epa04266245 Swiss performance artist Milo Moire walks naked as part of her performance 'The Script System' on the exhibition site of the international art fair Art Basel 2014, in Basel, Switzerland, 19 June 2014. The event runs from 19 to 22 June.  EPA/GEORGIOS KEFALAS

4 Questions for Nude Artist Milo Moiré

The Swiss performance artist speaks about art, nudity and shock value

Several weeks ago, Swiss performance artist Milo Moiré arrived at Art Basel in Switzerland completely naked, except for her shoes, a pair of glasses and the words “pants,” “bra” and “jacket” written on her body. The result: She wasn’t allowed into the event (though organizers say it was because her performance was “unauthorized,” not because she wasn’t wearing any clothes).

Milo Moiré walks naked as part of her performance "The Script System" at Art Basel in Switzerland.


What seemed like a simple prank was actually her latest work of art, an attempt to lull people out of their daily routines. Moiré, 31, is no stranger to shocking her audience. In a controversial performance in April, for instance, she plopped paint-filled eggs out of her vagina and onto a canvas. One of her goals: to show how her femininity inspires her work.

I spoke with with Moiré last week about art, nudity and shock value.

Milo Moiré was hoping her most recent performance would shock people out of their ordinary lives.


Why do you think you were turned away from Art Basel?

The rigid corset of numbers and lust for power makes art short of breath. The art market needs the peculiarity of art—namely to be playful and passionately authentic. Without this quality, even the prestigious Art Basel only sells illusions.

What was the point of your most recent performance?

The performance, called “The Script System,” is inspired by the “scripts” theory of cognitive psychology. Each of us knows these scripts that we use every day. In the morning, on the way to work, we act almost automatically, sometimes without awareness of our environment. I wanted to break through this stereotypical everyday blindness.

The Guardian called your previous performance “absurd, gratuitous, trite and desperate?” Was the critic just being a jerk?

Critics have written such reviews about many important artists before me. I, myself, would not write a yard-long article if the art were inconsequential.

Milo Moiré is no stranger to shocking her audience.


What makes your art unique?

My art is about humanity, about life, about the body naked or dressed in exchange with the psyche. What happens during my performance is real and shows how life is a dynamic, uncontrollable process.

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  • Butt, she HAD to wear the shoes that would push her legs up to her advantage.

  • “My art is about humanity, about life, about the body naked or dressed in exchange with the psyche.”__________________________________________________. Not Humanity….YOU

  • Shes a big horse isnt she!

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • she def is

  • “One of her goals: to show how her femininity inspires her work.” – would she choose this way to reach that goal if she was not physically attractive (by most western media standards)? Will this type of “statement” or performance art be viable when she’s in her 70′s, or if she were obese, or had a physical deformity or injury? While it’s not her fault that she happens to be young and attractive, is she ignoring the fact that this conforms to a popular aesthetic? From that perspective, this is neither shocking or original.

  • There’s nothing artistic about women with perfect bodies publicly displaying their bodies to get what they want. Not like this. This is just a stunt.

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    • Yeah, I’m in no way a feminist, but that jumped right off the page for me. I’ve seen pro water polo players with less impressive physiques. She makes Gabby Reece look like a hag, almost.

  • What a beautiful, well proportioned body. Like a pretty face, hard not to want to look. The only reason it is voyeuristic is because this form of beauty is hidden from public life. It is refreshing and wonderful.

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  • the most laughable thing about this picture is the blurred out nipples

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • story*

  • how just bluring out the nipples make it less of a pair of breasts how?

    1 Reply - Reply Now
    • you can buy the uncensorerd version at her website – she takes PAYPAL. Sign of a true artist

  • I can’t call “natural and beauty” , a body who has been transgressed with silicones, totally domesticated, and objectified as hers. The content is weak and relies mostly on the voyeuristic attention from a male audience. To me this a gesture based on desperate exhibitionism and art naiveness. Read the comments and almost non talk or reflect about her main idea behind: “the “scripts” theory of cognitive psychology”. Most comments focus on the “body perfection”, based on very normative standards applied to the female body. Quite sad what some artist do to drag attention, but further more speak about femininity, using all the possible cliches of performance art.

    3 Replies - Reply Now
    • Amanda Gutierrez, I totally agree.

    • how jealous and pathetic, Amanda…tsk tsk

    • +
    • totally agree

  • cool nudist woman!  There’s nothing unbeautiful about any body on the face of this planet. God made those bodies, therefore there’s nothing ugly underneath your clothing.

  • clever …  if she were homely, over weight  less confident or fortunate in her aperance, would she be able to issue her artistic statements with such athority , grace,power?

  • Not offended by this, she was just proving art at a different level, also she has a healthy imagination that some people do not have

  • fiuhh

  • Not bad.


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