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A Strange Company Is Offering War Tours In Ukraine

A company that organizes spa and sanatorium stays for Russians with illnesses is also offering tours of Ukraine battlegrounds in armored vehicles. The Megapolis Kurort website sells recuperation breaks

Posted: 02/13/15 15:46 EST
ISIS Claims To Have Burned Jordanian Pilot Alive

ISIS released a new propaganda video on Tuesday which it claims shows the group burning Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh alive. Al-Kaseasbeh was placed in a cage on open ground,

Posted: 02/03/15 11:52 EST
Data News Countdown: Feb. 2, 2015

395,000 Tweets per Minute When Malcolm Butler intercepted a pass by Russell Wilson 1 yard from the goal line with 20 seconds left in Sunday's Super Bowl, Twitter

Posted: 02/02/15 13:19 EST
Measles In Disneyland Could Be A Good Thing

Since a measles outbreak was confirmed in Disneyland earlier this month, California's Department of Public Health has identified 59 cases of the disease. People are starting

Posted: 01/23/15 08:20 EST
2014: The Year ISIS Won the Propaganda Battle

2014 was the year of the most effective propaganda campaign in living memory. In its breadth, in its innovative use of lo-fi communications tools, in its simple distribution

Posted: 12/31/14 14:41 EST
Buy Obama’s APEC Outfit on China’s

For more than a decade, leaders at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit have appeared in photo opportunities called “family photos” wearing traditional garb of the host

Posted: 11/14/14 08:37 EST

Boycott of Netanyahu Speech Is Tiny Compared To French Nuke Protest

Ross Keith

SNL's Controversial ISIS Sketch Got One Thing 100% Right

Sarah Kaufman

American Taxpayers Have Paid Out $2 Billion To Settle Vaccine Lawsuits

Joshua A. Krisch

LAPD Has Body-Cam Footage Of Homeless Shooting

Abigail Tracy

Why Some Europeans Are Angry About Tinder Plus

Eric Markowitz

Pro-ISIS Palestinian Group Threatens To Kill Twitter Employees

Gilad Shiloach

Model Who Witnessed Nemtsov Assassination Targeted Online

Vladi Vovchuk

Porn Through The Ages: How Tastes Change As People Get Older

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