M.L. Nestel

M.L. Nestel is a Senior Writer at Vocativ. He previously served as a National Correspondent at MailOnline. A native of Los Angeles, M.L. is one of a select few who have reported for all three New York City tabloids including: the New York Post, the New York Daily News and Newsday. You can contact him at mnestel@vocativ.com
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Showing 1-20 of 43 Results
The Steamy Side of Twitch
*Editor's Note: Our article, published almost a month ago, involved Vocativ reaching out to spokespeople through multiple channels in order to confirm widely reported news that Google had acquired
Posted: 07/31/14 08:38 EDT
The Brooklyn Bridge Flag Whodunit Gets Personal
Police are probing varied groups of suspects—from marauding skateboarders to unionized construction workers—to find the perpetrators who captured the two American flags that fly atop
Posted: 07/28/14 09:33 EDT
Sheriff Bans “Cool” Orange Jumpsuits
What happens when prison garb becomes trendy? For the sheriff running Michigan's Saginaw County Jail, it means nixing orange jumpsuits and replacing them with black-and-white-striped
Posted: 07/21/14 13:16 EDT
Meet the “Sticker Bombers”
Stickers have long been mini canvases for street artists to test out their latest scribbles, stencils and drawings. "Sticker bombers," as they're called, don't hang
Posted: 07/21/14 12:21 EDT
How Jay-Z Sparked a Champagne Theft Ring
In 2006, rapper Jay-Z singlehandedly changed the market for high-end champagne. Until then, the luxury bubbly of choice had been the $500-a-bottle Cristal, which was
Posted: 07/10/14 11:49 EDT

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