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Sarah is World Reporter at Vocativ's New York office. She recently graduated with a master's from Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and specializes in Russian language and foreign policy.
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Why Isn’t #FreddieGray Trending?

#FreddieGray wasn't listed as a "trending topic" on Twitter nearly as much as one might expect in the days following his death on April 19, analysts said.

Posted: 04/26/15 16:30 EDT
Nepal Quake Relief Aided By Online Data

After a massive earthquake hit Nepal this weekend, followed by dozens of devastating aftershocks, the global humanitarian machine is swinging into action. And in order to

Posted: 04/26/15 11:40 EDT
Sweatpants Are Becoming A Big Seller Among Teens

Being cool in high school in 2015 apparently requires replacing all your jeans with... sweatpants? Comfy sweats—the fancy marketing word for them is "athleisure"—are dominating

Posted: 04/19/15 12:33 EDT

Indiana HIV Outbreak: Number of Cases Jumps To 135

James King

Loretta Lynch Vote Will Finally Go Ahead After Longest Wait Ever

Mike Spies

Measles Vaccine Still Doesn't Cause Autism

Joshua A. Krisch

Migrant Death Toll Already 10 Times Higher As More Vessels Sink

Sarah Kaufman

The Science Is Shaky When It Comes To Medical Marijuana

Joshua A. Krisch

Influential Doctors' Group Urges Ban On E-Cig Flavors, Advertising

Shane Dixon Kavanaugh

Game Of Thrones Is Killing Mad Men On Social Media

Leigh Cuen

Beating Of Transgender Prisoner Causes Outrage In Brazil

Luke Malone