Sarah Kaufman

Sarah is World Reporter at Vocativ's New York office. She recently graduated from Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and specializes in Russian language and foreign policy.
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Showing 1-20 of 112 Results
Mother Russia Kills Father Christmas
Mother Russia spoils everything, you guys. So it's no surprise that she spoiled Christmas. Parents in Russia everywhere were not cool with this ad's message: "Santa
Posted: 11/21/14 11:51 EST
This Is What It Looks Like When Iran Mourns a Pop Star
Authorities in Iran typically prevent any massive outdoor gatherings. This Sunday, however, law enforcement was caught by surprise when thousands of teary-eyed fans flooded Tehran's main cemetery for the
Posted: 11/17/14 15:33 EST
Man Swallows Rubles to Make a Point
If you were around the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in Moscow last Saturday, you might have seen a dude ripping paper ruble bills, inserting
Posted: 11/12/14 11:14 EST
A Nasty Gas Leak Is Infiltrating Moscow
A potent fog of hydrogen sulfide, that poisonous and dangerous gas that stinks of rotten eggs, spread throughout Moscow Monday, worrying people across the city.
Posted: 11/10/14 11:04 EST

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