Luke Malone

Luke is a reporter for Vocativ. He has also contributed to outlets including This American Life, The Atlantic, The Daily Beast, Salon and Jezebel. You can contact him at
Showing 1-20 of 72 Results
Showing 1-20 of 72 Results
For Sale: 4BR, 3BA, Clothing Always Optional
Posted: Jackie Youngblood doesn’t have a problem with “textile people,” a phrase she uses to describe those who like wearing clothes. But given the choice, she
07/11/14 08:15 EDT
The Whole Horse Head Thing Just Won’t Die
Posted: President Obama was mixing with regular folk in downtown Denver yesterday when a well-wisher greeted him wearing a horse head mask. Initially taken aback, the
07/09/14 15:23 EDT
Would You Eat a Big, Gay Whopper?
Posted: In a gimmicky yet well-intentioned move, Burger King is getting behind the LGBT community by releasing a limited-edition burger called the Proud Whopper. Only available
07/03/14 15:28 EDT
This Guy Is Making Transformers Out of Trash
Posted: Far more impressive than anything Michael Bay could cook up, factory owner Li Lei is making life-size Transformers out of scrap metal on the outskirts of Shanghai. Enlisting the
07/02/14 14:03 EDT
Where Did All the Ocean’s Plastic Go?
Posted: We’ve all heard stories about the large amounts of plastic polluting the surface of the ocean—millions of tons, according to estimates. But when a 400-strong team
07/02/14 11:29 EDT
Bridal Parties Continue to Keep It Classy
Posted: Being a bridesmaid is rough. First, there’s the popularity contest of who actually gets chosen for the coveted group (sorry, Amber). Then there are the
07/01/14 10:56 EDT

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