents, climate change doubters, and Republicans in general.

  • What goes up must come down.  Spinning Wheel goes round and round.  Oh, Pat, WTF?

  • _ICKHEA_Is there a “D”?


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