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A Strange Company Is Offering War Tours In Ukraine

A company that organizes spa and sanatorium stays for Russians with illnesses is also offering tours of Ukraine battlegrounds in armored vehicles. The Megapolis Kurort website sells recuperation breaks

Posted: 02/13/15 15:46 EST
ISIS Claims To Have Burned Jordanian Pilot Alive

ISIS released a new propaganda video on Tuesday which it claims shows the group burning Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kaseasbeh alive. Al-Kaseasbeh was placed in a cage on open ground,

Posted: 02/03/15 11:52 EST
Data News Countdown: Feb. 2, 2015

395,000 Tweets per Minute When Malcolm Butler intercepted a pass by Russell Wilson 1 yard from the goal line with 20 seconds left in Sunday's Super Bowl, Twitter

Posted: 02/02/15 13:19 EST
Measles In Disneyland Could Be A Good Thing

Since a measles outbreak was confirmed in Disneyland earlier this month, California's Department of Public Health has identified 59 cases of the disease. People are starting

Posted: 01/23/15 08:20 EST
2014: The Year ISIS Won the Propaganda Battle

2014 was the year of the most effective propaganda campaign in living memory. In its breadth, in its innovative use of lo-fi communications tools, in its simple distribution

Posted: 12/31/14 14:41 EST
Buy Obama’s APEC Outfit on China’s

For more than a decade, leaders at the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) summit have appeared in photo opportunities called “family photos” wearing traditional garb of the host

Posted: 11/14/14 08:37 EST

Iranians Shout #ShutUpNetanyahu During Bibi Speech

Gilad Shiloach

Boko Haram Adopts ISIS Style In New Beheading Video

Ross Keith

And The Prize For The Wackiest Legislative Agenda Goes To...

Shane Dixon Kavanaugh

The Psychology Of Unmasking Jihadi John

Mike Spies

Georgia Execution Drug Pentobarbital Is Popular In Suicide Forums

Leigh Cuen

How Pigeons Dodge Skyscrapers And Taxis

Joshua A. Krisch

Why Some Europeans Are Angry About Tinder Plus

Eric Markowitz

Good Samaritan Hides Cash Surprises For Purdue Students

Leigh Cuen