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Sarah is World Reporter at Vocativ's New York office. She recently graduated with a master's from Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and specializes in Russian language and foreign policy.
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The Six States With More Cars Than People

There are six states with more cars than there are people: Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska and Alaska. More than 250 million vehicles

Posted: 03/29/15 17:20 EDT
Indiana’s Attitudes About Gay Rights Are Complex

Though an overwhelming majority of Indiana's legislature voted to pass the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act—an act that can be interpreted as containing language that would allow businesses to

Posted: 03/29/15 16:51 EDT
There Are Only 13 Pianos Left In Gaza

There are only 13 pianos in Gaza, a region with a population of 1.8 million people. That's one piano per 138,461 Gazans. For comparison, 53,870 pianos

Posted: 03/26/15 12:30 EDT
In Yemen, A $100,000 Bounty For Absent President

Yemenis watching the country's official television channel Wednesday would have seen an announcement declaring an almost $100,000 bounty for President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who has

Posted: 03/25/15 10:40 EDT
Do Soda Bans Or Bike Lanes Actually Work?

A new review of over a thousand PubMed articles changes directed at reducing obesity levels found that some initiatives, such as banning foods high in sugars

Posted: 03/22/15 17:38 EDT
Bomb Threat Halts Neo-Nazi Putin Fan Meeting

A bomb threat has reportedly postponed a conference of pro-Russian, pro-Putin far-right politicians in St. Petersburg Sunday. Organizers of the Russian International Conservative Forum said police received an anonymous

Posted: 03/22/15 14:18 EDT

Meet The Poster Boy Of Saudi Arabia's Yemen Strikes

Gilad Shiloach

Google Maps Just Added A Pac-Man Feature

Joshua A. Krisch

The Rising Drug That's 50 Times More Powerful Than Heroin

James King

Pesticides May Be Killing Off Your Sperm

Joshua A. Krisch

Most Students Get Accepted To Their First-Choice Colleges

Abigail Tracy

The Nations Largest Death Row Has Run Out Of Room

Shane Dixon Kavanaugh

Co-Pilot's Backers Have Conspiracy Theories On Germanwings Crash

Adi Cohen

Half Of Alzheimer's Patients Aren't Told Of Their Diagnoses

Joshua A. Krisch