Snoop Fancy

Living a Snoop Dogg-Curated Life

Those blunts every day not enough? Now you can buy a Fancy box full of bespoke products selected by the Dogg himself

The world of celebrities-turned-lifestyle-curators is notably female and overwhelmingly blond. It’s also heavily saturated. With Gwyneth Paltrow at Goop, Zooey Deschanel at HelloGiggles, and Blake Lively and Reese Witherspoon developing two forthcoming sites of their own, we have enough handpicked custom products to last us a lifetime—or at least one juice cleanse cycle. But all these leading ladies are going to have to watch their well-sculpted backs, because Snoop Dogg, the artist formerly known as Snoop Lion, wants a piece of the curation game.

In a new partnership with the Fancy, a website that sells well-designed crap you don’t really need, Snoop will send “hand-selected” things he likes every month to buyers with cash to blow. The artist publicized on Facebook Monday his freshly minted box of goods, which is reminiscent of packages from sites like Barkbox and Birchbox.

The Snoop Fancy box will cost only $42 per month, but actually contains $80 worth of gifts—a total savings of $38. For a monthly set of products you probably won’t use, that’s good shopping math.

But who’s to say whether Snoop’s box will feature new goods or just garbage he wants to give away? In late March, the artist documented a garage sale he hosted on Instagram, which prominently displayed some of the items up for grabs: various pieces of “clothes n merch,” including his old jerseys, retired sneakers and a few outrageous bomber jackets.

If Snoop does, in fact, curate his boxes with stuff that didn’t sit at the bottom of his closet for two decades, then we have some ideas for what customers can expect in their packages each month. Our predictions: bucket hats, bongs, nail polish and retro green tracksuits. And if gin and juice doesn’t make at least one appearance, we’ll be disappointed.

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