Child Privacy Landscape

These Celebrities Are So Concerned About Their Children’s Privacy, They Constantly Tweet Pictures of Them

After gossip blog JustJared announced its #NoKidsPolicy against publishing photos of Hollywood's children, People magazine followed suit. Curiously, some of the very same celebrities championing the policy appear to have no problem violating it themselves

Celebrities will do anything to protect their children from aggressive paparazzi. They’ll also do anything to boost their fame by way of their adorable, photo-friendly children. Star couple Jaime King and Kyle Newman, along with actress Kristen Bell and her husband, Dax Shepard, successfully convinced People magazine and gossip blog JustJared Tuesday to stop publishing unauthorized photos of famous people’s kids. But King and Newman also plaster snapshots of their son, James, all over Twitter and Instagram.

The decision has been turned into a campaign by JustJared, using the hashtag #NoKidsPolicy, and King and Newman aren’t the only stars to champion that call while simultaneously exposing their kids on social media. Stars like Hilary Duff and Alyssa Milano, who both tweeted praise for the #NoKidsPolicy, are frequent offenders. “Children are not meant to be consumed, and they deserve to have their anonymity protected,” Duff scolded last night on her Twitter account, to which she has publicly posted no fewer than 54 pictures of her child. The hypocrisy doesn’t go unnoticed; People magazine editor Jess Cagle not-so-subtly addressed it in a post Tuesday regarding the new policy. “There’s always the tough balancing act we face when dealing with stars who exploit their children one day, and complain about loss of privacy the next,” he wrote. #celebrity, #branding, #paradox.

While Disney tween star Hilary Duff may be a huge supporter of the #NoKidsPolicy, she apparently can’t help herself when it comes to sharing photos of her son, Luca, on Twitter:

Actress Jaime King’s son, James, makes frequent and PROUD appearances in her Instagram feed:


King’s husband, Kyle Newman, takes a stand on Instagram regularly to publicly post pics of his son to the world. Super classy:


Alyssa Milano also “feels great” about posting pics and videos of her son, Milo, while shaming people into not clicking on links to pics of her son, Milo.

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  • They have every right to post family pjotos just like yo. Or I without them being expoloited. Paparazzi stalking you and your family is VERY different than posting personal pics yourself! It’s not rocket science people. Apples and oranges.

  • There’s a difference between posting a personal picture of your own child and having someone else post a picture of your child without your consent.

  • Hypocrisy would be you supporting paparazzi. Juvenile illogical reasoning alert. I hope a celeb mom comes after you and ruins you after you help in getting her child killed. Applying your logic. Inevitable it will happen with rabid people hunting kids.  I’m sure you’d think cool yay a death of a child I am now famous.Let’s think why a half wit blogger would support stalking… Could it be because #nokidspolicy will effectually put your financial means in jeopardy? Now it all makes sense. . . 

  • The solution for dealing with celebrities is and has always been the same: ignore them, and they’ll go away. Forever.Wish more people would realize that, rather than gripe about celeb’s antics and idiocies, thereby giving them even more publicity.

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    • What a slimebucket of moronic statements!Unless you are a pedo you would not support stalkers over celebs no matter how much you clearly have hate in your heart for celebs. Get help and grow up. It must be jealousy too. Creepy. Slimebucket alert.

  • Hypocrits 

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    • Yeah I mean taking a pic posting once a month oh the crime…to men following you in a pack 24/7… The anger…. No difference between a loving mom and mob of strange man right? Following you, using huge 1000 dollar cameras, yelling, flashing lights, scaring you?! i’m sure all the moms above do that too before sticking a iphone  to hurt their kids??? Right? Also let’s forget intentions aside from Kardashian none of these moms exploit while razzi see bait when looking at kids. The article and comments prove nothing can shake bias and idiocy least of all common sense and logic.


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